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‘Lucky 13’ golfers have made holes-in-one at Bend’s Awbrey Glen since May

(Update: Adding video, comment from head pro and member, listing of all aces)

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- A lucky 13 golfers at Bend's Awbrey Glen Golf Club are feeling even more fortunate lately. 

Each golfer has made a hole-in-one at the course on Awbrey Butte this year, including a whooping 12 in just the last two months.

“I hit a very straight ball and I saw it going right toward the green, heading for the pin," Awbrey Glen member Lorchid Macri, who made her ace last Tuesday, recalled Thursday. "But I didn’t see it land.

"And I said, ‘Oh I probably hit over the green.’ And (my two partners) went to the hole and said ‘No, Lorchid, it’s in the hole!’ So we all did a little dance on the green.”

Macri's ace wasn't even the only hole-in-one on the day.

Awbrey Glen Head Pro and General Manager Tommy Berg said, “When you get 13 aces in 11 weeks, that’s beyond skill.”

Over the past 2 1/2 a half months, a hole-in-one was made every 788 holes played at the course.

According to the National Hole-In-One Registry, each golf course typically only sees about 10 to 15 aces a year. The odds for a PGA Tour pro to make an ace are 3,000-to-1, and an even more improbable 12,000-to-1 for an average golfer.

Berg said rounds at the club are up 40 percent this year, thanks to the pandemic, and that could explain the record number of aces.

“There is a golf boom right now,” Berg said. “Golf has been an excellent avenue for our members and golfers throughout the region and throughout the country to experience outdoor recreation.”

And more golf means more aces -- and more moments like Lorchid’s

“It’s pretty exciting when somebody -- not only that doesn’t have the experience, but is my age -- to get something like this, it was pretty exciting,” she said.

The the lucky golfers are listed below:

John Melvin (M)
May 13 – Hole # 6
149 yards - 7 Iron

Brian Quinn (M)
June 6 – Hole # 16
178 yards – 6 iron
*first hole-in-one

Tim Lewis (M)
June 12 – Hole # 8
131 yards – 9 iron
*first hole-in-one

Marty Long (F)
June 21 – Hole # 8
93 yards – 9 iron

Hunter McEwan (M)
June 23 – Hole # 13
127 yards – 6 iron

Danny Duggan (M)
June 28 – Hole # 6
155 yards – 9 iron

Mo Johnston (F)
June 27 – Hole # 13
116 yards – 6-hybrid

Chuck Shepard (M)
June 29 – Hole # 6
140 yards – 28* hybrid 

Morgan Lines (M)
July 6 – Hole # 6
170 yards – 6 iron

Diana Knight (F)
July 20 – Hole # 6
80 yards – pitching wedge

Alison Filo (F)
July 24 -Hole # 8
90 yards – 9 iron

Bob Jakse (M)
July 28 – Hole # 6
150 yards – 6 iron

Lorchid Macri (F)
July 28 – Hole # 11
122 yards – driver

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