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Oregon officials ask businesses to check COVID-19 vaccine status


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Oregon’s state health officer said Friday businesses will be asked to either enforce mask policies or check whether customers have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The comments by Dr. Dean Sidelinger came as he said the state was still working on releasing more detailed guidance for businesses. Late Thursday, Gov. Kate Brown said Oregon would immediately follow direction from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier in the day which eased indoor mask-wearing and social distancing for fully vaccinated people.

Brown said Oregonians who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks or social distance in most public spaces, adding the state would provide more specific instructions soon.

Sidelinger said for now, it’s up to businesses to determine a person’s vaccine status.

“We would anticipate that an establishment or business will have to have a system in place for asking about vaccines status and verifying that. Right now, I would anticipate that would be seeing a card with the individual’s name, the vaccine site and date they got it. It could be a picture of the vaccine card or record from provider on their phone, but just a way of seeing that,” he said.

The federal guidance issued Thursday still calls for wearing masks in crowded indoor settings like buses, planes, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters, but will help clear the way for reopening workplaces, schools, and other venues.

Currently, people over the age of 12 are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines in Oregon.

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    1. As a small business retail owner in town this is completely impractical. Am I supposed to bring in additional staff to check vaccine cards at the door? Hmmm, that should cost about 40k a year. Am I really going to subject my staff to someone getting confrontational about it? No. If you’re going to get rid of the mask mandate, so be it but let the chips fall where they may. We’re all vaxxed at the store and I’m not inclined to spend a bunch of money to protect folks who chose not to get it. If you want to come in without a mask on, that’s fine but it’s on you and best of luck. I’m neither a big fan nor a huge critic of the folks in Salem but this is asinine.

      1. Yeah, I’m a small biz owner and probably won’t ask anyone. I figure it’s their grave their digging! I think concerts should open, but require a vax card. Easy to do when they search you at the front door!

            1. Always the obedient progressive foot soldier with your insatiable hunger for power over others. Oh how much better you are then everyone else.

            1. You are completely wrong ! What ordinance are you quoting ? You can’t ask me anything about my medical status- if you do- I will respond with- “Are you HIV positive” ! Same damn deal ! Less we forget- HIV can be transmitted through saliva- sweat- blood products like a cut or bloody nose… Yet nobody is allowed to ask about your HIV status now are they ! Cripes people – what next- Leper colonies ???

        1. I think the vaccinated should get forehead tattoos to make easily identifiable to the little BETA MALES who will want to say something but can’t because they are physically too weak.

      2. I hope you didn’t mandate your employees to get the shot because it sounds like OSHA is now saying if any thing happens to your employees due to the shot you the business owner will be held responsible. Be careful!

      3. Monks….you are like every small business and you are doing the right thing. Time to move on and not harass any customers for this BS anymore, you lose business if you harass the customers.

          1. I’m not about to claim I know what’s legal or not, but this is about HIPPA:

            HIPAA is one of the most misunderstood health laws in the country, says Spector-Bagdady, who has studied medical privacy extensively.

            “Very few people actually understand what it means. They think it provides comprehensive privacy protections for health information in all circumstances, which it simply does not,” she explains. “HIPAA only governs certain kinds of entities – your clinician, hospital, or others in the health care sphere. It does not apply to the average person or to a business outside health care. It doesn’t give someone personal protection against ever having to disclose their health information.”

            So for example, if your friend shares on social media that she just got vaccinated against COVID-19, and you tell someone else that you had seen that post, you are not in violation of HIPAA because you’re not covered by it in the first place. Your friend might like you less, but you’re not breaking the law.

            1. I think there is some legal issues on what you are saying. IF this is true I want proof of who has had a vasectomy that comes into my shop so I have a pre-idea of the BETA MALES for easy Pickens.

            2. Barney!!! Look here, you are a big part of the problem! You only show your information that supports your agenda. I say why don’t you show both sides and let people judge for themselves. If you can’t do that just go back to that rat hole and shut your lap top!

