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Gov. Brown orders flags to half staff in memory of 500K Americans who died of COVID-19

KTVZ file

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) — Gov. Kate Brown on Monday ordered all flags at Oregon public institutions to be flown at half-staff until sunset on Friday in memory of the more than 500,000 Americans who have lost their lives due to COVID-19. This includes 2,155 Oregonians.

"Every life lost to COVID-19 is a tragedy," Brown said. "With more than 500,000 Americans who have died from this virus, there are infinitely more people who are now without a friend, family member, or other loved one.

"My thoughts are with all those who have lost someone to this disease and, to all Oregonians, I want you to know I remain committed to ensuring that we do everything we can to stop the spread and save lives," she added. "I hope that, as we remember all those we have lost, we collectively continue to help protect each other from this disease." 

The full Presidential Proclamation is available on the White House's website.

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  1. Big fat fired donnie the orange snowflake won’t even talk about the tragedy. Nice. Once he figures out that the GOP is done with him he’ll go back to being buddies with the Clintons.

    1. What tragedy!? Our ruined small businesses? Because of cucks like you!!! Shut up! I’ll NEVER WEAR A MASK. EVER. MAKE ME! People like yourself are pathetic. It’s a cold. If you’re old or compromised stay home. The rest of us will live. Idiot

      1. What about the families of the other 2.5 Million that died in the last 12 months? Time to move on from COVID! The math is starting to make the pandemic moot.

      1. Millions of Americans admire President Trump for being a voice of reason while the left attacked- vented- and lied abut this Chine Virus. Outside this CNN portal of lies, we are finding out how desperate the Demokrats really were as Andrew Cuomo of NY set out to expose vulnerable SR citizens to the virus- Gavin Newsome of Ca. now facing a recall over his heavy handed unconstitutional actions for over a year- Oregon’s Hate Brown- caving in to the pressure as she now declares counties like Crook- worthy of lower risk level ratings- even though just the day before KTVZ gloated over the revelation that a local church had a dozen or so ill parishioners and should be vilified like lepers in a colony ! I guess these are the kind of people you admire-cause it sure sounds like it !

          1. Hows China Joe treatin’ ya so far ? Fuel prices surging- open borders as dirty old men from all walks of life anticipate them fresh new “herds” of young-uns flooding back to Epsteins Church ! OPEC leaders dancing in the streets as US Oil and Gas has been delivered an eviction notice- putting millions of Americans out of jobs- and then there’s Dr. Franken-Fauci and his ongoing attempts to cover his tail for his part in the China V debacle- another failed impeachment- wasting millions of US tax dollars- but hey- it did keep you from counting the number of EO’s shoulder rubbin’ Joe was signing… the guys so senile he doesn’t even realize he has control of all three branches of Guv ! So congrats to you and your newly “appointed” White House- so far the trickle down has been epic- in all the wrong ways ! Can’t wait to rub yer nose in it- the day you present that new shiny moniker- “NeverBiden” !

      2. But its OK to support Biden who just signed a bill to give taxpayers money to fund abortions in other countries.
        So you Biden loving liberals who claim you want equity,how and the hell is this equity to the unborn child,HOW IS IT! The only pandemic is you selfish, pathetic soulless liberals who just elected or stole the Whitehouse with a career politician. WOW,and you actually believe a career politician who is the equivalent of a used car salesman.The flu or Trump, or not wearing a mask isn’t what is killing people, it’s you liberals who are brainless that is killing this country.

    1. More verbal judo from CardiacSpike, just when it seemed his life trajectory had taken a turn for the better. At any rate, thank you, Governor, for acknowledging the victims of this rampant disease, when so many other public officials have been dismissive of the horror it has visited on our society.

        1. My sincere condolences to the one’s that died due to the negligence of the anti-maskers, who in a sense are murderers. One can’t expect anything less from the ones that voted for djt. Hopefully you have learned from your terrible mistake, and next time you’ll make better choices. djt is a pig and doesn’t deserve the life of a jackal, I can’t think of anything lower.

          1. How is abortion not murder, you pathetic moron? Your worried about murdering due to not wearing a mask?? Who worries for the child that is being killed? They have a heartbeat, thats a fact, so it a murder! But you will justify that. Go hide in your bunker if your that frightened, the unborn child doesn’t have a bunker to hide in.selfish entitled moron.

            1. If any of you put your money where your mouths are….. How many children have you adopted/fostered? What are your views on subsidized healthcare/education? Please. You care about “people” until they’re born and then it’s “everyone for themselves!” after that, with any social entities funded and supported to the extent that the people who use them look, think and act like you. Pathetic.

      1. So let me get this straight you think that people died because they didn’t wear a mask? The mask doesn’t protect you from getting the virus its only “supposed” to keep you from giving it. Your comment lacks common sense, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Biden supporter. You are everything that is wrong with America right now. Go back into your basement and hide from the virus. Enjoy your miserable life.

