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Vaccine rule for larger employers, federal contractors and certain health care workers to take effect January 4

<i>Susan Walsh/AP</i><br/>The Biden administration announced on November 4 that its vaccine rules applying to private businesses with 100 or more employees
Susan Walsh/AP
The Biden administration announced on November 4 that its vaccine rules applying to private businesses with 100 or more employees

By Jason Hoffman, CNN

The Biden administration announced Thursday that its vaccine rules applying to private businesses with 100 or more employees, certain health care workers and federal contractors will take effect January 4.

The rules stipulate that employees that fall into those groups will need to have received the necessary shots to be fully vaccinated, either two doses of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccine or one dose of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, by January 4.

Biden touted new vaccine requirements rules released in a statement, calling on employers to act going forward.

“Vaccination is the single best pathway out of this pandemic. And while I would have much preferred that requirements not become necessary, too many people remain unvaccinated for us to get out of this pandemic for good. So I instituted requirements — and they are working,” Biden said in a statement.

Seeking to tamp down anti-vaccination talking points, Biden noted that there “have been no ‘mass firings’ and worker shortages because of vaccine requirements.

“I’m calling on employers to act. Businesses have more power than ever before to accelerate our path out of this pandemic, save lives, and protect our economic recovery,” he said.

Eighty-four million employees working at large employers and 17 million health care workers at facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid will be covered by the rules implemented by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

“Together the OSHA and CMS rules, along with the other policies the administration has previously implemented means that over two thirds of all workers in the United States are now covered by vaccination policies,” a senior administration official said, discussing the new rules.

“Higher vaccination rates protect our workers, reduce hospitalizations and deaths. It’s good for workers and importantly, this is good for the economy,” the official continued.

The January 4 deadline also means that the deadline for the federal contractor vaccine requirement is getting pushed back. It had previously been scheduled to take effect on December 8.

The administration had been facing calls from some business groups to delay or be flexible with that deadline, as it could have put even more stress on supply chain issues ahead of the holidays. Officials, however, insisted that the new date was chosen in order to streamline implementation and make it easier for business and employees to comply with the requirements.

“In order to make it easier for businesses to comply and workers to comply, we’ve decided to align the contractor deadline with the deadlines for both CMS and OSHA,” the official said.

The announcement also makes clear that the vaccine rules will preempt any state or local laws aimed at banning vaccine mandates or other measures to limit the spread of Covid-19. Texas and Florida have been among the states that have been attempting to pass their own laws to restrict such mandates.

“Both OSHA and CMS are making clear that their new rules preempt any inconsistent state or local laws, including laws that ban or limit an employer’s authority to require vaccination, masks, or testing,” a fact sheet outlining the rule said in part.

A second senior administration official, discussing the rules legal authority, said that “the OSH Act gives OSHA the authority to act quickly in an emergency where the agency finds that workers are projected to a grave danger and a new standard is necessary to protect them.”

“A virus that has killed more than 745,000 Americans, with more than 70,000 new cases per day currently, is clearly a health hazard that poses a grave danger to workers. The new emergency temporary standard is well within OSHA’s authority under the law and consistent with OSHA’s requirements to protect workers from health and safety hazards, including infectious diseases,” the official continued.

White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during Thursday’s press briefing that the administration believes the vaccine rules will hold up in court to any legal challenges and called out Republicans for challenging actions aimed at protecting the health of Americans.

“We’re pretty confident the administration clearly has the authority to protect workers and actions announced by the President are designed to save lives and stop spread of Covid. DOJ will be defining these laws,” Jean-Pierre said Thursday.

“The question that we always have and that we ask to the Republicans is why are they getting in the way? Why are they getting in the way of trying to protect and save lives? That’s all we’re trying to do. And so we have … an authority to do that,” she said.

The OSHA rule does allow for employees to remain unvaccinated if they so choose, but the employee must provide a verified negative test to their employer on at least a weekly basis and must wear face masks in the workplace. The rule from CMS does not provide a testing option for workers to remain unvaccinated as there is “a higher bar for health care workers given their critical role in ensuring the health and safety of their patients,” according to one of the officials discussing the rules.

A third official said OSHA will be enforcing this rule just like the agency enforces any of the other rules that are in place, and violations could include fines of up to nearly $14,000 per violation, though that fine increases if there is a “willful” violation.

That official said the agency will have planned inspections of some workplaces to ensure they are in compliance with the rule but will also rely on complaints from workers in order to best enfore the new rule.

Enforcement and penalties for health care facilities that do not come into compliance with the rule could range from monetary penalties, denying the facilities payments and possible termination from the Medicare and Medicaid program.

