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Portland rioters breach fence around federal courthouse; 6 arrests

Portland police protest 726
Portland Police Bureau
Portland Police Bureau livestreamed demonstration activities in July 2020

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Authorities declared a riot early Sunday in Portland as protesters breached a fence surrounding the federal courthouse where U.S. agents have been stationed.

Thousands of people had been gathered since Saturday as nightly demonstrations over George Floyd’s killing and the presence of the federal agents sent by President Donald Trump showed no signs of abating.

Police say people downtown got violent early Sunday. Protesters were ordered to leave and tear gas was deployed to clear the area.

Trump has said he sent federal agents to halt the unrest, but state and local officials say they are making the situation worse.

Police described via Twitter the “violent conduct of people downtown” as creating a “grave risk of public alarm.” Police demanded people leave the area surrounding the courthouse, around 1:20 a.m. Sunday, and said those who fail to adhere may be arrested or subject to teargas and impact weapons.

By 1:40 a.m., both federal officers and Portland police could be seen on the streets, surrounding the courthouse, attempting to clear the area and deploying tear gas.

Protesters remained in the streets past 2:30 a.m., forming lines across intersections and holding makeshift shields, as police patrolled and closed blocks abutting the area.

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Portland Police Bureau news release:

Update on arrests:

In the early morning of July 26, 2020 Portland Police made arrests downtown while dispersing crowds. The following is a list of their names and charges. Each was booked into the Multnomah County booking facility. A city of residence is listed next to names when arresting officers were able to determine one.

29 year old Dana Parks, Portland: Resist Arrest, Attempt Assault of Public Safety Officer x 2, Escape III x 2, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Disorderly Conduct II

29 year old Rhys Alan Wiski-Sutton: Interfering with a Peace Officer, Disorderly Conduct II, Resist Arrest

29 year old Christopher J. Briggs: Interfering with a Peace Officer, Disorderly Conduct II

28 year old Mackenzie D. Kirsch: Interfering with a Peace Officer

24 year old Ahnauna Andrews, Portland: Interfering with a Peace Officer

32 year old Zachary A. Trudo, Hillsboro: Interfering with a Peace Officer, Assault IV, Resist Arrest, Attempt Escape III

Riot Declared in Downtown Portland July 26-Arrests Made (Photo)
Portland Police Bureau - 07/26/20 3:48 AM

On July 25, 2020 several large groups gathered around Portland, taking up city streets and demonstrating outside buildings.

A group walked through streets near NE 122nd Avenue and NE Halsey Street.

A group of about two hundred gathered outside the Portland Police Association offices in north Portland. They blocked N. Lombard Avenue for about an hour. They used cars and trucks to block adjacent streets. People from this group pulled sections of a chain link fence across N. Lombard Ave. Portland Police gave public address announcements to clear the street to allow traffic through. Because of the fencing and crowd blocking the street, Portland Fire & Rescue had to reroute emergency vehicles responding to a residential fire nearby. Slowly this group broke up and walked out of the neighborhood.

A group met in Alberta Park and walked to North Precinct where they stood outside and chanted. The group walked from there to the Federal Courthouse, taking up streets as they went.
A group met at the Salmon Springs Fountain in Waterfront Park and eventually walked to the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

The largest group gathered on SW 3rd Avenue outside the federal courthouse and the Justice Center and the nearby parks and streets. There were thousands gathered. Throughout the night some people in this crowd spent their time shaking the fence around the building, throwing rocks, bottles, and assorted debris over the fence, shining lasers through the fence, firing explosive fireworks into the area blocked by the fence, and using power tools to try to cut through the fence. People wore gas masks, carried shields, hockey sticks, leaf blowers, flags, and umbrellas specifically to thwart police in crowd dispersal or attempt to conceal criminal acts. People against the fence sprayed unknown liquids through it toward the courthouse. People tied rope to the fence and attempted to pull it down.

This activity continued as thousands remained outside along SW 3rd Avenue for hours.

At about 1:03 a.m. people in the crowd attached a chain to the fence and with many people pulling managed to pull a section of it down. People began lighting fires along SW 3rd Avenue. People climbed over the fence to get close to the federal courthouse. People continued to launch mortar style fireworks at ground level that were exploding near others.

