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Gov. Brown extends face coverings requirement statewide

Face coverings required OHA
Oregon Health Authority

'I do not want to have to close down businesses again,' she says

(Update: Adding OHA's daily case report; Oregon hospitals' statement in support of face mask requirement; Kansas governor makes similar move)

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday that Oregonians statewide will be required to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces, beginning this Wednesday. The guidance applies to businesses and members of the public visiting indoor public spaces.

Face covering requirements are already mandated in eight Oregon counties, and Washington state began a similar statewide requirement last Friday.

“From the beginning of the reopening process, I have said that reopening comes with the risk of seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases beyond our health systems’ capacity to test, trace, and isolate them,” Brown said.

“Over the last month, we have seen the disease spread at an alarming rate in both urban and rural counties. The upcoming July 4th holiday weekend is a critical point for Oregon in this pandemic, and we can all make a difference.

“Modeling from the Oregon Health Authority shows that if we don’t take further action to reduce the spread of the disease, our hospitals could be overwhelmed by new COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations within weeks.

“The choices every single one of us make in the coming days matter.

“Face coverings that cover your nose and mouth play a critical role in reducing the spread of this disease because droplets from our breath can carry the virus to others without us realizing it. If we all wear face coverings, practice six feet of physical distancing in public, wash our hands regularly, and stay home when we are sick, then we can avoid the worst-case scenarios that are now playing out in other states.

“I do not want to have to close down businesses again, like other states are now doing. If you want your local shops and restaurants to stay open, then wear a face covering when out in public.

“Please keep your Fourth of July celebrations small and local. We saw a lot of new COVD-19 cases following the Memorial Day holiday. Another spike in cases after the upcoming holiday weekend could put Oregon in a dangerous position.

“Oregonians have all made incredible sacrifices over the last several months that have saved thousands of lives. The actions we take now can protect our friends, neighbors, loved ones, and fellow Oregonians from this disease, and prevent the need for another statewide shutdown. We are truly all in this together.”

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) will take the lead, along with other state and local agencies, in enforcing face covering requirements for all covered Oregon businesses, the governor said.

Monday's daily Oregon Health Authority news release:

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed two more lives in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 204, the Oregon Health Authority reported Monday.

OHA reported 146 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Monday, bringing the state total to 8,485 cases, with 226,648 negative test results.

The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported Monday are in the following counties: Clackamas (18), Deschutes (2), Douglas (2), Jackson (3), Jefferson (3), Josephine (1), Klamath (5), Lake (2), Lane (6), Malheur (5), Marion (14), Multnomah (29), Tillamook (2), Umatilla (15), Union (5), Wasco (6), Washington (27), and Yamhill (1).

Deschutes County is now at 172 cases, with 10,392 negative test results. Crook County has had 10 cases and 1,024 negative test results. Jefferson County (including Warm Springs) has had 100 cases and 1,894 negative test results.

Oregon’s 203rd COVID-19 death is an 84-year-old woman in Marion County who tested positive on June 18 and died on June 27. Her place of death is being confirmed. She had underlying medical conditions.

Oregon’s 204th COVID-19 death is a 72-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on June 17 and died on June 27. His place of death is being confirmed. He had underlying medical conditions.

Note: Starting today and moving forward, epidemiologists are using a new method for reporting daily cases. The new method assigns a date to each case when the case is first known to the state or to local health department as confirmed or presumptive. This is a better representation of the number of cases reported on any given day. 

Previously, the method was to subtract today’s case counts from the previous day’s count.

Today only, the daily numbers from the weekend press releases will not add-up. Weekend numbers were calculated using the previous method. Moving forward, every day will use the date each case is first known to the state or to local health departments.

OHA releases weekly testing summary

Today, OHA is releasing its Weekly Testing Summary, showing that 33,624 tests were reported through June 27. Oregon’s cumulative positive testing rate is 4.3 percent of tests conducted, which is considerably lower than the national average of 9 percent.

The number of tests performed has been steadily increasing, but the number of positive cases and the test positivity rate have increased significantly over the past two weeks.

This suggests increasing numbers of individuals with COVID-19, which is expected now that all counties are in Phase 1 or Phase 2 of reopening. Recent large outbreaks around the state also have contributed to these increases.