        1. It’s obvious you only retain what you believe. You should do more research. The mask is to provide protection to others and yourself. And as for any of my comments,they make perfect sense. It’s just that idiots like you aren’t intelligent enough to understand. That’s why you need dictator lying donnie to lead you around and make bad choices.

          1. The part of this comment that truly confirms your lack of intelligence… is that you just assume that someone that doesn’t agree with your way of thinking must be a trump supporter. I don’t support any politicians. I think politicians are who creates people like you and frankly your type is someone I don’t even want to know. All you know how to do is spew hate, and if someone doesn’t agree with you then they are just flat wrong and must be a trump supporter. Do you see how dumb this makes you look? I would assume probably not. The tolerant left is the most intolerant group out there. You hate your life and honestly I would too if I were you. Looking at your other comments you seem like a miserable human being and that’s fine by me. I am going to live my life how I want because I fought for my own freedom and I am content with keeping that freedom. Thinking someone believes what they believe based off of politics again shows how inept you truly are.

      2. I’ve never worn a mask and never will idiot!!! They don’t work. You’re a pathetic CNN cuck terrified of your own shadow. Beta male. See ya at westside Safeway with all your cuck friends. I’ll be the maskless guy getting groceries. I dare you and your pathetic lib friends to say a word to me! Move back to whatever slum California hole you came from!

    1. Wow… Your funny. The only thing that she has truly accomplished is making
      a large portion of the population look like clueless idiots that wear underwear
      on their faces 24/7, and I certainly wouldn’t say that reopening schools, restaurants,
      and allowing churches to continue operating is keeping people safe…

      People continue to contract the virus, and some people that have contracted the virus continue to die, as will people that don’t have the virus. However, the primary cause of death in most cases is preexisting conditions and age, and not the virus.
      Now we are being told that one face rag isn’t enough, we should all wear two, and that this will probably continue at least into 2022… Wow, big surprise.
      Wake up people; this virus will never be completely irradicated. People will continue
      to contract the virus and we will be surrounded by people living with masks on their faces 24/7. This is the new normal…

    2. You’re a pathetic cuck. Stay terrified of a cold watching CNN all day scared out of your crazy delusional mind! I guarantee you’re a double masking driving in your car by yourself never been a man beta male. You’re laughable as a so called human being 😂 see ya at westside Safeway. I’ll be the mask less guy wandering around getting groceries like a normal alpha male. Give me a shout. I dare ya!

      1. All you pathetic beta male libs can piss off back to wherever you came from! Take your Fauci and your masks with you. Never worn one and NEVER WILL!! I’ll gladly give my name and address anytime! You can all stop by anytime!

        1. If you come by my house, my dragon will eat you! I dare you! Stop by anytime you yellow-bellied, lily-livered dog and we'”” show you what happens to yer kinds ’round these here parts, pardner.

    1. I think you got yer ‘Barney’s” mixed up. If you re-ask your question void of profanities or threats… maybe “this” Barney can help. But then again… that other one has an agenda to keep on track.

  2. The never ending fear mongering. Now Fauci says masks until 2022. Don’t you people ever question these bureaucrats. Have your immune systems been eliminated? Wearing a mask all day is a good way to reduce your immune system, yet I see them driving around in their cars alone with masks on. Now people are rushing to get a vaccine and injecting themselves with god knows what. Oh, and the vaccine is not enough. We must continue social distancing and face diapers.

    1. All these dems with their liberal arts degrees need to learn something that cant be taught in schools. Its called COMMON SENSE. Do what my government tells me because they all have my best interest in mind. If you believe that then go pick me up some blinker fluid at the local flower shop. The democrat party has definitely created something. More sheep that cant think for themselves. Welcome to Joe Bidens America.

    2. Exactly. They’re all pathetic brainwashed cnn libs. They can’t think for themselves and realize they’re all betas being used and lied to and completely controlled by a corrupt government that stole an election and are full of fraud.

        1. I think you have it mixed up. Republicans are the ones that still believe in
          punishing their kids. Dems prefer to be passive, not punish, and makes sure
          that every kid is a winner and gets a trophy…

  3. This must be a real hard pill for KTVZ to swallow- proving once again- that they will sacrifice their journalistic integrity and cower before the demands of that Dictator in Salem who has probably threatened them with the loss of their license if they don’t tow the line ! Can someone at the station explain the on again off again flip flopping over this headline- “500k Americans who died of COVID-19” ! The science- the unspoken vocabulary change at the Z- both confirm- without a doubt- that 500,000 Americans have not died “OF-FROM-Solely By” the China Virus ! They have died “with or issues related to” the China virus from Wuhan China ! We know this for a fact- the CDC has determined that only 30,000 Americans have died from the virus alone. And without the horrific assault on Senior Citizens nationwide by Demokrat State Governors- 1/2 of those 0k would still be alive ! So go ahead- have at it- prove any of that wrong- and do it with smarts and wit- cause I know you can’t- but at least try and entertain me !

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