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Bentz votes against impeachment; Merkley, Wyden urge fast Senate trial


(Update: Adding Wyden tweet)

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore., the new congressman from Oregon’s Second Congressional District, voted against the impeachment of President Donald Trump in the U.S. House on Wednesday.

In a statement, Bentz cited the importance of unifying the nation around a peaceful transition to the Biden Administration:

“I continue to share the emotions many are feeling in the aftermath of the unprecedented and unacceptable violence this past week.  But the current rush-to-judgement impeachment proceedings have only succeeded in dividing our country even more. 

"I voted against impeachment because our focus should be on unifying our nation, ensuring a peaceful transition to the Biden Administration, and working to address the pressing issues facing our country and Oregon's Second Congressional District. 

"I came to Congress to stand up for rural communities across my district by addressing the terrible damage caused by recent wildfires, reforming the laws that govern our water rights, and ensuring we help those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Bentz concluded.

Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., issued this statement:

Merkley Statement on House Vote to Hold President Trump Accountable Following Violent Insurrection

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon’s U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump for inciting a violent mob attack on the U.S. Capitol, which put hundreds of lives at risk and resulted in five deaths and dozens of injuries:

“Donald Trump is completely unfit to be president.  He has waged an unceasing insurrection against our laws and Constitution since he lost the election, capped off by inciting a domestic terror attack on our nation’s Capitol.  Every day that he remains in the Oval Office and his dangerous attacks on our democracy go unanswered is a serious threat to the safety of the American people and the institutions of our democratic republic. I applaud the U.S. House of Representatives for taking swift and decisive action today to hold this president accountable for his dangerous and unrepentant behavior.

“It is now the responsibility of the U.S. Senate to convene, to immediately hold an impeachment trial. We face arguably the most serious threat to the integrity of our national government since the Civil War.  This is no time for partisan calculations and personal ambition to drive decisions. Everyone who believes in our Constitution and the rule of law should come together to defend America.  Our nation desperately needs full accountability in order to seek justice and heal from last week’s disturbing violence.”

Senator Ron Wyden tweeted his thoughts after the House vote:

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  1. Again bentz has his facts wrong (unsurprisingly)… this was a less divided impeachment than the last one actually and numerous republicans voted in support of a trial too along with everybody else

    1. You mean the other one in which the democrats spied on trump, family, and friends and made up some collusion and wasted millions of tax payers dollars for nothing? Yes, this one is very similar.

      1. Millions of well spent dollars that will serve as an investment to ensure that a future king wanna-be doesn’t collude with our foreign adversaries and doesn’t attempt to destroy our constitution like Trump has.

        1. President Trump will wear this attack on his Presidency like a badge of honor ! He knows full well that there is no such thing as bad publicity- and he’s shaken the Demokrat party to their core. The DNC has exposed their hate- their bitterness- their vengeful tactics against more than 70 million Americans- and it’s all about to culminate in one big protest on inauguration day- because nobody wants Hunter and Joe anywhere near the WH ! Anyone still clinging to the mantra- Gee- we didn’t see this coming- is lying to you ! Four years of resistance by the left- the lies from the media- the hoax- the anger and hysterics… is all about to be addressed.Them military-police-and FBI patriots that attended the first “gathering”… did an excellent job of using their “Giant Voices” to shout down the Demokrats in DC- who all cowered in fear like snowflakes in July ! Just dripping with sweat and fear because peaceful protesters were making so much noise ! You know- it wasn’t until the media started their lies about police officers like Howard Liebengood, 51, who died by suicide on Saturday that Americans once again started rejecting the media’s coverage of events. CNN has since been removed from airports- AT&T is trying to dump them- so what does that mean for Z21’s favorite foil ? That they will now have to move over to FOX- their other affiliate that they’ve treated so badly ? Talk about karma !!!

          1. Fox offers no similar wire service, as I’ve told you repeatedly. And we use many Fox on the air, but I guess you’re so busy typing here you don’t watch on the air. CNN killed its airport deal because everyone watches the news they choose on their phones. It’s not the ’80s any more.

