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Prineville protesters want police chief out

A Black Lives Matter protest took place in Prineville on Sunday, this time calling for the resignation or dismissal of Police Chief Dale Cummins over a recent social media posting that they claim endangered protester organizers. Cummins posted again to Facebook on Saturday, encouraging supporters and anyone to share their views by writing to city officials.

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  1. If you ever feel stupid just remember, there are people that have dedicated their lives to fighting racism against blacks in a town made up of 99.99% white people…

  2. Twenty five people showed up for this event.

    There were NO counter protesters.

    Chief Cummins was not present.

    “What if you gave a protest and nobody showed up?”

    1. It’s good to see there weren’t any “counter protestors” as that would have added credibility to the protestors false claims. If they don’t bring any evidence, then their claims can be dismissed without evidence.

  3. I’m disappointed in your coverage of the Prineville protest and your blatant lie about the number of protesters. You state in your coverage “about 50 protesters” yet your video shows about a dozen. It’s really too bad when even your local news can’t tell the truth. It’s sad when the news media can no longer report the news accurately and just have to make it up.

  4. Hmmmm. Watched the FB post on PPD FB page.

    Actually an interview with the other gal who was with JS in their original sit-down with Cummins.

    She offers JC did lie about how the interview went, and Cummins affirms that.

    Very concise and to the point.

    This whole thing is manufactured conflict on the part of these folks. No one is buying it. Only 25 showed up to “demand”…most from Redmond/Bend…COBLA did not participate as an organization…there were no counter protesters.

    Some good OT for the officers called in, though.

  5. Prineville wants the protesters out, and it might be a good thing to just go. blm has created this so called problem, and the main person being hurt is the poor black lady they are claiming to be helping. the police chief aint stepping down because of some blm drama, he’s got the full support of the town. all blm has really done here is single the only black person in town out, and try to put a target on her back.

  6. Oh and by the way, So how many white folks feel closer to the black community after all the murders, rioting, looting and fires BLM has brought to America?

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