              1. If you’re referring to national news, we have an automated CNN feed, as do all of our company’s 10 TV stations across the West, that we don’t write or edit.
                Locally, we try to do just what you suggest, every day. Our ‘man on the street’ interviews for example are random, despite false claims of cherry-picking.
                In general, if both sides of an issue will talk to us on camera, we have that. If one side won’t talk, we can’t make them.

            3. The correct law regarding the asking for proof of vaccination is 45 CFR § 164.512. It’s pretty much cut and dried, but as with many CFR’s, it leads to the interpretation by the reader.

              1. This will be the standard for any legal challenge to “45 CFR § 164.512.”…
                “States With Religious and Philosophical Exemptions From School Immunization Requirements”… Oregon- “Or. Rev. Stat. § 433.267″… which provides for both religious and philosophical exemptions from vaccinations. This will obviously play out in court- and i don’t see how any lawyer could argue that adults are any different from children when it comes to religious or philosophical arguments… after-all- it is the parents making the complaint ! I for one won’t get vaccinated- and I won’t be denied entry or service from any public establishment based on private medical information… this is a violation of one’s civil liberties- and borders on absolute bias and prejudice- as a result of a personal religious or philosophical belief… this aint China… or is it ?

                1. You have indeed convinced us that some adults are indeed no different from children. Your track record on legal interpretive issues concerning COVID, though, is abysmal.

                2. Sorry- not even an interesting personal attack there Edward. I’ve already challenged the narrative here with all this HIPPA BS- I’ve asked Barney L to produce the names of the staff at KTVZ who have been vaccinated- and who hasn’t… Gee Ed- if we’re all in this together- why hasn’t Mr. Lerten (your buddy ol pal) provided the answers ? After-all- we see the Z21 news crews out and about the community- no masks- same as the newsroom- no masks- no social distancing… Just what kind of messaging is the Z providing the community ? Easy… Kate’s rules don’t apply to the media or the elites ! Are you an elitist Ed ? Sure sounds like it !

    2. Never Trumps….I never agree with you EVER…but I think we do agree on this to a point. Our Governor is a idiot to put this on businesses. Here’s where I disagree… one will be required to give their medical information and you are A BETA MALE and won’t say a damn word anyways. BOW TO THE ALPHAS!!!!

    3. what’s the name of your business so we can support, what is obviously, a wildly succesful business employing entry level workers at living wage wages.

    1. HIPPA is intended to protect patient’s electronic records. It doesn’t break any rules to show your own vaccine card to the owner of an establishment to help them through this weird time. I can already hear all the commotion over this idea. Once again, I go back to my dear daddy’s dictum..”Your freedom ends where the other guys nose begins”. In this case, if you aren’t vaccinated don’t go around acting like you are and putting others ( who might have actual medical reasons that they can’t be vaccinated) at risk. CDC has come under the gun for being too far behind and not keeping up wth science…doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t be smarter.

    2. It’s almost certainly not a violation of HIPAA for a business to ask to see your proof of vaccination before you can come in. Lots of places require proof of vaccination of various kinds.

          1. That’s the entire point. It’s NOT smallpox, or even something remotely dangerous for most healthy people.
            If it were as destructive as smallpox, there would be a good reason for all of these regulations.

            1. So if it were smallpox, it wouldn’t violate HIPAA to check people’s vaccination records, but with COVID-19 it is? Because of the severity? Where is that written down?

              1. Yes it would you have no right at all to know any of my medical information. You have every opportunity to protect yourself not MY responsibility.

          2. This is smallpox. I didn’t know that. Thanks for enlighten me I didn’t realize it was that deadly. 3 out of ten people die from SARS COV 19?

      1. YO BETA….where have you been that require vaccinations? And vaccinations that are not FDA approved? You hanging out in some weird BETA MALE locations bro.

