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Bid to shrink Oregon, enlarge Idaho would split High Desert

Greater Idaho movement
Map of proposal that would expand Idaho across much of Oregon's rural areas

La Pine retiree chief petitioner to 'Move Oregon's Border for a Greater Idaho'

La PINE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A retired La Pine nurseryman is a chief petitioner for the latest secession movement to draw attention in the West, a bid to add much of Oregon's southern, central and eastern counties into Idaho -- not including Bend or Sisters, but including Redmond, Madras and Prineville.

The Oregonian noted in its story Monday about the "Move Oregon's Border for a Greater Idaho" movement that there's always "talk of secession in the air," such as the long-standing Cascadia effort and the call for a conservative, rural state of Jefferson.

Mike McCarter, the La Pine resident who's helping lead the latest effort, told the paper he's backed the state of Jefferson movement, but doesn't see secession happening.

Instead, he's shooting for something far less constitutionally sticky -- moving a state's borders. He noted that's happened on a smaller scale in past decades elsewhere in the country.

“Rural counties have become increasingly outraged by laws coming out of the Oregon Legislature that threaten our livelihoods, our industries, our wallet, our gun rights, and our values,” McCarter said in a press release posted to the group's Facebook page.

“We tried voting those legislators out, but rural Oregon is outnumbered and our voices are now ignored," he wrote. "This is our last resort.”

While it's a very tall order, the Move Oregon's Border group's proposals to have voters weigh in has received initial approval from Josephine and Douglas counties, which could get them on the November ballot, if enough signatures are gathered.

Even if the counties being invited voted to join Idaho, both state's legislatures would have to weigh in, as well as Congress.

The map as drawn definitely splits up Central Oregon, leaving Bend and Sisters in smaller Oregon while adding Madras, Redmond, Prineville and La Pine to the newly enlarged state of "Greater Idaho," as well as areas all the way to the coast and south into California, beyond Redding and Red Bluff.

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    1. This has already been approved on two ballots for November in Oregon. I’m not sure what you are basing your opinion on- but it’s not from the residents of Oregon.

      As for it being a “waste of time”- I think you are missing the point here… rumor has it- that when Wyden and Merkley were informed of this attempt to shrink the borders of Oregon- they both said “Oregon” ? Where’s that ?? We live in Portland !

      Guess they’ve been too caught up in Presidential resistance movements to know what’s happening back home with their constituents. Oregonians east of the mountains are now setting the foundation for the next great battlefield- much like what we saw in the 1850’s as northerners in Washington ignored the plight of the southern states.

      I heard Wyden is showing up for a town-hall here in CO- this should be right at the top of his “to-do” list… how to reign in Queen Kate and her out-of-control spending spree and idiotic policies that are bankrupting the state.

      1. You are basing your opinion and wild conspiracy theories on a small group of alt right wing anti government groups. These are not a representation of Oregon. Just look at your post and “RUMOR” that is the most wild and far fetched accusation you can make. What is sad is you probably believe it. What should be at the top of Wyden’s list is mental health help for people like you, unfortunately Trump cut the budget because he doesn’t want you and his other minions to get the help you need. He can’t lose any of his brain dead cult.

    1. This “News” just hit the national airwaves this morning as FOX had a “sit-down” interview with the Governor of Idaho- who admitted that there are numerous hurdles to jump through before any expansion would take place- but the good folks of Idaho completely understand the frustration Oregonians living east of the cascades feel- “taxation without representation” !

      1. Or the frustration over 50% of our country feels with Trump. I guess we should start a petition to break up the united states. I wonder if Trump will loan out his sharpie so we can draw new boundaries on the map.

    1. I think McCarter just busted out his fiddle and is doing an Irish jig this morning- as this just hit the national airwaves !

      All the networks are plastering this story across their airwaves- I saw the Governor of Idaho speaking on FOX and Friends about an hour ago.

      I guarantee you this is causing a poo storm at Kate Brown’s office- as the good Governor from Idaho stated very clearly that “Kate’s policies in Portland” are having negative effects to the rural counties of Oregon- all of whom voted Republican in the last elections.

      I imagine Wyden and Merkley are also scrambling to put this genie back in the bottle- I see where KTVZ has already buried this- gleaned off the front page- couldn’t hide it fast enough !

