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Violence erupts in Portland’s Pearl District; police detain 100, charge 13

Windows were broken Friday night in Portland's Pearl District; police displayed some of the items found on those detained
Portland Police Bureau
Windows were broken Friday night in Portland's Pearl District; police displayed some of the items found on those detained

Also: Man indicted in Portland's Roosevelt statue toppling last fall

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland police said they detained a crowd of about 100 protesters Friday night when violence broke out during a demonstration, halting the march minutes after it started. Thirteen people were charged with crimes.

The mass detainment shortly after 9 p.m. Friday in the Pearl District appeared to an example of kettling, a police tactic of surrounding a crowd and containing people within a perimeter, The Oregonian/ reported.

In a tweet and at the scene, police said they were detaining everyone within the boundary for the “investigation of a crime.”

“You are not free to leave. You must stay where you are and comply with officers’ lawful orders,” the Portland Police Bureau said in a tweet.

Adam Costello, a livestream videographer, told the newspaper that two windows were broken during the early stages of the demonstration. Costello said that may have prompted police to set up the perimeter.

In January, a group of protesters carrying signs against President Joe Biden and police marched in Portland on Inauguration Day and damaged the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon, police said.

Portland has been the site of frequent protests, many involving violent clashes between officers and demonstrators, ever since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May. Over the summer, there were demonstrations for more than 100 straight days.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has decried what he described as a segment of violent agitators who detract from the message of police accountability and should be subject to more severe punishment.

Meanwhile,  a grand jury has indicted a man in the toppling of a Theodore Roosevelt statue in Portland by protesters last year.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports Brandon Bartells was charged with riot and first-degree criminal mischief.

The statue was pulled down, along with Abraham Lincoln’s statue, on the South Park Blocks by about 200 protesters in an Oct. 11 event promoted as an “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage.”

The crowd threw chains or ropes on the bronze Roosevelt statue as others took a blowtorch to its base and splattered it with red paint.

It wasn't immediately known if Bartells has a lawyer to comment.

March in Pearl District Ends With Property Destruction, Group Detained (Photo)
Portland Police Bureau - 03/13/21 3:52 AM

Officers detained a group of about 100 in a march that devolved into property destruction in the Pearl District.

On Friday, March 12, 2021 at about 9:00p.m., a group began marching in the street, blocking vehicular traffic, from Jamison Park, 810 Northwest 11th Avenue. They were advised by loudspeaker that the street was open to vehicular traffic, but the crowd continued to march in the street.

At about 9:15p.m., at Northwest 15th Avenue and Northwest Overton Street, some in the crowd began breaking windows. Officers moved in to address the criminal behavior. They created a perimeter around the group on Northwest Marshall Street between Northwest 13th Avenue and Northwest 14th Avenue.

The group was advised that they were being detained for investigation of crimes, they were not free to leave, and they should comply with officers' lawful orders. Failure to comply may result in arrest or force being used against them to include, but not limited to, crowd control agents, impact weapons, or tear gas.

Legal observers, press, and anyone who was medically fragile or anyone who needs immediate medical attention were invited to leave the enclosed area if they wished. Those that were being detained were identified and photographed, as part of a criminal investigation, before being released.

Some refused to comply and locked arms together in an effort to interfere with the investigation. Officers escorted them away and they were arrested. A suspect in the earlier window vandalism was arrested and charged.

Officers discovered numerous items left behind by people inside the perimeter, including a crowbar, hammers, bear spray, slugging weapon with rocks, high impact slingshot, and knives.

As the event unfolded, groups formed on the outside and physically challenged officers. Some threw rocks and full cans of beer at officers. Officers deployed some OC (pepper) spray and one impact munition. Arrests were made, including two suspects carrying firearms, wearing body armor and helmets.

Thirteen people were charged with crimes. Two were booked into jail, the rest issued criminal citations in lieu of custody. The investigation is continuing and additional charges are possible.

The Associated Press

KTVZ news sources



      1. I suppose I could ask you the same question about which side your “violent thugs” were on, but I won’t. Read the article, pollo. You might be able to comprehend what happened.

        1. I’ll gladly answer that question, DB.
          I think there are violent radical thugs living on the fringes of most (if not all) political parties, and violent activism should never be tolerated.
          Sadly, when the democratic party has to deal with their fringe groups the tenancy is to accept or downplay the bad, even to applaud it.

  1. Why the hell are we now stopping peaceful protests????lol. Almost as funny as wheeler asking for millions in emergency funding for police after increased shootings due to him defunding the police. This democrats, is why we think you are stupid. Now tax money will used for emergency pics funding after a Democrat inept governor made a stupid choice bowing to woke culture. Also if they took care of the Antifa thugs from day one and actually charged them we might not have as much of this stuff going on now. But when the DA puts out in the media they will only catch and release and the governor hangs out with the thugs at the courthouse they are burning, you have to sleep in the bed you made.

    1. Violence is not restricted to white supremacy, it is a characteristic of the entire human race, red black yellow white and other shades. Your comment demonstrates your ignorance of human history.

