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The Bidens encourage Americans to get vaccinated in Easter message

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden shared well-wishes with Americans celebrating Easter on Sunday and encouraged them to get Covid-19 vaccinations as a moral obligation.

“We share the sentiments of Pope Francis who said that getting vaccinated is a moral obligation, one that can save your life and the lives of others,” the President said in a video posted on his Twitter account. “By getting vaccinated and encouraging your congregations and your communities to get vaccinated, we not only can beat this virus, we can also haste the day when we can celebrate the holidays together.”

The first lady said there is “hope all around us” and mentioned families receiving financial help, businesses recovering and an increase in Americans receiving vaccinations against the virus.

The message from the Bidens comes as health officials race to vaccinate as many Americans as possible amid concern over a potential fourth wave of coronavirus infections. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Saturday that more than 4 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine had been reported administered in 24 hours, setting a new record and bringing the seven-day average to more than 3 million a day.

Across the country, about 165 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered, according to data published Sunday by the agency. About 32% of the population — 106 million people — have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 18.5% of the population — about 61 million people — have been fully vaccinated. Data published by the CDC may be delayed, and doses may not have been given on the day reported.

Biden is the second Catholic president in US history, and weekly Mass is expected to be a fixed part of his schedule. That’s a level of devotion to regular religious services not seen from recent presidents, who were professed Christians but intermittently attended church or worshipped privately while in office.

The President, who is spending the holiday at Camp David with his family, empathized with families across the country who are not celebrating together because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The virus is not gone and so many of us still feel the longing and loneliness of distance,” Biden said. “For a second year, most will be apart from their families, friends, full congregations that fill us with joy. Yet as the Gospel of John reminds us, the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Vice President Kamala Harris also released a video wishing the country a happy Easter, saying there is “always reason for hope.”

“Today, we are celebrating hope and our faith in renewal. Hope in the number of people now vaccinated, now safer from this virus,” Harris said. “Hope in the children who are going back to school for the first time in a year. Hope in the grandparents who are able to hug their grandchildren for the first time in a year. Hope for a brighter tomorrow for us all.”

She added that next year, Biden and the first lady are looking forward to starting the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll that was canceled once again because of the pandemic.

This story has been updated.

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  1. I am old enough to remember when the democrats scoffed at a Trump era vaccine. But now that a D is stumbling around the White House it is a miracle that will save humanity.

    1. – you don’t seem old enough to make any sense at all – Trump decried the virus as a hoax – Trump scoffed at personally getting the vaccine, then got it in secret – his kids paid big bucks to jump the line ahead of health care workers, first responders, police, etc. – do you really think that Trump would have anything to do with a vaccine at all if it didn’t glean him praise from loyal cult members like you?

      – what is Biden doing in the white house anyway? – shouldn’t he be out golfing,… like a REAL president?

        1. that is a pretty weak effort on your part – credibly dispute any of what i wrote, i dare you

          won’t even respond to wishy, but at least he throws a word salad of wacky q stuff – your “loyalty” post is pathetic

      1. And you just seem old and forgetful ! How about you share a link to an exact speech when President Trump said the CH-virus was a hoax… only so I can share a link to the exact content and clarifications that followed the medias lame attempt to misquote the president. Then why don’t you tell us all who the first Global leader to shut down air travel out of China was- and who insisted that the W.H.O get inspectors on the ground in Wuhan to get DNA samples of the virus- the rest of your memory is a foggy as a London Street ! Your attempts to rewrite history are right up there with the Z denying the existence of this video- … Shameful attempts to deny factual history ! As for your question… “what is Biden doing in the white house anyway?” Last we checked he was picking up poop off the floor- and blaming it on the dog ! And this is from the AP- gee- How’d Z21 miss this one…

        1. BREAKING: Americans are returning to work. The jobs number for March raced past expectations as employers added 900,000 new jobs for the month. N&G

          1. FACT- “US jobless claims tick up to 745,000 as layoffs remain high”… Your link- … FACT- “Weekly Unemployment Claims: Up 61K, Worse Than Forecast, Annual Revisions- Mislinski, 3/25/21- Data through the Biden Department of Labor- Your Link-…. FACT- Under Demokrat attacks that started on the West Coast to shut down the US economy over a mild virus from Wuhan China… the US economy has been devastated to the point of millions of lost jobs- ruined careers- massive upticks in mental health-drug-alcohol abuse. Portland Oregon’s murder rate is up over 1600%- children have been scarred for life- losing a year they will never get back… all this destruction and chaos at the hands of the Demokrat party… will (yes) eventually come to an end… You have no right to celebrate anything- the Demokrats and a colluding media used fear and hate to get what they want- now deal with the misery !

        2. “But in any case, that adds up to 38 countries taking action before or at the same time the U.S. restrictions were put in place.” W Post. It seems that as usual, your posts continue to show no semblance of accuracy.

          1. Exactly what scholarly attributes has this monument to idiocy, short-sightedness and racism contributed to any conversation that would make you believe it would be capable of basic addition?

