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Redmond veteran mourns dog killed by off-leash dog; now, she wants answers

'This has to matter. Tucker has to matter.'

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Retracing her steps, Army and Air Force veteran Debra Slade on Monday revisited where she last took her dog, 10-year-old Tucker, over the weekend, when it was fatally attacked by another dog.

Slade said her small dog was killed at American Legion Park in Redmond on Saturday while walking through the parking lot, when she said a bigger dog that was off its leash ambushed and attacked him.

She said she tried to intervene, but unfortunately couldn't stop the dog in time to save Tucker's life.

Near where the incident happened, blood could still be seen on the sidewalk.

"He killed my dog, and he didn't care -- and Tucker bled to death," Slade said

While Slade held Tucker, bystanders told her that the other dog's owner loaded the animal into his pickup truck and drove off.

Slade is now looking for answers.

"We need to find this dog, we need to find the owner," she said, tearfully. "It needs to matter. This has to matter. Tucker has to matter."

Slade has asked the police for help finding the man. She said she wants to take him to court. She also wants to see the leash law enforced.

"We have to stop this from happening," she said. "If this was a toddler, that child would be dead."

Another couple taking their dogs for a walk in the same park Monday spoke to Slade.

Pamela Cruse said they have seen dogs off of their leashes in that park as well, which concerns them, as they also own small dogs.

"Just the potential of something going bad, and it's a respect for other people to keep your dog leash," she said.

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Blake Allen

Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



    1. Sorry but I have to call you out on this! While it’s sad this dog died there is nothing in any records, licensing, or from witnesses’ views or any type of coat/leash on the dog to indicate anything of the sort.

      1. Service dog or not, the owner of the other dog should have never had them in public without a leash. Regardless of whether or not the dog usually responds to commands, you can’t always know what they’re thinking. The person in this story lost their companion because the other person was completely negligent.

      2. What does it take to be a service animal? Maybe a college degree for the animal? How many and what kind of witness to satisfy your level of proof? Maybe a neon sign painted down its back? Why could it not just be the specific animal that particular person that picked each other and clicked? From you comment it appears we need to be asking for regulatory permission or it can’t be a service animal no matter if both do fit each other??? Why???

    2. Even without details, this mention does feel like a breach of confidentiality of service provider-client relationship. Maybe I missed it but did not see or hear Tucker described as a service dog in this story.

  1. So sorry Debra. I hope you find some answers and resolve to prevent this from happening to someone else and their beloved companion. Also, prayers for comfort and healing for you.

    1. re: cogitare.. does it really matter? “c’mon.. why do you need to know.? I’m sure if the reporter knew it would be mentioned.. seeing as how the story doesn’t mention it. no one told the reporter.

    1. Right. Does it somehow make this more tragic? Are we supposed to feel worse for her than we would for a regular civilian? Can veterans start whipping out our ID cards every time we feel wronged and expect better treatment. Or is this dog a service animal for PTSD or something related to her service?

      1. I don’t know.
        It does seem that LBGT and feminists whip out the card daily not to mention Antifa and BLM so your point is not just foolish but inane.

  2. My heart goes out to Debra for this tragic loss of her lovely companion. I question, what kind of dog was the aggressor, make, model color of the vehicle it left in and what did the person who had the killer dog look like. Help us help find the perpetrator of this crime. Help locate and dispose of this aggressive animal and do something to stop the idiot who turn it lose.

    1. I agree. It mentioned people watching him load up the dog in his pickup. They need to give the information to the police of him, his truck and the dog. And the police need to do their job. I have a Pit mix and she has been attacked several times by male dogs. A couple times showing blood. She is now scared of male dogs. She avoids them and barks at them to try to scare them. I carry a spray with me to use if they try to attack her. It is a necessity anymore and it shouldn’t have to be if others would control their dogs.

  3. We quit taking our dog to Redmond’s parks just for this reason. Too many people don’t think leash laws apply to them. Yes, leashes are required at all Redmond parks.

  4. So people just watched this happen, and then watched him load the dog and go? Nobody did anything to help her or stop him? What the hell has happened to people in the first place that they would just drive away, and that nobody did anything?

    I’ll help this woman

  5. I don’t know why others are having a problem that this woman was a Veteran. She joined up to protect your fannys. That being said, the bottom line here is a big dog attacked and killed a little dog and the owner left the scene. At the end of the day, that is against the law. Show a little empathy. This woman just lost a beloved companion.

  6. SERIOUSLY people? It would seem that a few folks on this thread weren’t in line when compassion / empathy was being distributed.

    Show some care for another. Wow.

  7. I had a huge dog jump my fence and even broke the wood in Redmond the other day . I have 2 mini Daschunds my shot gun is loaded and by the back door . For some reason people think its ok to have their dogs loose . I would rather punish the human than the dog but seeing your dog killed by an aggressive dog is horrible been there die that . I will strangle it to death if I have to to protect my pups

  8. I wonder if the attacking dog owner is one who, prior to this event, defended not using a leash because his dog is so “well trained.” I’ve heard that comment so many times from owners of unleashed dogs that have jumped up on me while I walked. They are animals who are well trained. …until they aren’t. Keeping your dog on a leash is not a reflection of your ability as a trainer – it’s the law!

  9. So sorry for your loss Debra. I hope they find the dog and owner responsible. Tucker was an adorable pup and I’m sure you gave him a wonderful life.

    Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms.

  10. Deborah, my heart breaks for you and for Tucker, hoping more details come to light and some justice can be served. He looks like a very good boy. Take care.

  11. My condolences for her loss. This likely could have been avoided had the other dog been leashed. I had a large breed dog who was attacked in an apartment parking lot, while I was heading to the dog area. Another large dog leapt out of a minivan with the sliding door open as the people were unloading groceries. It happens so fast, you have little time to react. My dog survived, luckily, but we both had serious trauma from it. The owner was angry with me and never even apologized. I wasn’t even near his vehicle. Animals react based on instinct and personality. The owner should do the right thing and come forward.

  12. I feel bad for the lady and for the dog. Whether it was a service dog or not, for many people
    their pets are their family. Losing an animal is hard enough, whether it dies from natural causes or is put down, but watching it being mauled to death would be terrible…
    The fact that the other dog owner left the scene afterwards says a lot about how our
    society has changed, and not for the better. Yes he likely would have gotten fined if his dog
    was running loose, and maybe it’s possible that his dog would have been put down, but dealing with it is not only the law, it’s the responsible thing to do…

  13. What did the dog look like? Were any of the witnesses able to say what the owner looked like and or the vehicle? More details would help the community assist in finding this person.

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