OHA will continue to monitor these trends. Additionally, as of early June, Oregon has reached the threshold of testing 2 percent of the Oregon population each month, a national benchmark set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Weekly Testing Summary was delayed Friday due to a technical glitch. As a result, today’s Weekly Testing Summary covers an 8-day period. OHA will continue to publish the report weekly.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

Oregon Hospitals Support Governor’s Statewide Face Covering Requirement

With a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, OAHHS urges Oregonians to wear face coverings to fight the spread  

Lake Oswego, Ore. -- June 29, 2020 -- Becky Hultberg, President and CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, released the following statement in support of Governor Kate Brown’s statewide public face covering requirement.

“The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems stands in support of Governor Kate Brown’s statewide public face covering requirement. We know that when we all make the choice to wear a face covering in public, we are doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With cases on the rise rapidly across the state, it is now more important than ever to take this step to protect our loved ones, our neighbors, and our communities. Further, if we are to coexist alongside the disease, wide adoption of public face coverings is an essential factor in keeping our businesses and public spaces open. OAHHS urges all Oregonians to wear a face covering in public, and to help reinforce this critical message by talking to your friends and family about the importance of wearing a face covering in public.”


About OAHHS: Founded in 1934, OAHHS is a statewide, nonprofit trade association that works closely with local and national government leaders, business and citizen coalitions, and other professional health care organizations to enhance and promote community health and to continue improving Oregon’s innovative health care delivery system.

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly says she will issue an executive order mandating the use of masks in public starting Friday to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“The evidence could not be clearer — wearing a mask is not only safe, but it is necessary to avoid another shutdown,” the Democratic governor told reporters Monday.

Kelly’s executive order would require every Kansan to wear a mask if they are around other people. She said her administration will issue specific guidance later this week and will work with the attorney general’s office to implement the policy.

Local officials would enforce the policy.

“”This is all we have to fight this virus and it is up to each of us to do our part,” Kelly said.

Kansas health officials reported on Monday at least 14,443 confirmed coronavirus cases, an increase of 905 since Friday. The state also had six more deaths from COVID-19, bring the total number of deaths in the state to 270. Kansas reported that 1,152 people had been hospitalized.

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  1. Covid causes hypoxia. The lungs don’t absorb enough oxygen so your organs are starved of it leading to shutdown.

    Masks will only exacerbate that condition, kitty brown wants people to get sicker.

    I have allergies that mask donning would inflame and so I will continue about my business without a mask thank you very much.

    1. Nope. False. Disproven.

      You are a danger to everyone around you, are a sucker for fake news, and are WHY we’re heading right back to a lockdown. I’m so sick of the right destroying everything.

      1. Anyone still trusting ‘fact checkers’ in 2020 has a mental impairment.

        I’ll bet you also believe trump is tanking in the polls.

            1. 100 percent of regular ICU beds in Texas Medical Center occupied. KHOU-11

              Southern Arizona hospitals approaching ICU bed capacity from COVID-19. KOLD-13

              1. their a video going viral of doctors killing people and calling it a covid death. but im sure u liberal sheep are not concerned with that

          1. Do you actually know anyone who is sick with the dreaded virus? but you want them to hide their faces anyway? What other facts do you need?

        1. Leave it to a republican. The party of screw everyone but me. The party of self absorbed twits who can’t think of others. The party of lies and EXTREME liars.

      2. Right destroying everything? You mean like shutting down businesses, and having riots hurting people and destroying public and private property? That right or the right that just doesn’t want to wear a mask for the flu?

      3. Sick of what? Right wing anarchist causing riots, destroying property, accusing everybody in sight of being a racist, a Nazi, and a white supremacist? Right Wing Matters groups shaking down towns and businesses for political donations? Right wing governors and mayors colluding and cooperating with Anarchist/Communist groups, allowing them to run rampant across the state, totally ignoring the wishes of the taxpayers and voting citizens? I’m pretty sick of THOSE right wingers too.

        1. Its not like big fat lyin donnie is gonna do anything about it except the usual lies and empty threats!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Maybe he will threaten to sue them. Ooooooh scary!!!
          golf and a whore anyone!!!! trump / putin 2020!!! MAKE WHORES MINIMUM WAGE AGAIN!!!

