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Gov. Brown circulates draft 3-phase plan to reopen economy

kate brown
Gov. Kate Brown speaks at April 14 news conference on COVID-19 pandemic

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Gov. Kate Brown’s office on Monday circulated its own version of a three-phase federal guideline to lift restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, including allowing child care facilities to reopen in phase one and possibly restaurants.

The Trump administration guidelines say there first needs to be downward trajectories, during a 14-day period, of influenza-like illnesses, COVID-19-like cases, of documented cases or of positive tests as a percent of total tests, as well as “robust testing and contact tracing.”

Oregon, however, has some counties where there no or few COVID-19 cases.

The draft circulating among state leaders says Oregon will likely use modified metrics, especially for rural counties who have small numbers.

Democrat Brown’s draft plan contains no time frame on when the drop in cases is expected to occur. It says experience in other countries and modeling says reducing social distancing too quickly will create a spike in cases.

The plan comes as Republicans, a minority in the state Legislature, said they are ramping up pressure on the governor to lift economic restrictions on parts of the state that have not been hit as hard by the virus, including rural Oregon.

“The rural districts my caucus and I represent should be able to return to a new normal and get back to work,” said Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr. of Grants Pass.

In the federal guidelines, under phase one restaurants, sports venues, theaters and churches could open, with strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols. But the Oregon draft plan says sports venues, theaters and churches would likely remain closed. However, state officials are looking at allowing sit-down dining.

And while the federal guidelines say bars should remain closed in phase one, Oregon will instead have a work group to propose a phase one plan. Oregon’s many brewpubs, wine tasting rooms and bars have been hit hard economically by Brown’s shutdown order.

Oregon is still evaluating the federal guidelines on phase two and phase three. Under the Trump administration “Opening Up America Guidelines” released last Thursday, in phase two, gatherings can increase to 50 people, nonessential travel can resume, and schools and gyms can open under physical distancing.

Phase three would see mass gatherings size increases, work sites with unrestricted staffing, visitors to nursing homes allowed, and restaurants and bars to have more seating.

Brown’s draft plan says all that needs review by the Oregon Health Authority, Brown’s Medical Advisory Panel and local public health officials.

The Oregon Health Authority reported an additional coronavirus death Monday — a 45-year-old Marion County man with underlying medical conditions — raising the overall toll to 75. It also reported 47 additional confirmed COVID-19 cases, raising the total to over 1,950.

Over 40,000 residents have been tested for the coronavirus since the state confirmed its first case on Feb. 28.

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia and death. The vast majority of people recover.

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  1. Maybe brown and brunch should revisit the “climate change” executive order and instead make the stolen funds help working Oregonians. But I’m sure they’ve already spent the stolen money so there’s not a chance.

      1. Really? he has the tinhat on too tight? Why lock down a section of the state where those that did catch something, are all released from the hospital?

        Oh, wait a minute! You probably are having a hard time finding your keyboard while wading through all of that toilet paper and hand sanitizer you have hoarded!

    1. Typical democrat comment, you always need a Messiah who you can bow to. Kate did nothing but followed what other states have done. I still believe this should have been handled on the federal level and our borders should have been sealed back in early January. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

  2. “The vast majority of people recover.” – if we focused on this and prepared for the worst instead of the other way around the economy might still be viable.

      1. What’s the deal with all you liberals citing Hitler, Stalin, KKK and calling names immediately you don’t agree with someone. Yes, because today people are getting shot on sight when showing the slightest flu symptoms and getting sent to labor camps for sneezing.
        I suggest you visit a specialist before completely loosing it! Seriously!

  3. Many experts already stated that you don’t quarantine everybody, you isolate the group of higher risk and let the rest move on with their lives. It like grounding all air traffic because a few of them may crash.

  4. Blah blah blah I still have no dates set, blah blah blah, we have the lowest numbers but harder hit states will open first, blah blah blah, when I grow up I want to be a Governor or a Caterpillar!

  5. To all the sycophants of Gov Brown. She also stated we will never go into phase 3 without a vaccine or cure. It’s a virus! There will NEVER be a cure! That’s like saying you won’t remove martial law till we cure the FLU! Something that is mutating from host to host. Vaccines are not immunizations! You’re no more immune to it than without it! You can still get the flu even though you had a flu shot. Jesus… it’s like no one is capable of thinking for themselves on any level and is masochistically willing to destroy everything just to rule over the ashes.

    Honestly, it takes 5 to 20 YEARS to make a vaccine. Brown is truly a mad despot! Refusing to surrender power to tyrannically violate millions of peoples rights. She doesn’t want a democracy, but a dictatorship. Last year watching her send the gestapo I mean state police to take political prisoners of her opposing party. I’m not even republican had was disgusted by that and how even though she asked for the national guard. She made sure her troops out numbered the federal troops that would protect the constitution over enforcing her tyranny.

    Heck, the media…. and their push of Covid deniers. When no ones denied the existence of covid, but the threat of it! Something that even to this day has only killed 0.0003% of the USA was such a danger we literally destroyed our economy. COvid didn’t sign orders to force businesses to shutdown. Our officials did. Our officials alone are responsible for the unemployment rate. Especially, since pre covid was at a historical low. Then Governors decided to ruin that and blame it on the president.

    1. “Vaccines are not immunizations! You’re no more immune to it than without it! You can still get the flu even though you had a flu shot. Jesus… it’s like no one is capable of thinking for themselves…”

      You’ll have to excuse the locals- they were fed that nonsense by a variety of posters here and the myth was never corrected by anyone at the Z- they just let that dangerous misinformation fester because it probably fit their political messaging.

      You would be the second poster here to clarify that fact- I was the first- and was subsequently shouted down by the local peanut gallery- we call them “Barney’s Kids” ! Complete ignorants !

  6. “Oregon, however, has some counties where there no or few COVID-19 cases.”

    WHAT ??? “there are “NO” covid19 cases” ???

    Impossible ! Z21 has assured us all that the state is awsh in Wuhan Corona Virus- that we must sacrifice our civil liberties and go on welfare- food stamps- take the children out of school and jeopardize their physical and mental well-being !

    We’ve been lectured to by CNN-AP-nancy Pelosi- the whole Demokkkrat and liberal world about the end of the human race… and then what happened ? well- there were these massive violent demonstrations over the death of a black guy in Minnesota- so Kate now believes the virus has run it’s course… Yeh- I know- there is absolutely no connection between the two- except for the fact that 1000 protesters in Bend yesterday poo’d all over Kate Brown’s Executive Orders !

    See Oregon- you do know how to take the state back- stop listening to the media- and hit the streets- we demand the immediate return of our civil liberties and to all our rightsas written in the US Constitution- the Law of The Land !

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