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        1. “China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!” ~ Donald Trump, Jan 24 2020

        2. “Late last night, I had a very good talk with President Xi, and we talked about — mostly about the coronavirus. They’re working really hard, and I think they are doing a very professional job. They’re in touch with World — the World — World Organization. CDC also. We’re working together. But World Health is working with them. CDC is working with them. I had a great conversation last night with President Xi. It’s a tough situation. I think they’re doing a very good job.” ~ Donald Trump, Feb 7 2020

          1. Seems like a good place to cut and paste this… “Things change. Delta variant is one huge example. Those hold past decisions, comments, directions in the light of new info against folks are… well, they are who they are.” (Barney Lerten 11/4/2021)

        3. “China seems to be making tremendous progress. Their numbers are way down. … I think our relationship with China is very good. We just did a big trade deal. We’re starting on another trade deal with China — a very big one. And we’ve been working very closely. They’ve been talking to our people, we’ve been talking to their people, having to do with the virus.” ~ Donald Trump, Feb 29 2020

          1. You mean things like vaccinated people can still get Covid 19, and still pass it on to the others the same as unvaccinated? Or did you mean things like vaccinated people get tested less because they believe they are protected more than the unvaccinated? Or do you mean that a mandatory vaccine that doesn’t prevent you from getting a disease or spreading it isn’t really a vaccine at all?
            a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

            1. Why the foes of these vaccines continue to point to facts irrelevant to the main benefit – a great reduction in the threat of serious illness or death – I don’t know. The flu vaccine also hit its mark more some years than others, but the value was not questioned in general.
              Every health agency on the planet is wrong re: it meeting the definition? I guess to some. We will continue to report what they say, and have been told by very many thankful viewers/readers we’re doing the right thing, despite the online commenters.

              1. Funny how a large amount of healthcare workers do not want the vaccine. I’m not saying people shouldn’t get vaccinated, but I am saying it should be an individual’s choice. Personally, I don’t see the benefit for myself. I can still contract Covid-19 and I’ve already had Covid. I see more benefit in my freedom to make a choice about my own body. If a chose to get vaccinated, I would still have the ability to contract the disease and pass it on. The vaccine is not the issue, it’s trying to coerce the population into getting it by taking away their employment and ability to take care of their families. If you can’t see how that is utterly wrong then you belong somewhere like China.

                1. What evidence do you have the proves that CV19 is the direct cause of added strain in a single Oregon hospital ? The evidence I’ve seen points to mass layoffs from mandates- scheduled retirements of boomers- and a general nursing shortage that goes back a decade.

                2. St. Charles has been saying so since the pandemic arrived. You don’t have to believe them. Yes, staff shortages did not begin with the pandemic, but it has worsened the problem and created crises in hospitals, as reported around the nation and globe.
                  You of course don’t believe any of them. Very sad.

          2. Sorry but that is total bull. You don’t change your mind of freedoms just because a situation changes. If you don’t believe in mandates you don’t believe in mandates. Truly amazing how people continue to make excuses and run cover for people who flip flop with the current wind direction.

            1. A vastly more contagious Delta variant didn’t change your freedoms. It does change how officials felt they had to respond to this virus. You are free to disagree with what they have done but that’s the facts.

                1. Because things changed. Folks should reconsider their opinions when the facts change.(Or just go with “their all politicians and they all lie.” So many do. Unless you believe only one side is bad.)

                2. Bull again. If we let go of our freedoms on the whim of a virus mutation this country would have been screwed a long time ago. Your beliefs that people either have freedom of choice for their medical decisions or not does not flip back and forth if you have any backbone at all. The change argument is ridiculous when you consider that the government is trying to force a medical procedure on people who don’t want it. That remind you of something? It darn well should.

              1. Kate Brown and everyone knew about the more contagious Delta in March- so why did she “Open” the state in July ??? The results of this catastrophic decision are clearly visible in “every” chart provided by the OHA.

                1. @Barney Lerten (because I want everyone to read this)… You wrote- “The surge did not happen as you state, it happened later”. A simple question Barney… were there more or fewer vaccinations in the state of Oregon “later” ? There were obviously “thousands” of more vaccines and hundreds of boosters before the August surge- culminating in 2608 new cases on August 16th… Brown’s incompetence led to thousands of more cases- hundreds of more deaths (many of which the OHA lost/hid)… how can anyone defend this crime ?

                2. You as usual prove nothing.
                  Every state had to change course when the Delta variant surge hit.
                  What’s a crime in your mind is only there. Most folks live in reality.

                3. Actually Barney- I’ve proved a lot- That mostly- there was a massive surge immediately after Brown opened the State on the Fourth of July weekend- She did this after knowing full well that the Delta had hit US shores and was extremely contagious- providing aid and comfort to this reckless behavior speaks volumes- non of it good- and none of it science- moral-or ethics based. The vaccines are not working the way promised- whether that is intentional or not- I simply don’t believe there was enough evidence out there for the liberal left to go “all in” promising miracles- and now it’s blowing up- and nobody wants to take responsibility… Fine ! I will assign it then- to Kate and Brandon !

            1. No need to explain- we all know you hit the nail on the head. These career politicians that run their mouths thinking there will be no accountability are worthless. Anyone giving them a pass on the grounds that “times change” are to be ignored. Words have consequences- Hold the Biden’s of the world to theirs- remove them when they lie- impeach 46- before it’s too late !