At about 1:20 a.m. dozens of people in the crowd maintained this level of violence and tumultuous conduct and were either intentionally or recklessly creating a grave risk of public alarm. Portland Police gave public address announcements directing everyone to leave to the west, closing the area bounded by SW 1st Avenue and SW Broadway to SW Columbia Street to SW Harvey Milk Street. Portland Police declared a riot based on the conduct of people in the crowd and gave repeated warnings that anyone who remained may be subject to arrest or citation and may be subject to force including impact weapons or tear gas.

Portland Police began dispersing the crowd, extended the area closed west to Interstate 405 and north to W. Burnside Street, and gave public address announcements directing people to leave the area. Portland Police spent almost an hour moving people out of the area. During that time people threw bottles, paint balloons, and other debris at Portland Police officers. People shot mortar style fireworks as Portland Police officers from ground level and from parking garages. Portland Police used munitions, including CS gas.

Portland Police disengaged from the crowds at about 2:25 a.m. to see if people would keep leaving the closed area. Over the next hour, the groups mostly dissipated. Several arrests were made during the dispersal. This release will be updated as information becomes available.

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  1. odd, never a mention of the 3 .fed troops who may be blinded permanently by antifa resisit cowards in Saturday morning’s riots at the fence

    1. Now you know why Keyser Soze, TioZio and other leftest Anarchist/Marxist refuse to see them as Federal Officers doing their job . . . They don’t see them as human beings, working to prevent rioting/destruction/looting/burning. To them, the Federal Officers are nothing more than a barrier that needs to be destroyed/breached and not human.

          1. Trumps wall is progressing nicely and getting longer every day. Not only the wall on the southern border, but he’s also improving the wall around the Federal courthouse every day.

            1. Have you seen the cement wall around the Whitehouse now? It’s unbelievable, and not in a good way. I visited 7 years ago, when a more confident President lived there, and it was just a fence that I got some great pictures through. We actually went through the process and got to tour the Whitehouse. A senate staffer got us onto the underground train and we got to visit all through the Capitol and inside the Supreme Court. The Smithsonian museums (Air and Space!!!) Arlington National Cemetery, the reflecting pool and all the monuments, the 9/11 memorial at the Pentagon, Library of Congress, National Archives are all really cool… plus you can hear a symphony at the Kennedy Center! Washington is an amazing visit if you plan in advance, shouldn’t be missed. Don’t try to cram it all in a weekend, it deserves 5 days, with a weekend in NYC because hell yeah.

              1. I’m former “Old Guard” . . . You saw my Regiment at Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknown. I remember when there weren’t any concrete barriers and you could walk right up to the fence. They started putting concrete barriers up immediately after 9/11 and have continued to improve security ever since. When Trump won the nomination and the crowds got bigger and more violent, they were forced to increase the number of concrete barriers and move them further out, increasing the number of layers of security. This was not done to stop protests, but rather to keep terrorists from slipping in among the protesters and being able to attack the White House and Congress. Sadly, I don’t ever see the security lessing, as long as large crowds of protesters protest in DC. These decisions had nothing to do with Trump or non-Trumpers . . . this is simply what they had to do, for security reasons to stop the possibility of a terrorist getting close enough with explosives or a shoulder fired rocket/grenade launcher.

              2. And I used to be able to go to the cockpit to visit with the pilots. You mean President Confident that was a student of Bill Ayers, a regular at Jeremiah Wright’s church services, who’s wife was ashamed of America, helped weaponized the IRS, DOJ,FBI, and also helped instigate a war on cops? What we are experiencing now doesn’t happen overnight. First liberals who are still traumatized with the 2016 election. And who’s desperation has brought us 3+ yrs of failed attempts to take down Trump along with the dem’s loathing of anyone who supports him. Throw in a generation of indoctrinated marxists coming of age many who have been taught our founding father are villains. And express their tantrums with violence. Then add a foreign government who’s goal is world domination that conceals the outbreak of a pandemic. And allows thousands of it’s population possibly infected to board planes and travel worldwide. Appears you need to catch up.

                1. Wow. Your view of America is pretty dark. You seem to really hate us. Truth is, all any of us want is responsible adults in government who will quietly do their damn jobs so the rest of us can get on with our lives. So sick of the daily circus sideshow.

