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Two Redmond councilors urge city to prepare for federally legal marijuana dispensaries

(Update: Adding video, comments from Ed Fitch, dispensary owner)

Wants workshop on 'proactive' steps if federal government passes legalization

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- One Redmond city councilor is urging the council to get ready for allowing marijuana dispensaries in the city, if or when federal law changes, and he has support from at least one colleague.

Right now, if you live in Redmond and want to buy legal marijuana, you have to go Bend or another city to do it.

Hunter Neubauer, co-founder of Oregrown, a Bend dispensary, told NewsChannel 21: “I’m sure there’s a decent amount of people that come from Redmond (to Bend to buy marijuana products).”

Neubauer said he’d love to open a shop in Redmond.

“We think we’d do a great job of representing the industry, as we do here in Bend,” he said. “And being more involved in the city of Redmond as it grows is something we’re interested in as well.”

But that’s a no-go right now. Despite marijuana’s legalization in Oregon, Redmond’s code requires it follow all federal regulations. And cannabis has yet to be taken off the federal controlled substance list.

But Redmond City Councilor Ed Fitch said that may change soon.

“I do think it probably will (be taken off the controlled list) before the next election,” he told NewsChannel 21 Monday.

In anticipation of legalization, fellow City Councilor Clifford Evelyn is proposing to have a workshop early next year for the council to prepare.

Fitch agrees.

“We need to address the issue, get all the facts around it,” Fitch said. “What would be the revenue stream? I know it’s been cut quite a bit. What would be the impact on the community? Where would it be logical to have these places?

One place Fitch isn’t so sure he’d like to see marijuana dispensaries is in downtown Redmond, but he said other spots around town would be good.

"We should have some regional access for those who want to purchase marijuana, rather than go to Bend or some other community to do it," he said.

And Neubauer said customers would be the winners.

"It's tough to see people drive 30 minutes to get a product they can't get in their own town," he said.

The council will meet in a special session Tuesday evening discuss the request and other agenda items. Evelyn has requested that a work session be scheduled for February.

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



    1. In case you were unaware, Redmond has an ordinance that prevents businesses that are against federal law. Plus Redmond obviously has higher standards.

  1. It is silly that Endicot still clings to that 89 statute as they were the people who enacted, so they can simply rescind it. Why not ask the people of Redmond what they want? over 50% drive to Bend to buy it, so it is still in town and Fed studies have shown that legalization has no negative impact, or increased use by kids, so what are they accomplishing by continuing this Refer Madness stance of the 1950s? Bring it in people, even the R’s smoke herb, and veterans are healing with it en masse.

    1. JimmyD, As one who appreciates Libertarian philosophy, I’ve got no issue with adults using, growing, or selling weed. But, I have to say that if you really believe that increased availability doesn’t have a somewhat proportional increase in usage by kids you should probably consider easing up on the THC yourself. We can both find “studies” to support a position of our choice. More weed in the world will mean more kids can access it. It ain’t that complicated man.

      1. If you have ever tried to have an intelligent conversation with an THC impaired individual, you know that you will never win. might as well talk to a rock. They already know everything their is to know, just like an impaired driver on alcohol thinks he can drive better when he has had a few drinks, and a meth attic think he can get more done when he has snorted a line or an injection.
        If you have to be impaired to live your life, you’re missing out on it.
        increased heart rate.
        coordination problems.
        dry mouth.
        red eyes.
        slower reaction times.
        memory loss.
        All good stuff, let’s get as many people as we can on this. The kids can raise themselves.

        1. Since you’re all for people staying sober and you touched the subject of safety where do you stand on people who consume alcohol regularly? Based on your previous comment it would be safe to assume you want that one gone too, right? Just curious..

      2. You might benefit from learning how to fact check. Would you consider taking the word of Nora Volkow, director of NIDA? Yes indeed, age checks at POS does help minimize underage use. PS using a standard of absolute exclusion of all under aged youth is just plain lame.

    2. There is so many things wrong with your statement but the one that is the most ridiculous is that veterans are healing with it en masse. That’s so far from the truth it’s sad that you would say that. The people of redmond re elected George Endicott because he is helping to keep this crap out of our city. So yeah, the people don’t want it.

      1. American guy prove it. I own 2 dispensaries, offer veteran discounts, and have hundreds of patrons that utilize it for PTSD, anxiety, sleep, and on and on. That is a first hand account. Secondly, there are national veteran groups that are calling for full legalization, and even the VA is working on allowing their doctors to recommend it despite the federal issue. You like to spout off with ignorance and have no idea who you are talking to. I have the facts, you have your opinion.

  2. The sluggish morass of our dusty neighbors is thicker than the La Brea tar pits.
    In some distant places alcohol prohibition is still enforced.
    I willing to bet good money, that in the Sundowner towns of OreIdaho of the future, God’s green plants will still be a death sentence.

  3. Simple enough, make “The State” sell dope with the booze, that way the cops only have to be in one spot to capture plate numbers and catch impaired people.

    1. Impaired drivers everywhere leave every bar impaired every day. Prohibit alcohol?

      Ontario,Oregon is full of Idahoans every weekend, they are not there to buy onions. I drive through there fairly often and have yet to see anybody on the Idaho side being searched.

    1. Must be a huge demand to make that many shops profitable. All of those shops are serving many Redmondite and Prinevillain customers and both Redmond and Prineville lose out on that sales tax money.

    1. I’m quite sure you were happy about decision which banned the sale of fireworks within Bend’s city limits. In reality, it only made the “black market” strong.

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