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Wyden, Merkley critical, Walden supports Trump’s Supreme Court nominee


(Update: Rep. Greg Walden statement)

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., issued critical statements Saturday shortly after President Trump announced his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, but Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., praised the selection.

Wyden released the following statement:

“Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have made it clear they will pull out all the stops to jam through another right-wing Supreme Court nominee – even if that means breaking their own rule pertaining to election-year appointments. 

"If you don’t trust Donald Trump and Senate Republicans with your health care, you shouldn’t trust them with filling this Supreme Court seat.

"Here's the bottom line: every senator who votes for this nominee is voting to strip away quality, affordable health care – and protections for pre-existing conditions – from hundreds of thousands of Oregonians and millions of Americans,” Wyden said.

Here's Merkley's news release on the nomination:

Merkley Slams Illegitimate Trump Supreme Court Appointment, Calls Out Threat to Millions of Americans’ Health Care and Reproductive Rights

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon’s U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after President Donald Trump appointed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court approximately five weeks before the presidential election—defying the will of the American people, historical precedent, and Republicans’ own election-year rule from 2016:

“This is an effort to pack the court with folks who have and will consistently rule against ordinary Americans for the privileged and powerful. For years, the Supreme Court has been essentially a third legislative body deciding women’s rights, workers’ rights, health care, climate action, and more. The goal today is to lock in advantage for the privileged and powerful for an entire generation to come.

“We particularly have to recognize the huge impact that this vacancy will have on health care—both on women’s health and the affordability of care for the countless Americans with preexisting conditions.

“We knew even before this nomination that President Trump’s litmus test for any Supreme Court nominee is a requirement that they help overturn Roe v. Wade and strike down the Affordable Care Act. The Senate is confronted not only with the record and philosophy of Amy Coney Barrett, but also the profound human consequences of what the loss of access to affordable health insurance, to coverage for pre-existing conditions, and to birth control and legal abortion will mean for American families—especially those who are low-income, rural, and from communities of color.  

“This is not just an intellectual or philosophical fight. This is a fight over potentially life-or-death consequences for millions of Americans. This is a fight about whether we are going to take away health care from millions of Americans in the middle of the deadliest pandemic in a century. It’s about whether, after the pandemic passes, the millions of Americans with brand new pre-existing conditions can be turned away by insurance company bureaucrats. It’s about whether politicians or employers get to sit in the doctor’s office with you and decide which procedures you’re allowed to get, or even discuss.

“Let’s remember that this battle is not about horse race politics or palace intrigue—it’s about whether an impeached president and a Senate, both elected by a minority of the American people, are able to complete a shameless power-grab that will ruin lives,” Merkley said.

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., posted a tweet in which he said: "Amy Coney Barrett is a strong and principled woman, mother, and U.S. circuit court judge.

"She is highly qualified and would be an excellent addition to the Supreme Court," Walden said. "She deserves a fair and respectful hearing, followed by a vote in the U.S. Senate."

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    1. Misogynist Merkley and Racist Ron are both a disgrace to liberal all-inclusive far left Democrats state-wide !

      How dare they use their gifted platforms, toxic masculinity, and white privilege to harass- vilify- and brow-beat this wonderful nominee- a Mother- an Hispanic and a Female !

      She will make a great replacement for that religious zealot RBG !

    2. They seem to be very alive and taking over the Supreme Court… What are you trying to say here cuz what you said is dead ass wrong so would you like to try again? Or just take your participation trophy and shut up

    1. Really??? 2015…GOP are a bunch of hypocrites and liars. They can never be trusted again. But the koolaid drinking cult members will apparently develop amnesia and follow them off the cliff happily….so recent history shows. Sad.

          1. Doesn’t matter. LG said a lot of nasty things about Trump and really nice things about Biden and did 180s on both, so anything he says can’t be trusted, just like his current BFF, Tax Evader Don.

      1. So political liars and hypocrites have you all in a bunch this fine Sunday morning ?

        Good gawd- just what ‘promises have the lying Democrats ever kept ? To get blacks off welfare- give women equal pay (Wyden and Merkley don’t)- You can keep your doctor ???

        The hypocrites here in Oregon that closed your schools- shut down your legal business establishments- told you what to wear- who to visit- promised you financial assistance- an environmental plan that works… did you buy all those lies… obviously you did- but yer mad at the GOP ???

        Looks like “went up the hill Jill” really did come “tumbling after” !

      2. Sure, there are hypocrites and liars in the GOP, but if you truly believe that
        there are no liars and hypocrites in the Democratic party, you are either in denial
        or delusional, because the Democrats wrote the book on lies and deception
        many years ago, and nobody does it better…

        The difference is, most Republicans will admit that it exists in their party, whereas
        the Democrats refuse to accept the fact, or publicly admit that their leaders constantly lie to them, and the loyal flock would certainly never dream of questioning what they are told. Recent, as well as past history has shown this to be true,
        and THAT is truly sad…
        The worst recent example of this that I can think of in Oregon is the continual protesting, violence, destruction of property, and arson that has been going on in
        Portland for months and is still going on daily. Brown and the rest of the worthless
        elected officials have done absolutely nothing about it other than support and encourage their behavior, and they don’t intend to do anything about in the future.