    2. Odd, they were loosing enthusiasm before the feds were sent in by your man crush. Now they’re all stirred up again. Gee, I wonder what they were sent in for

      1. I don’t know where you heard that load of crap breath-deplorable but it is fake information. The federal police have every right to more in and arrest those assaulting federal agents and vandalizing federal property. These rioters are coming from other states. When a criminal crosses state lines to commit criminal acts it is a federal offense, not an issue for local and state government. Not that they have lifted a finger to stop the anarchy. In fact they thrive on chaos. As Long as there is chaos they can get away with their high levels of corruption in trying to destroy our country and gain power over the people of the United States.

          1. I’ll bet you’re correct. They were starting to calm down and Trump stirred them up again for a publicity stunt. Trump followers hate liberals. That’s all they do.

            1. Then again, it isn’t Trump supporters pushing the Liberals in Portland to riot/loot/arson/destroy private/public/Federal property in Portland. It’s also the Trump supporters that are denouncing what your Liberals are doing in Portland.

  2. The visual of moms holding off paramilitary rioters with umbrellas and leaf blowers never gets old. Your ‘blind’ thugs will probably be rotated back to duty torturing babies in cages.

    1. Paramilitary rioters…. now that’s hilarious. Are the feds burning buildings down…. or is it your kind. The “moms”…. are they trying to quell the violence, or are they protecting the arsonists? Big tough antifa hiding behind a skirt…. now that’s funny

    2. More like the vision of moms holding back terrorists from provoking Federal Officers . . . BTW, those “cages” you’re referring to, came from Obama’s time as President. Don’t try to deflect by blaming them on Trump . . . They’re Obama, you, and your ilk, so OWN IT!

    3. That’s funny. Those “moms” were antifa and given yellow shirts and formed a skirmish line to protect the black bloc Antifa behind them which were hurling explosives, rocks, and other debris. Hiding behind mommy like the overgrown toddlers they really are.

    4. Stick to that “paramilitary rioters” line . . . that’s enough justification for Trump to bring in the FBI, DHS, and Special Operations people. It’s also enough to justify military law being declared in Portland.

      1. They knock over the fence every night to elicit the nightly over-response from your SS squad. I heard one person describe it as breaking your own tail light so the world can watch the police brutality as you get a ticket. It’s surprisingly not-shocking to watch you guys root for anonymous troops sent in by a dictator to overthrow American cities. It’s almost like you know you’ll never win another popular election, so the only answer is to set a Reichstag fire.

        1. First of all, they aren’t an SS squad! They are US Federal Law Enforcement Officers. Second, They are clearly identifiable by their uniforms, equipment, markings, and Department patches. Third, if you are referring to the no name tapes, that is for their families safety from you and your ilk. Forth, what brutality? They are using commonly accepted Law Enforcement tactics when dealing with you and your ilk. Fifth, Trump is not a dictator! Trump was dully elected as President, in accordance with OUR Constitution. Sixth, he is not trying to overthrow any cities, he is trying to enforce the law, in accordance with the law, and protect Federal/public/private property, in accordance with the law. Seventh, Thanks to you and your ilk, he should win by a landslide in November. And finally, eighth, you and your ilk are the ones starting the fires! Thanks for playing, now go back to school and take a civics lesson.

            1. N. Korea ??? Weren’t we supposed to be at war with them by now ? Back under yer bed chicken little- the world is a dangerous place.

        2. The eagerness with which you accept your programming is greatly appreciated by the democrat party. They put out a statement and you suck it up without question. “Storm Troopers.” How many of these “Storm Troopers” protect your overlords like Nancy Pelosi? Are they “Storm Troopers” too? The feckless Ted Wheeler has allowed Portland to burn and be run by antifa goons for years. They have been rioting and attacking federal buildings and assaulting federal employees. Wheeler has refused to protect federal property and employees. So it is up to federal officers to protect federal property and federal employees. You make the public education system proud. You know everything yet none of it is true.

        3. Actually what is more surprising is that so many seem to be supporting the rioting and the burning and other damage like what has been going on the last 60 days – and the feds have not been trying to protect the federal buildings for that long.

    5. Whoa there soze, come to find out those weren’t real moms much like antifa the name is a misnomer. By their own admission not mothers at all. #wallofmoms is a PDX network of womxn and non-binary, mother identifying folx. Now if you’re wonder why the spelling of womxn. The a is eliminated because they’re triggered by the word man, they view the word as a connotation of “man inside a woman”. Can’t make this up. Next folx is spelled in place of folks, because regular people are just folks. But these “non-binary mother identifying folx” do not want to be associated with the norm so they drop the k. What you chose to ignore is not only was this story pushed and celebrated by the mainstream media by it was originated from marxist occupied Portland.