              1. Trump:
                “It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear”
                “My Healthcare plan will be ready in 2 weeks”
                “I don’t know anything about a payment to Stormy Daniels”
                “the head of the Boy Scouts called to say my address to the Scouts’ National Jamboree was the greatest speech that was ever made to them”
                “they say” the noise from windmills “causes cancer”
                “I was named Michigan’s Man of the Year”
                “The election was rigged”
                Remove them when they lie? Yeah, ok…

                1. A famous man was stated… “Things change. Delta variant is one huge example. Those hold past decisions, comments, directions in the light of new info against folks are… well, they are who they are.” (BL 11-4-2021)

          1. Things do change. Just like your tone when you asked for a link to the presidents quote and seven where quickly provided for you. And let’s not forget this one “get vaccinated and you WILL NOT get Covid”

            1. Funny how when Biden and the Demokants are caught lying- it’s to be excused under the guise that “things change”… absolute nonsense. there was no need for mandates back in 2020- there are no need for mandates now- the 2 month cycle of bell curves proves such.

                1. Barney- don’t leave a nasty comment to me- then block my response- that is childish.

          2. Most, if not all minds that believe each individual should have the right to make their own medical decisions are not going to change no matter what Joe Biden or any other government official says. Do you honestly think that Joe Biden or Kate Brown care/know more about my health than my doctor and I do? Don’t give me the “it’s not about you it’s about others” line. My responsibility for other people’s health stops at the life choices they make for themselves, including whether they choose to get a vaccine or not. Federal and state government have botched this Covid outbreak from the start. Their one job was to provide people with accurate unbiased information and let them make their own decisions. They did not do that and lost the trust of a large percentage of the population on this issue. That has gotten us where we are today.

          1. Just like we were all going to die from global cooling. Amazing how much cover a democrat politician gets by journalists. You know darn well you, ktvz, cnn, ap, et al would NEVER apply the same standard to a republican. The support shown for this disgusting corrupt child sniffing pervert in the oval office should embarrass you.

    1. I don’t. But when Americans are dying by the hundreds of thousands and I have a chance to help mitigate that, I don’t need them to.

      Trump got an effective vaccine produced in record time including safety testing. I got it as soon as I could for the greater good.

    1. Nah, we good. Were those vaccines tested for safety for more than a year or two? Non of the covid vaccines are fda approved, yes they say Pfizer is, but it then goes by the name Comirnaty, which from what I have heard is not available.

    2. things have changed. i have school age kids and 60% of the students in BLP are not vaccinated for the regular things – pox, MMR, etc. let that sink in. vaccine hesitancy is not a new thing.

    3. Those were immunization shots providing lifetime immunization- your over-hyped vaccine has a 6 month or less life span on it- then you need a booster… Not to mention there are no long term studies on these vaccines and Moderna has now backed away from their children’s vaccine. Something aint right !

        They are being prudent, as one would and should expect.
        Authorities around the world say the vaccines are saving lives and have data they say proves it. But you, on the other hand, twist everything to stick to your opposition to anything the evil other side says.
        How many years would they have to wait/test to satisfy the anti-vaccine critics? How many lost lives are acceptable? 3 out of 4 cases in Oregon are still among the unvaccinated, OHA said today. And most if not all at St. Charles ICU for weeks/months have not been fully vaccinated (if you believe the hospital’s daily reports).

        1. Your experts and authorities are wrong. Record vaccinations in Oregon have resulted in record death counts (hundreds unreported until today)- culminating with a three day average record for deaths just two weeks ago ! Your unvaccinated are the elderly- those with multiple underlying conditions- the infirm who cannot risk the potential fatal adverse reactions… You repeat the same CNN talking points- while the deaths pile up- nobody is buying it.

          1. False conclusions as usual, you have no proof in all the data that vaccinations RESULTED IN deaths. Authorities can point to the data and say they PREVENTED deaths. They have been adding those 550 since the announcement, a real surge began yesterday But adding a dozen or 2 a day means it’ll probably take the month they said already.
            Please speak for yourself, “nobody” else.

            1. I clearly responded that you do not have absolute proof that these vaccines have saved a single life. I challenged you to produce health records- DNA samples- daily lifestyle habits- the fact that 98% of people survive unharmed… “ALL” things that influence the body’s immune system. Why did you delete that post ? On what TOS violation are you citing- I would say none.

              1. I have no inclination to provide any “proof” to someone who dodges, shifts and makes false/unproven conclusions from real data.
                That is why more and more of your posts are being deleted. Dangerous misinformation.

  1. “no ‘mass firings’ and worker shortages because of vaccine requirements.” Tell that to the people from scmc on unpaid leave until January when they will be fired. Also make sure to let scmc staff know this because I’m pretty sure they have shortages

  2. The administration pushed the deadline back because they realize the majority of America does not yet approve their style of rule. As recent elections have shown, the party’s plan for perpetual power does not sit well with people who are more interested in living life than spending it trying to not die. This administration has given a mandate that arbitrarily lays waste to 30-40% of America’s workforce. This is a strategic part of a bigger plan. Before you can “build back better”, you first must break what already exists. Their mission success depends on breaking the resolve of people who prioritize free will. This takes time. The Administration knows they can’t push too hard too soon or resistance will be too much.

