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Late-night protest in Portland declared unlawful; 30 arrested at gatherings

Portland protest KGW 926
KGW file
Portland protest Saturday night, Sept. 26

PORTLAND (AP) — Several people in Portland were arrested in anti-police brutality protests that continued into early Sunday, hours after demonstrations ended with few reports of violence. A total of 30 people were arrested in Saturday's various gatherings, officials said.

The protests that began Saturday night were declared an unlawful assembly and police began forcing demonstrators out after objects were thrown at officers, including full drink cans, firecrackers and rocks, police said.

Thirty people were arrested by officers working under the unified command related to various mass gatherings Saturday, they said. These arrests were made by law enforcement officers from Oregon State Police, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Portland Police Bureau.

Hundreds of people had gathered at demonstrations in the downtown area of Oregon’s largest city when the unlawful assembly was announced just before midnight.

Images showed protesters crowded in and around a park near the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse — the same courthouse that had been the scene of nightly unrest over the summer. A protester was seen burning an American flag.

Video posted by KOIN-TV showed officers warn that protesters who hurl projectiles will be subject to arrest.

One man broke away from officers and ran two blocks with his hands in zip-tie cuffs before he was recaptured by police. Police also seized bear spray, a baton and a drone in separate stops or arrests. The crowd had largely dispersed by early Sunday morning, police said.

The unrest came just hours after a right-wing rally and counter-protesters largely dispersed without serious violence Saturday afternoon, although police were investigating an assault after one person who was documenting the event was pushed to the ground and kicked in the face.

Separately, police said a criminal citation was issued after officials confiscated firearms, paintball guns, baseball bats and shields from a pick-up truck that was initially stopped for having obscured license plates as it left the rally.

Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton and Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese praised the minimal violence in a joint statement late Saturday.

“Our Unified Command worked well to prevent violence before it started,” Hampton said in the statement. “Law enforcement officers performed a number of traffic stops and took weapons off the streets.”

“On Saturday, Oregonians denounced hate, racism and violence,” Reese stated, adding that, “the Unified Command was able to help keep the peace.”

Several hundred people, dozens of them wearing militarized body armor, gathered to support President Donald Trump and his “law and order” reelection campaign Saturday afternoon. The attendance was far fewer than the 10,000 organizers had expected after tensions boiled over nationwide following the decision not to charge officers in Louisville, Kentucky, for killing Breonna Taylor.

Unified Command release on Saturday night demonstration in Downtown Portland
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office - 09/27/20 1:57 AM

After largely peaceful protests throughout the day Saturday, several hundred protesters gathered in Downtown Portland around 8:30 p.m. in Lownsdale and Chapman Square Parks. As the crowd grew, many gathered in the street at SW 3rd Avenue and SW Main Street, blocking the street near the Justice Center. The incident was still under the Unified Command of Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Warnings were provided via loudspeaker to vacate the roadway because it was open to vehicular traffic. Despite multiple warnings, much of the group remained in the street.

Officers moved in and made several arrests. While making arrests and ticketing illegally parked vehicles, projectiles were thrown at officers including full beverages cans, firecrackers and rocks. At one point, an officer was attempting to load an arrested person into a transport van when another arrested person, Michael Colten, forced his way out. He ran while still restrained in zip-ties for about two blocks before he was recaptured by officers.

Officers attempted to disengage and leave the area multiple times in an effort to de-escalate, but each time as they retreated, individuals in the crowd threw projectiles at officers and re-entered the street. Officers made additional arrests.

At 10:29 p.m., officers stopped a vehicle associated with the demonstration in the area of SW 1st Avenue and SW Jefferson Street. A drone was seized from inside the vehicle.

Officers provided security during the traffic stop. As they began to disengage, many of the demonstrators moved back out into the lanes of travel. Officers again cleared the street. As they did this, officers were targeted by high-velocity objects, believed to be ball bearings launched from slingshots. These projectiles had the potential to cause serious injury.

At about 11:45 p.m., because of criminal activity witnessed, the crowd was notified by loudspeaker that the gathering was an unlawful assembly, and they were to leave the area to the west. They were warned that failure to adhere to the order may subject them to arrest, citation, or the use of crowd control agents including, but not limited to, impact weapons and/or tear gas.

Few, if any, individuals followed the order, so officers began physically moving the crowd away. The officers were pelted with additional rocks and other dangerous objects. Officers continued making arrests.

During one of the arrests, officers seized a can of bear spray and a baton.

While the majority of the crowd dispersed by 1:30 a.m. Sunday, a small group of hostile individuals remained. Individuals threw glass bottles at the direction of officers. Law enforcement officers performed several additional arrests in Chapman Square Park.

A list of charges and arrests will come at a later time.

News release:

Governor Kate Brown Stands Down Law Enforcement Joint Incident Command Structure for Portland

(Salem, OR) — Effective at 6:00 a.m., Governor Kate Brown rescinded her order creating a joint incident command structure for law enforcement in Portland, following the conclusion of planned demonstrations by white supremacist groups. The Governor ended the order after the successful coordination of city, county, and state law enforcement to keep simultaneous demonstrations separated, preventing violence and keeping Oregonians safe while protecting free speech.