            1. And AT&T is trying to unload the failing CNN agency because ??? As for FOX- I did see a brief Dana Perino segment a couple of Sundays ago- I actually thought that maybe you had finally come to your sense- maybe decided to turn the corner on the hate- the divisive rhetoric. I thought that maybe you had time to contemplate real anger and rage as demonstrated by Madonna- who talked of blowing up the White House- or Maybe Jonny Depp who reminisced about the days when actors assassinated Presidents- I saw those stories- heard them words on CNN and right here at Z21- so you promoted that kind of talk back in 2017-encouraging and inciting violence against President Trump- you quoted Maxine Waters who demanded Demokrats “get in the face” of their political rivals- Chris Cuomo who has gleefully voiced his approval for a ramped up violent America… So why all the hypocrisy now ? because it looks like Americans are heeding the advice of theses loudmouths- that KTVZ gave a platform to voice their hatred and violent tendencies ? Wasn’t it you- just the other day- that said that you had never incited a riot ? The evidence is clear- you- Z21- and CNN have all been guilty- of what now seems to be some kind of crime ? so how do you plead ???

                1. Nonsense- there’s not a single lie in my post- a simple internet search can prove every quote I’ve posted. And you and CNN were all right there to promote all that hate- incite them rioters- promote the violence… So why the sudden change of heart ?

          2. President Trump will wear this attack on his Presidency like a badge of honor ! To America
            Destroying Seditionist criminals and delusional freaks everywhere.

          1. Who’s the idiot, you don’t know the difference between the FBI and Democrats and the difference between investigating and spying! of course you are just spouting off trump’s lies like a good little sheep!

    2. We face arguably the most serious threat to the integrity of our national government since the Civil War – I actually agree with merkley on this one, only for opposite reasons.

        1. A claim you cannot back with a quote- End of story ! Much like the first worthless impeachment- that cost American tax dollars billions in wasted time and energy- President Trump could care less- he sees the American people rising to the occasion- in all 50 states ! Never before has a President seen such support ! Lincoln never got it ! Obama could only dream ! 75 million Americans who lost their voting rights are about to have their “Giant Voices” heard- and for some reason that scares you ? I don’t know why… gather up yer little red wagon- you’r ‘I Voted For Joe” t-shirts and come on down to Salem- maybe Queen Kate will address the peasants !

    3. The earliest the Senate will convene to hear this argument will be 1-19-2021. Trump may have been impeached on trumped up charges again, but, again, he will not be convicted. Baseless charges. The riot began before he even began his speech on the 6th

      1. Yep the whole insurrection began 4 years ago or even more clearly, theyre just really bad at it and keep losing court cases and elections so far- only made it to dc last week, whoops!

      2. you have been flapping your pie hoe for months now about how all reasonable people will pay dearly because your cult 45 will prevail… and you are still doing it? –

      3. Oh jeez, first the bogus claims were it started before he ended his speech, now you’re saying it started before he began his speech. Hey, are you sure it didn’t happen the day before he made his speech? I sat here in front of my Telly and watched Trump rile up his supporters and then a little while later watched live as Lester Holt and the Capitol reporters went apeshit as the rioters broke down the small barrier and then the Capitol Police did a stage left and stage right exit as the mob rushed the Capitol. Sorry Bud, as usual you’re making things up.

      4. Thank you for you and BGHW’s public service, i.e. explaining how mentally unfit and unhinged from reality you have to be in order to support Adolf Twittler

  2. Double standard democrats. Cities burn for over six months, small businesses smashed and burned, courts, police stations and what do demonrat governors and mayor do? They tell the police to stand down, the Portland da refuses to charge the thugs (catch and release over and over). Actual buildings burned. Why are these, so called leaders, not held to the same standard as trump? Kamala Harris said rioting “should” continue past the election, why has twitter and Facebook not deleted her forever? Don’t worry trump is gone, but make beware the democrats will turn upon themselves once they don’t have a scapegoat like trump. Evil.

