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Redmond Chamber to review future Fourth floats in wake of Confederate flag flap

(Update: adding video, comments from People's Rights of Oregon, Redmond Chamber official, Redmond residents)

'It definitely caused an issue with the community. Therefore, it needs to be addressed,' Redmond Chamber official says

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- About 100 floats rolled through downtown Redmond on Sunday during the city's Fourth of July parade, back after a year off due to the pandemic. However, some people's image of the event has been tainted by a single float from People's Rights of Oregon, which depicted the U.S. Civil War -- and included a Confederate flag at the front.

And that's led to a change in parade organizers' plans for future events.

People's Rights is a conservative political activist group with several chapters across the state, including in Redmond. The group had several floats in Sunday's parade, which is put on by the Redmond Chamber of Commerce, most of which were not problematic.

But it only took that one float to overshadow the rest.

"It definitely caused an issue with the community," Redmond Chamber Executive Director Eric Sande told NewsChannel 21 Tuesday. "Therefore, it needs to be addressed."

Some residents were outraged when they saw the float.

One woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told NewsChannel 21, "That's not okay. That's not acceptable. That's a symbol of hate. That's a symbol of racism. For that to be openly out there in front of children on the sidewalk and family members and just waving like it's another day, it's just unacceptable."

Others saw no issue with it at all, including Craig Callaway, who said, “The so-called ‘woke community’ should not try to cancel history, and that's what's going on here. These folks are trying to cancel history."

The Redmond Chamber of Commerce organized the parade, and does have a loose set of guidelines that try to keep politics out of the event.

However, People’s Rights of Oregon said this was not a political statement - rather, it was a historical demonstration. They provided this statement online, which says, in part:

"We stand firm on the statement, ‘those that do not know their history are bound to repeat the mistakes of the past.’ The confederate flag is a part of our American history. History cannot be changed, for the better or the worse. While we understand many see this flag as a symbol of racism, just as many see the flag as a representation of a time in history where more than racism and slavery were in question."

Eric Sande, executive director of the Redmond Chamber, said he spoke with the person who was in charge of the float, Scott Stuart, and learned he is a Civil War historian. The float was intended to depict the U.S. Civil War, with Union and Confederate soldiers, to go along with the U.S. and Confederate flags.

The Chamber of Commerce has not reviewed float entries before the parade in the past, or this year. However, Sande said, had they known, they wouldn't have allowed the flag to be there.

"If it was an individual just walking with a Confederate flag, then that's – again, none of it makes it acceptable, but we just need to address it as it comes up and try to prevent it from happening again,” he said.

Moving forward, though, Sande said the Chamber of Commerce will do things differently and will review each float to make sure it's as appropriate as possible, within their legal rights.

People's Rights of Oregon did have several other floats in the parade, one of which took home a first-place prize.

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    1. It’s okay, Redneckmond citizens can just head 20 minutes east to ol’ Prinetuck and the confederate flags are more than welcome there.

      1. Today is the 6 month anniversary of the republican domestic terror attack on the US Capitol building, in an attempt to stop a free and fair election count and overthrow the Federal Government.

        Happy Insurrectionversary!!

        1. Where have I said one thing that would indicate I’m a white supremacist? Sorry, no confederate flag here either. I won’t be flying that one ever. I also won’t get my panties in a bunch because someone else flies it.

      1. I personally know a few that have been here for decades. I know a few that have aged out and are no longer with us as well. I’m not going to name them because other than being big time racists they do have some redeeming qualities. A couple are very high profile local shakers and movers.

        1. Toupee doesn’t post racist stuff. He just doesn’t believe that they exist because he probably thinks that everyone is just like him, except the people that he thinks are bad such as liberals and progressives. And in his mind they are all very bad and so are their children.

            1. OK BARNS….never once have I posted anything about being a white supremacist and I think allowing that post is absolutely wrong. You’ve hit a new low sir.

