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In quiet, fast vote, Oregon gives Biden its 7 electoral votes

Oregon Electoral College vote
Oregon Legislature
Oregon's seven electors cast their ballots Monday for Joe Biden.

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Meeting on the Senate floor in the Oregon Capitol, Oregon’s electors on Monday gave their seven votes to Joe Biden.

Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno, a Republican from Redmond, said before the vote that it came amid an “incredibly difficult” year, citing the coronavirus pandemic, catastrophic wildfires and racial injustice.

“All of this on top of the 2020 general election that was rife with misinformation, leading to mistrust in our democracy and division among our citizens,” Clarno said from the podium. She did not name Trump, who critics say has undermined public faith in America’s democracy by claiming, without any basis, that the election was rigged.

The whole process, from Clarno’s remarks, to the electors being sworn in by Oregon Chief Justice Martha Walters, and to the voting, took less than 20 minutes. The delegates, wearing masks and keeping more than six feet of distance between themselves, clapped when it was over.

Shortly before the electors voted, four people circled the Capitol building, much of which is fenced off amid construction work, with one carrying a flag that said “Don’t Tread on Me.” It was a big contrast to pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” rallies held after the November election that attracted more than 100 people several times.

Oregon’s seven votes gave Biden 247 Electoral College votes, while Trump held steady at 232. When California electors cast their 55 votes a few minutes later, that put Biden over the threshold. At least 270 Electoral College votes were required for Biden to officially win the White House.

The Oregon electors were Democratic Party of Oregon Chair Carla “KC” Hanson, Vice Chair Pete Lee, and party chairs representing the state’s five congressional districts: Larry Taylor, Nathan Soltz, Leigha LaFleur, Laura Gillpatrick and Sean Nikas.

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    1. Because they’re too dumb to yet realize biden won’t get a foot in the white house. Do Trump’s recent actions and statements give you the feeling he is leaving office soon?

    2. No democrat has won the presidency without the popular vote. Yes, the electoral system is no longer needed because congress has now been gerrymandered to give republicans the house often without winning the popular vote for house control.

      1. Here’s a bit of proof. The ONLY date in the Constitution is January 20th. Inauguration Day. GOP Electors have cast their votes President Trump along side the Electoral college casting their votes for Fraudulent Joe Biden. You may not be watching the proper “news” channels. The proof has been there. Try switching off CNN and switching to Epoch Times, Newsmax, One America News, Real America’s Voice, Christian News Network, The Blaze, News Break, Just The Real News, etc. You might find some enlightenment. This will go to Congress where each state will get one vote. I hope you learned 3rd grade math and can count to 31.

          1. That’s how someone sounds when they listen to the right wing conspiracy channels all day. Even Fox has this figured out. The Trump lovers had to find the one channel lying about evidence and saying it’s not over….. but it’s over.

        1. Dude, you love to reference the Constitution – I strongly suggest that you try reading it for once.

          And lay off the conspiracy channels, my god. Try Reuters or Associated Press. The stuff you rattled off is all garbage.

        2. If you had a brain you might wonder why all your “news” sources ask for a trump campaign donation while you watch it! LMAO! so much losing going on in your world I almost fell sorry!

        3. Be sure to show your loyalty with a big fat donation so the Grifter can keep on grifting. If you want a touch of reality, you might want to tune into NewsNation once in a while.

  1. Stick the word Democrat in front of it, even an old, white confused career politician, and the Oregon Dems will be the first to drool all over him. After all, that is what they strive to be one day.

      1. I just have a problem with anyone who could believe that anything is free, there is always a price to pay, if not today, then tomorrow, if not by you, than me. Oh, by the way if people like me moved on, who would feed you?

        1. Are you a farmer? Although people with money can be as stupid as the rest, they’re usually educated so I’m guessing you’re not referring to any tax burden when you say “feed”.

      1. Scandinavian countries are primarily rural AND democratic socialist governments. Again, you have no idea what you’re talking about.
        Congratulations to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris! Not my first choice, but a promising change to the last four years… now do away with the Electoral College!

    1. Do you even know why there is an Electoral College? It’s to prevent mob rule and total democracy. We are a republic. A Constitutional Republic and the electoral college is there to keep it that way. If you want a democracy you are free to move to one. No one is keeping you here. It’s a free country and that means you are also free to leave anytime you wish. Your vote won’t count for crap if the electoral college were abolished. Only those who live in highly populated cities will decide elections. And you do not live there. Even if you live in Bend you do not live in a city populated enough to make you vote count without the electoral college. Bend may be considered urban but it’s not urban enough for one person one vote to matter.

    1. He will be removed,, forcefully if necessary! He doesn’t want to wave the safety of the presidency because he knows jail is a possibility as he’s scared like the little baby he is!

  2. Would you ride in a bus when Biden is the driver? How about the pilot of an airplane? Hell no no one is that damn dumb. Pure and simple this is Obama’s 3rd term why the hell do you think he stayed in DC. Russia Russia has been taken over by CHINA CHINA Hunter Feinstein Swalwell.

    1. What you don’t understand is that a good leader knows that they don’t have to be the best at everything. A good leader would find the best bus driver, and the best pilot.
      You don’t know what good leadership is, though. You’ve made that clear.

  3. The level of insanity on the comments is surprising. Biden won. Trump lost. Trump is a very sore loser who is trying desperately to get enough people to make him dictator. That isn’t the way that our country runs.

    We have a Constitution. I strongly suggest that people actually read it. Like read the entire thing. No Cliff Notes version and no YouTuber breaking it down to the kindergarten level for you.

  4. So many losers on this thread! Septicstein, trump’s toupee, over fed, little Gil, priceof fascism, you all LOST boohoo go away and lick your wounds and come back in 4 years to lose again!

  5. Supporting a coup and the installation of Dictator Don is about as unpatriotic as you can get, Comrade. So congratulations on your membership in the Trump Autocratic Party. I’ll bet that membership depends on a pledge of loyalty that can only be made with a monthly donation so dig deep. Trump has top dollar lawyers to pay and expensive tastes and needs your dollars to support him the next 4 years.

  6. It may not seem obvious at first but the real reason Trump is continuing to drag this out is due to the insane amount of money flowing his way. It will come in very handy to fight off all his legal problems come January 20th. This and of course his constant need for adoring crowds at rallies telling him how great he his. More super spreader events might be just what this country needs to get rid of this disease called Trumpism. Fascinating times we live in, but I can’t wait for it to be over.

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