    1. They also pushed it back because the home test kits are not yet available. Companies will face massive law suits over this if they do not provide an “accommodation” for their workers.. this is all completely insane- and illegal- the US Supreme Court will decide Biden’s fate.

        1. You have no idea what my legal background is… nor do you seem to understand OSHA law. Nothing I posted is false- I’ve spoken with corporate council on this- as a company with more than 100 employees (and you are not) I would ask you to refrain from the constant threats and bullying.

          1. Oh, do you mean “counsel”?
            Who’s? Ours? I have full support from my supervisors. I have threatened nothing but being banned from the site for the constant personal attacks and unproven/false conclusions you offer all the time.

  3. People have a right to be as safe as possible at the workplace. There was no way to predict that the vaccine would be so politicized. If everyone had cared enough about others to get the vaccine when it came out, mandates wouldn’t be necessary. As it is we have over 750,000 people dead and over 100,000 cases in kids last week alone. Your freedom to choose to get the shot and keep your job or not.

      1. Yes, of course it would need to be worldwide. This is how polio and small pox were eradicated. Not rocket science but more cooperation and caring then then we can muster.

        1. If you are on this therapy you have nothing to worry about. Time to move on. These are not vaccines. In fact the CDC redefined “vaccine” so they could say these therapies are vaccines when they never met the definition of a vaccine.

    1. i telecommute 100% – even pre-COVID, but my employer mandated it for me.
      now, i got mine when it was first available, but still he point is my employer has thousands of US based tele workers – why are we all REQUIRED to get it or get fired?
      sees tyranical.

      1. Biden is fast tracking the “at home testing kits”. You should challenge your company vaccines and demand they provide an option to self test at home to prove a negative result- at question- who is going to pay for these tests- this will rake in billions for big pharma… the hoax is real !

    2. How does the vaccine create a safe work place ? When vaccinated people can still catch and infect others… breakthrough cases can be deadly ! What do you say to an employer who demanded a worker get vaccinated- and that employee dies because of a breakthrough case- it’s on the employer- Lawyer up and take em to the cleaners ! You people know nothing about liability !

  4. If you need a pass to be a free American, you are not free.

    Also this statement comes from the old man with severe dementia that recently said “it is not the role of the government to mandate vaccines”. I guess the puppets that pull his strings and clean his diapers had a different plan.

        1. I’m a defender in general of the idea that using (to distract/discount today’s situation – unfairly place blame) past comments by anyone in situations that have changed rapidly and dramatically, warranting new advice, positions and actions, is unfair.
          In other words, I relate facts to the best of my ability.

          1. Oregon is at 80% vaxx rate and why do we still have all these “executive orders”? So when we are at 100% and there are still covid cases and a tiny fraction of deaths like there always has been, will Brown and Biden drop these or keep them forever. Didn’t see that anywhere in the story. I’ll answer, they will keep any power over us they can, then when you need boosters as the cdc will recommend then you will not be fully vaccinated without them and they will use this as a reason to tighten the grip. It is overreach and the people that are going along with this will be in for a rude awakening when they or their family members are affected.

              1. Officials? CNN is filled with officials. You post propaganda on a local “news” site. That’s not news, Barney. You are a left wing pundit, a messenger for the nationalist media. “News” like yours and CNN’s have awoken a sleeping giant, the independent voter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Oregon ended up Virginia 2.0 next November.

          2. Nothing has changed to justify mandates or executive orders- the virus remains “mild”- has a 98% survival rate- is not nearly as harmful to children as the seasonal flu. The real problem are the underlying conditions- which the virus has limited effect on… so what has changed- not even Biden’s ability to muck up a gifted strategy from the previous administration !

              1. Models show that more children will face long term health and hospitalizations because of myocarditis than the CV19… I posted the link earlier- USA Today- Doctors must be honest with parents… do your own homework.

                1. You did not post a link. You quoted the article without a link as usual. I’m sure it didn’t say that.
                  OH, easy to find, and of course it says the exact OPPOSITE of what you said:
                  Headline: “Kids getting sick with COVID-19 is far riskier than rare side effect myocarditis, experts say”
                  Oh, there’s a paywall. But just the headline is enough.
                  So yes, folks, do your own homework. The only advice from this guy I’d endorse.

                2. I think the point is that recommending a new vaccine for everyone, in every situation, in every age group doesn’t make sense from a scientific or health perspective. And especially should not be mandated by the government Here is the full quote with citation:

                  “Although the FDA’s overall modeling favors vaccination, in one scenario, the model even predicted boys, as well as boys and girls considered together, may experience “more excess hospitalization and ICU stays due to vaccine-related myocarditis” compared with the number of hospitalizations and intensive care unit stays due to COVID-19″.