              1. You clearly haven’t read comments here very long. People have called each other racists etc. for years. That is not in and of itself an unsubstantiated criminal allegation.
                However, posting the same thing repeatedly to the same story ALSO will result in comments being deleted. Maybe to different stories if it turns into harassment.

                1. My favorite thing in this comment section right now is this new twist that you yourself set in motion with your comment to our resident Boomers-with-broken-caps-lock-keys in response to them asking why their hate/lies/racism/conspiracies are the only things correctly being singled out, deleted, or pushed back on: “If someone complains then I’ll look into it”. So now every thread is chock-full of repubiClown heads exploding in ALL CAPS about racism or some other infraction that they wholeheartedly support otherwise, but now feign outrage in this venue in an attempt to gain the moderated upper hand on people who obviously hold the moral upper hand. You will eventually have to put an end to it, but the drama is entertaining while you work up the nerve.

                2. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I started nothing. People have been throwing around racists allegations here for a long time. This kind of story is always likely to bring more of them.

              2. seriously? – what are you going for? bully/coward whiner of the year? – you attack so many people with your alpha delusional blather, and now you are crying? – are you that kid who didn’t get a good smackdown back in school and never learned that you weren’t all that, like the rest of us? – time to grow up son

            2. I call ’em as I see ’em. I’ve been reading ‘Kate Clown’ and others’ garbage here for years and have no qualms with the “white supremacist” label, it is what it is.

        2. NEVER TRUMPER….I have NEVER posted anything about white supremacy or being in favor of racism. Your comment is sick. You are white trash. Your boi barney allows this trash too. You are the problem with the world. How do you know that I don’t have family members that are of color, you trash. I expect a apology, but I know you aren’t man enough to even know the problems you cause. Your mommy done ironing your antifa black bloc?

            1. actually not true, was very nice for a long time, but now just playing on a even field with these losers. BTW “Never Trumper” is a white supremacist.

              1. see dude, you still don’t get it – you will always be the eternal victim – no matter what you do, everyone is so unfair to you – jeeze you are pathetic

              2. Which is exactly how I turned. There was a time when thoughtful comments could be made on this board but a group of left-leaning jerks like Ringo and the guy that ran the public radio in Bend for a while turned it into a political and hate platform. Once they started making personal attacks on people that didn’t agree with them it was all on! This is why now, my goal is to be the best troll I can be with neither side safe from the hits!

          1. Did I hit a nerve? let’s get you a tissue and have your mom draw you a hot bubble bath! maybe after you calm down a little you can be allowed to come back online with the adults! This forum is not for children and I thought you were at least 18, I was wrong apparently!

            1. Nope didn’t hit a never, just funny that you would call me a white supremacist because it’s not even remotely true. But, go ahead big boy, call me names online. It makes you feel better about your pathetic little life, hope I can help. When will your black bloc be ready for your next antifa riot?

              1. Kate,. You need to reread your past post from the last few months ( i just started reading these blogs since then). Your ulta right conservative believes usually go hand in hand with WS

          2. Pretty defensive tonight, aren’t you Clowney? Stop whining with the “I’m not a crook” claim and blaming others for your shortcomings. Maybe ending your comments with something other than a stupid attempt at an insult might be a good start. Hope your evening is better than your day appears to be.

        3. Yet you think it’s ok to shame populations of color over low vax rates, along with the sterilization of our people? It’s you, white liberal elitists, we need to fear!

        1. there is nothing to deny. I was accued of posting racist things which is 100% not true. When a pathetic liberal has no argument they call someone a racist.

    1. I think we can all agree that one white supremacist is one too many. I am inclined to throw some shade SUNNY’s way though. This characterization (white supremacy), is at best ignorant and at worst is the sort of narrow minded elitism that only amplifies division. Right minded people do better than label those they’ve never met.