    1. The country and state and county and city have all had ample opportunity to make a decision based on the information you mention, and almost exclusively (sometimes repeatedly) folks have decided against this “president” you still support and his partners in congress- you are in the minority by a wide margin, no matter how many paragraphs you generate trying to obfuscate that simple fact

        1. Yes thats millions of americans you dismiss comrade, and its not just the vote totals but the fact its happening in conservative heartlands like georgia and arizona, along with the more moderate majority of the country- the margin is clear and the division surely seems greater if not insurmountable, from the losers bracket

              1. And won’t be the last. If there’s one bright spot to Central Oregon’s explosive growth it’s that all you inbred Hillbillies are finally the minority.

          1. The last time the Demokrats bragged about winning the popular vote- LA County California found 3 million names that suddenly needed to be purged from their voting lists- Gee- why didn’t they do that “before” the elections ??? Same recipe- in 2020- only this time the fraud was more widespread- and the truth will come out- just like the Russia hoax- months from now- but by then the damage will be done. I prefer the current solution to this immoral act- let them Giant Voices of the American people be heard !

    2. You wont get much in the way of a response to this because it’s true, and they know it’s true.
      Violence WILL be tolerated if it’s under the leftist banner, the test has been run and the results are in.
      The evidence of this truth is so overwhelming that I find it difficult to comprehend the willful denial.

      1. To quote the esteemed and timeless yoggi berra: “theres probably not much you successfully comprehend if you still think the legitimate president of the usa is a crotch-grabbing kgb agent from new york city with 3 wives”

    3. False equivalency statement from you. This is about an abject failure of federal leadership with trump at the helm of one of three equal branches in our Constitutional Republic. When the administration of our federal government, during a global health crisis, failed to protect all our citizens because it didn’t benefit him, well… I’ll leave it at that for know.

    4. What about double standard republicans. We can’t swear in a new supreme court justice, because the election is in a little over a year. American voices need to be heard! Boy, double standard sure hit when it was their turn. Politics are two sided and both are crooks. Lately, the republican party is completely shattered. You can thank Trump for that.

    5. Maybe because Trump is the President and we normally don’t like it when our President incites domestic terrorists to acts of sedition AGAINST the United States of America.

      1. Please quote the remarks that you speak of, I can’t find them in his speech. What about Camela Harris saying that riots “should” continue after the election? To me that is inciting terrorist acts against America.

    6. Hmm…which issue is worth risking life, limb and property for – equal justice based on morality or overthrowing the government to install Trump as the first dictator based on conspiracy theories and lies? Seems like an easy choice for me.

  3. Peaceful transition? Cliff took that off the table when he decided vote against certifying the Electoral College count. His actions, along with Donald Trump’s incitement, ultimately led to the attack on the Capitol.

    Greg Walden was a wonderful representative and we deserve better than Cliff Bentz. I think a recall petition would be appropriate for his actions under the 14th Amendment, Section 3:

    “No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

    Please respectfully share your thoughts with Cliff Bentz:

    Phone: (202) 225-6730
    Medford, OR  
    Phone: (541) 776-4646

      1. That’s your standard for criminal charges ? That President Trump said he won an election- and he didn’t ??? That loud thud you just heard was Al Gore diving under the bed !

        1. See that wasnt so hard comrade owen! “President trump didnt win the election,” try saying that into the mirror every morning, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll feel rejoining the real world 🤠

    1. “And after this, we’re going to walk down there, and I’ll be there with you, we’re going to walk down … to the Capitol and we are going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, And we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them. Because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength and you have to be strong.”

      And then his supporters did what they did. By the way, he did NOT go down there with them. He hid in his little bunker.

      1. And… ‘If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore’.

        “He clearly knew there were people in that crowd who were ready to and intended to be violent, and he certainly did nothing to discourage that. He not only did nothing to discourage it, he strongly hinted it should happen.” BBC

        1. After he said “If you don’t fight like hell…” you forgot “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”. See how leaving out pertinent details totally changes the interpretation?

      2. So where’s the call to violence in the quote you posted ? Madonna talked of blowing up the White House- Johnny Depp pretended he was John Wilkes Booth- and talked openly about the assassination of the President- Chris Cuomo on CNN- “Please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful,” he said. “Because I can show you that outraged citizens are what made the country what she is and led to any major milestone.” Oh my ! All this was meant to incite violence- an insurgence of hate and anger against our sitting President- yet Barney L didn’t say a word ? Instead he continued to peddle this hate to you all here in Central Oregon… Now he is part of the ugly left that wants to ban- muzzle- censor anyone for making bland statements like- “show strength- be strong”… words we use with children when they fall down ! I for one am all in- let them Giant Voices be heard- no matter what it takes- shout these fools down !