  3. Okay, enough. It’s fine and dandy to exercise your right to free speech and protest, but when said protest crosses the line and results in the disruption of peoples’ability to conduct business or make a living, OR results in destruction or defacing of property (private, municipal, federal), then that’s taking it too far. At that point, you get to enjoy breathing some tear gas, the physical results of being detained, the accommodations of the local, state or federal government, and eventually you get to have a nice chat with a judge–after which you may end up enjoying further long-term accommodations provided by the state or federal government and/or a mandatory donation (fine). That’s how modern society works. Deal with it.

    1. At least the AP called them “rioters” this time. Seems like the democrat propagandists might be getting the clue that people are sick and tired of these violent punks burning cities and killing people.

    2. That’s the problem . . . They don’t understand how modern society works and they’ve been brought up to throw a temper tantrum whenever they don’t get their way. Their parents were failures at teaching them discipline and respect for not only others, but especially for authority. There never was a person of authority in their up-bringing and it shows. They’re coddled Anarchists and Marxist, unable to think or do anything for themselves. They’ve probably never had a job and don’t understand what the cost of their rioting/looting/arson/destruction is, nor do they care.

  4. So, where are Kate and the OSP while all this is going down? Myself, if I was a businessman in that area, I would see what are the legalities of bringing a class-action lawsuit against the City of Potland, the State of Oregon, and whoever the local Sheriff is. Figure out what my average income for my business has been for the last 5 years and bill them for the lost income plus all repairs for this time frame. According to the state and the city, these are “peaceful Protesters” and not rioters. These businesses paid their taxes for protection to the city, county, and state, all having failed to live up to their end of the agreement.

    1. Kate is resting comfortably in her mansion with OSP security. She is more ticked off that troopers didn’t wear a mask then Antifa BLM terrorists burning a Oregon’s largest city.

  5. Trump 2020 Flush Brown and Wheeler for this BS and cost to the taxpayers. I hope Trump can take every damn dime from this anti- American city.

  6. Beware of “Victims” lest you be the next victim of them. Most people (not all) are in the spot they are in because of choices they have made. Most then rely on playing the victim card. Sometimes helping is not helping. Especially when there is no change in the character of this kind of person. Maybe this is how they have been treating the police (that they are accusing) the whole time. I believe so. Their character is obvious. No respect of law or people. They need stopped at any cost before they hurt more people and property.

    1. BLM isn’t the only ones helping to get Trump re-elected . . . It’s also ANTIFA, Democrat Mayors and Governors, as well as the Democrat leadership in Washington, DC.

      1. Certainly won’t be because of his leadership skills, or empathy for the people in our country, or for his honesty, or his moral character, or his 128 visits to golf courses…

  7. Shows how poorly trained these paramilitary folks are. You want to protect the fence, you put a human cordon in front of it. Your nightsticks/stun guns/etc in front of you as you stand 2-3 feet apart. Trust your buddy on either side of you. From experience it works. Rule of engagement: you don’t fight unless you are attacked. Then again, I was highly trained infantry working with others who were also highly trained and disciplined.

    1. Paramilitary??? ROFLMAO!!! I’ll wager a bet, that many of them are combat Veterans! Their orders are to stay inside and only come out, when someone breeches the fence. Those in control are probably regular Joe’s with little to no tactical experience and let’s face it, we haven’t won anything when the politicians have been in charge. That’s coming from another highly trained Infantryman, who has experience in working with/for/alongside Special Operations units and helping train both military and civilian Law Enforcement.

  8. Nancy Pelosi calls the Feds Storm Troopers. She has been in politics long enough to know who and what these guys are doing. They watch hours, upon hours of tape, they know the instigators, and who is leading this. It is no coincidence that a car pulls up and grabs someone off the street. The government is a lot smarter than these rioters. They are slowly getting to the bottom of who is funding this. This will all come to light in the next few weeks, except here on KTVZ where they only run CNN articles.

