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Portland sees 6 shooting incidents within 9 hours

Bullet holes to driver's door, fender of car
Portland Police Bureau
Bullet holes to driver's door, fender of car

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — As gun violence plagues Portland, police in Oregon’s largest city responded to six shootings within a nine hour span between Thursday night and early Friday.

The shootings included a car chase, during which suspects shot at an officer. Three people were arrested and the officer was not injured.

Although last year was marked by record high numbers of gun violence in Portland, the number of shooting incidents during the first month of 2022 outpaced January 2021, according to police data.

During January alone, police recorded 127 shootings. So far this year at least 22 people have been injured by gunfire and there have been at least 13 homicides.

In 2021, the city recorded 90 homicides amid a surge in gun violence, shattering the city’s previous high of 66 set more than three decades ago.

Last year, the number of homicides in Portland surpassed more populous cities such as San Francisco and Boston — and more than double the number of slayings in its larger Pacific Northwest neighbor Seattle.

Killings have been on the rise in Portland for the past few years. From 2019 to 2020, Portland had a sharper rise in killings — an 83% increase — than nearly all major cities. Nationally, homicides had increased by nearly 30% in the same time, based on FBI data.

City police and officials say last year’s increase — which disproportionally impacted Portland’s Black community — was fueled by gang-related arguments, drug deals gone awry and disputes among homeless people. The situation was exacerbated by the pandemic, economic hardships and mental health crises.

Portland Police Bureau news release:

Officers responded to multiple shooting incidents overnight (Photo)
Portland Police Bureau - 02/18/22 3:23 PM

Portland Police officers responded to multiple shooting scenes overnight, spanning all three precincts and involving the Focused Intervention Team (FIT).

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, at 6:58p.m. North Precinct officers responded to the 15900 block of Northeast Fremont Street on a report that a man was sitting in his car threatening his ex-wife over the phone. Officer approached and the man was seen to be armed with a handgun. Officers attempted communication from a distance but the man fired a shot. Due to limited visibility, officers were unable to tell where the shot was aimed. Officer requested additional assistance, and a safety perimeter was set. On duty personnel from the Special Emergency Reaction Team responded and assisted with safely approaching the vehicle at about 9:07p.m. The man was deceased by suicide.

On Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 10:37p.m., officers with the Portland Police Focused Intervention Team were patrolling near Northeast Sandy Boulevard and Interstate-205 in North Precinct when they attempted to pull over a vehicle. The driver fled and occupants of the vehicle fired shots at an officer (see separate press release). Three people were arrested.

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, at 11:15 p.m., East officers were dispatched to a local hospital regarding a subject who had walked in with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The subject said the injury occurred accidentally while cleaning his gun at a different location. Officers conducted a follow-up investigation. Case #22-45766

On Thursday, February 17, 2022, at about 11:32 p.m., Central Precinct Officers heard numerous shots east of the Hawthorne Bridge. While officers conducted an area check, a caller to 911 reported a shooting. Officers contacted the victim, who was working as a security guard, and learned that the suspects had driven by and shot at his car in the area of Northeast 12th Avenue and Northeast Irving Street (photos). The victim was uninjured, but his car was struck repeatedly. Case #22-45776

On Friday, February 18 at 2:55 a.m., East Officers responded to a call regarding a shooting in the area of Southeast Ramona and Southeast 123rd and 124th Streets. Officers located evidence at the scene as well as a vehicle that was struck several times. The vehicle was identified as stolen. Case # 22-45855

On Friday, February 18, 2022, at 3:40 a.m., East officers responded to the 16000 Block of Southeast Crest Court regarding a caller who said he confronted car prowlers and they shot at him. Upon arrival, officers located the caller's vehicle, a 2019 Alfa Romero, in front with a bullet hole through the front of the vehicle. The caller and his son observed suspects prowling cars and went outside to confront them. The suspects got into a darker colored Jeep and fled the scene, traveling eastbound on Southeast Powell. The caller and son followed them in their car and stated that when the suspects got to Southeast 172nd, the passenger reached out and fired shots at them. The caller’s son said to defend himself and his father he had his handgun and fired back at the vehicle. The suspect Jeep turned soon after and the caller and his son returned home and called police. Officers investigated the scene of the shooting and found evidence, including casings and a Honda Odyssey, which had been struck. The owner was not located. The investigation is continuing. Case # 22-45877

If anyone has information about these shootings, please e-mail and provide the case number.