      It’s what you learn after you know it all that matters most – John Wooden

      1. I’ve worked with the public in Redmond/Central Oregon for the last 20 years and I stand by what I said — if you’re unaware there are WAY too many white supremacists in Central Oregon, you haven’t been paying attention.

        1. The existence of those that espouse white supremacy isn’t in question. Your judgement is however, as evidenced by the eagerness to label others you’ve never met.

          It’s what you learn after you know it all that matters most – John Wooden

          1. It’s not lost on me that several of you here took my comment personally, apologies for zeroing in on those who feign offense. “There is none so blind as he who will not see.”

        2. Or it’s possible you are projecting your prejudice as you are the common denominator and can’t tell the difference between objective and subjective. Do you really know what people think or read minds? I doubt most people are just going to tell you “Hey, I’m superior because I’m white”.

  1. I’m not sure why we need a parade period, or how we decide who or what should be in a parade. Hiding history does not correct past wrongs, or prevent future ones. It is not my governments duty to protect you from being offended. Your emotions are your own responsibility. People need to stop being such wilting flowers. If you let one historical flag ruin your day, that’s on you.

    1. Fyi ~ there are policies that are to be complied with when registering for the parade. This particular group did not comply and in fact ignored them.

    2. “Hiding history”
      LOL. Texas has a law saying you can’t talk about how slaves and slave ownership figured into the battle at the Alamo. Whose hiding history here?

    3. Flying a flag that represents the highest form of treason (fighting against our country)during a celebration on our most patriotic day is not just displaying history!

  2. Non-political Civil War historian glorifying a part of our history whose main component was enslavement on the day of our country’s celebration of freedom? More proof that there are more rectums than people in the world today.

      1. What was the point of displaying the confederate flag other than to stir up controversy? Got themselves a whole of attention, now didn’t they…..

    1. Most Confederate flag wavers around here have never been to Dixie and ever fewer would ever consider relocating there. And if they did go the locals would hate them just like we hate outsiders here, maybe even more so. If you ain’t from there best not go there trying to fit in.

      1. most people living in Dixie think the confederate jack is a symbol of losers, displayed by losers – these people are clueless, delusional nutjobs wherever they are waving that hate rag around

    2. Sorry to say- that what happened in the South in the 1850’s has landed right here in Oregon in 2020- to be specific- the loss of individual civil liberties- attacks on our economy by Government officials- threats by Government to take over private land- illegal closures of food and supply lines- creating regional shortages- “Taxation without representation” ! I’d throw in undeclared Martial Law against the civilians- a Dictatorship in Salem… I’d say if you got a Confederate Battle Flag- Fly it proudly- I know I do !

      1. – yea, loss of civil liberties – can’t imagine what it must have been like for enslaved people to lose their “civil liberties”

        – do you even understand how insanely absurd you are?

  3. The Confederate Flag does not represent racism nor slavery.

    I wish people would actually do research for themselves and find out what this great flag really meant. As well as how and why it was created.

    1. You are correct, it represents TREASON!. So why display on our most patriotic day? Either, he is stupid, uncaring, unpatriotic, or something more sinister, who knows.

        1. July 4th is to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What was the purpose of a Civil War float other than to stir up controversy and get people upset?

    2. research? – right – “this great flag” has a short, stupid and completely white supremacist slavery history, and nothing more – it has never been different – hell, i have shoes older than your beloved confederacy – some heritage you worship

    1. No one is saying we need to erase history. However, celebrating an enemy faction that fought over the right to own slaves is downright wrong and unpatriotic.

      1. Then why don’t you go study some- and take the Irrelevant one with you- cause neither of you appear to know a damn thing about the lead up- causes- or actual components of the US Civil War. You half-wits are exactly the reason why the US is headed down the same path- a second time ! Your “Insurrection” was nothing but a shoving match compared to what may lay ahead if you all don’t change course- the next volley across the bow will come from Arizona- the 2020 Presidential Election Audit… where we learn that ‘The Steal-Was Real” !

