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Coronavirus wave this fall and winter could potentially infect 100 million, White House warns

<i>Joe Raedle/Getty Images</i><br/>Jordane Domain gets a Covid-19 test done by a healthcare worker on January 13
Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Jordane Domain gets a Covid-19 test done by a healthcare worker on January 13

By Kaitlan Collins, CNN

The Biden administration is issuing a new warning that the US could potentially see 100 million Covid-19 infections this fall and winter, as officials publicly stress the need for more funding from Congress to prepare the nation.

The projection of 100 million potential infections is an estimate based on a range of outside models that are being closely tracked by the administration and would include both the fall and winter, a senior administration official told CNN. Officials say this estimate is based on an underlying assumption of no additional resources or extra mitigation measures being taken, including new Covid-19 funding from Congress, or dramatic new variants.

The White House is sharing these estimates as officials renew their push to get Congress to approve additional funding to combat the virus and as the nation approaches a coronavirus death toll of 1 million. Officials have said the White House will commemorate the moment when the US surpasses 1 million deaths from Covid-19.

The Biden administration has been sounding the alarm for weeks that additional funding is needed to continue the federal Covid-19 response, even as it seeks a return to “normal” with many pandemic-era restrictions lifting.

The 100 million estimate was first reported by The Washington Post.

CNN has reported that the Biden administration requested $22.5 billion in supplemental Covid-19 relief funding in March in a massive government funding package but it was stripped from the bill. That request included funding for testing, treatments, therapeutics and preventing future outbreaks. Negotiators were able to reach an agreement on a scaled-back $10 billion package, but Congress left Washington in April without passing that bipartisan bill amid a disagreement over the Title 42 immigration policy — a pandemic-era rule that allowed migrants to be returned immediately to their home countries, citing a public health emergency.

Officials have argued that without new funding, the US could be left unprepared for future waves.

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  1. And to think- Little Lyin’ Joey and Hunter Biden assured you all- that the Fed has no national response… Yer on Yer Own Kids ! Votes have consequences- deal with it !

    1. Yeah, voting for Trump has a negative consequence that may take a generation to fix but you don’t care about the freedom of others, you only care about yourself. You are the biggest loser in Central Oregon!

      1. Why so bitter Joenasty- can’t keep up with inflation- fuel prices got you down- yer food pantry going empty- no baby formula for the grandkids- throw yer fat bum out building that nuclear bomb shelter- got a homeless kamp in yer front yard- some kid on decriminalized meth run over yer mailbox- still stayin’ home- stayin safe- goin’ broke ??? all of that garbage- courtesy of little Lyin Joey Biden- Kalamity Kate- and of course Hunter Ho ! You my angry hate filled loud mouthed bucket of cow chips… are the biggest loser in CO- Aaaand most likely the state ! Now lets see if anyone comes to help pick up the pieces of your shattered ego !

          1. LOL Funny, the same thing can be said about YOU Barnyard! Now that people have finally seen they were lied to by you and your corrupt left leaning “News Network”

            1. I have never posted a lie here. Ever. And I have many friends and supporters, many of whom I’ve never met or just run into when out and about, who are very appreciative and thankful. The proof of “lies” usually falls apart fast under any objective scrutiny.

              1. “I have never posted a lie here. Ever.”… That in itself is a lie. You have made personal attacks on me- saying I’m the worst of this- the most disgusting that… those are lies and you have never posted proof to the contrary.

                1. You prove my truth with all the personal attacks on me. I will endeavor to stop returning the “favor.” Your words speak for themselves, so do mine.

        1. Convenient ain’t it that he’s hunky dory with anyone of same political leaning as the z hurling the barbs but someone on other side of the fence tries to counter act and it’s hurtful and warnings are issued.

        2. Actually Barnyard, I am super lucky. I was born as a dual citizen in Brasil and see our great country turning into a third world country. I get to ski and golf. I also apply myself and get to date beautiful American women that your hero had to pay for.

      2. So we’re to think when the ⛽ prices went up your so giddy you 🥫 t control your happiness. Hopefully your not one of them out there saying the border is closed it’s cgi enhanced images by trump’s cult to make biden look bad. That it’s all lies perpetuated by the right about inflation and that there was nobody left behind that didn’t want to take their chances with the taliban in afghanistan.

  2. The Mid-Term Variant. They are slowly putting out the possibility for now, and will ramp this up as we get closer. The Democrats have a plan brewing, I hope the Republicans have a counter.