Crime Stoppers of Oregon offers cash rewards of up to $2,500 cash for information, reported to Crime Stoppers, that leads to an arrest in any unsolved felony crime and tipsters can remain anonymous.

Visit the App Store and download P3 Tips to submit secure and anonymous tips.

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    1. Hate to break it to you but places like Dallas, Tulsa and Mobole don’t have squishy liberals defunding their police departmensta have higher violent crime rates than portland, who you apparently think defunded their police. So you are complaining that Portland is getting a better value for its police budget than places that didnt defund their police?
      Good one.

      1. Since when is comparing apples to oranges a good idea? How do you ignore the massive increase in Portland area violence associated with “defund/hate/attack the police” movement in Portland? In Portland, it’s not just about police budgets, but also about culture. Portlanders have made it clear they despise the police. In the last few years prior to 2020, homicides were in the 20’s to 30’s and officer involved shootings ranged 5-7 per year. If 2022 keeps on track with January, that extrapolates to over 144 homicides, which is up from 90 in 2021. That’s a horrible return on investment. In other words, to protest the 5-7 OIS’s, Portland is now sustaining dozens of excess homicides. There’s no need to compare completely different communities to Portland.

  1. I’m not going to go into great detail, but suffice it to say, Californians migrated en masse to Oregon for its cheap cost of living and with them they’ve brought their gang culture and criminality. I have lived in Portland a great deal of my life, no longer but I know what Portland used to be like and what it is like now. Portland can count itself a big city now and I don’t mean that in a flattering way. There’s only one constant in life – change, nothing ever stays the same. There’s good things about big cities, but with bigger cities also comes yet bigger problems. I wouldn’t move back to Portland if you paid me, it’s too dangerous and there are enough pros to outweigh the long list of cons.

    1. I am a Californian. You caused your own problems by voting for Leftist liberals that condone Antifa rioters. I left CA to get away from the idiots down there only to find Portland is worse.Portland is worse than anywhere in CA. Portland is known worldwide as a hot bed of anarchy and Marxism. I’ll take illegal immigrants anytime over your socialist/communists. As a rule they are honest hard working people. The Western Oregonians moving here will destroy CO just as they have Portland which I am told was once a beautiful city.

            1. no Barney, we have known and enjoied Portland for many years, now none of us go there unless be have to due to what it has become. The blame is squarely on the Democrat leadership, there is zero hate

                1. If the loved ones of victims of a person like Dylan Roof, who walked into a church and killed several people, can offer forgiveness in court, I can surely forgive you the sadly hateful words you direct at me and others every day.
                  Please forgive me for dropping to that level and firing back in similar vein on occasion. I plead imperfect humanity.
                  And I will try harder to not respond as you apparently so desperately wish and do that any more. It’s not worth it and will never change your mind or heart from the sad path you are on. Only God can do that. And for your sake – not mine – I hope He does.
                  Have a nice Sunday.

          1. Portland is only gone from the’90’s along with the rest of the world. I’ve been there every few months for years and yes it’s not what it was but you people are way overstating on it. But that’s what Trump told you to do in his inauguration speech so it’s not really your fault, a different story if you were adults. And really, by your comment history, you were probably so terrified when you were in Portland that you probably didn’t see anything except the US26 east signs.

            1. Trump told “diverse” gang bangers to shoot each other? I don’t recall that in his inaugural speech. Please provide a quote because I can’t find one.

            2. President Trump does not manage the state of Oregon. The Demokrat party does- and has for more than forty years… do try to attend a basic poli-sci course- you seem to be a graduate from the Confused Ninnies Network (CNN).

        1. Understood Barney like most liberals in denial to what has happened to Portland is their coping mechanism. But after decades of progressive rule portland’s only concern was how to pay for letting people do whatever they want, allowing open air drug encampments in public parks, to use public streets as toilets, handing over neighborhoods to people with mental and addiction issues who according to progressives are not accountable. The good news is the backlash against progressive policies is increasing the signs are everywhere.

            1. How many “people on the street” interviews have you done in Portland- Salem-Bend over the past 10 years… Like zero ? If you have- link please.

        2. Bob, this is America, you can’t just walk around here insulting Democrats, Provressives or Barney. As long as you follow that rule you have the freedom to speak… or type.

          1. The daily volume of attacks on your named targets prove you wrong. Terms of Service are enforced equally, as folks on all parts of the political spectrum with a civil tongue and open mind have been kind enough to say, which we appreciate.

