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Deschutes County Republican Party responds to Buehler’s departure

(Update: Adding Deschutes County Republican Party statement)

'I just couldn't take it anymore,' said former state representative

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Former state representative and GOP gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler of Bend explained to NewsChannel 21 on Tuesday why he is among more than 6,000 Oregon Republicans who left the party last month and 11,000 since the November election.

And on Thursday, the Deschutes County Republican Party offered its formal response.

"The events in January were deeply disturbing to me, starting out with President Trump's questioning of the election, and trying to strong-arm many times Republican elected officeholders to change election results," Buehler said. "And then the encouraging of the assault on the Capitol.”

"The final straw really was the Oregon Republican State Committee's resolution, claiming a conspiracy theory -- a debunked conspiracy theories- about this 'false flag' operation, and that the far left was really responsible for attacking the Capitol," Buehler added.

"I just couldn't take it anymore," he said. "That's just not responsible. And if those are the kinds of resolutions -- I don't know what a Republican really means anymore."

Buehler, like many of those who changed their registration, moved to the ranks of non-affiliated voters, which have risen by more than 10,000 statewide since the election. Democratic ranks also fell by nearly 8,500 since the election.

The former state representative, long viewedas a moderate by some and a RINO (Republican in name only) by his critics, said he's closed his involvement in politics.

"I've never seen politics as a career," he said. "I'm an orthopedic surgeon by training. I saw my political involvement as a service. After six years, that service is done. I think that's long enough.

"But I'll be happy to help other worthy candidates who really want to solve big problems for real people. It doesn't matter to me if those are Republican candidates, independent or non-affiliated candidates, or even Democratic candidates, if they are truly interested in solving real problems."

“Of course, they have to be true to principles I believe in: freedom, the rule of law, defending the Constitution, providing opportunities for people.”

"I don't believe in blind loyalty to any party or a person, even president," he said. “I said that from the very beginning of my political involvement. I'm true to my principles. ... Nothing's changed with regard to that."

"In an old adage of Ronald Reagan, ‘I haven't left the party, the party's left me,’" Buehler said. “I don't know what it means to be a Republican anymore, certainly in this state."

"I feel both parties have not governed well over the last two decades," Buehler said. "There's been sweeping changes across our country, and it's knocked a lot of people off their feet, and we need to be mindful of that.

"I think it's something that President Trump recognized," he said. "Unfortunately, his leadership style and his approach just wasn't able to help those people. And I think that's why we see so much discord right now."

NewsChannel 21 also reached out to former Deschutes County commissioner and current county Republican Chair Phil Henderson on Tuesday about the recent voter registration changes.

"Seems like a lot of the people maybe leaving the party were in the Portland area - Washington County and a couple of other places," he said. I don't think that's been a trend in Deschutes County so far.

"But to the extent- people do change parties after elections," Henderson said. "I think people were disappointed for not winning. People were disappointed for the way the campaign went. I think it's been a very volatile political year."

Here's the Deschutes County GOP statement on his move:

Deschutes Republicans Statement to Dr. Knute Buehler’s Decision

“It was disappointing to read Tuesday that former Bend Republican, Dr. Knute Buehler, has chosen to re-register as a member of Independent Party. Itis a loss to the Republican Party, our community, and the state, but not entirely surprising,” said Deschutes Republican Chairperson, Phil Henderson.

“My hope is that it is not the beginning of a run for statewide office as an Independent, or an eventual conversion to the Democratic Party as some knowledgeable people have predicted,” Henderson said. “Is he picking up his marbles and going home or just changing teams? Who knows? Buehler does have access to many very well-heeled Oregon donors, but he has always seemed challenged by many concerns of working, middle-class Oregonians, and people of strong faith who make up the heart of the modern Republican Party. 

"Buehler announced his decision in the New York Times, which seemed an odd choice if he doesn’t have further aspirations,” said Henderson.

“Dr. Buehler reported his frustration recently with the national and state Republican parties in making his decision, but there were other ways to respond to those,” Henderson said.  “I am sure that many Deschutes Republicans join with me in appreciating his service as a two-term State Representative for Bend.  He stepped up to the plate to run as the Republican candidate for Secretary of State, Governor, and a candidate for Congressional District #2 over the last few election cycles. We hope he does not campaign against us now and our candidates in the future.”

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. “The events in January were deeply disturbing to me”
    I know how ya feel man, it was not good. I condemn those events. Of course it was nothing compared the 25 million democrats and Biden supporters who burned and looted 100 American cities, leaving uninhabitable ghettos in their wake. The Left not only failed to condemn the riots, they openly encouraged and praised the destruction. It is a FACT that this occurred, please do not let the memory reset take hold.
    Have fun with your new Democrat overlords.

      1. You seem to like facts. Which part of the above statement is false? Be specific.
        Use small words please, I’m not as bright as you but I can try to keep up.

        1. “Which part of the above statement is false?”

          Can you provide evidence for these numbers and claims?