                3. I’m sure it did say that- here’s the quote- regarding the FDA, “in one scenario, the model even predicted boys, as well as boys and girls considered together, may experience “more excess hospitalization and ICU stays due to vaccine-related myocarditis” compared with the number of hospitalizations and intensive care unit stays due to COVID-19.”Again- due to a word count limit I’m under- do your own cut and paste… USA TODAY- Doctors must be honest with parents about unknown risks of COVID-19 emergency vaccine- Dr. Vinay Prasad-Thu, November 4, 2021, 5:59 AM

                4. Love Barney’s new strategy of denial… just ignore the heading sent in and hijack the comments to an article of his choice. Again- the article in discussion is- what Willie has posted- I’m having my comments rationed and limited by (someone)- and must shorten these responses. Funny how two people can send in the same info- and both are ignored as “picking out of context”- as if statewide vaccinations for children in Oregon have any data for 5-11 year olds whatsoever- there isn’t- and the FDA has said so. These are dangerous times for parents.

              2. That’s stale data! Your own words are that facts change yet you use month old news to make your point? That info in that article has been disproven by the CDC and OHA! You also seem to use the fact that you have 6 reporters to manage, council meetings to cover, etc when you don’t feel like answering honest inquiries! Either shut this down or let someone who actually has the time to moderate vs pontificate take over!

                1. Nope, you’re stuck with me. Nobody is going to become a full-time babysitter/ringleader of this particular circus. It’ll go away first, but as a self-professed troll, you probably want that anyway.

          3. I don’t recall such defense of anything Trump. Remember Biden and the democrats calling a travel ban “racist and xenophobic?” Remember democrats and the media talking heads telling us covid19 is harmless and there is nothing to worry about? Where were you then? You are a political operative, Barney. You have your job to cover for the democrats.

            1. I remember Biden calling a sitting President (Trump) a racist for acting decisively to shut down Chinese residents from US ports- I remember Pelosi mocking a sitting President (Trump) with invitations for millions to visit Chinatown for New years celebrations- I remember Cuomo deriding a sitting President (Trump) then making a catastrophic decision to force infected elderly citizens into shared living quarters with uninfected- Yep- I remember it all !

  5. Tell me about the tens of thousands of illegals crossing the border weekly. Are they mandated to get the jab? Nope, in fact every single democrat voted against vaccinating illegal border crossers. Tell me more about the science.

      1. haha and you believe what the democrat owned media says to you. Yeah, people we don’t know are definitely not fueling covid, its us Americans, so just let them in so that 2-3yrs from now a fraudulently “elected” senate majority can push for their voting rights. Were you aware that back in 2012 or 2010 I think, republicans proposed amnesty for 1 million illegals with the caveat that they would not have voting rights and every single democrat said nay to it. Its 100% all about the vote 100% of the time, thats why they work so hard every day to divide us into categories that they then say they are there to help and protect them from those evil republicans. I can’t believe you even shared that WSJ article. Says a lot

      2. and where are the articles on KTVZ about the invasion?? nada.
        and laugable that 1.5 million unvaccinated illegals have invaded and you think that won’t cause issues with COVID.
        i got a bridge to sell ya, mr. gullible!

          1. Barney is that your comeback, to defect? As an aside I’m seeing some senators are proposing to defund OSHA. That to me sounds like a good start but I’d also include about 50% of all federal agencies, that guaranteed would have no effect on how smoothly this country would run. If you’ve been to DC from the banks of the Potomac you can see all those federal buildings on both sides of the river. You then realize the astounding cost or all those deadwood government employees whose main intent is to exercise authority.

            1. I leave, and I’m not, the comment system goes for sure. Who else would deal with these people? Maybe you’d cry “censorship” or claim victory. Many others would know better, and some I know would thank us.
              I have to look at these screen names of the ‘regulars’ (trolls?) 1,000s of times a month. It sort of colors your perception of their validity. But hey, I use my real name here AND on Reddit. Safer. for me.

              1. I’ll do it. I have the time and patience to moderate this comment section. I know that 50% of the negativity would go away if I moderated. Know why? One side will always be the bullies and name callers they’ve always been so that wouldn’t change, but the other 50% would become positive because I’d allow open discussion without trying to prove my opinion to them. I wouldn’t get wrapped into it and emotionally invested like you do. I believe open dialog is important for a healthy society and debate is a valuable skill. I’d never ty to be the god of deciding what’s “right or wrong” because I’m just a human, making sure people aren’t cussing or threatening on the comment section. Otherwise, let the debate go on is what I say.

                1. We have Terms of Service. Some we enforce (personal offensive attacks, would you allow those?) – some we don’t like “hateful.” Just imagine if we did.
                  So in terms of COVID, you’d just let all that stuff fly? Well, be ready for folks claiming you are allowing dangerous, even life-threatening claims to fly unchallenged.
                  Sorry, we have a better idea for “community moderation.” Think Reddit.
                  If you think the trolls would turn ‘positive’ if you let them have free rein… uh, no. I also love open dialog, when it’s civil and productive. Here we get hate blame and attacks. I treasure civil dialogue and thank those who do it.
                  I’m human too. I don’t push my opinions. I point to facts for those who only believe “their” side’s facts. BOTH sides has bullies and name callers.