          1. Barney Lerten- can you explain to us all once again why these personal attacks- void of any topical discussion are allowed- but the word “China” is not ? I see where Jordan ran a story tonight on a knife attack out on “China Hat Road”… Barney do you know the significance and history of “China Hat Road” ??? Here’s what the Bend Oregon historians say- “Chinese made a significant contribution to the development of Oregon from the 1850s to the 1900s. They worked as laborers, built railroads, were miners, servants, cooks, and business men. Over 370 place-names record their efforts, shown in August posts. The location of places, tours,and massacres sites are also found there.”… Whazzat ??? Worked as “laborers” ? Servants ?? Cooks, massacre sites” ??? Aren’t these indirect words and acts related to 1800’s “slavery” ??? Is that the China Hat Road description you are promoting here- a watered down version of “slavery” ? Going forward- I see no reason to ever use the word China- when describing this area- again. It is now simply “Hat Road”- A name derived from the shape of the local volcanic dome that has served as a landmark indicator when travelling in the Fort Rock-Bend area. Care to argue the details ?

            1. And the whining continues karen!!!! Can you explain why anyone would read your pathetic whining conspiracy laden posts!!!!!! Sooooooooo much whining karen!!!

      2. Shouldn’t we all be being dosed with Hydroxychloroquine!!! You know, “the greatest game changer in the history of medicine” according to the big fat fired orange!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

    2. They only scoffed at it being vetted before June last year. Kinda like the pandemic was going to be over before Easter last year according to very stable genius.

  2. “So, I must point out that our new president has pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity, most seriously in the areas of abortion, contraception, marriage, and gender,” -Archbishop Jose Gomez
    Happy Easter, Creepy Joe. Hope your vicious dog gets through the day without mauling a child.

    1. We should’ve stuck with lying denying downplaying and of course the “greatest game changer in the history of medicine ” Hydroxychloroquine!!!! Excellent karen!!!! LMAO!!!!! Soooooo much winning I’m exhausted!!!!!

    1. Well that’s very brave of you. Is that the 30th anniversary of the Pfizer technology or when the J&J ones will be more available in Oregon? Or, are you waiting to see if it has adverse effects on your germaphobe leader that was vaccinated back around insurrection day?

    2. Good deal. I’ve been vaccinated as have the majority of people in my life. You wait as long as you want. May I suggest travel? I hear Brazil is beautiful this time of year.

  3. First of all, captcha is so awful. I hope whoever invented it has the flees of a thousand camels infest their shorts. Please get rid of it, Barney.

    Finally, I’m so thankful a decent man is leading my country. Thank you to everyone who voted for honesty, and morals, and goodness, and kindness. Thank you so much. You are true patriots.

    1. “captcha is awful” ??? Bwahahaaaa- jokes on you Snorze ! I’m pretty sure that captcha is being used to force “un-wanteds” into the inconvenience of constantly having to sign in- in an effort to slow down their constant chatter. You are being targeted- for obvious reasons- and I find that hilarious !

  4. Biden is a disgraceful lying conniving hateful and violent individual who has put millions of Americans out of work (Energy Sector)- has re-ignited global conflicts and wars (Syria Iraq N Korea)- has failed to roll out President Trumps miracle vaccine and has instead sat by and watched his ***** Virus death toll hit record numbers in 2.5 months that took President Trump 6 months ! Biden is so unpopular and loathed that he has had to fly the American Flag at half-staff (as Americans mourn his time in office)… Anyone caught cheering on this chaos and destruction to the nation needs their head examined ! Amerika has reached rock bottom- and continue to dig- and we all know what they’re digging !

      1. You who voted for old joe were sold a bill of goods. You bought into his kindly respectable old uncle. Instead you gave the keys to a hyper partisan, pathological lying, career politician, controlled by a backroom cabal. And propped up with the help of media aligned to the democrat socialist party. But I do pray for his health cause the contemptible shadow waiting in the wings is far worse.

      1. We all hear complaints about you all the time- yet here you are. As for your apparent attempt at political “wokeness”- I’ve presented my historical perspective- you’ve added your input- I see a stand-off of 1-1… the cup half full the cup half empty ! either way- I see no violation of the TOS. Just like I am free to write Dr. Suess- Aunt Jemima- Uncle Bens- Mr. Potato Head. You can continue to write “ass-hat- Mother ******- Orange Haired Anus” and all other forms of disgusting and offensive terms. in the end- your personal bias and prejudices continue to interfere with intellectual dialogue because the left can’t argue the points on merit- so you have to result in cancelling the discussion. No amount of rewriting history will change the fact that the virus came from China- your attempt to deny this are why your levels of honesty and integrity are in the toilet. Yer literally cutting off yer nose to spite yer face- but you don’t care- because much like a young and ignorant Pinocchio- there’s a lot to chop off !

  5. Instead of saying how bad Trump is/was. Tell us what great things Biden has done, and more importantly, why you feel they are so much better than what trump had done. All Biden has done is replace Trumps actions. Let’s here it.

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