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Stay-home protesters gather in Prineville

Protesters gathered at Prineville City Hall on Saturday to oppose Gov. Kate Brown's orders to stay home and to keep businesses closed.

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KTVZ News Team



      1. You both just got ‘PUNKED” !

        The Prineville Sheriff has just announced that Prineville is essentially back open for business- and his office will “not” be enforcing your Queen Kate’s heavy handed mandates !

        You both owe the “community pillars- the obese- them hillbillies” a huge apology… they helped do something the rest of the state can’t seem to muster… a solid stand against the worst Governor the state of Oregon has ever had !

        Salem Sucks- Prineville Rules- Take that Portland !!!

        Winning Baby- hookas and golf for everyone !

  1. Just because they don’t look the part doesn’t mean they aren’t productive or community pillars. Not everyone fits in your blonde hair blue eyed society.

    1. my “blond hair blue eyed society”!?!?!? – take a look – they are all of the pale persuasion – what are you trying to sell? – suppose you tell us all you know about those civic minded participants – that would be really interesting

      1. there is more obese people in the city than a town like Prineville, truckers and loggers tend to be heavier. truckers have shorter lifespans than most americans and they are aware of it. if they start off driving truck in their 20s they usually start having problems by their late 30s with diabetes, clogged arteries. average life span around 55, if they make it to 65 they are in worse shape than most 90 year olds

  2. I clearly stated yesterday that there were going to be protests all around the US this weekend- and that KTVZ couldn’t care less… well I was wrong… they actually cared for 15 seconds of this video !

    No interviews- no shots of the signs- just one of those “Hey- we’re here in Prineville- and something is going on” media blips !

    So predictable.

    1. Every comment you make is some kind of insult aimed at KTVZ. Since you dislike it so much, maybe you should cancel your ***FREE*** subscription and take your act somewhere else, you won’t be missed.

    2. Yes, 10 obese, failing hillbillies definitely should be front page!! ROTFLMAO!!! I mean what else have you got!!!

      Sooooooo much winning!!!

  3. And, I’m impressed by the respect for the American flag. Letting it dip onto the wet sidewalk. Any more all it is is a prop.
    I’m thinking these are the same guys that spend all their time taking over fb groups and bullying out anyone they dont like what they hear.

  4. Stay at home protesters should be forced to opt out of any virus treatment, and upon infection should be held at their home on house-arrest until proven by test to be non-contagious. Covidiots All.

    1. I sense your disappointment that your master’s trial run at tyranny is not going well. The Albert Camus quote applies, “The welfare of the people is the alibi of the tyrant”.

  5. Regardless of whether I agree or not, I appreciated not seeing a bunch of AK-47s hanging around the protesters necks. Thank you for focusing on your message!

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