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Trump administration slashes imperiled northern spotted owls’ habitat

Northern spotted owl
KTVZ file
Northern spotted owl

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Trump administration has slashed millions of acres of protected habitat for the imperiled northern spotted owl in Oregon, Washington and northern California.

Much of the land is in prime timber locations in Oregon’s coastal ranges.

Environmentalists on Wednesday accused the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under President Donald Trump of taking a parting shot at protections designed to help restore the species in favor of the timber industry.

Timber groups have applauded the decision and say more logging in forests is necessary to prevent wildfires.

The spotted owl is listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act and has lost nearly 4% of its population each year.

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  1. So this is how it all worked out since thousands lost livelihoods in the forest industry since the 80’s.
    Spotted owl populations increased slightly,,in the most recent decade the Bard owl from points East moved into the area and has decimated spotted owl populations,funny how nature works.

      1. How is that not nature? Animals, birds, fish, reptiles – have all been eating each other since forever, that is why those at the bottom of the food chain have sooo many babies…..

    1. I dunno. I’m notorious in our neighborhood for chasing anything off my property that might have the slightest connection to the endangered species list. I think though, that I’d rather deal with Fish & Wildlife 24/7 than have you as a neighbor.

  2. This was the biggest pile of crap ever. It ruined thousands of lives and the owl proved the people promoting this were stupid. Owl born in a hole in the ground or in the back seat of an old rusted car. The biggest problem we have in America is our corrupt education brain washing.

  3. This is a false headline since the spotted owl can live anywhere and it has proven that by the way it moves to new habitats so it can be called native there, has even been found living in old cars and log decks.

  4. Clear cut it, pave it and build luxury housing tracts and condos all over it. The deep pocket, real estate upbidding California refugees will gobble them up and make us all rich. Besides,once the trees are gone so too will be the tree huggers. It’s a win/win !

    After all, money will get you through times of no trees better than trees will get you through times of no money.

    Next we need to get some housing development along the Central Oregon Hwy 20 corridor, cheap empty land with plenty of room for suburban sprawl. Build it and they will come.

    1. Sarcasm but there already are a lot of housing developments along 20 from Sister to Suttle lake, just take a back road or two, maybe even a google earth trip to see the sprawl behind the trees.

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