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Oregon GOP: Gov. Brown recall effort falls narrowly short of making ballot

Gov. Kate Brown giving State of the State address
KGW file
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown gives State of the State address to lawmakers in January 2020

Party official sharply critical of obstacles it says Democrats put in its way

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Oregon Republican Party released a statement Monday as the “Stop The Abuse - Recall Kate Brown” campaign announced that the number of petition signatures to qualify for a vote to remove the governor from office has fallen narrowly short of the minimum required.

“To our great disappointment, the “Stop The Abuse - Recall Kate Brown” campaign has fallen 2,796 signatures, or less than 1% short of the minimum number of 280,050 signatures required to qualify to put a recall of the governor on the ballot this fall,” stated Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier.   “It is the highest bar for petition signature gathering in our state’s Constitution and has definitely been an uphill struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with other obstacles.”

“In 2019, nearly 25% of our signatures were gathered at the Oregon State Fair, county fairs, and numerous festivals which have all been canceled due to the Governor’s lockdowns, depriving us of an estimated 50 to 80 thousand additional signatures in 2020,” said Currier. 

“Also, due to an arbitrary and cynical change in the law by the Democrat supermajority-run state Legislature between the 2019 recall and the one in 2020, the ability to freely download and pre-print ePetition sheets to provide to voters was severely reduced.  This made it much more difficult for thousands of businesses and individuals to conveniently provide signature sheets to Oregon voters to exercise their state constitutional right to sign the petition.”

“The campaign also faced totally unnecessary and legally questionable rule changes towards the end of signature gathering from the state Elections Division that required all the petition sheets to be renumbered, a requirement that the Elections Division refused to put in writing.  This cost hundreds of man-hours at a critical time in the campaign and at a time that it could afford it least.”

“Of course, it must also be remembered that several of our volunteers faced harassment, destruction of petitions, and physical assault, including a Democrat volunteer who has been recovering in the hospital these past couple of weeks.  It is hard to estimate what effect these acts of intimidation had on suppressing signature gathering efforts across the state.  Sadly, this is par for the course in Kate Brown’s violent, dystopian Oregon.”

“Because, under state law, prior to the submission of any petition signatures, I, as chief petitioner, must first attest to having the minimum number of qualified signatures. Therefore, the signatures cannot be submitted to the secretary of state’s election division,” stated Currier.

The only other recall effort ever supported by the Oregon Republican Party, the 2019 Stop The Abuse - Recall Kate Brown campaign, fell 8% short of the minimum signatures required.  The 2020 all-volunteer, grassroots signature-gathering effort total of 277,254 represents a new record number of signatures gathered for any statewide petition of any kind in Oregon history - all without the support of out-of-state donors funding and paid signature gatherers.  Over one-third of the signatures of the 2020 recall came from non-Republicans, exceeding the 2019 recall effort.

“Kate Brown is the one who fueled this recall and gave Oregonians new reasons every day to want a do-over.  As she narrowly escapes being recalled this time, we expect that she will continue to abuse power, ruin our economy, prioritize her favorite corrupt special interest cronies, play political games with the lives and livelihoods of Oregonians, aid and abet the violent crime, rioting, looting, and, now, murder in our streets, and let down our children as she guides our state’s education system to the bottom of performance nationally.”

“We want to express our profound gratitude and appreciation to the hundreds of petition signature gatherers who worked tirelessly for three months in this monumental effort to give the voters of Oregon a chance to hold our state’s Governor accountable to the will of the voters.  It has been and continues to be a worthy cause and you are true patriots.”

“During these three months we’ve heard the countless heartbreaking stories of Oregon families, workers, and business owners who have suffered at the hands of Kate Brown’s egregious abuses of power and her disastrous pandemic shutdowns. We must continue to work to hold her and her enablers in the state legislature accountable by ending the Democratic supermajority.”

“The signers of the 2020 Stop The Abuse - Recall Kate Brown petition represent a large and growing army of voters who are increasingly dissatisfied with the direction of our state and the failed leaders taking it there.  This army isn’t going anywhere and the Oregon Republican Party will continue to work to help this army and all Oregon voters with the vital task of restoring freedom, equality under the law, prosperity, and bringing accountability to our state government.”

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        1. Classic GOP hillbilly failure year after year!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! was too funny watching these failed morons with nothing better to do than sit out in the dirt at intersections begging!!!!
          Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much FAILING!!!

          1. That’s what happens when thanks to Trump we have all these jobless people with too much time available to come up with these bogus ideas.
            Should grump had acted on time we would have been back to normality and we wouldn’t have missed these fairs to gather all the needed signatures to recall Brown.

    1. BJ,
      Over a quarter million signatures during times of Covid is an amazing feat and to fall just a couple thousand short is heartbreaking.
      Under normal circumstances I think it’s safe to say the inept, incapable and over her head Kate Brown would have been recalled handily.

    2. Actually I think the people of Oregon have declared their support for violence, rioting, arson, and of course execution style murder.

      Seeing that Brown has survived this recall attempt under the current war zone atmosphere that permeates the state- I would ask that the Z21 mod refrain from removing any post that encourages this violence, the arson, the looting, the murder… it is clear that this is what the pople of Oregon support- and his morals, ethics, opinions are clearly outweighed by the facts.

      Oregonians support Brown- she supports violence- therefore Oregonians support violence and should be allowed to say so.

      1. Nope. Terms of Service apply equally to all. If your false claim that the governor “supports violence” was a specific, unsubstantiated criminal allegation, instead of the same old word-twisting politics of hate, your comment wouldn’t be allowed, either. There’s a lot you could validly criticize, but you always take it too far.