                2. Get in line SanB ! I offered up my services months ago- even part time- the graveyard shift if necessary… Can ya believe it- they declined my humble offer !

          2. Gee … Ya mean it’s not just me ? Looks to me like we have a pattern of discontent here- against conservative view-points- Republican supporters- anyone sick and tired of the difference between what the experts say- and the daily death count. I see where the OHA did indeed “dump” the 550 missed deaths on the nation today… just another opinion you tried to sell… and got completely wrong !

              1. Another Fact- The OHA numbers simply aren’t adding up. They revealed 64 deaths yesterday- many from April-August that were part of the glitch… then today they announced the complete 550 dump from missed reports (April-August)- Yet they insist that Oregon’s death numbers are 4469 ! This is the confusion they hope to produce. Oregon is well over 5,000 deaths- and should admit it. Complete lack of transparency- these people should be fired !

                1. Where are you seeing “they announced the complete 550 dump.” No such thing. They are, as they stated from the outset, adding some periodically – including clearly dozens the past two days – and are not breaking them out for you to draw more false conclusions from.

      3. so let me get this straight, if I don’t get the unnecessary jab that is proving to be failing and the CDC director admits does NOT stop transmission for my 99.7% survival rate my employer can be fined $14,000, but if I cross the border illegally I can get $450,000 of taxpayer dollars and I’m not required to get the shot. Do I have this correct?

          1. “It greatly reduces the risk of serious illness.” You can’t say that because breakthrough cases that result in death are not mandated to report ! Looking at the Oregon Data- we hit a new seven day average death record on October 12th with 31 ! that was well before the OHA announced missing 550 ! Just who is telling you that these vaccines are reducing any kind of risk ? Under Daily deaths- 7 Day Moving Average chart …

              1. I’ve shown you the data- the surges- the record new cases and deaths- the seven day rolling averages from just two weeks ago… none of that data suggests- hints- or even leans towards a risk reduction. You toss in all 550 missed recordings of deaths- the fact that breakthrough deaths are not required to be reported- the missing data on adverse reactions for children… and what do you have- a sure fire recipe for a never ending disaster- with the Demokant party in control of all three chambers… this is a failure of historic proportions.

  6. Barney is the designated KTVZ liberal news propagandist in charge of countering anything that goes against their narrative. Bend is now officially California. Its over

    1. Anyone who visits comments knows I try to hold myself to countering COVID-19 misinfo, falsehoods, etc. NOT with my opinion but with links to fact-checks, govt. or other factual data. As many have pleaded with us to do, saying it’s dangerous, even life-or-death to do otherwise (or have pleaded with us to turn off comments, perhaps that’s preferable?)

          1. For months people on here were allowed to bash ivermectin…telling the “idiots to take the horse medicine.” The FDA even referred to it as horse medicine even though it’s been used by humans for decades all around the world with almost zero side effects. Never mind it was first intended for humans and later was found beneficial to horses. We have numerous studies showing ivermectin is extremely beneficial in treating covid, we have real world data to support these studies, we have patients on their death bed who receive ivermectin, via a court order, and miraculously recover, we have doctors who prescribe ivermectin, successfully treating their patients, and the doctor is punished, we have experts that speak out against the vaccines…and they get censored, we have an FDA “approved” vaccine but that vaccine with the approved label is not being used, we have the WHO change their definition of what it means to gain herd immunity, we have OpenVaers to report vaccine related injuries and deaths and then told not believe the reports of vaccine related injuries and deaths, we have Dr. Fauci lie under oath about funding the gain of function research that started covid 19, and yet anyone who points out these facts are considered to have an agenda. Sure I have an agenda – get vaccinated if you want, don’t get vaccinated if you don’t want, allow doctors to prescribe ivermectin. I asked the question months ago – is the goal to get everyone vaccinated or end the pandemic? If the goal is get everyone vaccinated then removing our freedoms makes sense. If the goal is the end the pandemic then why are we not allowed to be treated with ivermectin? It was approved by the NIH on July 8th 2021 for the treatment of Covid.
            Finally, when you speak of an agenda, Barney – you have blocked my comments in the past for encouraging your audience to research mRNA studies conducted in 2012. I provided a link the national center for biotechnology information showing these studies and you blocked my comment. You encourage your audience to get vaccinated, yet you “shield” them from knowing about what they are putting in their body. If you did not have an agenda then why would you block that comment??

            1. False.
              Keep spreading false information, see more comments deleted, even banned.
              I don’t have time to spend endless hours fact-checking all the anti-vaccine claims that have been debunked by reputable journalists and govt. officials.
              But sometimes they are quite easy to find. Then maybe allowing the claims AND the refutation serves a useful purpose.
              Again, the ones accusing folks of agendas usually have one of their own.