      4. So you are assuming that everyone without a mask is sick then????? When we really aren’t??? Or is it everyone but “me” is sick and scary to be around…….

        1. Are assuming everyone has to be sick before put a mask on!!! Excellent logic for a 3 year old!!! No wonder your such a big fat lyin donnie fan!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!
          golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / putin 2020!!! MAKE WHORES MINIMUM WAGE AGAIN!!!!

      5. It’s not fake news. Wearing a mask for a lengthy time can cause you to continuously breath in you own exhaled CO2 thereby reducing the amount of O2 you intake. Thereby weakening the amount of O2 in your blood. Thereby exasperating covid condition.

    2. Well, if you have the disease, follow the doctor’s orders and quarantine. If you don’t have it, wearing the mask won’t harm you and you’ll protect yourself from others and others from you, should you have COVID and are asymptomatic or have any one of numerous other diseases. Think a little for once instead of making up excuses and be a responsible.

            1. this is about as silly a comment as any on here – how can anyone “show me” after the fact? As for pictures, if you choose to you can find as many as anyone.

          1. *Person who NEVER went to protest, has detailed information about protestors*

            I WENT to them. The percentage of masks worn was high; I genuinely cannot recall ONE person without them. I accept that, certainly, it wasn’t 100%, but I saw none without.

            It’s YOUR type who are going to put us back in quarantine.

            1. Well done, sir!! I hope you have amazing memories from the experience, your efforts have helped push the country forward, towards justice. Respect!

    1. Masks will not protect you, wearing a mask protects people from you.
      **Remember, possibly more than 50% of the population is asymptomatic, but still spread COVID.**
      To be more specific, an areosolized virus is not stopped by (the most commonly worn) earloop mask. The Coronavirus is between .06 and .14 microns. A non-static mask ‘earloop” mask will not filter out something that small……..Therefore, (commonly worn) masks will not protect you. SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirua) is expelled from the body (lungs) into the air in water droplets….micro water droplets, which are multiple times larger than a virus. Earloop masks will catch most of the micro water droplets……before the micro water droplets evaporate and the virus becomes “aerosolized” and suspended in the air free of the micro water droplets. so, wearing a mask protects people from you.
      Be nice, be polite, wear a mask in public. Grandma is scared and vulnerable. Don’t kill Grandma

      1. “possibly a % (pick your own number if you like of our local population is infected wtih turberculosis as well” and most who are infected don’t know in the early stages – better wear two masks – one for TB and one for this new virus – just in case.

  2. 170 cases to date in Deschutes County and zero deaths. This accounts for .001 percent of the population in our County. Sorry folks but you are all being taken for a ride.

      1. None – loaded question to fuel another character attack. The reality is we most likely all know someone who has had the dreaded virus and gotten over it without being tested and/or treated. Yes, some have died but more have healed, many without outside (medical) help. So, are we being “honestly curious” about the number of deaths in all of the things that can kill us or just this one? The other deaths don’t matter? or just aren’t important?

  3. Where has her concern been for the “mostly peaceful” protesters? Everyone who refuses must declare themselves “mostly peaceful protesters.”

  4. One more thing, all you smug people with the super trendy/spendy N95 electrostatic masks with an exhaust port, bad karma is coming your way…or you are sowing bad seed and will reap what you sow.
    (pick your theological metaphor, eastern or western) There is an advertisement for one on this site as I type. The manufacturing of a face mask with an exhaust port should be banned.

    1. All made in China probably. I would be very interested (if there were actual reporters) which politicians and “experts” have financial interests in these mask companies.

  5. Cultural Marxism is alive and well. Get use to the norm folks or rise up. Its safety before liberty and no choice over free choice, except when it comes to abortion. We suddenly care about lives and yet no alcohoal monitors in our cars. We care for old people and yet love to get them on as much medication as possible. Welcome to backwards day, where we do everything ass backwards no matter how stupid or proven something might be. I will gladly protest this. The governor can shove her mask up her rear.

      1. Of course, another snarky unintelligent comment by what I’d assume to be, a Marxist. I’m sure you have more one liners but can someone with such skewed thinking (sheep) actually have an open and honest conversation/debate???

