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Redmond Senior Center offers ‘Virtual Connections’

Redmond Senior Center

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Today, amid COVID-19 connections with family, friends, and neighbors is as important as ever.  The Redmond Senior Center is stepping up by launching Virtual Connections, a service aimed to create a new way for seniors to connect while quarantined. 

In addition to addressing feelings of isolation, Virtual Connections provides opportunities to gather information and ideas about the community and make sure the most vulnerable seniors have their basic needs – food, medical care, safe housing, and social connection.   

While at the present time the Center facility itself is closed, except for essential meal services, Virtual connections is a way for seniors to not only receive the benefits of connection but also give back to the community with their ideas for broader connection and services.

It's an outreach service involving calling and online programs such as Zoom or Facebook Live.

The Redmond Senior Center facility will reopen when it is safe for people to be together in the community and not only continue its operating services but also expand its array of services once assessed.    

To learn more about how you or a loved one could become involved with the Redmond Senior Center’s Virtual Connections services, contact the office at 541-548-6325 or and check the website at  

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