        1. Would it make you feel better if we just admit the steal is real…… but Republicans are just too stupid to figure it out or change it? I know I would thoroughly enjoy twisting that knife deeper into the wound.

    2. what an insipid comment…

      who doesn’t know about the civil war?! we just don’t want to celebrate those who would rather kill other americans instead of giving up slavery!

      1. OK- I’ll Play… “who doesn’t know about the civil war?!”… I’d say every liberal socialist goofball commenting on this site today doesn’t have a clue as to what the US Civil War was all about- hell- you all don’t even know how many Southern- “Non Slave Owners” were murdered by Northern troops trying to protect their farms, families, small businesses… You all OK with your limited education ???

    3. If you want to learn history, read some books. A 4th of July parade is for celebrating our country, not our country’s former enemies.

    1. When did anyone flying the rainbow flag enslave anyone as did those who flew the confederate flag. And by the way, that is not the Stars and Bars which was the official flag of Confederacy it is the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. A flag which was carried into combat against the US.

      1. The parents of the 3,0000 (THREE THOUSAND)mostly black males killed in Chicago in the last 5 years just might find the Black Lives Matter flag and organization a bit offensive and hypocritical. Black lives matter when it promotes an agenda, not so much otherwise.

  4. Let’s just have an alternative parade featuring all those who have opposed American freedoms and democracy and human rights. Give the white supremacists and neo-nazis the opportunity to march and to bravely wave their particular emblems without competing flags to detract from their plumage. I doubt they will attract sponsorships from St. Charles and the Chamber, but, at least, they will have the street all to themselves for a few minutes.

  5. Had nephews from east coast here for the fourth (family reunion). They came back from the parade (Madras) saying “wow, you guys have a lot of Confederated flags here? Is your county filled with bigots and racists?). This from 17 and 15 year olds. Not what I want them to see from my county (Jefferson). Not what I want them telling other about my county. They know we aren’t, but now believe where we live is.

    1. I agree, it was sad to see that in the Madras parade. One positive note is the crowd (at least around me) seemed to be turned off by it too.

    2. Jefferson county commissioners are right conservatives,. Were Anti mask etc, .. Jefferson county needs to vote in some democrat commissioners or else it will just get worse.

  6. Loser flag of an enemy nation.
    Reminds me of a more recent loser flag I still see here and there now and then.

    The more different, opposing, customized and partisan versions of flags there are the more they start to resemble random rags on sticks. Especially the ones of our defeated enemies.

  7. Three simple words: Freedom of Speech. If you don’t like it, look the other way, or move to North Korea. When you attack the rights of unpopular groups eventually they will come after you.

    1. So a symbol of TREASON against the USA makes you think others should move to North Korea? you are the one who’s the unpatriotic jerk!

      1. Let me see, who’s defending freedom and who is afraid of a piece of cheap cloth and wants to silence those who are simply waving a flag. I think you would fit in very well with Mr Un. Maybe you can report your neighbors for talking bad about the dear leader. The first amendment is there to protect unpopular speech, not to prevent snowflakes from crying.

        1. I hope to see you defend US flag burners with this much vigor, as they are exercising their freedom and after all, it’s just a cheap piece of cloth.

  8. Was the float giving priority to the Confederates or was it merely depicting uniforms and flags of that war? Also seems like a good reminder of what could have happened after the Battle of Fort Sumter had my Great Great Grandfather and others like him had not fought to end slavery.

  9. Seems these days you are a WHITE supremacists, if you love your history, and your country, doesn’t matter the color of your skin.
    It may come from people who hate in general, even themselves, and who they have, or have not become in their lives, they want to blame all others for their failures, when they know, it has been their choices, that really got them to where they are today, that is why they are so angry. It is a sad truth, and I would say 90% + are indeed, WHITE.

