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Portland police, protesters clash for 2nd straight night

Portland Police East Precinct Eric Patterson KGW 86
Eric Patterson/KGW
Crime scene tape outside Portland Police Bureau's East Precinct

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Police and protesters in Portland have clashed for the second night in a row and the city’s police chief says the ongoing violence is harming the city’s image.

The high-profile clashes outside a U.S. courthouse in Portland have largely stopped since Democratic Gov. Kate Brown reached a deal that called for the draw down of federal agents sent by the Trump administration to protect the building.

But the turmoil on the streets has continued miles away from the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, as demonstrators rallying to defund the local police force get into confrontations with officers late at night. Police respond by declaring the events riots — allowing them to use tear gas and other non-lethal efforts to disperse the crowds.

Officers Wednesday night clashed with protesters outside the East Precinct station six miles from the courthouse after they removed what they initially believed was an explosive device but later determined was not explosive.

Police said the protesters started a fire, spray painted over security cameras, shined green lasers and other lights at officers. Several media outlets reported that protesters pulled away plywood covering the front doors of the precinct building and slammed them with rocks and other objects.

In protests that started Tuesday night and lasted into early Wednesday morning, officers made three arrests after demonstrators set fires, erected barricades in a street and tried to break into the police union headquarters, Portland media outlets reported.

Police said someone also fired a gun during that night of unrest and that a pickup truck accelerated into the crowd while pushing an unoccupied motorcycle in front of it.

No one was injured in either incident. Police have interviewed the driver of the truck but so far have made no arrests. Police did not use tear gas during the demonstration.

Meanwhile, city officials said they are starting to monitor for any potential long-term pollution from tear gas that was released by federal agents night after night near the courthouse before those protests ended last week in an area about a mile from the Willamette River.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell, who is Black, said he was concerned that the national attention on the protests and the resources needed to police them were hurting what he called the “beautiful, vibrant city” of Portland. Police have arrested more than 400 people since late May, he said. U.S. agents arrested at least 94 people on federal charges through July 30.

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  1. How long are riots gonna be called protests?
    Is this like the meaning of the word “Is” in the clinton era? Are we now redefining words to make anarchy and riot “peaceful protests”? Seems so by what I see here.
    When your home or business or both burned out by people thinking YOUR life doesn’t matter then you all may just change your mind about peaceful protesters burning at 3 am.

  2. Wait, did not Kate say these “protest” would calm down to be “peaceful” if only the Feds would leave town? Kate can not be wrong so this must be an old story.

  3. So much for the big bad feds being the problem…not that any of the adults in the room believed that theory for one second. Also, KTVCNNZ stop calling them protests, these are riots!

  4. And the feckless Ted Wheeler condemned antifa’s attempted murder of cops, by burning them alive in their building, NOT because he has a problem with killing them, but because the bad Orangeman will use that to help his re-election. Remember folks. This is what the democrats want. A country run by them enforced by their terrorist henchmen in Antifa and BLM.

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