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Embattled Oregon state lawmaker Hernandez, facing possible expulsion, resigns

State Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-Portland
Oregon Legislature
State Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-Portland

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Embattled state Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-Portland, has resigned, rather than face the possibility this week of becoming the first person ever expelled from the Oregon Legislature, OPB reported Sunday evening.

“Today I tendered my resignation so my colleagues may focus on serving Oregonians and so I can move forward with my life and focus on my health and family,” Hernandez said in a brief statement sent to OPB on Sunday evening.

Earlier this weekend, a judge rejected Hernandez’s legal effort to stop the vote on his expulsion, OPB said.

The entire House was scheduled to vote as soon as Tuesday on whether to expel the Portland Democrat after a panel of lawmakers determined he created a hostile work environment for three women. It would have taken a two-thirds vote, or 40 members of the House, to expel Hernandez.

The third-term Democratic lawmaker, once considered a rising star of his party, had been plagued by allegations of harassment for months. After an independent investigation, members of the House Conduct Committee determined he harassed and created a hostile workplace at the state Capitol for three women.

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  1. I’m no friend of politicians, but is there a criminal accusation somewhere? Has he been arrested or anything? I err on the side of disenfranchised, but if he’s done wrong, he should be punished for his crimes based on laws he broke, beyond loss of office.

      1. So the man has been accused to politicians, but apparently has not committed a crime worthy of criminal investigation? He sounds like an unsavory fellow, but politicians are sleazy. That’s not news. What’s news is that he’s being forced out. The question is, why now, and who do they want to replace him? Was he going to cast some contrary votes to what the party orthodoxy demands? This really makes little sense, overall. If this has been known, why do it now, mid-session?

  2. Embattled? What a way to spin the story KTVCNNZ. I haven’t been on in a while and just stopped by to make sure you guys still sucked at reporting news fairly.

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