  10. You fly that flag brother! The fact that these people think lincoln was a dem and saved them blows my mind. The stuff they don’t teach in school is criminal

    1. You have serious issues! I don’t know what school and college you attend but its taught clearly the confederate flag was flown by people who fought to keep people in slavery. I learned it…my kids learned…you need to educate your self. Some of us care about our neighbors feeling welcome in their own community. That flag belongs in history books only not in a float or flying out of your pickup truck!!!

      1. Freedom of speech..if a person can burn the stars and stripes as a protest(freedom of speech) then why can’t a person fly a flag they want? If it offends you then perhaps you should learn to have more tolerance towards others regardless of whether or not you agree with them.

        1. Anyone CAN fly that (or any other) flag. Also, anyone is free to find it objectionable, to call them out for it, to judge them for it and to label them for it. Freedom of speech works both ways, it is not a blank check to avoid scrutiny. Freedom of speech requires a spine.

  11. Ammon Bundy has all these crazies wrapped around his finger, why else would trump let him out of prison early. Can’t believe the sheep that follow the Peoples Rights cause! They completely flipped the bill of rights and separation of Church and state.

  12. I can’t wait for our country to be dominated by another. This country is too weak to continue as a world power. So many sensitive weaklings running around here.

  13. Having just returned from Pennsylvania for an American History vacation, there is nothing wrong with the float. It depicted both sides. What are you going to do erase US history? What would Gettysburg and all the other National Historic Sites be like sans the CSA? You liberals offended by a flag are wound up tight. Give it a break.

    1. Context. If you can’t understand the geographical difference between a Civil War battlefield and a 4th of July parade in Oregon, or can’t understand that the Civil War and the Revolutionary War were not the same events, well, you are kind of a lost cause. A historically accurate statement for the 4th of July would be flying a Union Jack since, you may remember, we were fighting the British. The CBF has nothing to do with Independence Day and flying it was a political statement. If you don’t want people trying to erase history, stop warping it to fit your narrative.

  14. People that call others racist have no other argument and zero proof to support their claim. It’s easy to do and requires no critical thought. In fact, the word has no more meaning because the dems have used it so much it’s become less effective and more unbelievable.

  15. Being American by birth and Southern by the grace of God, I love seeing a bunch of Yankees debating the meaning of the CBF. I am a descendant of slave owners and Confederate soldiers. Those people were just as bent on the destruction of the United Sates of America as Hirohito, Mussolini and that little German guy ever were. The role slavery played in the Civil War is overstated and the role federal power played at the state level is understated. But, make no mistake, the Confederacy was a self-declared foreign nation intent on destroying the Union. Aggrandizing the uniform of a “foreign” nation, an aggressor, on the 4th of July is about as un-American as you can possibly get. Besides, if someone REALLY wanted to make a historical statement, a British Red Coat would be more contextually appropriate for 1776.

    1. As fellow southern transplant who grew up and lived for decades “way down south in Dixie”, I whole heartedly agree with you. The people flying these flags like to think they have some sort of kinship with the “good ol rebs”, when a southerner would have about as much use for them as yankees as a submarine would have a use for a screen door.

    2. Interesting info. I don’t know much about the context and meaning of the Confederate flag and don’t care much either way. I do recall that the South was fighting against being controlled by The North and that slavery was a central point. However, what you said makes even more sense. Previously I wouldn’t care either way, but that is the most compelling argument against flying the Confederate flag.

    3. I would disagree that the “role slavery played in the Civil war is overstated.” Perhaps at the beginning it was a more a conflict over states’ rights, but as the war went on its role increased to the point that it became the rallying cry for both sides.

      1. “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union.” Abraham Lincoln, August 22, 1862

          1. The Emancipation Proclamation only ended slavery in states and areas that were in rebellion. Slavery was left alone in states and areas that did not secede or join the Confederate cause. Apparently this “rallying cry” did not extend to Maryland, for example. Certainly there was pro and anti sentiment on both sides and it was not uniformly distributed. But slavery as the casus belli? Definitely not.