  4. Bentz wasn’t worried about unity last week when he supported the coup by objecting to a verified election. As far as hurrying the impeachment, if you have a fire on the stove, you don’t stand around and talk about whether or not it should be extinguished. Trump is that fire.

  5. It’s going to be amusing to watch the Democratic party collapse in disarray once Trump is gone. They’ve spent the entire last four years completely obsessed with him. And in just a few days they’ll have no one else to blame and no more excuses.

    Better stock up on popcorn, this is going to be quite a show…

    1. So you must be munching away as the GOP is turning in on itself. How many Republicans voted today for impeachment? And it sounds like Pence isn’t exactly happy about his President turning that angry mob onto him. That hangman’s noose wasn’t just meant for Pelosi or did that just slip your mind?

      1. I’ve been saying it for a long time time now, “a pox on both their houses”. The two party system will be the ruin of America. We’re seeing it all play out right before our very eyes.

        1. The parties aren’t the problem. The small, virulent, violent minority who are just out to destroy and cause more division are the problem, and each side uses their acts to both attack and dismiss the other side as the problem. Most Americans are in the middle, frustrated as hell.

          1. The parties (both of them) are exactly the problem. The reason why we’re stuck in the middle and frustrated is because that’s how the system is structured – they play both ends against the middle. The evidence is plain as day – year after year we have more restrictions on our rights, greater economic disparity, bear a higher burden of taxes, have little say in our foreign affairs all the while the politicians promise change with every election.

            Funny how nothing of substance really changes though. The banks get richer, the 1% accumulate more wealth, more jobs go overseas, our health care gets more expensive, the national deficit grows ever larger, and more poor people get sent off to foreign countries to fight wars that never end. It’s doesn’t matter which party is in charge, the big picture stays the same.

            1. Let’s say you’re putting the blame where it belongs, rather than simply listing problems, issues and inadequacies that may or may not be tied to the two-party system. Your achievable answer – legal, not full of tradeoffs and messy devilish details – is?

              1. Oh so I can’t identify and speak about the symptoms of a disease without being able to offer a simple cure is it? Is that where this is going? Good thing our health care system doesn’t work that way.

              2. Yours Mr.B is quite the conundrum- one based on based on the most primitive aspect of human nature- the struggle to survive ! For the longest time I couldn’t wrap my finger around your obsession with “blame”. But after these past two posts of yours- I had one of them Eureka moments… it really is very simple… You cannot accept personal responsibility for any of the hate filled angry hysterics that are being pumped and pounded through this portal on a daily basis. You have developed a coping mechanism that basically says- “it aint us- with our 99% negative news- it’s them “others” out there who can’t accept their own levels of responsibility and must blame others for their negative feelings” ! To that I call BS ! I been calling you out since January to mend your ways- get off the hate train to no-where and get back to journalism that reports- doesn’t create ! You all have divisively cut out 1/2 of your potential customer base through biased reporting- a scenario that creates a three way lose-lose-lose result. You lose 1/2 yer clients- the left loses their sanity with all the hate- the right loses their voices- and nobody is happy ! So you’ve gone out and created this dialogue about the blamers who are… to blame !

  6. Cliff Bentz is a coward for not doing the right thing. He knows that this election was fair. He knows that Trump has spent months spewing rhetoric that started this. He knows that Trump inflamed the crowds with his speech. He seems to have forgotten his oath to the Constitution.

    1. Actually No ! Cliff Bentz explained very clearly what was illegal about the Pa election process… why don’t you focus your comments on refuting his claims instead of a childish personal attack ? As for the constitution- go ahead and explain what part of it Bentz has forgotten !

  7. now we’ll see them try and get senate to reconvene before next tuesday which they said they wont. call me an idiot but think it was staged as someone let them into the capitol and if it was so scary they wouldnt have let them in. there’ll be people saying they were paralyzed with fear that if they didn’t let them in they were gonna die.