      2. Funny. I cant remember ever having to produce my Vacs records or any medical conditions to walk into a place of business.
        Flu vacs were never a requirement. Smallpox, shingles, flu, yellow fever, tetanus, TB, mumps, measles, hep A and B. None have I ever had to show proof of getting to walk into a Walmart or Fred Meyers, or any other box store business.
        So, what’s next. A bar code of all of our medical record vacinations tattooed on are arms, forehead, passports? Are you going to be comfortable with providing all your medical conditions to the min. wage guy at Walmart?

      1. Nope! The IRS already asks for your bank balances and the Secret Service watches to see if you deposit or withdraw more than $10,000 at a time. Meanwhile the USPS monitors your social media to see your standing in certain social groups.


  1. Socialists will love this new restriction on people who will not conform to their “standards” of acceptable behavior, As “Eric in Redmond” calls for “Orange Tattoos” on people who have not been vaccinated. Next, will he and his ilk will want those without vaccines rounded up and placed in internment camps? But hey, No worries, Sleepy, Creepy China Joe Obiden will fix everything!!!! (Just ask Hunter and the ATF.)

    1. You my friend are clearly a alpha. Live that way. Prove it to these little baby BETA MALES in the real world. Guess what they can’t physically do a damn thing to you because you are stronger.

    2. They LOVE the power. These are progressives who have accomplished nothing. Now this virus comes around and they see what power they can claim for themselves. EIR and his buddies LOVE it. Imagine how giddy they are when they get to ask for our papers. Of course it is for a lofty cause and they are morally superior to all us MAGA maskholes because it’s ONLY right wingers who don’t want vaccines while every democrat and progressive proudly line up to do exactly what the government tells them. BUT OH WAIT. You mean there are progressives, black power activists, and hard core leftists that don’t want the vaccines? Well. They are the enemy too.

  2. How about, heck no. The first business that asks me, will be told where to go and boycotted. I have a significant number of friends after 51 years in Central Oregon. I will blacklist any business. State of Oregon is a sewer. kate Brown is a poor excuse for a human being..

    1. It’s short sighted ignorance with that attitude that makes it harder for everyone. I wouldn’t want your business or deal with you.

      1. What is hard? I assume you have a vaccine? All of your woke family, friends as well? Then what do you care? Is it that hard for you to accept others will not conform to your way of thinking when it comes to their health?

        1. I wouldn’t want your ignorant face in by business either. You don’t know me, my family or friends and to make a statement about them shows how “hard” people have to make things for others, Jack-***!

          1. HAHAHA. What is your business?? Put it out there tough guy. Oh stoner you little BETA MALE. I feel so sorry for the little life you live having to act big to try to fit in with the ALPHA MALES that destroy you at everything in life. We truly want to know what your business is. BTW. YOU BEEN WEARING 2 MASKS LIKE CDC RECOMENDEd?????

      2. YO STONER TELL US YOUR BUSINESS SO WE CAN KEEP CLEAR FOREVER!!! OOOOOPPPPPSSSSSS… I almost forgot you won’t say anything more than your one crap comment because you are a BETA MALE!!!! You physically can’t!! TELL US WE WANT TO KNOW.

        1. Stoner is like many of the “all-day posters” here… they work at “On the Guvment Dole” Incorporated… You know the kind- have them bi-weekly yard sales where they try to make an extra dime on a cup or saucer that they found at the Goodwill the Wednesday before ! Yup- a real Warren Buffet kinda guy !

        2. I keep asking these guys for their business names and restaurants so I can support them. They all know how to run wildly successful businesses and how much to pay and how much to charge and always tell businesses that can’t afford new regulations and restrictions that they have no ‘business’ being in business. So obviously they are all successful rentiers, restaurateurs, and retail establishments. I want to support them and learn how, I too, can be as successful as they are..

      3. As someone asked what do you care. You have been vaccinated and are good to go. Or do you not trust the vaccine to protect you???

