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Portland, Oakland, sue over use of federal agents at protests

Portland protest officers

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- The cities of Oakland and Portland have sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, alleging that the agencies are overstepping constitutional limits in their use of federal law enforcement officers to tamp down on protests.

The lawsuit, filed late Wednesday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, cites the deployment of U.S. agents this summer to quell protests and also accuses the U.S. Marshals Service of acting unlawfully by deputizing dozens of local Portland police officers as federal agents, despite objections from city officials.

The federal deputations have meant protesters arrested by local police could face federal charges, which generally carry stiffer penalties.

The use of federal agents in these ways is a major shift in policy and threatens the independence of local law enforcement, according to the lawsuit. The complaint cites the anti-commandeering doctrine of the Tenth Amendment, which says that the federal government cannot require states or state officials to adopt or enforce federal law.

The Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday. In the past, acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf has been a vocal defender of the administration’s response to the civil unrest in Portland.

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  1. Every time I think Portland’s alleged leaders cannot be any more dense, they surprise me.
    What does it take to for Portland’s mayor and our governor to realize their approach to violent protests in Stumptown is an epic fail?

  2. I remember when the Kent State shootings happened and my parents screamed at the TV: “Good! They should shoot some more!” You people are as backwards now as my parents were then and even at 8 years old, deep down in my heart, I knew they were wrong…and as a 60 year old adult, I’m even more convinced of it. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

            1. The only thing you have an MD and a PhD in- is in your aptly applied screen name- “Neurosis” ! I on the other hand have been known to “walk on water” (as long as it’s frozen) and turn water into wine (it all starts with growing grapes) ! Does that make me the “other” son of God- or just a mere mortal with a roomful of opinions ? In short- do try to contain yourself- we get more than our fair share of outlandish lies around here from CNN- we don’t need another half-wit boasting about their fantasy life !

    1. Here are a few of the valuable things I have learned from history:
      1. Hate begets hate and violence begets violence.
      2. Committing acts of violence and/or destruction of property are crimes along with rioting, looting, and setting fires.
      3. Being in a group of people (protestors/rioters) who commit crimes can make you an accessory to a crime.
      4. If you choose to resist arrest you should know that your decision might get you killed.
      5. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    2. I remember Kent State as well. There is a reason they don’t issue live ammo to NG’s sent in to stop the rioting and lawlessness. On the other hand, the NG carries a force unto its own right and is more than capable of defending themselves and their mission. You’re right, they/we were wrong then and they/we learned from it. Don’t be fooled, if you start shooting at them, it won’t take long before they fire back.

      Back to the topic. If the city/state LE can’t or won’t protect Federal property, then there are only 2 choices . . . contract security and Federal LE. Personally, I would rather see the Federal because they are better trained and less likely to cause fatal injuries to the protesters/rioters. Of course, the better choice would be local LE . . . until they are ordered to stand down and the local DA refuses to prosecute. THAT is why the decision was made to deputize the local LE as Federal. You don’t like it? Let the police do their job and the DA prosecute according to the law. If the local judge refuses to sentence appropriately, you will see more Federal judges as well. The long and the short of it is, these mayors are NOT going to win their suits and the citizens are going to have to pay more in taxes for their fiasco.

    1. Not to forget the local store owners start suing the city for the cities failure to protect their business. If Portland thinks they have a budget issue now, they’re going to need help from Brown and the state coffers to pay for their stupidity. Guess what? That means us, the tax payers of Oregon are going to have to pay more taxes again. This TDS is going to cost the common tax payers more and more, not counting on the loss of taxes from business’ going out of business. Also be aware, those with TDS are going to get REAL nasty after Trump is re-elected. Here’s a little treat about their plans. It’s available through Google Doc’s. I’ve downloaded it as a PDF, in case it gets removed. Barney – I dare you to ask for proof!