“I would like to thank the law enforcement officers of the Oregon State Police, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, the Portland Police Bureau, and other local law enforcement agencies for their professionalism as they executed this plan to prevent confrontations and violence," said Governor Brown. “I would also like to thank Oregonians for not rising to the bait when the Proud Boys came from out of town to express their hateful views yesterday. When we all work together as a community to keep the peace, we can keep Oregonians safe while still allowing free expression under the First Amendment.”

The Governor's executive order rescinding the law enforcement joint incident command structure is available here.

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    1. but oregonians should feel safe because the gov brought in reinforcements to keep an eye on those pesky radical right wing law and order supporters. only through her quick and decisive actions did she avert an almost purely imaginary outcome of almost biblical proportions

    2. The left has a funny way of denouncing hate and violence, by putting on their usual
      daily, Governor Brown supported, display of hate, violence and destruction…
      Guess we can’t blame the low I.Q loyal subjects though, because they are just doing
      what the stupid, equally low I.Q Governor is telling them to do. There is no hope for
      any of them because it takes at least one intelligent adult to teach the younger generation, and they can’t even dig up one.

      Fortunately she will be out of office fairly soon, and we will have a chance to get someone different for our Governor, and hopefully whoever it is will at least have an I.Q that isn’t single digit like the current Governor. I’m not holding my breath though


  1. “Separately, police said a criminal citation was issued after officials confiscated firearms, paintball guns, baseball bats and shields from a pick-up truck that was initially stopped for having obscured license plates as it left the rally”

    They didn’t mention if the people in the vehicle were PB members or were Trump supporters,
    so that must mean that they were antifa or other violent leftist scumbags, because if the people in the vehicle were Trump supporters, the media would have made sure that was included in the headlines, and they would have made a huge deal out of it…

    1. If you’re expecting unbiased or unity inspiring news reporting you won’t find it here or the majority of news outlets. A recent Rasmussen poll shows 84% of Americans blame the news media for the political divide in this country. They have become unaccountable while profiting from chaos by encouraging conflict . Unfortunately we have no real journalists anymore just media activists.

      1. Journalists/reporters are now nothing more than propagandists for the DNC. There are few, if any media outlets left, as the DNC Propaganda machine has swallowed-up or silenced them.

          1. Barney – There was a day when the news was reported truthfully and honestly. Today, the news is reported with bias, with embellishment, and with hyperbole. Nobody seems to care about the truth when reporting . . . just twist, inflate, spin, and yes, flat out lie. Today, the agenda of the news organization is more important than reporting what actually happened or expected to happen. You’re right about the generalization and it is also rampant in the reporting by media. Everyone you work with or have ever worked with, prove me right every day. You can use the excuse that you work for a local company and you can’t control the reporting by the companies you get your news from, but that is just another excuse. KTVZ has chosen what sources they get their news from and to be honest, KTVZ doesn’t give a crap about it being blatantly biased or even FAKE . . . KTVZ still posts it without a disclaimer. There is nothing to prevent KTVZ from posting a disclaimer that the station doesn’t not agree/necessarily agree with the content of the story. That is a choice you and KTVZ have chosen to take. But wait . . . it isn’t just KTVZ! It’s the vast majority of MSM today, that have taken the same stance. The MSM today spreads division, hatred, embellishment, and personal opinion, without the blink of the eye.

            You may claim/try to not be biased, but many of your comments tell otherwise. Honesty is highly frowned upon in your profession and research of the subject matter seems to be non-existent today. When a reporter doesn’t know the difference between a pistol or a revolver posts pictures of both, when a story is specifically about one . . . credibility is lost. It would have taken less than 10 seconds to research the difference on-line. I am extremely pleased that KTVZ now seems to know that “AR” doesn’t stand for “Automatic Rifle”, “AR-15” is not an “Assault Rifle”, and an “AR-15” isn’t fully automatic.

            I’ll give you something else to think about . . . If MSM, including KTVZ spent less time attacking Trump and more time reporting on Biden, maybe more would consider Biden. As is, Trump gets tons of prime time media coverage and because it is blatantly biased, embellished, and many times knowingly fake, people see his face and name and recognize propaganda is against him.

            Take this story for example . . . Every “riot” in Portland involving Proud Boys or Patriot Prayer, has only become a riot when the counter protesters have attacked, yet Brown and Wheeler have convinced everyone that they are the lawless, violent protesters that are setting the fires, rioting, looting, and destroying property. MSM is right there to back them, hype the claim, and embellish their comments. THAT IS propaganda!

            1. That’s a fact Jack. Thanks for typing out what so many of us are thinking. Barney has to tow the line; but we don’t. Kate is an idiot clog in the Pelosi network. They all deserve ‘better’ and will certainly be vulnerable when the wheels come off.