    1. True . . . the Federal Officer’s have been doing a ton of intelligence gathering and Pelosi, the Governor, and Mayor Wheeler, know the truth is going to come out, when it comes to the funding of these riots and who the rioters are. Stay tuned and learn everything that’s been going on in the background!

      1. Sounds like another nothingburger report coming as a result of yet another investigation into conspiracy theories. “Once upon a time in Portland” is the start of a bedtime fairy tale for authoritarian-loving Trump Republicans. If not a fairy tale, why was it necessary for the Trump reelection campaign to use footage from the Ukraine in 2014 of police being attacked by protesters? If things are so bad in Portland and elsewhere, surely more current and local footage of protester violence toward LE could be found for a recent Trump reelection ad? With this administration playing fast and loose with the truth, no wonder the majority of Americans have no trust in government and others believe the conspiracy drivel they find on social media. If you think Clinton, Joe Biden, Obama, whistleblowers, or any of Trump’s opponents deserve to be indicted, you’re one of the Trump Republicans who will be mightly unsatisfied when you’ve taken the last bite of whatever flavor nothingburger Trump or one of his surrogates is serving. “And the evil King lived happily ever after…”

    2. …as Nancy Pelosi is guarded and protected 24 / 7 / 365 by the same “Storm Troopers” she hates and gets to fly all around the world on their “Storm Trooper” aircraft.

      1. Apples and oranges JBN. The people guarding Pelosi and every other member of Congress as well as the President, cabinet and their staff are Secret Sevice, trained to do their job of protecting people. The feds sent to Portland were not trained in crowd control as is evident in most of the videos. They are mostly DHS, CBP, DEA and ATF. Guess there aren’t as many foreign terrorists threatening our national security, no imaginary migrant caravans invading our southern border, and no more drugs being smuggled here now, not if Trump is vowing to pull 60-70K LE from their normal duties to send to democratically led cities, or maybe Trump has just found a new “raw red meat” issue to feed his base to keep their bloodlust fueled until election day.

        1. You can bet that every last one of those Federal Officers were trained in dealing with crowd control! Every Law Enforcement Officer in the United States goes through a number of different crowd control scenarios during their training. Even NG and Active military law enforcement officers go through crowd control training and if a NG unit or Active Army unit is called up and hasn’t received crowd control training, they get it before they join the line.

          As for the southern border, it is currently closed by both the US and Mexico. Mexico’s southern border is also closed. So tell me where the migrant caravans might be coming from? Also note that CBP is only one of the agencies that are sending LE personnel. DHS can pull from a large number of agencies that have LE personnel, including, but not limited to National Forestry, FBI, US Marshalls, CBP, National Immigration Services (ICE), etc.

          1. Some of these guys are border patrol, who have very little to do now that Mexico and Canada have slammed their doors because of the Trump virus. It looks like the rest of them are blackwater or some other private mercs, their shoes are wrong, their kits are ill-fitting, they all have different camo… they look like my old paintball tribe, not like professionals. They attack girls first to try to elicit a response so Trump will get better riot porn for his re-election ads. That’s all any of this is about… red meat to get the voters in Iowa off the couch.

  9. As long as the Z wants to scream Covid banners daily then why not show with the same fervor the daily destruction of Portland? Show the injuries, the job losses, business closures, monetary loss due to damages and lost revenue. It’s blatantly obvious ithese riots represent the the Dummycrat’s best attempt of a presidential election rally and PDX and Salem are more than willing Everyone pays the bill. Let’s see the tally and videos every single day along with the non-stop drumbeat of the diaper face brigade.

    1. Every media outlet in the state is reporting the daily COVID numbers, prominently, because people want to know – we get thanked a lot for doing so. The Portland situation is far different and the entire city is not being “destroyed.” Not to minimize the issues and damage, but it hasn’t been citywide by any means.

      1. And Covid numbers are proven fake again and again.
        Motorcycle death = Covid
        Don’t wear masks = Fauci
        Wear masks while I don’t wear a mask at a ball game. = Fauci
        Closing travel is “xenophobic and racist” = Biden
        Close travel = Biden
        Go to Chinatown because Trump is @ racist fear monger and there is nothing to worry about from Kung flu = Pelosi
        Trump should have closed Chinatown because of Kung Flu. = Pelosi.

          1. Meanwhile, Congressman Jerry Nadler (D) was caught walking around in public without a mask. How serious is the COVID, when a Congressman feels he doesn’t need to wear one in public?