    2. You’re going to go full cancel culture because you don’t agree with the way a private business owner chooses to run their private business? I don’t agree with the way the government is handling this, but you’re just throwing a temper tantrum.

      1. These companies are being told what to do. Oregon, and several states, have proven there is no private business anymore. Small shops, restaurants, gyms, etc. have all been shut down with the wave of a pen while massive corporations like Amazon and Walmart have been allowed to stay open making trillions in new profits. “We’re all in this together” but Kate never missed a paycheck.

  3. not a word about those of us who have had the covid and are over it, we will have immunity for some time but I guess that does not count when you are trying to force everyone into a vaccinated condition.

      HIPAA is one of the most misunderstood health laws in the country, says Spector-Bagdady, who has studied medical privacy extensively.

      “Very few people actually understand what it means. They think it provides comprehensive privacy protections for health information in all circumstances, which it simply does not,” she explains. “HIPAA only governs certain kinds of entities – your clinician, hospital, or others in the health care sphere. It does not apply to the average person or to a business outside health care. It doesn’t give someone personal protection against ever having to disclose their health information.”

      So for example, if your friend shares on social media that she just got vaccinated against COVID-19, and you tell someone else that you had seen that post, you are not in violation of HIPAA because you’re not covered by it in the first place. Your friend might like you less, but you’re not breaking the law.

      1. What Information Is Protected
        Information your doctors, nurses, and other health care providers put in your medical record
        Information about you in your health insurer’s computer system
        Most other health information about you held by those who must follow these laws

        To name a few examples. If some idiot volunteers medical information about themselves that is on them.

                1. As far as I know, yes. I mean, your business would probably tank, but…

                  Which law do you know of that prohibits that? Civil rights laws don’t cover it.

            1. You ever seen the signs at the front of the Fred Meyer Pharmacy counter ? The ones that say “your privacy” is not guaranteed- so please stand behind the line until the customer in front of you is finished… there is clearly an attempt here to address a possible violation to personal information being shared in public. Does FM plan on displaying similar signs about checking for vaccines ? And what about people who honestly “forgot” their card at home ? Can they just show an injection hole as proof- I dare say, for those who have asked that the injection be given on their “backside”- would be most … ummm… errrr… “revealing” ???

  4. My bet is that businesses don’t want to have to screen their customers, so they’ll just require everyone to wear a mask and nothing changes.

  5. Just back from 3 weeks in Montana and Idaho.

    Common sense approach to masks and vaccination in both states…businesses open and thriving…folks friendly and happy…

    None of the never-ending drama Oregon continues to suffer.

    Quite an education.

    1. Exactly.

      It’s a shame how many people have been hoodwinked into thinking that this flu strain is the black plague. All it has caused is the destruction of Oregon’s economy.

  6. LOL they really think Fred Meyers or big box stores that see 1000’s of people everyday are going to check vaccine status of all those unmasked…. How STUPID are they? Just another one of the dumbest liberals trying to think.

    1. “It could be a picture of the vaccine card or record from provider”

      A quick Google before going into a business and you are fine……why bother, why add the burden and expense to business owners to verify something that can easily be gamed with an image search? No masks, easy. Do what “you” feel you need to do.

  7. If they wanted us to carry the vaccine card around, why didn’t somebody use some foresight and print it on wallet-sized stock or at least offer free lamination for those who don’t walk/play/drive/fly united with their cell?

  8. I won’t be getting any experimental shot and I won’t be wearing a face diaper. I have medical conditions that exempt me from their control. If any business harasses me and or refuses me service I’m letting you know now it will all be on video. So to you business owners think twice before you end up in court trying to defend yourself against video taped evidence!

    1. Look. I’m with you. I think the mask thing and forcing an experimental vaccine is ludicrous.
      But,why would you want to waste your time filming dumb business owners and then waste your own time and the court’s time by trying to turn it into a legal thing? The only people who win in that scenario are lawyers.