    1. Ugh PEOPLE DID DIE you disgusting excuse for an american, clearly you wouldnt recognize a legitimate patriot no matter how many pelts they were wearing- youre so deep in russsian propaganda you actually think mindless revolution will benefit the country, well did it work for them??? Or is an offensive weapon

    2. They weren’t “let in”. That was an Oregon state breach. At the US capitol, they broke windows to get in, actually smashed a Capitol police officer in the door (yes, killed him, murder and treason), and forced entry. Anyone involved in that should fry, old school electric chair style.

      1. Oregon has been home to the same politically motivated murders- and 221 days of violent protests- over 100 designated as riots ! This story is hot off the presses tonight- but CNN and Z21 will ignore this “local” story because it doesn’t fit their radical agenda to misinform the masses————-

        “A Portland city commissioner said this week that far-left protesters have vandalized his home at least seven times since late October for his vote against defunding the police. Dan Ryan told The Oregonian that the latest incident happened over the weekend. He said such acts will not allow him to “actively and compassionately” listen to protesters”…. Your link !

  8. Cliff Bentz is your typical Trumnpican. In his first few weeks in Washington, he voted to not certify the electoral college vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and then voted not to impeach the president. I guess Cliff didn’t think Trump was the catalyst of the terrorist attack on our nations Capitol. I am embarrassed to have this guy represent Oregon’s 2nd district.

  9. “…our focus should be on unifying our nation, ensuring a peaceful transition to the Biden”

    What a tool. After he & his ilk have denied the election result for nearly 2 months. Now he wants to placate the mob and the numbnuts that incited it? Wow.

  10. It’s frustrating to hear the same people enabling divisive rhetoric start throwing around the word “unity” the minute they have to take accountability. People believe lies speed by the people they trust, then guys like Cliff go well we have to ease people’s concerns. Never mind that they are irrational and based on misinformation. Expect better from your own side before you start pointing fingers

  11. The FBI let John Sullivan (BLM, Antifa) an actual insurgent who said he wanted to “Burn the USA down” go with no charges and no bail from the Capital protest. The FBI is not on We The People’s side. The FBI is the Democrat’s KGB. This man set up and filmed the death of Ashi Babbitt. (
    posted 3 hours ago by Pootytang

    This guy documented murders in three completely different events. What are the chances of that??? i guess there is no reason to look at him and just let him walkaway. no problem……..

    That guy is working for the government 100%

    1. Well trumps government has had 4 years to do something about it comrade, but no… yet somehow they can send 50 riot cops to hotel parking lots in bend for traffic warrants, sorry you got fooled by the ruskies but thats what happened, it gets clearer every day

  12. Cliff Bentz is just another Trumper. The way to unite this country was to admit the obvious. Biden won, fair and square. Instead he participated in dragging the country through the mud that inevitably ended in bloodshed. There is no coming back for him. Lies and insurrection have consequences. He should be disbarred and thrown out of congress.

  13. Bentz is afraid of whacko conspiracy theorist constituents. If Trump had tried to reign in his Republican supporters sooner instead of hanging out watching with his family, maybe a congressman or two could let this slide.

  14. Excuse me Judge, our focus shouldn’t be on my client’s armed robbery, we should instead focus on unifying him with his dear family and insuring a peaceful transition to his residence.

  15. Impeachment – the legal process by which a legislative body addresses legal charges against a top government official, according to wikipedia. To be impeached is to have charges leveled against that official for the purpose of convicting and removing the official. The House considers the evidence and impeaches and the Senate decides to convict or not based on the evidence procured and considered by The House. Impeachment involves overturning the normal constitutional procedures by which individuals achieve high office. Impeachemnt at the federal level is limited to those who may have committed “Treason, Bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. Trump is accused of “incitement of insurrection”. This is my summary understanding of the pertinent facts – correct me if I am wrong.
    There are three reasons Trump will not be impeached.
    1. After reviewing Trumps speech, it is clear he was not inciting protestors to break into the capitol, takeover and stop the process. You can argue he gave a bad speech still decrying a stolen election, but that is not inciting violence. He said nothing specifically to cause violonce, in addition that the timing and location of the speech were incongruous with the actual violence.
    2. Impeachment can’t be initiated for constitutionally protected speech.
    3. Since Trump will leave office before he can be convicted by the Senate, he can’t be convicted as a private citizen.