          2. “Knowledge of the virus and impacts have evolved” ??? Not really- and the global data don’t lie-

            Hong Kong number of deaths per 1 million population- (2)
            Singapore ” ” (5)
            Japan- ” ” (8)
            South Korea ” ” (6)
            Australia ” ” (5)

            New York number of deaths per 1 million population- (1769)
            New Jersey ” ” (1780)
            Massachusets ” ” (1229)
            Connecticut ” ” (1237)

            Fauci is clearly part of the problem- Democrat Governors like those listed are a bigger problem- America’s response is flawed- as this is all about politics and not about killing this virus- as soon as Americans accept this reality- the sooner we will go back to our lives.

            1. How that proves the knowledge about this virus has not evolved significantly over the past six months – and there’s still much we don’t know, the experts all say – is beyond me – and you, apparently.

              1. Pretty simple really- How did Hong Kong end up with 2 deaths per million population while NY has over 1700 !

                Why is their “knowledge” about the virus so much superior that they, like all the other nations data I posted, are able to reduce their average death counts to single digits ?

                Or are you arguing that they are all just “lucky” ???

                1. No. Their govt. systems and society are vastly different than ours, for one, and they have had more experience with widespread pandemics. Here, we use our “freedoms” to just argue and blame, rather than fix. You are a prime example of that.

                2. “Here, we use our “freedoms” ???

                  You mean that long list of items Governor Kate Brown removed through Executive Order ? Do you need to see the laundry list again- or will you just concede the point ?

          3. Fauci approved hydroxychloroquine 15 years ago for…. wait for it…. to cure coronaviruses. Nobody wants to ask….i know i know…. everything is automated, local news, that sort of thing. It’s just kind of funny though when a lot of commenters on here bad-mouths hydroxy and everything else, and Fauci is a scientist doctor that should be trusted blah blah blah

          4. No. Fauci admitted HE LIED about not wearing masks. So either he lied then, or he is lying now about lying then. He’s a fraud and a liar he has been elevated to cult leader.

              1. Not sure about a link but there is video of Fauci saying masks were not recommended. Now he is saying he made that video so we, the public, would not use up all the masks that medical folks might need. Suggests to me that he will say whatever is expedient at the moment regardless of the public good. When do we believe him?

                1. Or… his advice, like most experts I’ve dealt with over the years, changed as the situation (and knowledge of the virus) changed. Refusing to evolve one’s advice based on changing situations and studies would bring different criticism.

      2. “The Portland situation is far different and the entire city is not being “destroyed.”

        I would definitely disagree- Portland has been destroyed both physically and psychologically !

        Portland is no longer a place for business travel- international tourism- or even families… the daily headlines are taking their toll- and in combination with Brown’s mismanagement of the covid wuhan joe bat virus- the place will be a mess for decades to come.

        For those of you who think the recovery will be a snap- think again… the after-affects of the Kate Brown administration will last for decades- Remove her now- so we can start the rebuilding process.

  10. I don’t get it…the federal officers are there to protect a federal building. They are not walking the streets assaulting rioters. If the anarchists want the violence to stop all they have to do is move on…leave the federal courthouse alone – no more violence. But no, that is not their aim…they want the violence to be blamed on federal troops (and Trump) so they continue their assault. Really stupid, stupid, stupid. Course that goes with the territory…they don’t have thinking brains. Recall our poor excuse for a governor!

  11. Remember when being anti-fascist and anti-tyranny was patriotic? Now Trump cult members throw insults at moms, grandmas, and even veterans who stand against Trump’s secret police. How times have changed in the new American norm of dictator a** kissing. It seems Trump’s love of all things authoritarian has rubbed off on his cult members.

    1. Now that’s funny right there. Burning the flag, burning minority owned stores, looting shoe stores, killing people, destroying property, assaulting those you disagree with, using tyranny and terrorism to shut down political debate because you know you can’t win. Thanks for sharing your view of patriotism. I’m sure if Italia Kelly and Davon McNeal weren’t killed by BLM antifa goons they would be so proud of your brand of patriotism.

    2. Anti-tyranny? Yes! When we fought for freedom of the tyranny of the King!

      Anti-Fascist? Yes! When we fought the Nazi/Italian Axis during WWII!

