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Many turn to real Christmas trees as bright spot amid virus

Bend Christmas tree lot
Ben Steen/KTVZ file
Bend Christmas tree lot

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Christmas tree growers who have faced increased interest in artificial trees in recent years say demand for real, fresh-cut evergreens is strong this season.

Wholesale growers and small farms alike say customers are showing up earlier than normal and there are more of them.

More Americans are staying home for the holidays amid coronavirus restrictions and want a new — or renewed — tradition to end a dreary year on a happier note.

Plus, the Christmas Tree Promotion Board says fresh-cut trees are largely displayed outside, where there’s a lower risk of viral spread

Ani Sirois, a respiratory nurse, has spent months caring for coronavirus patients at a Portland, Oregon, hospital, and she’s only getting busier as infections — and hospitalizations — surge before the holidays.

But on a recent sunny day, COVID-19 seemed far away as she, her husband and their 2-year-old daughter roamed a Christmas tree farm in search of the perfect evergreen for a holiday season unlike any other. The family was tree-shopping nearly a week before Thanksgiving and, for the first time, they were picking their own tree instead of buying a pre-cut one.

“It’s nice to have home be a separate safe space away from the hospital, and whether we can have a gathering with family or not, I know we’ll have our own little tree with the purple lights, and that’ll be something small to look forward to,” she said.

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  1. Next threat will be that someone is going around to the xmas tree lots and coughing on all the trees and the virus is being passed on by people hunting for real trees unbeknownst they are carrions of this disease.

    1. Santa is having all the elves lick the candy canes and the virus is being passed on by Santa when he delivers his goods on Christmas eve and all the little children who just want a candy cane are gonna get a Covid Cane!

  2. If they got a tree a week before Thanksgiving, it’s not going to look very good
    come Christmas…
    Barney, have you heard anything about the prices of xmas trees this year ?
    If I remember correctly there were several tree farms that burnt during the fires
    we had this year in the valley, so I was expecting prices to go up…

      1. Thanks for the link. It sounds like the fire damage to tree farms was less
        than I was thinking it might be, which is good news, but unfortunately
        there were a lot of homes that were completely destroyed…
        I do remember talk of a shortage last year, but I remember seeing some tree lots
        that had trees leftover after Christmas, but there were also some that were completely sold out…

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