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City of Redmond begins public survey on economic opportunities analysis

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REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The city of Redmond is currently conducting an update to its Economic Opportunities Analysis, which analyzes community economic patterns, potentialities, strengths and deficiencies as they related to state and national economic trends.

The EOA is a state requirement, which will be incorporated into the city’s Comprehensive Plan 2040, helps identify avenues to better plan for industrial and commercial development.

The city of Redmond is seeking citizen comment on the EOA through an online public survey. The feedback will help update the EOA to determine how to best prepare for and manage the community’s economic development needs. 

As stated by city Planning Manager Deborah McMahon, “Economic development is the process of improving a community’s well-being through job creation, business and income growth. We hope to reach as many people as possible through the survey to help us help better understand the city’s economic comparative advantages and potential weaknesses.”

The EOA will provide a factual basis regarding current economic conditions. It will be used to develop policies that capitalize on Redmond’s opportunities and guide the city’s economic development for the next 20-years.

The survey can be accessed online at  It will be available from June 27 through July 15.

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