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Redmond Fourth of July fireworks show canceled

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REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The annual Redmond Fourth of July fireworks shows hosted by the Redmond Chamber and held at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds will not occur this year, the organizations announced Friday afternoon.

Here's the rest of the statement, posted to the chamber's Facebook page:

"The decision was made in collaboration with the Chamber, the Deschutes County Fairgrounds & Expo Center Director, the Redmond Police Chief, Fire Chief and in consultation with Deschutes County Health Services.

"This team spent many weeks examining whether the event could be held in a manner that made it COVID-safe.

"The conclusion was, it could not. News released today by the Oregon Health Authority related to a sharp uptick in cases and inconsistency with people observing physical distancing requirements reaffirmed their conclusions," the announcement concluded.

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    2. A ‘nonsense’ decision made by an all-republican group of small-town city leaders and fire and police. They told you why too; because “inconsistency with people observing physical distancing requirements reaffirmed their conclusions”. You all wont wear a mask and stay 6′, so you don’t get to have nice things.

  1. So, Bend can safely plan but Redmond can’t? I’m guessing part of the decision was made based on bathroom use. Redmond never provides portable bathrooms and the public goes in random locations without proper disposure. Get a clue Redmond.

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