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Deschutes SO deputy in 3-car injury crash on Hwy. 97 in Bend

DCSO patrol car in crash 1-6
Deschutes County Sheriff's Office
Deschutes County sheriff's deputy was involved in three-vehicle crash Sunday night
Nissan Rogue in Hwy 97 crash Bend PD 1-6
Bend Police Dept.
Nissan Rogue was struck by Deschutes County sheriff's deputy's patrol car on N. Highway 97 in Bend Sunday night
Nissan Rogue in Hwy. 97 crash Bend PD 1-6-2
Bend Police Dept.
Honda Odyssey minivan was struck by SUV that had been hit by Deschutes County sheriff's deputy's patrol car on N. Highway 97 in Bend Sunday night

All three drivers taken to hospital, treated and released

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Deschutes County sheriff’s deputy heading to a SWAT call in Terrebonne with lights and siren going struck another SUV Sunday night on Highway 97 at Bend’s north end, causing it to hit a minivan, police said.

Police responded just after 8 p.m. to the reported crash involving sheriff’s Deputy Clint Baltzor on North Highway 97 at Clausen Drive, Lt. Juli McConkey said.

She said Baltzor, driving a 2018 Dodge Durango patrol car, was in the left northbound lane when a black 2018 Nissan Rogue in front of him, driven by Scott Senn, 55, of Lake Oswego, “attempted to yield right, but was unable to, as there was a vehicle in the right lane, which caused him to yield left instead.”

Baltzor’s car struck the Nissan, which then struck a blue-green 2004 Honda Odyssey minivan driven by Chad Elliott, 26, of Terrebonne, McConkey said.

Baltzor checked on the occupants of the other vehicles and was tending to Senn when Bend officers arrived on scene.

All three drivers were taken by Bend Fire & Rescue medics to St. Charles Bend, where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released, McConkey said. 

The mother of one of the involved drivers says her son was treated at the hospital for back pain and whiplash.

All three vehicles were towed from the scene and the highway was reopened after about an hour, McConkey said.

The case remains under investigation, she said, and no citations have been issued.

"Anybody in a traffic crash or an investigation with traffic crimes they could be criminal in nature or it could be a citation to appear in municipal courts, McConkey said."

Sheriff's Sgt. William Bailey said who's at fault will be determined through the investigation.

"Crashes occur and all vehicles are required to have insurance by law," Bailey said. "We will have to wait for the completion of Bend PD’s investigation before any decision can be made about who’s at fault."

Bailey said Baltzor was not placed on administrative leave as a result of the crash, but was at home Monday, recovering from his injuries.

Baltzor was also in the news recently when, on Black Friday, he fired five shots into the car of a car theft suspect, Adam Gilliam, at the Cascade Village Shopping Center, three of which struck the man. In late December, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel ruled the deputy was legally justified in firing the shots as Gilliam drove toward and threatened to hit him and other deputies.

Bailey said the SWAT Team call-out to Terrebonne involved an armed, suicidal subject threatening himself and another family member. The man was taken into custody and transported to St. Charles Bend for evaluation.

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Barney Lerten

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  1. Sounds like a sheriff’s deputy needs to have his leash tightend. This one will cost the taxpayers of Deschutes County some cash. Rear end crash is usually you know who’s fault !

    1. I am sure more details to come but you are required to yield to the right. And, apparently, there was someone in the right lane that did not slow/yield for traffic to move over.

      1. Correct, so the driver tried moving to the left which would be the left turn lane. Instead of being patient the deputy rear ended him. I support law enforcement 100% but this seems like a major boneheaded move of the cops part.

    2. without cause or fault being established you are blaming the deputy? uhhh, he had the right away with lights and siren, someone yielded incorrectly and someone else failed to slow and move over, so lets see the investigation before castrating a deputy who was responding to an armed domestic event

  2. He a professional and it shouldn’t had happen(it was a swat call meaning he wasn’t the only deputy in route)risk versus public safety.Most private companies have a 0% tolerance and he would be terminated.

    1. Sheriff nelson creates this culture from the top, everything from trying to move homeless into a remotely located jail, to painting hostile political graphics on the countys squad cars that are banned in other oregon jurisdictions, to making his opponents change their clothes based on his electoral whims… adair, henderson, and nelson are ruining the county!

      1. he isn’t trying to locate the homeless into a remote jail, he offered the unused dorms and a lunchroom to the homeless so they could get out of the cold. I thought the offer was generous considering housing and feeding homeless isn’t his job unless they’ve committed a crime

  3. “A Deschutes County sheriff’s deputy heading to a SWAT call in Terrebonne with lights and siren going struck another SUV Sunday night on Highway 97 at Bend’s north end Sunday evening, causing it to hit a minivan, police said.”

    – Sunday night, Sunday evening… needs a edit

          1. Thanks. I wondered if that might have had something to do with it.
            Of course that’s her choice to hire an attorney, and rightfully so if
            the deputy is found at fault, but it did come across somewhat odd so soon
            after the crash.

          2. She can’t defend herself? You and these “attacks” is ridiculous. You cannot be “attacked” unless somebody is flat beating the crap out of you with their fists or a bat or a rock or a club or the butt of a rifle. Freakin’ sissies

  4. nissans fault, the lights and siren were on he had no right being in the way. if you cant get off the road move over as far as you can and stop, let the cop maneuver around you. its in the manual, so is getting off the road as soon as you hear the sirens and see the lights. waiting until the cops on his butt then taking up 3 lanes as the cops trying to get through should get his D.L. suspended

  5. I wish Law enforcement would cit these snowflakes that can’t drive pull to the right and STOP when lights & siren are going then you snowflakes down by Sunriver/ La Pine that can’t slow down & use good ol common sense What is the matter with people

    1. yes several issues here, other drivers failing to pull over, yielding the wrong direction, let’s see the facts come out before we start nailing a responding LEO

    2. It amazes me how many people don’t move to the right but what really boggles my mind is when people pull out in front of an emergency vehicle cross traffic at intersections with traffic lights, when their lights and sirens are going. I’ve seen younger and older people doing it.
      When they finally stop, if they actually do, they look around like where did that come from.

  6. On a positive note that barney will think is some sort of “attack”…32 mad Iranians were killed and a 190 wounded when they stampeded themselves at Mr. Blown up iranian general’s funeral. Seriously. Stampeded themselves. I mean come on…. who does that? How? Why? Settle down folks… your pita bread ain’t burning

  7. The story in the 3rd paragraph doesn’t fit the picture of the damage, shouldn’t the damage be on the other side of the? or is this a stock picture of another incident, does look like more damage than what was described.

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