      Is Trump a tyrant or a dictator? NO! He is the Constitutionally elected President of the USA and is 1/3 of the legislature. (American Civics needed for your educational needs.)

      Trump supporters are not throwing insults at Moms, Grandma’s, or Veteran’s who stand against Trump’s secret police . . . as Trump doesn’t have any secret police! The Federal Officers are from DHS and comprised of members of a number of different Governmental agencies.

  12. Can someone tell me how do these people earn a living if they are out rioting in the evenings? I couldn’t riot even if I wanted to as the time between my work hours and taking care of other stuff would simply not allow it.

  13. I am a proud American and was anti-fascist long before it was antifa, an unorganized, unfunded, leaderless boogeyman used by fear mongering politicians to help win reelection. Any intelligent, truth-seeking patriot would realize that. Your hate for liberals, closed mind and insults to my love of country shut down any meaningful debate. However, I suggest you take a drive thru Portland as I did on Friday and see the evidence for yourself. The violence is not widespread. The city is not on fire. The bad actors are focusing on a few relatively small areas late at night. Of course, anyone dying is tragic. But do you want anybody to believe a life taken by a riot is more significant than that of someone like Breonna Taylor or George Floyd? The unjustifiable deaths warrant activists to stand up for them. Instead of questioning my patriotism, perhaps you should show yours more constructively by utilizing your first amendment rights, putting your safety on the frontline, and counter protesting. That would be the patriotic thing to do, don’t you agree?

    1. Unorganized, unfunded, leaderless??? ROFLMAO!!! Where did they get the ambulances? Food? water? Materials for shields? Do you really think they are all doing the protesting/rioting/looting/arson/destruction for free? Knowing they could end up in prison for years if caught? Tell me again, about how they are paying their bail?

      As for the stupid “unorganized” comment . . . While there isn’t currently a known national leader, there are known local leaders. I’ve found them on Twitter, FaceBook, and a couple other social media sites. Yes, social media sites tend to delete them, but they keep popping up under different names. It is also known that there are “call lists” among the members, to help with organization and coordination. All those are signs of organization and require a leadership as well.

      You can not be a proud American and an anti-facist at the same time! As the two are contradictory! Also note, Anti-Facists are also Anarchists and they openingly admit that. Have you never noticed that their symbol is the “Hammer and Sickle”? Really, are you that stupid?

      Keep telling your stories or should I say fairy tales . . . For you seem to be pretty ignorant of the truth or facts.

    2. After Trump declared ANTIFA a Terrorist Organization, I’m surprised you are stupid enough to openingly admit you’re a member. I can guarantee that your comments are being monitored . . . and here you’re publicly admitting you’re an Anarchist in Oregon. Whatcha’ goin’ do when they come for you?

      “Instead of questioning my patriotism, perhaps you should show yours more constructively by utilizing your first amendment rights, putting your safety on the front line, and counter protesting.” NO! I’m for the Blue and following the law! Why would I want to go out and counter protest, when that is going to create more violence for you and your intolerant ilk? That would be putting LE between us and increase the danger to all. I’m more than happy to let you break the law and watch the PPB and Federal Officers lock you up for rioting/looting/arson/destruction of private/public/Federal property. Hell, even the not to bright III%’s aren’t joining you or counter protesting against you?

    3. You making the claim of being, “a proud Patriotic American” is not only …. hold it I just threw up in my mouth. OK, this whole thing and the reasoning behind what’s going on in Portland has gone way beyond GF and probably never was . Today though the marxist militants of Portland are getting a taste of reality, 72 of your fellow “patriots” were arrested and dozens face federal charges. Some of the weapons confiscated, Molotov cocktails, sledge hammers, pipe bombs, mortar fireworks, fully loaded rife magazines, and metal spikes. And now no local kangaroo court will get away with giving them a slap on the wrist these are federal charges and Fed charges are near impossible to expunge. But does it really matter how many arrested are really salvageable? They will never be productive and only know to use violence to get their way. They hate America nothings going to change that. Lock em up and make them listen to Trump speeches 24/7.

      1. You have a problem with fully loaded rife magazines? The NRA will hear about this! There’s no way the rest of that junk was planted, anonymous mercenaries would never do that.

  14. Governor Brown and Blumenhauer and the mayor of Portland should be forced to go down to the riots every night without security. Then maybe they would get a clue.

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