  3. simply shocking that “flush it down brown” just let’s antifa riot night after night for well over 100 nights – destroying PDX, but she is complaining about the feds?

    she’s warped as are anyone who votes for her.

    1. A Marxist revolution ALWAYS needs an enemy. It is required to distract the useful idiots of the absolute failure of their marxist dogma. Trostky would be proud of Brown and Wheeler.

  4. The boneheads defending the Border Patrol terrorists coming to Portland and using chemical weapons against American Citizens are the same Tea-baggers that flipped out about “gubment over-reach” during the tenure of the last President of the United States to win by a majority of voters, a thing Twittler will never do.

    1. Border patrol terrorists ? Yep they are terrible people. Who do they think they are
      trying to stop the flow of drugs, drug dealers, murderers, violent gang members,
      and of course your run of the mill illegals that have absolutely no respect for our laws
      and sneak into our country with no intention of becoming legal U.S citizens…
      I can see why you would be unhappy with them though, because you probably think we should have open borders and let all of the criminals in, and yes that includes the garden valley illegals that sneak in, because once they sneak across the border, they become criminals…

        1. Not sure how I forgot that one. We already know that it happens a lot, but we
          only know about a small percentage of the incidents. There are a lot of incidents where there are only a few people involved, but I have also read quite a few stories over
          the years, about traffickers cramming a bunch of people into a large enclosed trailer with very little or no ventilation, no water and no food…
          Just like drugs, human trafficking is also a very lucrative business, and neither
          the drug dealers or the traffickers have any respect for human life. All they care
          about is making money…

    2. Majority of voters? Are you still wailing about that cry baby? Let me clue you in. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A POPULAR VOTE. The electoral college is designed to PREVENT this! The only terrorists are the scum in the streets, antifa, and blm. They will be EXTINCT after President Trump is re-elected. MAGA! TRUMP 2020!

    3. Yep. Gotta keep that meth and fentanyl coming across the border for those drug addled antifa terrorists. It takes a lot of meth to stay up night after night rioting.

    4. That’s right Comrades! We cannot have the Federal police protecting government property! How ludicrous! How can we brownshirts have a communist revolution wirh the federal police mucking up our riots…ah, peaceful protests?

  5. Of course the idiots are suing. They don’t want any of the destruction and violence to end,
    and they are afraid that the Feds might actually do their jobs and put every single
    protesting dirt bag in jail, and even better yet, in jail on Federal charges…
    The Governors of Oregon and California, and the mayors of Portland and Oakland should
    have their citizenship immediately revoked, and they should be deported and never allowed to return for any reason…
    None of them deserve to live in our country because they constantly trample the voters wishes and our laws, and they care more about the scumbag protestors and illegals than they do the legal,law abiding U.S citizens…

    1. Sadly, they were elected BY THE PEOPLE and still have the vote of THE PEOPLE. Trump can NOT fire the Governor or Mayor. The only way to remove them is to vote them out of office or arrest them on Federal charges, that will be very difficult to convict them of.

      1. Sadly that is true, and the same people that voted them in in the first place,
        still think that they are doing a great job… It was just wishful thinking on my part.

  6. Let Portland destroy itself, it’s the armpit of the world. Now, let’s talk about Hunter Biden, Scully’s lies, and how the media/news censors the truth to keep people stupid. You can’t hide this stuff, it’s out. Also, why the tough and same questions on Trump? Sleepy Biden never gets asked about Antifa. Bend News 21 forgot to post about this, I wonder why? Oh, yes they do whatever CNN tells them to do. Pathetic life! Trump 2020!

  7. What a joke! The citizens of Oregon should file suit against the governor and mayor of portland for violating our constitutional rights. The law must be applied equally, or it is taxation without representation!

  8. Have an acquaintance who’s a sergeant in Portland PD and is counting down the days to retire fairly soon. The amount of overtime the Portland cops are racking up is amazing as are the delays to respond to other calls due to cops being needed downtown.

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