  1. So if Oregon had a submissive republican governor, or Portland a submissive republican mayor, would Trump stop his antagonistic tweets aimed at the demographic that lives here and in Portland? Trump hasn’t performed a rally in Oregon since the 2016 primaries. And one of his unfortunate followers gave his life for him Saturday night.

    1. President Trump has not aimed tweets at a ‘demographic’ but rather a political affiliation. And a Trump supporter did not ‘give his life for him’ but ratehr was murdered by an antifa coward. You musgt be so proud

      1. 2pei, you are absolutely 100% correct. Trump aims his tweets at a political affiliation. Right or wrong, he refuses to accept any consequences of his actions and mad tweets blaming someone else. Nothing is ever his fault, ever. I dare anyone on here to post a link with Trump accepting fault for something in the last 4 years. All he does is pass the buck and divide the country. Yeah, I want to see 4 more year of that BS………

        1. OMG. Have Kate brown or Tom Wheeler accepted responsibility for any of the failings of this state. Remember when they called on Trump to make federal agents leave assuring everyone the violence in Portland would end. But it’s gotten worse and these two idiots are responsible for letting our beautiful downtown be destroyed by a bunch of meth addicted low lifes. No politician in this day and age can do anything except blame and politicize- disgusting

      2. He should have not been there. Had he stayed home, he’d still be alive. Just like the two people killed during the Kenosha protest, right?
        Or do we have a double standard?

  2. That’s like the third one this year. Maybe the folks who have convinced themselves she’s done a terrible job should recognize that they’re extreme outliers.

    1. If by extreme outliers, you mean residents in counties other than Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas, then yes, most of the state is extreme outliers

    1. Yeah right, 3 times and still can’t come up with 280,000 signatures in a state of 4.2 million so it must be rigged. You’re going to have to do a little better than that.

  3. So transparency and accountability only count if you are a Democrat? I ask because you certainly don’t seem to hold the same standards for Donald “I don’t take any responsibility at all” and “I’ll show you my taxes when the audit is done” Trump. Or does Kate need to meet higher standards for you because she’s a woman? I’m any cade, I’m glad the recall failed but commend you all on the exercise of your rights.

  4. I love how there was no reporting on this petition effort(since June) while it was going on ….
    Thanks KTVCNNZ for keeping the leftist narrative strong as always.

    1. Sure blame the press. Not the lazy petitioners who couldn’t move off their chairs to do real work towards their cause. Much easier to blame Barney. Lol

  5. Why didn’t it pass?
    I’ve signed dozens of those petitions, everytime somebody asked. Nobody ever asked if I had signed before.

    I have a an idea, let’s have an election for governor in 2022 and see who wins, then we can complain about whoever it winds up being.

  6. Ouch. Thats gotta hurt. Three tries and three failures on top of Bend not becoming part of idaho. So much trash talk and so little results……just like trump.

    1. It would help if she left it alone and didn’t order rule changes to be made. She was going to lose, and had to prevent it. Nobody will look into it….guess why?

      1. If you cant scrape together enough signatures to get it on the ballot, it seems unlikely she would actually lose if you did. IMHO, there are not as many people as you think who are unhappy with the governor.

  7. A wasted effort. They should have spent the time finding a candidate for governor who isn’t a Trump boot licker or a delusional Qanon twit and found a genuine, old school Republican (like a McCain or a Kasich) to begin a campaign of moderate governance and a real willingness to cross the party aisle and compromise for the best of the state. Someone who can truly understand the needs of rural Oregon while keeping the big city boys sastisfied.

    1. What a breath of fresh air… someone who is logical and makes sense. You have no idea how much I truly appreciated your comment. The divide needs to end or our great country will loom in darkness forever.

    2. Yea. McCain would have been President if he had picked someone better than Palin for VP. I understand he wanted to pick Joe Lieberman but got pushback from GOP leadership.

    3. This is the problem. I have voted Republican in the past. I’d love to do so again, but I don’t think I will be. Show me a real one. One that doesn’t have the stink of this fascist anti-American administration all over them. Precious few of those.

  8. I’m calling BS. What happened to the “ We have more than enough signatures” they were saying this weekend?

    I don’t trust anyone even remotely affiliated with politicians

  9. Even if they’d found 2796 more signers who care about right wing nut politics, (which is a stretch obviously), it would have died in embarrassing death on election day.

    Just vote for whom your choice is (right to chose).
    And lets not play lawyer ball.

  10. They talk about the silent majority. Folks, that is real, and it will make a huge difference come November. I am a Trump supporter, but don’t want to debate any liberal on this board. I state facts, sometimes opinion, but when I am countered, you hear nothing. I tell myself what I think, Barney couldn’t print it. Back to my point, I don’t want to get myself in trouble by confronting any Democrat/Liberal/Antifa/Rioter in person. What I have to say will not change their mind, what they have to say will not change mine. I am part of the silent majority that will come into play November 3rd.

    1. It’s funny isn’t? The left talks about tolerance and acceptance, but they can’t accept the right having different viewpoints. Yet it is the right that accepts that the left has different viewpoints. So which group is actually the tolerant and accepting ones?!?! This is why many on the right won’t talk about their views because of the left’s cancel culture and will cause problems for that person. They will find where that person works and go onto social media to have that company boycotted or get that person fired or protest in front of that person’s house and they will get death threats or worse. The right does not do this.

    2. Hey OldIdiot. If you were part of the “silent majority” where was your ” silent majority” in this recall? I thought you were “real”. You might steal this election in contravention of the will of the general American populace but we’ll all know it.

  11. Same morons complaining about people not accepting the orange anus are crying about this. He totally sucks rocks but he is our president until he’s voted out in disgrace in November. Get a tissue and get over it chums.

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