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Oregon lawmakers to try again on campaign donation limits


Voters also will have say in November on curbing campaign 'arms race'

By Eric Tegethoff, Oregon News Service

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon is among a handful of states with no limits on campaign contributions in elections. The 2020 session offers lawmakers another chance to change that.

Senate Bill 1524 would cap donations from individuals to candidates for state office at $750, and $15,000 from committees, including political parties. The limit for statewide offices, such as governor, would be $2,000 from individuals and $40,000 from committees.

Dan Meek, an attorney and campaign finance expert, says the bill is rife with flaws.

"Oregon politicians have so little experience with limits on contributions, they don't know how to write a bill to limit them," says Meek. "In other states where they already have limits, they understand how they work and what the loopholes are."

Meek says Oregon has the most expensive races in the country -- and legislative candidates are raising 10 times more than they did two decades ago.

The Oregon Legislature's session begins on Monday.

Meek says 2018 gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler received the third-largest contribution for any race in US history. That was from former Nike CEO Phil Knight, for $2.5 million.

Together, Buehler and Gov. Kate Brown raised $37 million in the race, more than twice the previous record in Oregon.

Meek sees campaigns without donor limits as "arms races."

"It's bizarre that Oregon politicians are so heavily dependent on large contributions," says Meek. "They take contributions here that would, of course, be criminal in 45 other states."

He thinks the best shot at campaign finance reform is a constitutional amendment allowing limits that is being referred to voters in November.

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    1. sounds like you are a promoter of the one dollar, one vote mentality – not so smart considering most of the enemies you rail against on a regular basis have more money than you – that victim mentality can be talked into some pretty self-detrimental behaviors

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