          2. That 84% is a staggering number and especially now when you can’t get that many Americans to agree on any one subject. Also other polls show journalists are now in the top 5 of the least respected professions. But the good news is people are paying attention and disproves the media’s perception that American’s are uniformed while being easily deceived. People now question the integrity of the media mainly for reporting a story before facts are verified, are bias, and lack transparency regarding credible sources. With increased frequency we see a damning front page story from an unknown source later discredited and the retraction ends up days later buried on the back page. I’d say the jig is up.

  2. Right wing protests were peaceful through out the day then they went home. Left Wing protests were rioting, violence and throwing things at Police Officers and even burning their own Countries Flag and many arrests were made. See the difference?

  3. “I would also like to thank Oregonians for not rising to the bait when the Proud Boys came from out of town to express their hateful views yesterday”.
    Kate is a moron and a liar. That I can see, the only thing the Proud Boys hate are anarchists and racists.
    Best to keep them away from terrorist groups like antifa and blm… like oil and water, American values don’t mix well with marxist values.

    1. I’m an “Independent”, meaning I have certain beliefs and philosophies that might align with the “liberals” and others that might align with the “conservatives”, which means I don’t fit neatly into either category or label. For instance, I see a lot of arguing back and forth on these comment threads regarding how one political group or another is justified in its actions–even if they are in violation of the law. I call BS on all of it, regardless of which political/philosophical side they come from. Bottom line: if you break the law (i.e. damage property, harm citizens, or threaten law enforcement personnel, OR heaven forbid actually HARM law enforcement personnel–then you deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law and how it applies to your actions. Republican, Democrat, Anarchist, Independent, etc.–IT DOESN’T MATTER. You do NOT get to cause property damage, harm or threaten to harm another human being and get away with it. That is the bottom line.

        1. Thanks for your comment. If I remember my high school Spanish correctly, your username is something like, “The Old Chicken”? I’m only asking academically to see if I’m even close to the Spanish. Thanks!

      1. So, you’re in support of protests against police brutality and state sanctioned murder? They routinely damage and steal property as well as threatening harm and actually harming other human beings.

        1. I think I made myself quite clear, Neuro. You’re trying to draw me into something off the topic of this specific article and it won’t work. Nice try though. That’s another tactic of fanatics on all sides of the political spectrum. “If you don’t agree with [insert specific issue/behavior/philosophy] then you are clearly a Nazi/Communist/Racist/etc. and your opinion should be ignored and you should be shunned from society. Again, nice try. Not gonna work on THIS independent thinker. Go find someone else to try and brainwash.

    1. That’s odd because numerous sources including Forbes say otherwise…
      Supposedly his estimated net worth has gone down approximately 20% this year,
      but he is reportedly still worth between 2.5 – 3 billion, and every greedy politician
      in the U.S is envious of his financial status…
      As far as him being a loser, that’s funny because last time I checked, he is the
      one that has been in the White House for almost four years, so that proves that
      he is a winner…
      A loser is someone who runs for President multiple times, and loses each time.
      If that person also happens to lose to someone with absolutely no political experience,
      someone who they claim could never possibly win, that makes that person a pathetic loser.
      So with the misinformation you are spewing, I guess that makes you the liar…

  4. The final summary of what happened and who did what is now available. Brown and crew emphatically stated they were increasing Law Enforcement to prevent problems with the Proud Boys and other right wing groups. Now they’re shocked that nothing really happened with the heavily armed and armored Trump supporters. Some of us have been saying they were not the issue for a long time.

    Once the right wing protest broke up and they left the area . . . all heck broke lose with the ANTIFA/Left wing counter protest breaking into a riot, with attacks on LE, fires being started, and multiple arrests for law violations. Yet again, we see comment’s justifying the actions of ANTIFA and other Left wing protesters/agitators. Surprise, Surprise! NOT!!! I almost feel bad for those of you that were expecting/hoping for serious violence between Left and Right protesters, but alas, I am one that really doesn’t want to see the violence and what it would lead to.

    1. The best part of this is Kate Brown gave the police the green light to arrest people who break the law, only it wasn’t the people she hoped would get arrested. The Altifa/BLM rioters she has been protecting for 100+ days broke the law, but very little coverage of this. If it was the Trump supporters, front page news.

  5. Anyone concerned about the poor SOBs who live downtown…

    And have lived under this 4-month blitz with no recourse?

    The economic toll on businesses in the city?

    The state of un-safety for all those Others in greater Portland and neighboring cities whose calls for police services to include 9-11 are dangerously disrupted as LE personnel are siphoned off to battle these “useful idiots” downtown?

    Armchair marxists sitting safely in Central Oregon (read: Bend) haven’t…and clearly don’t care to.

  6. Protest dispersed without incident – is a peaceful protest
    protesters arrested – not a protest but now a riot

    biggest question – what reason to seize a drone? You can’t have a drone in your vehicle in Portland now? What other personal property can you not have in your vehicle????

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