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New FBI boss in Portland aims to tackle soaring gun-related violence

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The new head of the FBI’s field office in Portland says the city's soaring rate of gun-related violence and deaths is a public safety crisis that the FBI intends to try to stem with local law enforcement.

In a wide-ranging news conference Monday, Oregon Special Agent in Charge Kieran Ramsey also said any residents of Oregon who may have participated in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol will be held accountable if they’re caught.

Ramsey said FBI practice precludes him from speaking about whether anyone from Oregon might be under investigation for the riot.  But he pointed out that FBI Director Christopher Wray has said 55 of the FBI’s 56 field offices have ongoing investigations related to the Capitol incursion.

The FBI has made about 270 arrests, with 30 more by other agencies, and more arrests are forthcoming, Ramsey said.

“And if we see those individuals that are residents here of Oregon and traveled there, they’ll be held accountable,” Ramsey said.

Stemming gun violence in Portland, which like many other cities sharply increased last year, is a priority for Ramsey.

“We’ve seen, I think, somewhere in the line of 200 shootings in nine weeks, there’s some dozen or more people killed since the first of the year, with some other 50-plus injuries,” Ramsey said.

Last year in Portland, there were nearly 2 1/2 times more shootings — 900 — than in 2019. So far this year, there have been 17 homicides, compared to one homicide during the same period in 2020.

Ramsey said he’s been talking with the Portland Police Bureau, the offices of the mayor and the U.S. Attorney, the suburban Gresham Police Department and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to see where the FBI can help stem the shootings. The FBI might be able to help with money with and personnel or technological resources, he said.

“It is a public safety crisis and we’ve got to start attacking this aggressively,” he told reporters.

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  1. To stop the violence, defund the police. Disband the gang taskforce and make sure the police officers that do remain are neutered. Remind them that they have no support from the city council or mayor’s office. Make sure they know that people they arrest will be released in hours.

    While you are at it, make sure to lower standards for recruiting police to the force. There’s no way any of those things would ever happen, but if they did, there’s no way they would lead to increased crime.

      1. The FBI’s narrative is consistently twice as harsh on any left-leaning group, so if they’re finally cracking down on you republican domestic terrorists then perhaps you’ve finally stepped over the line?

      1. Arson. Bombs. Guns. Lasers. Clubs. Fists. Rocks. Bricks. Knives.
        How many people were killed, maimed or injured because of the “peaceful protests” your buddies still continue to engage in?
        Nice try, Tia, but wrong (as usual).

        1. Please answer your own question. How many were killed, maimed, or injured? Two caveats: please leave out the scores of Oregonians injured by the violent Police rioters or your right-wing domestic terrorist friends from the Proud Boys, and please do not include Jay since he shot first and missed.

  2. And when are the investigations into BLM and ANTIFA violence going to begin? It sure seems like these two violent groups are a protected class by our corrupt government.

  3. In 2011 the intelligence community along with the fbi expanded their authority to monitor innocent US citizens. During obama’s tenure the politically weaponize CIA would pass info to Comey’s FBI who would then use FISA court orders to conduct the surveillance.So now after a year of rioting and violence and with downtown portland in ruins the once creditable fbi is coming to the rescue.

    1. Exactly. The police rioting and violence was unacceptable, and the FBI needs to clamp down on those thugs. Something must be done to keep our streets safe.

  4. soaring gun-related violence – in the city with the most restrictive gun laws on the west coast? Could it be that the restrictions are part of the problem?

  5. Because, as was/is the case in Portland, the FEDS have had to put their LE personnel (read: US Border Patrol agents) in Portland and on the streets to protect / make arrests regarding the rioters who have consistently been given unofficial permission by Mayor Wheeler and the city council to attack federal buildings and offices in the city.

    Why does anyone think the fifty Border Patrol agents diverted from these duties in Portland showed up in Bend on August 12, 2020?

    Now, with the PPB understaffed, demoralized, and prohibited from enforcing the laws as well as being proactive (e.g. the Gun Grab Squad that was disabanded by Wheeler), the FEDS (aka FBI) is stepping up and stepping in.

    Because Wheeler and Company lost control months ago and do not know how to get it back.

    Portland is bleeding out, literally. This is a significant effort to stop the bleeding.

    1. Thats what I was thinking. Remember about 10 months ago, Portland Police disbanded the gun violence team because it was deemed racist. So going unchecked for the last 9 months, the great idea to address it was to enact a brand new idea, how about a team that investigates shootings. But wait, if PPB does the investigations, then they might be flagged as racist again, so lets get the FBI to do their job for them. But at the same time, try to look like they are doing their own job.

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