      If the business owner is stupid enough to try and force people to provide vaccine cards, they don’t deserve your business. Just go elsewhere.

      1. Oh trust me the last thing I want is to deal with lawyers but if we don’t fight for what’s right they will keep walking all over us.

    2. I’m not! Me! Me! Me! Another ignorant person who has nothing better to do than complain. Bet you already wear a diaper so whats the big deal? Nobody cares about your hate dude.

    3. Different law involved in your case . . . in regards to wearing a mask. If you are asked to wear a mask and state you have a medical condition that prohibits wearing a mask . . . they can’t ask what your medical condition is (ADA). However, they could still demand you wear a face shield. I can’t think of any medical condition that would prevent the wearing of a face shield.

      1. You are correct- they can ask you to wear a face shield- at which point you can deny- refuse- whatever… and they cannot ask or insist any further… no individual is not required to reveal “claustrophobia”- a medical/psychological affliction ! This is now a HIPPA violation ! We’ve had this conversation with our corporate lawyers (Ivy League) and they assure us… you keep prodding and asking questions- yer gonna find yerself in court ! Oregon officials have no right to place businesses in this situation- and Unions state-wide need to get together and fight this over-reach from Salem. At this point Kovid Kate seems hell bent on stirring the pot- creating more kaos- so she can justify her “now” illegal emergency declarations… History will blast this woman for her incompetence and failed leadership for decades !

  9. Just in Idaho looking for a place to move, no need for a mask until we crossed the river into WA.
    I’m curious how many on here are absolutely against having to show an ID to vote – that’s voter suppression according to dems and liberals. How is having to produce a vaccination card not commerce suppression?

  10. This is dumb and is gonna create a lot of even more pissed off people and confrontations. I’ve been fine with wearing a mask and am now fully vaxed but geez, way to make it even harder on retail and service industry workers, OHA.
    Maybe they keep this stance until our county gets to 65% or 70% and then they drop it?
    OSHA follows OHA so while it sure sounded like good news yesterday, today it feels like nothing is really changing until they drop the need to verify vax status and just let people do the honor system or take their chances if they don’t want the vax.
    As if they couldn’t make this whole situation more frustrating…

      1. Yes, this is a tactic to encourage people to get the vaccine. Unfortunately the United States has morphed into a nanny state that has resorted to manipulating people to comply. What a said state of affairs this whole covid mess has brought to light.

        Can someone take my COVID shot and send it to India where it can be used?

    1. Can a business owner require men to show proof of vasectomy at the door and refuse service if they have? Some business owners don’t want no BETA MALES!!!!

  11. Brown doesnt care if it puts businesses in a harder spot now and first few people that get sick from some customer f the honor system and say they’re vaccinated and not and end up getting someone else sick she will wag her finger and play the disciplinarian. It will be our fault for ruining what she will say is a simple solution when she knows an easier road could have been taken. This way she will be absolved of any wrongdoing and news stations will be right there behind her going tsk tsk

  12. So let me get this straight, I need to show a vaccine card and I assume some form of ID to go to a 7-11 for a Big Gulp. But to require an ID to vote is racist…makes sense.

      1. While I’m open-minded about how Oregon and the United States should move forward with COVID matters, alphas are leaders, not merely bullies who look out for only their personal interests. If you believe there’s a better way, convince the duly-elected government. You seem to think that being an outcast makes you an alpha, but that’s only a delusion.

  13. The same tools complaining about having ID for voting are now complaining about a vac card? Must be a modern conservative with alternative facts?

    1. Not sure what the hell you’re talking about. I was trying to point out the utter stupidity of having to show a vaccine card and ID to get into a store, but not to vote. Every time voter ID is brought up, leftists melt down and cry voter suppression and/or racism. It’s insane.


  15. HEY ALL YOU LITTLE BETA MALES!!! Now the governor has given us, your enemy, the ultimate power over you….which we already have power over you. NOW YOU CAN’T DO A DAMN THING WHEN WE STRUT INTO YOUR BUSINESS. Go ahead and try…oooops, I forgot not one little BETA MALE will ever stand up to a ALPHA MALE!!!! THANK YOU QUEEN KATE, this is hilarious, your savior has failed you.