  1. You’re right. This is way too good to be true. It would be wonderfull to leave most of the Dems on the west side and get back to how Central, Eastern and Southern Oregon used to be before all the city folk invaded us.

    1. City folk – ha – quite a few of those are “rural folk” who needed to move for employment. You “Easterners can’t do the job thingy very well.

      1. Actually- at least according to the local data- a large number of them “easterners from the Portland area arrived in Central Oregon for the sole purpose of “poaching” regional jobs.

        Companies like “Fortress” don’t hire locals long term for jobs out in Prineville- just watch the mass exodus of workers heading back over the mountains on a Friday afternoon at 2:00.

        Subsequently- the money’s provided by these CO jobs- don’t stay in CO. You may have noticed that these Portlanders are not members of the Crook County Chamber of Commerce- Fortress-TCM/Southland- the various unions that come in and take these jobs- yet give nothing back to the Prineville community… most local hires are temporary- a tossed bone here and there- a three month roofing project or a bit of landscape here and there.

        It’s gotten so bad that the Prineville City Council no longer discusses this issue in public or private. They seemed surprised when school enrollments were up 176 students… asking everyone within earshot- what’s going on here ? The fact is- the local population is growing because Bend/Redmond have outpriced their market- Prineville needs to secure local jobs for these new arrivals- or face the reality that local dollars created are going back over the mountains… Crook County has not seen it’s medium average income rise like all other counties in Oregon- the money is not staying here- it’s going back to Portland/Bend/Idaho !

    1. Think again ! The overall average tax burden faced by Oregonians (negatively affecting your wages) is at about 8%- those in Idaho half that at 3.7%.

      You seem oblivious to just how much taxes have risen under Kate Brown- my property taxes alone- without a single residential improvement project- has gone from $200 a year to well over $2,000 in just the past four years !

      The whole “sales tax” promo only works in the Portland-Vancouver vicinity… where people live in Vancouver- but commute to Portland to shop and work. I see no reason for the rest of the state to suffer so Vancouverites can avoid a “sales tax” !

      1. Wow, if my property taxes rose 10-fold in four years I’d be talking to the assessor quick. Either voters approved a whole lot of stuff where you live or something’s wrong, like they under-assessed you previously. Other than voter-approved additions, you know there’s the voter-set 3 percent annual cap on assessed value increases.

        1. I did !

          They say that Facebook and the data centers are increasing the property values in the region… even though Crook County has been the only county in the state to not see it’s average annual income raise in the past decade. Jobs created at these data centers have been bid out to Portland based firms (Fortis/TCM/Southland/Corona Steel/Pence Kelley/WPI) … who bring in their own Union labor force and block out qualified local workers… This has been a problem for years now- no change as the local City Council seems oblivious to the hardship… the council feels that since F-Book throws around free money (grants) that the citizens of Crook should be silent- be thankful for the occasional bone… gee- what is Prineville’s poverty rate again ?

          F-Book should mandate local hiring quotas- provide job fairs- should look into dismissal’s of local workers as a last resort- not a first option.

          And yes- this all comes on the heels of new school bonds- new jails- new hospital… seems the locals are concerned about sickly uneducated kids with a pension for crime !

          You have a huge story here for Z21- as the attitudes are in full view as this Oregon/Idaho border issue plays out- How the greed of those people living in Portland continue to harm rural Oregonians. But then again COD may be a better fit for a story like this as they seem more focused on the local issues. Just sayin’ !

      2. Wow that is weird. Taxes can’t go up more than 3 % a year in the state of Oregon. Try feeding your lies to someone else. I can’t believe anyone actually believes any of your lies and conspiracy theories. You really do need some help.

        1. “Contrary to popular belief, Oregon law does not limit property tax increases to three percent per year. If you received a property tax statement this year, you may have learned this the hard way. Overall tax rates are now at a 20 year high and this trend will continue unless there is a significant legislative fix.”

          Yeah- How weird !

            1. Unless that maybe the “four” years was spell checked from a “few” years- I must say- it’s either my ten year old lap top running on fumes- or this modern tech stuff has me befuddled… I’ve gone back and looked at previous posts- and there are sentences left dangling- incomplete thoughts cut off- or words just spelled wrong- I do miss the “edit button” from disqus !

