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Redmond PD to crack down, enforce off-leash dog laws after fatal attack

Redmond police car
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REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Redmond Police Department said Thursday it will crack down on leash laws after receiving complaints regarding dogs being off-leash in public places and in one instance an off-leash dog attacked and killed another dog.

City ordinance prohibits dogs from being at large (off leash or bridle) except in designated public off-leash areas (dog park) or when a dog is in a recognized obedience school on field training exercise under the direct supervision of a handler.

Starting Wednesday, Redmond police will be conducting enhanced enforcement efforts for animals off leash, especially in the Dry Canyon and other city parks. The base fine for animal at large is $250.

"Please consider the safety of your dog and the dogs and people around you by keeping your dogs on leash when in public places," a Facebook post stated. "Thank you in advance for keeping your dog on leash, so everyone can safely enjoy our public spaces."

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  1. as they should.. and bend Pd. as well. I’ve seen many people with off leash dogs around the city.. even though there are plenty of off leash dog parks available. Extremely disrespectful

  2. Good for Redmond. I hate dogs and dog owners who aren’t responsible by keeping their dog on a leash. So many dog owners think “oh my dog is the kindest and sweetest, it would never attack or bite!!” Dog owners that think that are extremely annoying…not mention have no respect for others or people who might have allergies.

    1. Yes. So many times I’ve heard, “He or she is usually good and listens” as it jumps all over me while walkibg, or ” My dog doesn’t need a leash because it’s trained.” They’re dogs! Having them on a leash is not a reflection of your ability as a trainer. It’s the law! They are all “well trained, good digs”…until they aren’t. So hail the RPD and may their coffers fill with the coin of the scofflaws.

    2. Dont hate the dog, hate the owners. The reason the dog is the way it is is because the owner made it that way. The dog is not going to say to the owner “You better put my leash on” or “You better keep me contained”. There is no such thing as a irresponsible dog. Only irresponsible owners.

  3. Apparently they go by ODOT codes of so many deaths attributed to something before they will do anything about it. This is not the first time a dog had been killed or attacked by an off leash dog. 2008 my service dog was almost killed by an off leash dog. The Vet bills ran over $5000 by the time he was well. In 2006 another dog of mine WAS killed by an off leash dog. Too little too late IMO.

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