  2. I wish they would stop this, we need to work to reform our corrupt police forces thru policy changes enacted by our elected officials, peacefully. This only gives MAGA something to point at to distract us all from the Jan 6th insurrection attack on the US Capitol by the Republican domestic terrorists who tried to overturn our election.

    1. election fraud was entirely comprised of demonrats, deceased folks, illegals, prisoners, and the good old fill in the blank ballets, which were brought in by the truck loads.

        1. the evidence was never presented and these cases were never heard. Stop using this propaganda as if it were true. The election was rigged and you know it

          1. He lost 61 court cases contesting his loss. He was given his day in court, and lost every case. You lost, get over it, and be thankful for it.

    2. Only a Democrat can hear someone say the following and believe that they were responsible for instigating a riot at the Capitol…

      “I know that soon everyone will be marching over to the Capitol Building, to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. Today we will see whether Republicans stand strong for integrity of our elections, but whether or not they stand strong for our Country.”

      Only people without Trump Derangement Syndrome and common sense can see that he didn’t call for a riot to start. He said to PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY make your voices heard. Apparently Democrats need to pull out Meriam Webster and read what the definition of PEACEFULLY actually means.

  3. thats it in a nutshell outside we will probably see wheeler if he doesnt get the emergency funding for cops now he will say oh well and let portland burn again saying its our fault and we will get a scolding from brown. surprised they’re not saying trump is causing this through telepathy.

  4. As Dwight Eisenhower said, “The middle of the road is all of the usable surface. The extremes, right and left, are in the gutters.”

    This is our future unless and until Americans regain some intellectual integrity and recognize that political parties use division for profit and power.

    1. That’s why republicans haven’t and will never make abortion go away. They need the people that think they will do that to keep voting for them.

      1. Abortion, gun control, immigration, taxation…there is a centrist approach to each. Neither party has an interest in supporting a solution the majority of Americans find acceptable.

        1. How do you find a middle road in the killing of babies wich is NO WHERE in the constitution? How do you find a middle road aborting the 2nd amendment when the right to keep and bear arms IS IN THE CONSTITUTION?

          1. Supreme Court decisions addressing these questions (and many others) are freely available for you to read. Perhaps start there, you will find the list of modern developments the U.S. Constitution does not directly address is a lengthy one.

            Many decisions also explain how rights defined in the Constitution are not above regulation. We enjoy the right to own firearms, we do not enjoy the right to own nuclear/biological/chemical armaments. I don’t know how you feel about every neighbor within a hundred mile radius of your home, but, personally, I am okay with that restriction. I’m also okay with violent felons not being allowed to purchase or possess firearms. It’s been shown over and over that Americans support both the intent of the 2nd and reasonable restrictions to it.

            Take the time to look beyond the sound bites, it makes the politicians nervous.

            1. Oh… You’re right. Because the party says it is OK to kill babies it is ok to kill babies. Everything for the party. Nothing outside the party. How very soviet.

      2. An astute Orwellian observation. No politician has rallied support by solving problems, and no doctor has gotten rich by curing patients.

        1. Not true about doctors. Very true about politicians. Look how much Joe Biden has scammed with his corruption and he’s creating more problems then we could have ever imagined. .

  5. Enough is enough.

    And these”protestors” are spoiled brats of all ages just out to tear stuff up.

    New FBI SAC came out last week in direct support of shutting down the shootings/murders that likewise have turned the city upside down.

    Detain, arrest, charge, prosecute.

    Message sent – Message recieved.

    Are you “feeling us”, Peacekeepers?

  6. It looks like the protesters came equipped with all the items necessary for a peaceful protest (crowbar, hammers, bearspray, rocks, slingshots, knives and firearms). 2 unlucky people taken into custody, but probably released already. 11 others cited and 87 people sent home after giving up their peaceful protest equipment. Thanks Ted

  7. so the ACLU, CAIR Oregon, and the Oregon Justice Resource Center condones the use of crowbars, hammers, bearspray, rocks, slingshots, knives and firearms to protest the murder of Brianna Taylor a year ago in Louisville. And the spraying of graffiti and breaking windows of businesses because they somehow contributed to the acts of police officers?

  8. When President Trump is in office, liberal violence is encouraged and tolerated.

    When biden is impersonating a president, arrests occur and violence is stopped.

    Those are the facts.

    1. Not really. Hardly any of these people are charged. And chances are zero will be prosecuted. And you are sadly mistaken that the violence has stopped. Antifa and BLM are the foot soldiers of the democrat party. And they are being reinforced by illegal aliens pouring in through the Southern border. The violence is NOT stopping. It is still being encouraged by the democrat party, especially the VP who called for “unrest” to continue. Don’t fall for these distraction.

  9. Seems like these protestors just don’t want to learn a thing. Peaceful protests don’t involve weapons. Whether it is knives and grenades or a spear, it is just wrong. Protesting is an American tradition going back to throwing tea into a harbor. But when it turns violent everyone starts to forget what the point was in the first place and the finger pointing and division begins. Seems like this comment section has deteriorated considerably in the last few years and has become nothing more than a place for vile and hateful comments on both side. Try to remember that we are neighbors and Americans for once. Forget that and you can kiss this country goodby, which is exactly what Putin and Xi would like us to do.

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