    4. Someone needs to pull your southern card, son. It was the battle flag of the army of North Virginia and it was square. It was also a square when it was relegated to the corner of the “shining flag” from 1863-65. But yes, it’s ridiculous and the only people I knew who flew it in the fifteen years I lived in the Deep South were stupid kids and white trash.

  16. “We need to keep history alive so we can teach kids about our history!”~Rebel flag wavers

    “Critical race theory in education? Uh…that promotes divisiveness and is bad for kids.”~Also rebel flag wavers.

  17. Everyone of you are a Nazi and White Supremacist person of no color sorry your not allowed to speak or have an opinion you have been canceled .

  18. The Democrats lost that war, and they want to hide it, They are always hiding their own history, because they need to, if only people would seek it out for themselves, instead they are relying on, Facebook, Twitter, cnn, and the like to teach them.

    1. To the contrary, their history is taught very openly in history, even the party shift of the racism of the Southern Democrats to the Republican party.

  19. And this organization, which willfully broke the rules, was given a first place prize?

    Well I think we start by revoking that. That’s the least the Chamber of Commerce could do. A more fitting result would be revoking it and not allowing this group into any future parades.

    And this quote is more than a little troubling:

    “”If it was an individual just walking with a Confederate flag, then that’s – again, none of it makes it acceptable, but we just need to address it as it comes up and try to prevent it from happening again,” he said.”

    If it was just an individual walking with a confederate flag, then… what? Were you going to say “That would be ok.” Mr. Sande? Because it wouldn’t. That flag has zero place in our community, let alone in a fourth of July parade. It is the flag of an enemy nation. Flying it for the 4th would make about as much or even less sense than flying the British Union jack.

    Shame on the Redmond Chamber of Commerce for allowing this to go with not even a slap on the wrist. Way to set the example for our town.

  20. Oh please. A southern pride flag offended a few, and only a few parade goers. Do they not get offended by the American flag? You know the one the American union soldiers flew as they went to war with Native Americans all across the northwest. The one they flew after bombing 2 of Japan’s largest civilian cities. Please. History is ugly. That’s why we live for the present.

    1. Go to New York City, the Pentagon or Shanksville, PA. Dress up like Osama Bin Laden. Waive a Taliban…er…”Middle Eastern pride flag.” I’m certain someone will explain it to you.

      1. Pretty sure the US had a scuffle with Mexico, I see many Mexican flags being flown on American soil, do we cancel them as well?
        Or maybe we can have some tolerance. Does it hurt anyone? Until the last few years the CBF was never even thought to be an issue. If you saw one being flown most likely it was disregarded and people move on with thier business. Instead of being offered or covering your child’s eye use it as a teachable moment.

    2. History has it’s good moments as well as it’s bad. Nuance is tough these days. I bet I could come up with a time or two that the old stars and stripes flew proudly over just causes. Doesn’t mean I’m proud of everything it has ever done.

  21. It was a dark time in American history but both sides were American. So this float was just showing us that there was two sides to this AMERICAN conflict. If you want cancel history come meet me at my apartment by COCC and I will show you some history lessons. 😉

    1. If you mean that both sides were situated on the North American continent, then yes, both sides were American. If you believe that both sides were “USA” American, well, you aren’t really grasping what secession is all about.

  22. The confederation had no business to be depicted during a celebration of our nation’s independence. They did not take place at the same historical moment. This was solely done to state a political belief. It is disgraceful that this was done the way it was. This action is not helping the cause of trying to preserve history.

    1. So you are saying this group in the parade wants to go to battle? More session? We saw enough on Jan. 6 to put most people off of a group like this. They seem to hide behind some kind of rights that they don’t have. I’m not buying it. It is like the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) in the 60’s on the left. They hide behind Democracy but wound up bombing and taking over buildings…that wasn’t democracy and this group isn’t really about people’s rights. Don’t be fringe followers of a radical group.

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