        Where is the outrage from the left about this ? There is none and never has been, so that tells me that the loyal followers are also okay with what is going on, and with the lack of action from your Governor… THAT is sad, but it’s not a big surprise though, because you are obviously okay with the Governor breaking the law on a daily basis by aiding and abetting illegals in Oregon too. That’s not sad, it’s illegal, but again there is no outrage from the left. Only acceptance and silence…

      1. So your point is the one accusing Kavanaugh (a case of he said, she said) is a liar but the one accusing Biden isn’t, even though there was an investigation at the time and Biden has asked for the records to be released. Substantially more than just he said, she said when documentation exists, don’t you agree? But you just keep cherrypicking a rationale for each and every daily dose of moral turpitude served up by the Party of Death Don.

  1. They say we can’t trust Trump’s pick but funny how Biden won’t even release his list to let people know who he would pick if they choose to vote for him. That says everything for me.

    1. Because Biden won’t be doing the choosing. And whoever his handles choose will not be a judge. It will be a political puppet who does exactly as commanded. The same as Obama’s picks. every single one of their rulings was written by a racist communist named Marx 150 years ago.

    2. While he was campaigning, did Ronald Reagan provide more than general descriptions of the characteristics he believed to be appropriate for a Justice and indicate that he was interested in nominating a woman to the Court? I’m not sure when (or why) the need to identify specific candidates became so significant. If anything, I think it undercuts the ability of prognosticators to get a good read on sitting judges who make the list, as they’re then seen as carrying out their current duties against the backdrop of preserving their “appointability.”

  2. Vote Merkley out this term and tell dumbo Wyden to go to NY and stay there. Trump 2020

    These 2 jerks are critical of everything because they are so jealous of Trump as he has accomplished more in his short time than they have done in all the years they have sucked off the trough.

    1. Wyden is another example of how screwed up this state has become. It’s very clear
      that he needs to be a resident of Oregon, to represent Oregon, but he’s not.
      He is just playing the system, and it’s not a secret because people have complained
      about it for a long time, but the liberal leaders refuse to say or do anything about it…
      Can you imagine the outrage if it was a Republican doing this ?

      1. How about a Republican not “playing” the system but CHEATING the system? How else does a person like Trump get off paying only $750 in taxes? But the conservative Senate and packed judiciary refuses to say or do anything about it. Can you imagine the outrage if it was a Democrat doing this?

  3. Is there any doubt that this statement just needed a “fill in the blank” with the name regardless who Trump nominated? It is such the typical response from them as long as I’ve been alive. (“Republican X will take away your abortions, kill your granny, take your social security, enslave blacks, chain women to the kitchen, place children in factories, destroy the environment, steal your welfare, blah blah blah” And it’s absolutely hilarious that these democrat clowns made it clear a catholic should not be a federal judge when they have nominated a catholic for president and have a catholic speaker of the house. (Of course they sacrifice unborn babies to the progressive gods and thus qualify for democrat party indulgences). And just where is the “rule” they are talking about? It use to be the Biden rule. Then, Biden came out and said there is not Biden rule. And there is NOTHING McConnell said that confirming a judge in an election year is a “rule.” It must be nice to be able to lie so freely and have a massive propaganda industry ready to cover for you.

    When those two are upset, it makes me happy.

    1. “And did you notice that baby was crying through half of the speech and I didn’t get angry? Not once. Did you notice that? That baby was driving me crazy. I didn’t get angry once.” –

      Donald J. Trump, lover of children lol

  4. “This is an effort to pack the court with folks who have and will consistently rule against ordinary Americans for the privileged and powerful”

    So essentially what they are saying is, they think Trump is trying to do the exact
    same thing that the Dems have done in the past. There’s that typical liberal
    double standard and hypocrisy again…
    The left could care less about any American. The only thing they care about is their political careers, their bank accounts, and party power. Period…

    1. The Dems aren’t the ones who will take away: Affordable healthcare from millions, women’s access to birth control and safe abortions, employment and housing protections for the LGBTQ community, voting rights of Americans but particularly low income and communities of color, clean air and water, credit protections for working Americans, oversight of the executive branch by the legislature and judiciary, civil rights, and so much more.

      The right could care less about any American (200K dead and counting; military dead and wounded are “losers” and “suckers”; “I always wanted to play it down”). The only thing they care about is their political careers (afraid to stand up to a morally corrupt POTUS for fear of political retribution), their bank accounts (stocks sold off prior to the pandemic sound familiar or sending Pence to stay at a Trump golf course on a taxpayer paid trip to Ireland, even though it was hundreds of miles away), and party power (suppression of voting, casting doubt on the election, packing the courts in anticipation of the need for favorable decisions about a contested election, and unwillingness to commit to a peaceful transition – “no transfer” but rather a “continuation” in direct violation of the constitution). PERIOD!

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