    1. Hey CLOWN!

      Here’s a wake up call for you, ya little snot. Stores, restaurants, etc. are all PRIVATE PROPERTY and as such the owners can dictate that you either wear a mask or not enter property, and if you DO enter the property without a mask, they have the legal right to confront you and tell you to mask up or leave. And guess what rights you have in that situation? NONE! If you refuse to comply or choose to cause a disturbance, they can tell you to LEAVE. And then, if you refuse to leave, they have the TOTAL LEGAL RIGHT to have you removed forcibly by the police–and the cops WILL DO SO if they are called. Why? Because at that point you are trespassing and causing a disturbance. And, to be clear, I have told unmasked idiots personally to their face that they need to leave or mask up. Not once has anyone dared to physically assault me, as you imply that you might do if faced with someone like myself. You are just a keyboard warrior who would fold in the real world if you faced someone else who had strong convictions and called you out publicly over your selfish and idiotic attitude. Now, go away child.

          1. “Protected Class” ? So this is now “class warfare” ? I thought you all supported China Joe because he was the great healer ??? Instead- all we’re getting from his office is more divisive acts and hateful language… go ahead- prove me wrong !

            1. If you don’t know what the term “protected class” means, then you are poorly educated. If you do, then your response is disingenuous at best.

              1. Religious beliefs are one of the nine protected classes. Stating religious belief is one valid reason to exempt children from vaccinations in the state of Oregon- this request for exemption comes from the parents or guardian- who must be an adult. If I connect the dots- the parents (the adults) must also have the right to the same level of exemption- as they probably practice the same religion as their minor children and vice versa. So when exactly are you going to prove me wrong- cause so far- yer off to a miserable start !

      1. Actually, not totally correct! Ask the Oregon baker about refusing service. If you are asked to leave or refused service, you do have the right to protest outside of the business (peacefully) and to boycott the business. You also have the right to take your protest/boycott to social media or file a civil suit. If the business decides to stand by their decision, they’ll probably win or they will decide it would cost more in trying to fight with you and your friends on social media.

        1. Actually, yeah, it is TOTALLY correct. We’re not talking about a business owner refusing to serve a customer based on that customer’s sexual orientation or lifestyle (yeah, I’m aware of the incident you were trying to use–BADLY–as an example)–which is a protected class in the eyes of the law. We’re talking about a store’s right to impose a basic safety protocol on all customers. If a customer doesn’t like it, then they are free to patronize another business. Problem is, most businesses are following the same protocol, so that disgruntled customer is not likely to get anywhere with their “I ain’t wearin’ no stinkin’ mask” attitude. It the customer gets belligerent, then the business has the right to tell them to leave. If the disgruntled customer refuses to leave, then the business has the right to call the cops and FORCE the disgruntled customer to leave or face criminal charges. And good luck to the disgruntled customer trying to start a lawsuit or stage a social media attack againts any business in that situation. All they’re likely to do is get themselves identified as persona non grata at all the local stores.

  16. Wow and all you people called me crazy just a few short weeks ago when I said there plan was to divide us well now it’s in full force people who’s getting the SHOT to go into a place of business and who’s actually gonna protect there human rights and fight?

    1. Newsflash: folks in this country have been divided for many years. It’s just that political developments since 2016 have greatly deepened and widened those divisions and emboldened the radicals on all sides to come out from under their rocks.