            1. Not true ! The manner in which the TOS is applied is completely skewed in favor of radical left liberal comments – I would challenge you to provide data to prove your point.

        3. Barney – I beg to differ with you.

          Portland is not “destroyed” in the sense of suffering from artillery fire and carpet bombing.

          Portland is destroyed in terms of a not-so-long ago beautiful and exceptionally safe city to live in or visit. Having lived downtown next to PSU for ten years, relocating back to Central Oregon in 2020 in great part due to the unmitigated violence and sheer filth Portland was suffering even then, thanks to a mayor and city council that refused to do anything but encourage the destruction…I bear witness to its decline.

          Sad, shameful, and clearly deadly these days.

          1. If folks would qualify their broad-brush dismissal of a half-million people or so, many still living in fairly nice areas and going about their lives, maybe the differentiation would lead to civil dialogue about real solutions instead of the Blame Society “it’s all your fault” no-win walkaways.

        4. For those of us who left our early adulthood in Portland- Portland is indeed “destroyed”… If you disagree with that- it’s because you never got yer tail outside of your liberal lifestyle to see how quiet- quaint- and calmly unique the City of Roses used to be. The crime stats that you ignore, seriously beg to differ with your bully pulpit approach- I would love to know what position you are taking (besides a canned sentence) that supports your view- that homicides are not at record highs- homelessness is not at record highs- that Antifa and BLM never rioted in Portland streets- that Federal buildings were never in jeopardy of homemade bombs… Cmon B- this sounds like Beirut in the 80’s !

      1. It is more accurate to state that several blocks of the core downtown of Portland has been destroyed and then overrun with homeless camps. Barring significant clean up and remodeling, it may continue to degenerate.

        I do agree Portland in general exemplifies pathologic liberal ideology and will lead to a downward trend. But not everyone there is of the same opinion and may push back eventually.

      2. Hey read the history of Portland, it has always been a Democrat sewer, even President Lincoln left Portland because its politics were so corrupt before the Civil War.

    2. I know an ex-portland cop who recently retired he specifically mentioned the gang problem in the liberal utopia. You don’t hear much about it. I don’t know if it is downplayed or because portland’s reputation as one of the worst cities in America for so many reasons that this gang thing is overlooked.

      1. I know an ex Portland cop that says for at least the last 50 years, the amount of this type of crime is directly related to the current male population of a certain age that has nothing better to do and nothing to lose. And that’s not the only LE, security or public safety official that would say that.

        1. Nothing better to do ? Even when they got Obama phones and unlimited EBT cards ? honestly now- I don’t recall BLM and Antifa protests in the streets of Portland in the past 30 years- why now ?

  2. Yet you don’t hear the ones that were pushing defining admit that they were wrong. The squad especially bush and AOC 😕 want to do away with prisons.

    1. True, it’s an instant gratification culture problem. It’s also a problem of a culture that feels that they have no better options. The guns are only their most available and fastest working tool for their situation.

  3. Y’all paying attention? Haven’t seen a “keep Portland weird” sticker in a long time. People are waking up. Ya can’t just blame Californians or “that’s just big city life.” The mismanagement of Oregon under blue rule for the last 1/3 century is responsible for worsening wild fires, waste of natural resources, increase in crime, release of criminals, enablement of hard drug users, pushers of truly racist education with some of the lowest graduation numbers, insane handling of a weak pandemic, over taxation with no representation for any who aren’t “woke.”… but hey at least we’re nearly the highest gas prices in the nation, as we sit forced to wait for someone to pump our gas cause apparently Oregonians are one of two states too dumb to do it ourselves. Wait till they eliminate our hydroelectric and we have rolling brown and blackouts. And don’t die, run a business or retire here if ya wanna make or keep money cause… d**n! Isn’t woke fun? Like living in a little dystopian concentration camp under a dear leader even named Brown, appointed by default after the last disgraceful democrat governor got “caught.” Election year here people, I was born here, Oregon was once a great place. I’m not generically blaming people from other states, or acquiescing this to be the norm. Vote Red, ya don’t even have to tell anyone, we on the right will understand, no one likes admitting to being that wrong for that long. Let’s bring back some common sense principles.

    1. I would add the system that allowed it all- “mail in voting” ! Too easy to abuse- proven fraud- yet no will by the members in Salem to remove it. Its up to the people- eliminate mail-in voting-or continue down this path of destruction.