    1. So, you aren’t upset about anything that everyone else is protesting about for months so you throw out a couple other topics and if the rest of us don’t spontaneously jump up and start protesting your topics then we’re communists. Got it. Great job with your ‘honest conversation’.

  6. Great news! Looks like the non-maskers have today and tomorrow to stock up on hamburger, smokes, ammo and crafting supplies (to make your Dump flags). I urge you to stay true to your cause and vote with your dollars. Show the rest of us what idiots we are and stay home starting on Wednesday… This is gonna suck for WalMart (specifically) and malt liquor sales (in general) – but in reality, the rest of us aren’t going to miss you much. By golly, you’ll really show us though – yes you will! Bless your vapid little hearts…

      1. It doesn’t apply when the common good of the entire State and Country are at risk. Nice try. People tried that argument during the Spanish Flu outbreak and the courts side with public health.

        1. It ALWAYS applies. There is no provision for suspending the Constitution due to a virus, and as far as the “entire state”… guess how many counties declared a stateof emergency? Zero. She cannot declare a state of emergency where none exist

        1. Actually I’m sure anyone can protest the mask requirement by not wearing a mask. Should be protected u der 1st amendment freedom of speech.

  7. Everyone that does not wear a mask is just plain stupid at this point.

    Yes, if you were to catch it you most likely would live through it. BUT – you would also be at risk of having permanent lung, kidney, liver or heart damage, blood clotting problems, blood sugar irregularity, central nervous system problems, increased risk of stroke and a whole host of other things. It also wouldn’t guarantee you immunity from catching it again… and again… and again as the antibodies only give you protection for around two months which means that the virus is most likely going to live in your body for the rest of your life. Think of chicken pox, herpes or Epstein Barr. Plus, you could lose two to four weeks of work from feeling like death as well as inconvenience your family who would have to take care of your selfish butt.

    For those that are capable of reading, I suggest you check out a super generic website that can explain it to you:

    If you are one of those people that insist that COVID is here only to challenge your individual rights – GET OVER YOURSELF. My goodness we have become the largest group of selfish and entitled jerkwads in the entire world! THE WORLD. The world has pity on us because we are just too stupid and selfish to just do what is right. Get with the program people! I want my kids to return to school in September!!!

    1. There are things in our existence that have side effects (meds, drinking, smoking, drugs) that are harmful to our health.

      .001 infection rate and zero deaths in our County.

      My body, my choice.

      1. What if a smoker sat two feet from you and only blew their smoke in your face? Their body, their choice, right? Now you have lung cancer from their cigarette smoke, but it was their body, their choice, so too bad, right?

          1. Right. Not if you’re super duper healthy. But let’s say everywhere you go, a smoker sits right next to you and blows smoke in your face. Their body, their rules. Each interaction is an increased risk of you getting lung cancer, regardless of how healthy you are. BUT what if they didn’t blow smoke in your face? What if things were like they actually are, and that would be seen as incredibly rude. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting lung cancer from someone else’s actions.
            This is a metaphor about masks. Do you get it? Do the courteous thing and wear a mask when you’re out and about. That way you don’t (accidentally) get someone sick! It’s called being a good person!

    2. well just about anything we do in today’s world has the same risks…so I’m entitled because I don’t want to wear a mask? I think you are not using that word like it should be used. Freedom to choose whats best for my body is not an entitlement. If so then all women are entitled.

    1. No there should not be.

      Most masks do not prevent the transmission of vapor, especially the homemade ones. Any breach of the masks seal renders it useless since there is no way to know if the virus is in the air around you.

          1. Even my most rabid Republican friends are masking up without a question. You troglodytes and your endless inane comments are certainly the bottom of the barrel as you prove time and again.

    2. Compliance, everyone must comply. You are corona robots being programmed by the media and some questionable SCIENCE and faulty Bill Gates funded models to do what we are told for the good of the whole. You progressive liberal bigots are a joke. Your virtue signaling and white fragility is overplayed. Wouldn’t be surprised if the virus goes away this winter if Biden wins the election. Hurray for CNN, Washington Post and the New York Times. Solid fear mongering keeping you in check.

      Orange man bad.
      Biden/China 2020

  8. So if masks are the answer to preventing covid from spreading why didn’t the gov mandate that all inmates wear masks instead of releasing some back into society?