      1. To clarify yes, The House unconstitutionally impeached or indicted him, but he was engaged in constitutionally protected speech – incitement means he should be specifically be stating and directing the mob to cause violence. Perhaps I should have state 3 reasons he won’t or can’t be convicted. He was arguing the election was stolen, but he even used the word “peacefully” to keep strong, or something to that effect. We may not like his speech, but that doesn’t rise to the level of incitement, “or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. The Senate has to vote on the supposed evidence and then convict in order to remove. Since he will leave office January 20, 12pm, and the Senate won’t meet before the 19th, he will leave office before he can be convicted. The House shouldn’t impeach if he can’t be convicted. This is just political weaponization.

        1. Should they have impeached Clinton if he couldn’t be convicted in the Senate? Or was that different? People heard what he said and saw what happened that day with their own eyes and ears. I’m not about to tell them what to think, they can make up their own minds.

          1. Clinton left a stained blue dress and a full itinerary to pedophile island ! Trump made a congratulatory phone call and stated that “Giant Voices” will be heard ! Really ? You don’t see the difference- I bet the parents of Monica do !

          2. I don’t recall the timing very well about Clinton’s impeachment, but think he would have been convicted as the Senate would have had the time to try his case. What was the reason he couldn’t be convicted? That said, I don’t recall thinking he did anything deserving of impeachment – he lied about his affair with Lewinsky, but could be wrong about that. The issue in Trump’s case is that he will be beyond the Senate’s reach – the Senate can’t convict him as a citizen, any more than they could convict me. So if he can’t be convicted, there is no reason to impeach/indict. Impeachment has to be done with the goal of potential conviction and removal from office. We don’t indict people and then not go to trial. That’s my understanding based on my research.

              1. But in those indictments, they COULD go to trial, but for the plea deal. In Trump’s case, he can’t be tried as a citizen by The Senate – the Senate will return to the chamber January 19, 1 day before he leaves office. The trial wouldn’t start for several days after the inauguration. But hey, this is 2021, what could possibly go wrong? Thanks for questions and you do a great job.

                1. Thanks for letting me respond. Yes, apples and oranges in some ways. There’s also folks trying to move toward barring him from seeking office again. Another, pardon the phrase, battlefront.
                  I see both sides, to some degree – it’s the best view in my line of work…

            1. She can preach whatever she wants, but incitement has been interpreted as giving specific commands to take illegal action and that it is also likely those commands would be followed. Now, she could get up and say, “I hate all heterosexual, white males and wish they would die!!” and that would be protected speech. At least that is in my unprofessional understanding of the law. I don’t want to pretend to be a lawyer, as I have only been doing some reading and research. Look up Brandenburg v. Ohio or the Brandenburg test.

              1. “incitement has been interpreted as giving specific commands to take illegal action and that it is also likely those commands would be followed.” So what specific commands to take illegal action did President Trump state ? I’ve yet to hear a single Biden supporter- legal scholar- or bonafide Eddy B (the resident legal authority) explain this in any detail… instead the vast majority on the left here just regurgitate CNN talking points.

      1. I’ll hop right on it if you have his email or phone number.

        But please do add some insight, analysis, knowledge or facts of your own in the meantime. Even in this day and age, it’s still possible for adults who disagree to learn the art of discussion and debate. Personally I do like to argue, but don’t really like name calling, character insults, or silly comments. So if I do those things, remind me not to.

        1. I mean you wrote like ten paragraphs on the history of impeachment, and yet still got mixed up enough that barney had to correct you, reminders to avoid silliness are just wasting your time and ours

            1. I think Barney pretty much hit it on the nose. It’s symbolic but it has to be done. The real purpose is ensuring that it is unable to hold public office ever again. Sorry that you don’t like it, but accountability is a real thing. There needs to be some acknowledgment by you idiots that you were wrong. The rest of the world sees it. You morons continue to dig your hole though. Best case scenario for you? Absolutely best? Your kids grow up learning the equivalent of what Chinese kids are taught about Tianamen Square and the whole world laughs at you. Congratulations. I guess you win?

