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Shepherd’s House plans to renovate former Redmond church to help the homeless

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Shepherd’s House Ministries, a nonprofit shelter operator in Bend, is partnering with Redmond churches to develop a year-round shelter for Redmond's homeless population.

Director of Development Dave Notari, said they have been doing winter ministries in Redmond and in that seven year span, they have been looking for an opportunity to develop a homeless shelter. 

“The need in Redmond continues to grow with those who are experiencing homelessness and are unhoused,” Notari said.

With the homeless population growing in Redmond, Notari is glad to play a vital role in the solution. The homeless shelter will be located in a former Redmond church on Highway 97 and is scheduled to be up and running by next January. 

When asked about who qualifies to stay at the shelter, Notari shared, “It will be a low-barrier shelter which means it's really easy for folks to get in.”

He explained that anyone going through struggles and experiencing homelessness will be welcome to come in to get food, shelter, clothing, and case management services.

In the future, Notari says the ministry plans to develop a recovery program.

“That will be an opportunity for those who really want to recapture their lives to experience that,” he said.

The shelter will be available for overnight services, which will accommodate the homeless anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

For those who wish to to take on the recovery program, they have the option to stay for a longer term, anywhere from 6-18 months.

For the longer-term services, Notari said, “We want to make sure we utilize that time to train them to know what it’s like to actually run an emergency shelter, to allow those residents who step in for recovery to also be serving the population."

Notari said that’s an important vision of Shepherd’s House Ministries.

Mountainview Fellowship Church, one of the partner churches, has been involved in winter ministries and is taking this next step with Shepherd’s House Ministries. 

Associate Pastor Emily Nelson says she is excited about what the future will bring through this new partnership and shared why she believes it matters.

“It’s taking care of an urgent need, but this is something that says, 'Hey, we are your community,'” she said.

Notari noted that Shepherd’s House Ministries is working hard with designers and contractors to get plans in place for opening. Additionally, they will be fundraising from now until the Redmond shelter opens.

It is one of two such shelter projects underway in Redmond, Bethlehem Inn, another shelter located in Bend, recently received a Project Turnkey grant to turn a former motel into a homeless shelter.

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Bola Gbadebo

Bola Gbadebo is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Bola here.



  1. Another example of the soft bigotry of low, or no expectations:

    “When asked about who qualifies to stay at the shelter, Notari shared, “It will be a low-barrier shelter which means it’s really easy for folks to get in.”


    In the future, Notari says the ministry plans to develop a recovery program.”

    Show up hammered, don’t work, don’t get help, but sure…come on in.

    1. yep. It’s as if these dummies have never heard the term “enabler”. Anyone who has ever dealt with addiction knows that supplying the addict (or homeless- usually one in the same, regardless of the activists who claim these are all folks who were just one paycheck short on rent) in this case, “low barriers” is completely counterproductive. Bend’s a lost cause- I mean, have you ever seen the clowns on city council, or their meetings?? More people need to tune in, they’d be shocked at the incompetent fools charting the course of our city.

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