  9. The right wingers are showing their moral bankruptcy once again. After so many have sacrificed during this pandemic, they are going to make us into Florida, Arizona and Texas. They are the biggest threat to the economy, health and school being able to open back up. Try to trick yourself all you want with fake sources, but you are just being selfish. We want
    “freedom from” your ignorance and choices. We will be taking our country back on November 3rd and history will not look at you favorably!

    1. Who specifically are you referring to that sacrificed? The people that died? The people that are getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to stay at home? Or the people that kept working and are still alive?

      1. Dman says, “Who specifically are you referring to that sacrificed? The people that died? The people that are getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to stay at home? Or the people that kept working and are still alive?”
        -You are kidding, right? The dead. Yes. Their families. Yes. The millions of businesses and workers that have suffered. Yes. The school children. Yes. Are you dense, in denial or both? Have you not sacrificed, so you have no awareness of the sacrifice all around you? Are you that insulated? Now wonder the country is in the shape it is currently. But we will be taking our country back from the self centered on November 3rd.

    2. Nature will win the pandemic. It has nothing to do with politics but you are acting as a typical progressive making it into such. COVID will come back with a vengeance in the Fall irrespective of what our idiot if a governor mandates

  10. The good news according to Queen Kate is, there are no new restrictions on killing your unborn baby “aborting that ball of cells”, or talking granny, and gramps into ending their own lives. wew hoooo, thank you queenie, for protecting some of us.

    1. None of them can. Law enforcement is another story, but then again… there has to be state statute to enforce. Her “orders” have as much teeth as any executive order… the executive branch cannot make law only issue “guidelines”. Police are not “guideline enforcement”

  11. The governor proves again she is an idiot. The goal was to “flatten the curve”. The curve was and still is flattened. The serious cases load is not going up. Hospitals are not overwhelmed in any way shape or form. The number of deaths is skewed because hospitals get paid more if they have “coronavirus related deaths”. What is the goal? If it is to lockdown society so no one ever gets COVID she is dumber than dumb. She is a fool making the public act like lemmings. Her face mask mandate does little to nothing to prevent COVID. Science in no way supports her actions

    1. Not agreeing or disagreeing, but as the story notes, the state of Washington did the same last week, Kansas did today. Yes, all 3 governors are Democrats, haven’t gone looking for a full survey. Arizona did a major rollback today as well, ordering bars, nightclubs, gyms, movie theaters and water parks to close for at least 30 days. Florida and California have closed bars (or said they can’t serve alcohol, which is basically the same thing).

    2. Is she a fool making the public act like lemmings for some unarticulated, nebulous reason, is she a duly-elected governor making a painful choice in the face of a new disease, trying in good faith to select a good path forward in a situation of total uncertainty? You can decide how you talk about it, but it you believe it’s the former, why? To what end? Just your general suspicion that nobody really wants to help?

  12. I’ll just either wear a mask that says “Trump 2020” on it or a really thin see-thru mask that does nothing but is technically still a mask… Only because I will have to, to be allowed in businesses.

  13. I see opinions on both sides of this issue that I agree with. What I have a problem with is the Governor mandating everyone to wear a mask. There are to many conflicting directives and COVID-19 models. As someone who tries to remain neutral and look at facts from reputable sources I choose to make decisions for myself. I’m not going to tell my fellow American what they should do about wearing a mask and I refuse to live in fear. If it comforts you to wear a mask than do so but don’t be judgemental of those who don’t.

  14. I check everyday and there are always 150 to (at most) 250 cases per day. Where’s this huge uptick in cases she’s talking about?? I’m a doctor who works in a hospital with literally NO patients in the ICU though we are over-prepared with PPE. Doctors around the state I talk to are the same. Where is she getting this fear of overwhelming hospitals? Death rates are on the decline. With about the same numbers of positive tests per day for weeks, haven’t we flattened the curve? What’s the end goal here? Does ANYONE know?? She changes stances by the hour and acts on a whim without analytically evaluating anything.

  15. “A positive test result shows you might have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

    You read that right. The common cold virus can trigger a positive covid-19 test.

    I’ll bluntly call you a moron if you still worry about this ‘pandemic’.

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