      1. Personally, I would say that the political “developments” (I’d call it turmoil) began around 2013-2014. A time period where many of us were struggling to keep politicians at bay as I found time and time again the hand of (then) President Barack Obama deeply within my pockets ! The scandal of “CoverOregon” and the loss of more than $305 million dollars to construct a simple website immediately comes to mind as Oregonians were forced to buy into a national program or face criminal accusations and fines ! Obama had just spent all his time traveling the globe- apologizing for US success, while initiating job and business killing Executive orders back home. Programs that resulted in record numbers of Americans opting out of the workforce as the jobs being created were later termed “McJobs”- low paying- no benefits- part time labor with no future. Gasoline prices were surging well over the $3.50 mark- historically noted as the point in which both the US and global economies will suffer… and they both did ! But what set the stage for the rise of DJ Trump- is that despite all the evidence of national failure- Obama was gifted a second term. A gift that clearly wasn’t earned- and just reeked of retaliation and a “Get Whitey” under-current. So in my opinion- 2016 just clarified the divide- but the beginning started around Obama’s third year in office- a time period where nothing positive got done- but the media tried to tell the nation otherwise… kind of what we see today with Biden.

    1. I’m sorry- I missed your contempt for all things “Russia-Russia-Russia” for three years- or that broken recording about how lethal and fatal a single breath of the C-Virus from China is- or how about all that parroting of the “insurrection”… a word nobody uses to describe them dust ups at the WH anymore. So why exactly does the Beta/Alpha term aggravate you so ?… I find it hilarious ! Much more sophisticated than- “Go back to California- Boy” ! Or Fester’s “lyin-dyin-and winnin’ BS- that the local moderator never once criticized. So what’s yer beef Tex ? Are you one of them Beta’s or just a Teta ???

  17. My sister’s place of work already changed their ruling. Anyone that comes in without a mask is asked if they have been vaccinated. If the person says yes, thats all they will do is take them at their word. They are not about to break the 14th amendment.

    1. That is absolutely correct ! We simply post the rules as reminders and then assume the individual is following the guidelines on their own accord- we will not ask. In the past we’ve seen self correction and policing without our need to interfere. Lerten’s been yapping his gums all day about HIPPA this and HIPPA that- the fact is… we can’t ask because this is “private” medical information that could affect ones work status. This is extremely irresponsible of Brown and OSHA to dump this half-arsed request on businesses throughout the state. Brown is clearly desperate to end this debacle she’s created- but the hospitals out there won’t budge ! You just wait- we’re gonna see another month of deaths per one million population well over 500- and we could even see a sixth surge by summer… then with Fall and Winter around the corner- Franken Faucis prediction of Mother’s Day next year looks more accurate. The Demokrat Party created this mess- the media ran with the hoax and fake terminology that they never once challenged… now the fall-out ! Go St Chucks- that Golden Goose is clearly alive and well !

  18. Worthless vaccine, it’s only to poison young and old. Bill Maher was fully vaccinated and got Covid, 8 NY Yankees were vaccinated and all got Covid, my sister-in-law was fully vaccinated and got covid. The corrupted politicians that cheated to get in and the news and media are trying to segregate and divide people. It’s easy when the weak cheep obey. United we stand, divided we fall!

  19. Distraction in the USA while Biden/Obama send money to Iran and continue the war Obama never finished. Distractions from Maricopa county election audit (database deleted to hide election cheating), distraction from the border, and child trafficking. Nothing to see here folk! Remember the Trump good old days? Economy at its best, jobs at their best, Peace in the middle east, then the democrats came in. You know, will all know they cheated to destroy our country!

  20. January 20 2021. ORANGEMAN BAD. Don’t take the vaccine. Orangeman lies Orangeman vaccine can not be trusted. Orangeman vaccine will kill you. Orangeman vaccine is fake news just to help re-election.
    January 21 2021. BIDEN is our guiding “NORTH STAR” (h.t. Psaki). He created the vaccine and it is the best vaccine in the history of medicine. It’s all Biden. Get the Biden vaccine. Biden made the vaccine overnight and it is your patriotic duty to take the vaccines and obey, without question, Biden the magnificent. And Biden never was friends with KKK mentors, plagiarized his studies, or was laughed out of democrat primaries for being a liar and a racist.

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