      3. Two things you may want to consider: (1) there’s the annual 3% cap on property tax increases so unless you did something to “improve” your property or a number of massive bond measures were voted on by your taxing districts so you shouldn’t have a tenfold increase; and (2) the state does not have anything to do with your property taxes (take another look at your property tax statement to see who’s collecting the money and for what).

    1. Agreed ! Let Northern Californians and Southern Oregonians hash-out that “Jefferson State” proposal and leave the Willamette valley to fend for itself.

  2. Secession by any other name…I’d be willing to wager that the supporters of this idea are some of those who ask why immigrants don’t stay in their native countries and fix its problems rather than come to our country seeking a better life. Enough said.

      1. You know Barney- everytime I have to ask you to open the comments section to a story-

        I feel like Lucy- having to ask for an extra piece of candy because her brother is out wasting his time sitting in a pumpkin patch !

          1. That’s right. Numerous times you’ve been asked by various commenters about running stories outside of cnn, and/or investigative questioning by your people on hotbed topics. Total crickets

            1. Never crickets. Just not answers you like, no doubt. Respectful questions get respectful answers. Our company chose CNN for its national content. I don’t like all their stuff and have been very honest about that. But much of it is not as bad as the critics claim.

              1. Solid crickets, and now you’re flat out lying. Your reporters WILL NOT follow up on anything. Did you go talk to the Hammonds when they were released? HELL NO. You won’t question Hummel, You won’t question the Government AT ALL. Many times there are stories coming out, but you won’t run them unless cnn does first. This story is one of the mot popular and you buried it after one day, while letting other hate trump stories stay up on the front page for days on end

                1. I will answer a few of your points, for others’ benefit. Well, two. We don’t pick up national news from sources other than the ones are company have arranged to flow in automatically, we have to focus our time and resources on local news. And NO story stays in top stories for more than several hours, unless it’s one with new developments, because who’s going to keep returning to a website that has the same stories atop it for days on end? We have to keep it fresh. The stories slide down page for a bit, and are always available in archives by search (little magnifying glass, upper right of every page).

  3. Doesn’t matter if it happens or not. There will always be someone in Idaho willing to sell to a high-paying Californian. It’s only a matter of time with conservatives’ current losing strategy.

    I don’t think Idaho would be willing to take on the additional burden, in any case.

  4. I love how so many posters (probably leftists from Portland) label everyone in eastern Oregon as hicks, rednecks, racists, white supremacists and yet they wonder why eastern Oregoners feel alienated and want to leave.
    However, look at it from a different angle. Portland has been burning for years because of lawlessness and embrace of anarchists, social justice warriors, antifa, black lives matters, autonomous zones, etc. It was not that long ago that police officers were executed, that police precincts were set on fire by arsonist radicals with police officers inside. That is attempted murder of law enforcement and government officials. Government buildings and Residential buildings set on fire. Gunfire. Vandalism. Assaults. The State Governor, the State Legislature, the Mayor of Portland, the Portland City Council, the District Attorney are all sympathetic to this lawlessness and anarchy to such a degree that even if arrested they will not be prosecuted. Its not just that eastern Oregoners have a different economy and are not sharing in the wealth and opportunity that Western Coastal Oregoners. It is getting to the point where eastern Oregoners look at Portland with disgust. They don’t want the norms of Portland anarchy to become acceptable norms in their neighborhoods and communities. The naysayers believe Eastern Oregoner will never leave for Idaho and Oregon will never let them go but what happens if eastern Oregoners declare themselves autonomous zones free from rule from the State of Oregon and defacto members of the state of Idaho and arm themselves with community militias…as does Antifa and Black Lives Matters does in Portland. If the government is passive enough to give into to anarchists then what makes you think that the government is not passive enough to stand up to armed community militias.

  5. Just remember this…it is not the peaceful rural eastern oregoners that are marching into Portland, setting fire to the city, declaring autonomous zones, stopping traffic, vandalizing property, assaulting people, murdering people, tearing down statues and institutions. It is not rural eastern oregoners who are shoving their rural values upon people in the rest of the state. If you can call this secession as the first step in civil war…then please remember that it was the city government of Portland and the State Governments embrace of anarchy and lawlessness that started the war….as eastern oregoners went about their businesses raising their families, earning a living, managing a safe livable community with a quality of life they could be proud. At some point, if the Governor and the City of Portland don’t get their act under control and unify the state then those counties will form armed militias and they will secede by force as has also happened in our countries history.

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