              1. Ahh. Okay…it’s on their website. Notice how you still accuse me of having an agenda. In addition to the link I provided above I’ve also provided numerous studies conducted and that are supported by the NIH dating back to 2012 showing the efficacy of ivermectin treating sars cov 1 and more recently covid 19. You accuse me of having an agenda? Sure – I want people to have the option to SAFE, affordable, and effective treatments. That’s so terrible and dangerous you threaten to block my comments. What is your agenda? Why block a peer reviewed study conducted on mRNA? I find your comment about “reputable journalist” laughable. You’ve also labeled CNN as a reputable news source.

                1. Excellent Posts that not only provide updated factual data and research- but also resulted in another classic meltdown complete with threats to delete-censor-cancel culture yer bum outta town. Congratulations- it was well worth the price of admission.

                2. OK barney- at 6:44 pm my posts are blocked- you said this wouldn’t happen- no word limits- no length limits- OK- then whats the deal ?

                3. Blocked??? False. NO one ever gets to post here unmoderated. Never have, never will. I’ve been busy with my real job. You anonymous commenters can wait.
                  You misstate me 100 percent as always.

            2. TWC, we wouldn’t agree about anything, I’m sure. But I too have had comments blocked. It’s not the end of the world and it’s not a conspiracy. It’s a comment board. Get over it and move on. It is not your job to make a hard working persons life miserable unless you do that everywhere you go.

              1. You talking to me? First off, never said Barney blocking my comments was a conspiracy. My comments are not blocked for violating TOS…maybe yours are. No, mine are blocked simply for encouraging people to research. I want you, me, all of us to have access to proven therapeutics and living to go back to normal. Instead we are denied access to life saving drugs. Certain regions around the world are using the drugs we are denied and have almost zero new covid cases. What are we doing here? Forcing a vaccine without knowing long term side effects. Look how well countries with higher vaccination rates are doing compared to us. You can’t tell me getting more people vaccinated will stop the pandemic. People have lost everything when a simple solution that is safe, cheap, and effective is denied. I think we can both agree that we want life to return to normal. Based on all the data we should be able to agree on how we achieve that.

                1. I’ve never deleted a comment for asking people to do research. I have when dubious claims are made and I don’t have time to fact-check all day and night. Peddle it somewhere else. FDA still hasn’t approved its use for COVID-19.

                2. I too have had numerous posts deleted- not for TOS violations- but just for sticking by the data-research-and facts I provide from the OHA-The CDC- the NIH- Medicare/Medicaid and John Hopkins… I agree- Vaccines are not the answer- vaccinating children is really not the answer… and I question the motives of those who promote such nonsense.

                3. False, dangerous conclusions from real data can lead to comment deletions, or factual links/refutations that you usually ignore and just move on to the next diatribe. You can share your opinions about vaccines, disputing all the state, national and world health organizations. But those are the facts.

                4. Good Gawd Barney… “False, dangerous conclusions from real data can lead to comment deletions”… how the hell does one falsify the data while providing a link for anyone to check for themselves- You simply hate the fact that I point them in the right direction- ask the questions you ignore- demand to see who’s behind that curtain !

                5. You have a reading failure. You don’t falsify the DATA, you make continued unproven claims/conclusions BASED on that data, knowing few have the time/inclination to do your “research.”

                6. No Barney- I’ve not misread anything- the OHA 7 day rolling average for deaths hit a record just two weeks ago- how am I manipulating-twisting-falsifying that data ??? The numbers speak for themselves- I don’t write em- and sometimes neither does the OHA- who blamed a computer glitch (didn’t w have those during the Obamacare roll-outs here in Oregon- cost tax payers millions to fix) for not reporting an additional 550 deaths in Oregon- that’s an additional 10% left floating in cyberspace- then it took them two weeks to start addressing their blunder… But Oh-No… I’m a bad guy because I point these incompetency’s out.

                7. You dispute everything I say but cannot prove we’re “blocking” your posts. Because we’re not. It IS a tech issue, but I don’t blame the gremlins one bit.
                  You can’t even connect the catching up on the missed 550 deaths with a higher average. Because you want to prove the government is lying when you haven’t proved it one bit.

              2. After reading all the posts here on this forum , it is impossible to say that Barney is simply an unbiased moderator . He is absolutely pushing his liberal socialist agenda through his hero’s at cnn. This news site is a joke and so is Barney and the leftists that cry on his behalf!

                1. You have some interesting points- but what do you mean “this site is a joke” ? I find it worthwhile on many fronts- most of all- to try and understand that liberal socialist agenda you speak of- it’s so… all over the place and irrational- it needs to be studied- like an ant farm- truly mesmerizing !

              1. The fact about facts- is that they continue to evolve- and not all of them support your position of vaccines at all cost. Moderna has backed out of their children’s vaccination program for the time being- Medicare is working with the FDA as adverse reactions among the elderly are piling up- there is no research on myocarditis among all age groups of children- only one. The biggest factless fact- the 2 month cycles of Bell Curves that scientists cant explain… for me- this all leads towards an “educated decision” towards non-vaccination.