  4. I was living in Oakland California back in the 1990s I remember when Jerry Brown became mayor brought all the Mexican cartels in and drove all the black gangs out There was like six shooting a Night A couple of years

  5. @BSBYMH,
    Nope, no way, now how am I voting for this Republican party that just enabled an attempted insurrection. As derelict and incompetent Democratic rule in Oregon has been for the last quarter-century, at least in my mind Democrats follow basic democratic principles. And while they tend to focus on the wrong causes, their general, overall worldview such as racial equality, justice reform and environmental stewardship (again, way off the mark in its application) but what does the Republican party have to offer? Tough on crime measures which ignore the cause and make prisons and warehousing people into a source of profit rather than rehabilitating and a scorched Earth, dog-eat-dog style of predatory Capitalism that ignores all of the glaring deficiencies of unrestrained and unregulated Capitalism. Add on top of that the absolutely gob smacking complicity of the GOP and willingness to go along with unscrupulous figures like Donald Trump and the choice is clear, anything or anyone one besides a Republican or the Republican Party.

    1. Lewlew… nothing personal but, change your handle, really I can’t take Lewlew seriously. That aside, I can respect a well articulated response that doesn’t consist of simpleton pablum and shows some thought. I can’t tell you how to vote, maybe I can only point out facts, as I did, and keep a poll going as to who here votes for Oregon continuing down this path. Shall I count you then as Lewlew -1 for change of policy in Oregon? On a national scale we’re all getting *’d regardless who’s in power. Tell me you really think Biden got 81,000,000 votes.?. I’m talking here about Oregon specifically. Is rampant capitalism keeping Oregonians down? We have insane taxes on business. Excess of prisoners our fault? Brown is attempting pardons left and right. Trump offered assistance with the real insurrections, which took place here in the PNW, true race baiters like BLM trying to burn police in buildings. Environmental stewardship??? You know what the “Old Mill” used to be right? We have an abundance of natural resources that were once harvested, replanted, sold and generated jobs. Now our immense unused forests are left to outgrow themselves, die, fall and subsequently burn; choking everywhere from here to Montana every summer. Talk about carbon emissions! As I say I can’t tell you how to vote. Certainly no “party” is perfect, indeed any governance of people has faults. But, on a localized scale, here in Oregon, where we are immediately effected, what has left wing policy over the last 1/3 century left us? One final thought I guess is this; do you really stand behind a party that tells you, to your face, that some geriatric coat tail rider who has accomplished nothing but division and failed children in his 40 plus years of politics got more votes than any president in history? More than the Democrats savior Obama!? 81,000,000! Trump survived two of the most extensive political witch hunts in history, and now the record is showing Hillary was actually spying. IF it could be said Trump supported an insurrection, and I say IF: could it be that there is a time for such? And is that time after having been lied, to our faces, for this long? Food for thought, what say you Lewlew?

        1. Suppose I face that somehow Trump was so bad that it paved way for Biden. Can you face that 15 to 20 million votes over even what Oboma got is very suspicious? Just looking for some intellectual honesty, you really believe that? And now I get that you didn’t like Trump, but how’s Brandon working out for ya? His polls seem like America may be getting a clue.

        1. Old news already Neuro, been another shooting today, this one involving as many but with a fatality. 2021 was a record in Portland for homicides, worst in 3 decades. Hmmm… what party has run Oregon the last 1/3 century? Those are “facts.” Recon 2022 will beat 2021 for homicides? Nit pick away and avoid the subject Neuro, your logical fallacies only serve as punctuation to your inability to defend Oregons failing left control.

    2. Lewie- nobody has been charged with insurrection- the media won’t even call it that- I’d ask for proof of your rant- but I’m afraid most Chris Cuomo tirades have been treated like he has- removed from the public eye !

    3. Are you saying the Jan 6 riot was literally an insurrection? I would think if a group were literally trying to take over the government they would at least be armed and last longer than a few hours. Or is it possible they were rioters emboldened by months of BLM/antifa wrecking major cities like Portland. Have you seen downtown Portland after the riots there or hear the testimony from Portland police officers they tried to trap in a precinct building and set on fire? Sure, most of the time and most of the protestors were peaceful, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of destruction and violence going right along with it.