    1. Constant frequent allegations of such secret manipulations of the virus have never been proven, to my knowledge. Apparently some folks believe if you shout false ulterior motives over and over, get your conspiracy scenario locked down, they take on the veneer of truthiness. NOT.

      1. You were proved wrong on so many other times you said that to me. Russia, Russia, Russia, does that come to mind? Hunters lap top. I guess we will wait to see come November, or earlier.

        1. I’ve never written a word on those national news topics. We have an automated feed as do 1,000s of media outlets. The reports were accurate at the time, of what people in positions of power were saying. Unfair slamming as always.

          1. Categorically wrong ! Both the FBI and CIA knew that the Steele Dossier was absolute garbage. Those are Government departments of serious power who failed the nation. Now if you were providing daily updates to Durham’s investigation- you’d know all this.

              1. Your website promotes “national” news- they are one and the same. If not so- please run a disclaimer that you do not necessarily agree with the content of the CNN and AP news wires- we see that statement all the time on opinion pieces and much of what CNN provides- is opinion.

          2. So you admit posting news that “persons of power” had put out? Journalism is confirming the reports as fact or fiction BEFORE you post it. So KTZV does NOT do ANY Journalism to make sure the story they put out is fact first. Guess the ads pay either way huh?

            1. We do plenty of fine journalism. You’re twisting the truth and people can tell. We don’t reinvestigate national news, or what police do here without good reason. Your claims about good journalism are what they are.
              Oh and it’s KTVZ. Here since ’77 and still standing strong.

      2. EVENT 201

        This was all planned out at the World Economic Forum and here we are… Bill Gates can see into the future or this whole scamdemic is just a HUGE coincidence??? Which one is it Barn? Try to use an answer where you dont say the same’ol “causation is not correlation” line. No one is buying that one..

          1. Media claims that Hillary’s home brewed e-mail server and Hunter Biden’s laptop were also “refuted” turned out to be lies- cover-ups- smoke and mirrors… let’s remove the ol “refuted” term from the media vocabulary shall we.

          2. Refuted by whom? People Bill Gates funds? Gates is a disgusting individual. He’s not a doctor, not a virologist just your everyday thief that stile his fortune off other people’s ideas. But keep licking his boots because he has a few dollars.

  3. Let’s remove Title 42 and simultaneously ask for $22.5B more in “COVID relief funding”. Here’s the definition of “COVID relief funding”: Money to “process” illegals crossing our border… illegally.

  4. Did you know that 100% of the people who got covid drank water the day before they came down with the disease? Biden and Brown are proposing this fall that water be banded because of the absolution relationship to water and covid. lol

  5. And the fear-mongering continues.. You should be ashamed of yourself Barn. In the beginning of this scamdemic, there was a large group of people who blindly trusted KTVZ. They were scared they would drop dead of covid or get attacked by “murder hornets” or kill their friends and family by spreading covid etc.. Its safe to say there are people out there who took your recommendations on getting the experimental jab and are now suffering from that decision thru stroke, heart issues, blood clots or who knows what else… You attack the people who question Big pHARMa about the safety of vaccines etc, you attack the people who are unhappy with the leftist agenda and you smugly act like your job title is the One and only Fact Checker who’s is 100% right no matter what.. Why do you think a majority of comments on here are as you call them ” personal attacks” ? Its because we are all sick of your daily pathetic attempts to suppress the truth. NEWSFLASH: You work for a leftist organization who claims they spread “unbiased news” lol YOU ARE A MAJOR PART OF THE PROBLEM BARN.

    1. We made no recommendations. We accurately and consistently reported the recommendations of state and other health experts.
      I am only allowing this comment to see the kind of unfair, untrue and biased attacks on the moderator and our organization, which you have no proof we have done any of what you allege.
      We provided accurate information from reputable sources from day 1. We said to talk to your own health experts and follow those you trust. We made no recommendations of our own, and people know better than to believe that.

        1. Most people do trust us, and the sources you quote speak for themselves. Someone just nominated me for sainthood in the Bend subreddit, to much support, for the crap I put up with here. Many have called for us to end comments because of the nasty attacks.
          If the truth hurts, well… I speak from my head and heart and 100% truth. The attackers speak from somewhere else entirely.

