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Fires burn during Portland protest at immigration building

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — At least two fires broke out at Portland’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement building during a demonstration Saturday night, but firefighters say the building itself was not set on fire.

Portland police say officers responded to help and found at least two fires when they arrived, including one that appeared to be against the building.

However, KPTV reported that Portland Fire & Rescue said the building itself wasn't set on fire.

Photos and video from independent journalists who were at the protest show a small fire burning on the ground and a fire that appeared to be burning on plywood set up around the building.

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  1. Absolutely pathetic reporting. Fires did ‘t just “break out.”

    Antifa and BLM terrorists barracaded the building and lit fires with federal agents inside. Even Ted Wheeler said this was attempted murder. Progressives behaving badly.

      1. It’s becoming more and more apparent that Learten does lean left. Conservative riots = Domestic terrorism. BLM and ANTIFA (Progressive aka liberal) riots = Peaceful protests! Come on man!

        1. Portland police didn’t even put a news release out on this incident, much less declare a riot. As I’ve explained frequently, we don’t make that call – they do. This was an Associated Press story picked up from Portland TV station KPTV.

          1. nice try as usual Barney. That you are perfectly ok with the term ‘broke out’ for the arson shows your bias. But hey, it could have been lighting strikes…….

  2. All those dumb people with their BLM signs on their laws just bought the BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors some comfy 1.4 million dollars home, and she getting more real estate. That BLM sign has nothing to do about helping black people, it just shows how easily white trophy kids get brainedwashed and suckered!

  3. Some additional information left out…

    The ICE building/offices are right next door to a pre-school. A pre-school whose street-side fence is often peppered with protest signs, pictures, and whatnot. Whether that pre-school is open now or not, it wouldn’t matter to the “protestors”. Their sole focus is on the ICE building.

    Across the street from the ICE building is a private business whose street side walls and windows have been defaced / broken by protestors time and time again. The business owner has no recourse but to repair, repaint, and repair again.

    Across the street, kitty corner to ICE and directly across the street from the pre-school, is an apartment complex for low income folks.

    The “protestors” could care less regarding All the Above. And their continued attempts at arson, among other things, only hurt the local neighborhood and its residents.

    Pointless, stupid, criminal, and sooner or later someone is going to get seriously hurt or perhaps worse.

    Portland as a city is simply a free-fire zone for violence anymore.

  4. So, BLM wants Portland to be over run by illegals from south of the states. What does that have to do with Black lives? Obviously, it doesn’t. It means that BLM has a lot bigger agenda than they lay claim to. Can you guess what it is?

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