    4. Lewie still can’t fathom the fact that Hillary Clinton and the DNC not only bought and paid for a fake dossier to influence the 2020 elections- but she engaged (along with a colluding media) in an all out campaign of misinformation- hate- and bullying towards the Trump administration to disrupt four years (and counting) of his Presidency… these are acts against the American people- just now being exposed in the Durham report (which is getting no coverage here at the Z)… it’s no wonder the left is so angry and full of hate- they have absolute control of the house- senate- the oval office… but have run the planet into the ground ! What says you Tootie Looie ?

  6. Portland needs more cops, but good luck with that. Oregon needs more prisons to fill with our growing violent criminal class, but good luck with that. What Oregon doesn’t need is more hand-wringing, pearl clutching, misplaced empathy.

    1. Oregon needs more prisoners working the forests and streams to clear away the underbrush and develop efficient waterways. There ya go- solved two problems with one comment.

      1. And when Trump offered help the democrats called the cops “storm troopers” and “gestapo.” The democrats supported and abetted the violence of their terrorist front groups. It had nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with democrat promises to use “any means necessary” to maintain power.

  7. I remember going to Portland to visit my Aunt & Uncle when I was a kid. It was clean, my aunt & Uncle loved it. We use to go to Loyd Center for school shopping & it wasn’t too bad.Then years later I had to go there for business and it started to change. Now? What a waste. What’s the difference between Portland & Chicago? Not much

  8. It is not gun violence. The demographics are inconvenient in Portland’s violence. Hence why Oregon news outlets stopped publishing names and mugshots.

  9. It’s interesting to read some of the comparisons people make between violence in the big cities. They all have unique upbringings that pertain to that area, yet they also share the same method of violence. Is it safe to say that it’s just the same problem, but with the effects of an increasing population?

      1. First off. Using a propaganda agency such as CNN, who has published every lie against their political enemies and covered up every corrupt action of the disgusting nasty Biden clan does not bring credibility to your rebuttals. However. Biden’s weasel word of “redirecting” instead of the massively unpopular “defund” is a huge cop out (no pun intended). He got caught and knows it. The entire democrat party has run on defunding police forces at the local level while strengthening federal, unaccountable, police forces. Now that the effects are being felt the democrats are lamenting, “we meant redirecting, yeah, that’s it, redirecting.”

      2. According to the link you provided above, “Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, said defunding the police means reallocating those funds to support people and services in marginalized communities.”

        In the link provided by BDC, Barkan: “Can we agree that we can redirect some of the funding [from the police]?”

        Biden: “Yes, absolutely”

        So both a BLM spokesperson, Biden supporter and Biden agree that funds should be reallocated or redirected from police. Biden is two-faced here. What’s the difference between “not defunding the police,” and redirecting funding? These ideas are mutually exclusive. Finally, Biden isn’t communicating that this idea is absurd as it is.

  10. Not a problem of gun violence, but gang violence with guns….stupid left wants more gun laws to corral the law abiding gun owners. Answer is simple, crack down on gangs and change the laws pertaining to gangs before you do!

  11. Perhaps we should properly define the term “destroyed as a start?

    intransitive verb – to cause ruin or destruction
    “It is proverbially easier to destroy than to construct.” — T. S. Eliot

    That said – and having lived and worked in downtown Portland from 2006 until 2018 – I feel quite confident per the above definition that this once wonderful city, at its core, has indeed been ruined beginning in roughly 2017.

    One simply has to either read the multitude of news stories and commentary regarding the sad state of affairs in Portland to see / hear the evidence of this.

    Or have visited / driven through Portland over the intervening years since 2018 to witness, first hand, why it is ruined and will remain so for years to come.

    For the hearty, or perhaps witless, get a hotel room downtown and spend the evening walking through its core. To include the Park Block, China Town, and the Pearl District. I would not suggest doing so alone.

    Those of us who once lived in Portland, in the city, and loved being able to enjoy its diversity at all hours of the day or night; its cultural sites and statues (many of these vandalized, torn down, or otherwise targeted by the loons on the Right and Left as well as the “common criminal” looking for an easy target, and witnessed day and night the physical attacks and fights between the “homeless” and their attacks on “Joe Citizen”, offer this state of decay is indeed “ruin”.

    Avoidable early on but like the Haight-Ashbury now so many years ago (1966-1967), once the rot sets in and goes untreated the neighborhoods and indeed the city becomes a jungle.

    Portland as it once was is today ruined – and the nightly shootings and killings are stark evidence of this.

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