      1. but to your point, as we know more things change and evolve, so the “misinformation” label is, as you admit, then quite fluid.

        thanks for letting us know!

        1. It is indeed fluid for the cautious on the right- set in stone for the politically motivated on the left- who demand the ability to run everyone’s life… this is the heart of the disagreement- control over one’s personal affairs has gone wildly political- and the US Constitution is more of a door mat than a door !

          1. there simply cannot be “disinformation” if nothing is fixed/static.
            how can one fact check when the “facts” change hourly/daily?
            just as people have to be tolerant to the fauci pivots as barney is saying, then it’s simply logical to say the VAX crowd and government should do the same in return.

    1. that’s where we should be focusing the dialogue! because the vaccines do not appear to be effective. another variant of this chinese manufactured virus is likely heading our way. along with the CCP war ships.

        1. correct – however, what i meant was that it’s not eradicating the virus. it slows a tad, the comes back big time. look at europe right now.

          1. If you try and point out the fallacious bullet points with the vaccine mandates the better chance of what you post here will be delete. Wonder how many times Barney quotes Russ Meyer and says enough of this palaver let’s get this show on the road. We’ll 👀 how scmc stands by having the old guy wait outside if it happens in January when it’s a blizzard and 5 degrees out at noon. But imagine this post will violate the tos somehow and Barney will believe the vaccines are 95 to 100 percent effective till the 🐄 s come home no matter what bghw.

            1. all SMC needs to do is put up some tents with heaters.
              if that had been my dad, would have had him in he car while i stood in line for him. not sure that was an option here or not.
              this had to be troubling to the family!
              i hope he’s OK.

          2. I have repeatedly posted links to the CDC-NIH-globally respected epidemiologists that remain baffled by the two month cycle of peaks and valleys (the Bell Curves) that suggest that the vaccines are not as effective as advertised- that actual herd immunity is providing better and longer term protection. None of this is as absolute as a certain individual here is touting- there-in lies the basis for many an argument.

  7. Anyone else think it’s weird that every country has the same slogan. Build Back Better? It’s almost like covid is the intro to something bigger, some kind of agenda?

    1. I remember when President Trump campaigned on “Make America Great again”- all the haters came out- “America was never Great”. Keeping that in mind- at what point in time does the family Biden want to return to- to build back better ? When Hunter was just a binky theivin’ infant ? When Corn Pop ruled the asphalt jungle ?? Or how about any time period when Joe could actually remember names ???

      1. Amazing how eager our liberal friends and trusty moderator are to forgive Biden. Does anyone think they would have forgiven Trump if he supported segregation so his kids wouldn’t have to attend a “racial jungle” like Biden did. Or have a KKK Exalted Cyclops as a best friend like Biden did? Or have a crackhead son selling his political office to the Chinese and Ukrainians like Biden did? Or grope children on video like Biden did? Oh yeah. Things change… Comeon Man.

        1. and look at his voting record – so much racist moves in his career.
          and he called obama, “the first CLEAN black man” said that you have to be an indian to own a convenience store – the list is endless.

          he’s a racist, sexist, old white establishmentarian career politician who has only gotten rich off of the backs of the poor.

          and remember when obama said, “you want something to get *** up, give it to Joe”. says a lot.

          81 million my keester.

        1. Exactly ! The US Constitution and our civil liberties do not change over a “mild virus” with a 98% survival rate- it never has- don’t care which party is in office. The results of the Virginia elections provide a glimmer of hope and sanity- that this nightmare and assault on our US way of life will end soon- toss em all out- build back a better society- one that has learned from this failed coup attempt.

  8. My biggest issue with the vax mandate other than a personal belief that it’s an infringement on personal rights is the economic impacts it will have. Having personal experience with government contracts a lot of them are small businesses that already have issues finding good solid employees. Now with the vaccine mandate it will just be that much harder. Personal opinion is that if you want the vaccination, get it. If you dont, then dont.

  9. Last sentence is so true Zane but government doesn’t want us to have free will. They said the most vile things about Trump for four years. But now they’re acting like saying let’s go Brandon is an actual threat to the president’s life. Kathy Griffin held up a bloody head that resembled Trump and msm roared in laughter citing free speech. Southwest pilot says lgb and they want him fired, ludicrous (and not the rapper) that CNN anchors are acting like it’s the worse thing ever. At least Barney isn’t like keilar on the cnn morning show and think it’s preposterous to call him out,haven’t seen him in a blonde wig so there’s that.

  10. Are Biden supporters ready to admit that the media brainwashed you into voting for your oppressor? Take a look around you; mandates, empty shelves, soaring gas prices, open border, 13 dead Americans in Afghanistan with thousands stranded, a proposed womens draft, force vaxxed children, mass inflation. Will you ever stand up? Will you ever wake up?

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