              1. Barney seemed to be asking questions stemming from my statements and highlighted the use of impeachment, which seems to have a couple meanings. The House impeaches (verb) the president and if convicted, he will be impeached (noun). I agree, it is a little confusing as it seems to be used as a verb and a noun. (help me out here Barney)

                Yes you are quite hateful, but your thought pattern is tough to follow – there seems to be missing concepts, projection and lack of empathy. Perhaps this explains your irritability. You seem to feel superior. That’s how I would describe Trump as well.

                And that’s how I see the current state of politics, which is the point of all of this. I think we should first start with the facts and evidence and then come to a conclusion for all to see. We all inevitably make mistakes and need others to correct our thought patterns, beliefs, and logic. Both sides are filled with fear, anger, superiority and a strong desire for ill for the other side. I don’t especially strong feelings towards you or most ideological counterparts, with a few exceptions – there are really just a few people I despise, and fall on both sides, even if they are Trump supporters.

      1. Can you be more specific about the “inciteful” speech directing lawless action? I read the transcript and missed it. But don’t just quote the speech, actually analyze how it relates or doesn’t relate to incitement.

  16. nice, another one for the record books. the guys been impeached twice as much as clinton, i hope nancy had another set of fancy pens for this momentous occasion

  17. America, where the sneakiest person is the winner. Who will out-sneak him? Step right up! Bring your charisma! Good teeth help; and smile as you wave. Half of America will certainly follow and defend you.

  18. 50 years ago, Bend was a very nice conservative logging community. Many worked at Brook Scanlon and other wood products mills. Most would have voted for President Trump, because he has done what we asked him to do. Very few would have voted for Biden, because he is a Demobot. The Dem’s have approved and even encouraged Portland, Seattle and even previous events in DC. But God for bid, it happens when the Republican’s are in town, and it was a coup. What a bunch of double standard fools, as are many of you in reading your comments. Many of you newbies have brought your liberal views with you and effectively destroyed what Central Oregon truly once was. Do not bother to respond, because I can truly give a rats ass in hell what you have to say.. A Central Oregon Native

    1. I am also a Central Oregon native. I do care to respond. I was born here, have lived here my entire life and it’s a hell of a lot better than it was. I am sick of the closed minded old timers that ran everything before and I look forward to the growth and opportunities that we now have that we did not have before. Perhaps you were satisfied with low paying wages in the 70s and 80s, mill work. I am thankful we have more than that now. I feel sorry for you, that you don’t see what we have today. I feel sorry for you, that you can’t accept change and growth. And I feel sorry for you, that you simply can’t enjoy what Central Oregon now offers. It has to be miserable that you see everything as a negative. It’s a breath of fresh air to welcome newcomers who have new ideas and welcome growth and business. The old way of “no change” was not sustainable. Trump is not sustainable. This ends now.

  19. Oh wait. We are that now. I guess we need to make the best of it. Instead of MAGA, we should do MTBI. Make the Best of It. 50/50 divided nation. 1/2 half is always put out.

    1. Trump will be lucky to live to be 78 years old. He is out of shape, full of anger, obese and will be stressed out over all the depositions and lawsuits he is facing. I give him 2 more years max before heart disease, or a stroke takes him down. Genetics.

  20. Other than Barney, do any of you have jobs?

    How in the hell do you post 24 hours a day.

    Anon, Tio, and Martha. Cleary you not only have no job. You have no life. No sense of purpose other than your “google” research responses.

    I no longer feel anger when I read your posts. Only pity.

  21. If we’re lucky, Bentz will not only backtrack on his affection for Trump, he will reset his thinking on Trump’s policies. His district–in terms of metrics for searing problems like food insecurity–is one of the nation’s poorest. Walden spent his time concentrating on raising money for his colleagues in the House, pulling in millions for his own coffers, supporting the Bush wars (and then proclaiming in maudlin fashion his love for the veterans who he sent to fight those wars).

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