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SW Redmond apparent hit-and-run crash leaves woman seriously hurt; police seek witnesses

(Update: Adding video, comments from resident near crash scene)

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Redmond police are seeking witnesses or any information after a woman was found lying in a southwest Redmond street early Tuesday morning with life-threatening injuries from an apparent hit-and-run vehicle-pedestrian crash.

Redmond police and Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies responded around 3:40 a.m. to the report of a woman lying in the roadway near Southwest Obsidian Avenue and 25th Street, Captain Devin Lewis said.

Based on the initial investigation, the unidentified woman apparently was involved in a vehicle-vs.-pedestrian crash, sustaining life-threatening injuries, Lewis said. She was taken to St. Charles Bend for treatment.

“At this point in the investigation, a suspect vehicle and other involved parties have yet to be identified,” the police captain said.

A homeowner who lives along Obsidian Avenue told NewsChannel 21 that her camera's security doorbell may have captured footage of the hit-and-run.

In the video, which the homeowner provided to police, she said a dark object can be seen lying on the street. The homeowner also said the footage shows the woman was lying in the road for about 20 minutes before a passing driver stopped and called police.

NewsChannel 21 also was sent a video by a viewer who was in the area. In it, a white truck can be seen, and the viewer said the driver of that truck was the one who called for help.

Neighbors who wished not to be identified also were shocked to hear the woman was left lying on the road after being hit.

Police are looking for the suspect driver and are working to identify the woman. 

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash are asked to call county dispatchers at 541-693-6911.

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Leslie Cano

Leslie Cano is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Leslie here.



    1. Ring records when motion is detected and most people will limit their motion detection to only their property so the will not continuously get motion alerts when cars drive by. I live on this street and had nothing. Wish it was that easy.

  1. It’s pretty quiet at 3 am in Redmond. These were probably the only two people on the road. That could be a contributing factor. Traffic isn’t expecting a pedestrian and pedestrians aren’t expecting traffic.

  2. The typical motorist thinks that they own the entire road and are entitled to be the sole user of every road. It’s entirely possible that driver was aware that they hit a pedestrian or maybe a cyclist and didn’t even realize that they are supposed to stop if they’ve done that. It’s also entirely possible that the motorist was entirely unaware of any collision as most modern cars are designed to obscure and insulate occupants from rough roads and other nuisances such as locals being in the motorist’s road that they really truly believe that own entirely. Of course they will blame the pedestrian for the motorist out driving their headlights and for not wearing protective gear like airbags and a crumple zone while walking.

    1. I’m pretty sure none of what you said is true, except maybe the part about blaming the pedestrian. Most nighttime pedestrian strikes are found to be the result of wearing dark clothing, not using a light and stepping into traffic. It is the responsibility of a driver to yield. It is the responsibility of a pedestrian to be seen. It’s common sense, and it’s the law.

      1. Only a driver has control over out driving their headlights. But then maybe the driver was being blinded by another drivers headlights. And how is a pedestrian responsible for being seen when opposing drivers are speeding and blinding each other? And how is a pedestrian supposed to keep track of how much a driver has had to drink?

  3. Yet again another headline that says a victim got themselves injured and not that a driver injured a pedestrian. Typical American media implies always that motorists aren’t responsible. I suggest a headline more like “Motorist flees after running over person in Redmond”.

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