          1. Really ? “Most people do trust us” ! What research/poll are you using to support this statement- is there something out there besides this… “US ranks last among 46 countries in trust in media, Reuters Institute report finds… Just 29% of people surveyed in the U.S. said they trust the news” !

              1. You didn’t answer the question… what research/poll are you using to support this claim of “trust”- not viewership- but “trust” ? Cmon B- I’m giving the opportunity to self promote- a station in good standing in the community would jump all over this.

                1. Imagine he still to this day wholeheartedly believes hillary was cheated in 2016. That trump paid people off to skew ⚖️ in the two impeachment proceedings and that he was down in the trenches on January 6th 🥚 ing things on.

        1. By now you should know that ‘debating’/explaining moderation calls is a slippery slope to madness, and I get enough of that here already. (Imagine if we deleted all “hateful” comments – what would be left? Not much.)

      1. The vaccines didn’t prevent any exposures- so no- the pandemic wouldn’t have been any worse- it did what it wanted to do. The state of Oregon suffered a mere 150 deaths that were ruled to have been caused by the virus alone- that was over a two year period… the lockdowns- shutdowns- scial isolation leading to suicides-alcohol abuse- mental illness- the millions of hospital treatments that were delayed for years- the indirect costs to human society are much worse than what this mild virus did… so lets not pretend that the “experts” with all their “facts” saved anyone… this was all about removing a popular President for political reasons.

          1. I’ll see your silly VOX link- and double down from the World Health Organization- who says… “14.9 million excess deaths associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021
            5 May 2022… New estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that the full death toll associated directly or indirectly with the COVID-19 pandemic (described as “excess mortality”) between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021 was approximately 14.9 million (range 13.3 million to 16.6 million).” … “These sobering data not only point to the impact of the pandemic but also to the need for all countries to invest in more resilient health systems that can sustain essential health services during crises, including stronger health information systems,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General.”

                1. Lol so when the sainthood happens 😕 is your birthday be considered the day of reckoning. Any link any of us trying to provide a second opinion will never be considered anything but false when you believe your right all the time.

        1. We never made or make claims. We don’t write the national news here, which does accurately quote authorities whose reputations are on the line. Anonymous commenters with questionable info/links are what they are.

          1. I guess you don’t know what the word “proof” means. You can’t prove that something that didn’t happen would have if circumstnces were different. Maybe proabable according to the “experts” but not provable.

            1. proof
              Learn to pronounce
              See definitions in:
              evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement.
              “you will be asked to give proof of your identity”
              Plenty of studies have been released that analyze and proof, to those scientists’ view, the efficacy of the vaccines. Using publicly available data. Media around the globe have quoted them accurately.

    1. I hope that since the news outlets are acting like it’s perfectly rationale to go protest at the homes of the supreme court justices and scare them cause a party isn’t getting their way, that he doesn’t think so what it’s a peaceful protest it’s harmless. The ⚖️ s families have little kids that can be traumatized by this and what’s to say one of the protestors won’t go a little too far. One lib reporter carried on like oh big deal boo hoo kid’s father is a justice and kid can be scarred by this. Ever heard of collateral damage it’s what the kid gets for his parent’s profession. Guilty by association leave with it your parent shouldn’t have had kids with this line of work.

    1. If you want a conspiracy when the commodores we’re gonna break up it infuriated almas the russian sasquatch so at their last concert him and putin who some say is a time traveller went to talk Lionel Richie out of a solo career. When Lionel wouldn’t listen they decided a plan. Almas disguised himself as a fan and along with the kgb they kidnapped him and had him replaced with a doppleganger that has fooled everyone since 1982. The real Lionel is kept in solitary confinement in a gulag in Vladivostok. I’m sure barney won’t find any humor on this and delete it as this is a serious news site.

  6. Barney claims he has never posted a lie. Is it possible you validated things that have been proven false or attemted to validate things which have not actually been proven? I’d be curious to see what you said about Hunters laptop, blm being peaceful, last election not appearing fishy, Russian collusion or Bidens eroding mental health just to name a few. Perhaps everything you see on cnn you believe is gospel? Let the man who has never told a lie toss the first stone I guess.

    1. I/we don’t write or post the national news – never have. It’s an automated feed from the imperfect but WAY overly attacked CNN Wire. We review the ones that are placed in top stories, and they are factual and objective. Find any factual error in local news here, or even their or AP’s news, and we’ll correct it or pass it along to those who would. Otherwise, it’s the same old stuff.

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