          *25 million
          *burned and looted 100 American cities
          *leaving uninhabitable ghettos in their wake

            1. Let’s call Portland ground zero for BLM protests. Not counting the thousands of canisters of tear gas your unmarked Federal agents set off, or the spontaneous violence instigated by law enforcement of all flavors, what exact street can you name that was previously habitable for people and/or businesses but has since been burned and looted by Democrats so as to render it uninhabitable afterward. I wont just limit you to Portland, I want you to name just one street in the entirety of the Country which was left an uninhabitable ghetto and is now just a barren wasteland. If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, would you mind linking before/after photos of this street, or a link from a reputable news source?

              1. You quite obviously have not been to the sites in Portland – go there and see for yourself as some of the rest of us have. Talk to the folks who live there, as some of the rest of us have. Tell them just how nice their neighborhood is, like you might want to move there because it is so nice now.

                1. My brother lives at 3rd and Harrison, still living there and it’s pretty much okay! so yes, I have talked to the ones who live there!

            2. Almost like you’re Gaslighting, crumbling away like a coward the second your evidence is questioned.

              Obviously your name is a reflection of the only tactic you’re capable of. goP after all, right?

            3. Let me translate Gaslight’s statement; “None of it is provable. It’s what I read on Parler, Newsmax, Fox or OAN… Since I can’t argue, I’ll disengage to my safe space.”
              Weak, Gaslight, really weak. You even lack conviction.

          1. Did you just now start watching the news? Have you never been on the internet? It is all out there – if you are willing to look rather than criticize.

    1. Get out more. Look up “fact”. I don’t think that word means what you think it means. And this is why your guy was run out of town on a rail. There’s support groups for people like you. The longer you deny reality the dumber you look, son.

      1. You don’t know me and you don’t know who my “guy” is. That Fact seems to have eluded you but I’ll over look it.
        Your implication of mental illness is silly and childish, try harder.
        Maybe you are correct, I might have something wrong with my memory.
        You tell me how much damage was done and by whom. I”ll wait.

        1. The damage done by the protesters was significant and wrong on so many accounts. The fact you are using someone protesting civil rights to rationalize an attempt of some misled low information (non)voters attempt to overthrow an election shows that you are either ignorant or rascist… Can’t tell which from your posts so far.

          1. I condemned the capitol event (see above) I never rationalized anything, pay attention.
            Racist? this is getting so ridiculous, I feel bad for people whos only remaining debate ammunition is the “your a racist” chant.
            The irony with that comment is that you clearly do not require evidence of your claims.
            Keep doing that, I love it.

          2. Protestors do not cause damage or injure other people – once that starts the message is lost and it all becomes riots. Isn’t it interesting that these riots are for “black rights” but the % of non-white folks among the rioters is not very high?

            1. So you’re saying only those oppressed are allowed to protest for their rights? Used to be American ideology included the belief that if one person is not free, none of us are. Guess that got thrown out with the Constitution when you adopted, based on lies, a mission of betraying America, raised the Trump flag abomination over the Capitol, and tried very hard to find someone to lynch on Jan 6?

        2. You’ve been as clear as you can with your obvious limitations. My implication of mental illness is spot on. I’m retired and the Goldwater rule holds little water with me. You exhibit obviously delusional behavior. Seriously. Get help.

            1. Back to the top, Bub, you made outrageous statements and instead of providing proof of those statements you started insulting people. So, yes, you have admitted failure…..

              1. Seems to me a lot of people are picking at straws. 25 million? I’m not sure. According to the Insurance Information Institute, “…a preliminary estimate of insured losses from PCS which is still subject to further evaluation, would be more than $1 billion, marking it as the costliest civil disorder in U.S. history.” (source:

                So keep it up leftists. Your ignorance is only surpassed by your denial of the facts.

                1. All of that damage was done by Trump supporters and police while they were attacking the peaceful protesters. The faster you own the damage you have done both physically and spiritually to our country, the sooner we can all unite for the common good.

        1. I’ll trade you ‘carpetbagger’ for ‘fascist domestic terrorist who is a member of a political cult which attacked our United States Capitol while the Electoral College votes were being counted by the republican-lead Senate in an attempt to commit insurrection in the attempt to violently overthrow a free and fair election because they didn’t like the outcome’ any day, komrade.

          Also, what makes you think Neuro a ‘political candidate who seeks election in a area where they have no local connections’? That’s the definition of a carpetbagger, in case you were wondering. Sounds terrifying.

    2. Seriously, most of the protests during the summer were peaceful. It was the federal officers instigating riots. Comparing peaceful protests with an attack on our US Capitol just reeks of your desperation. The US Capitol had not been raided like that since the War of 1812. Traitors! The only thing that is a FACT is trump lost bigly and you are coming across as bitter and hostile.

      1. The fact that Trump lost the election is not even the topic here, and I never disputed it. Deflection?
        You are seriously buying the “fiery but mostly peaceful protests” line? OK
        It is a fact that the Black Lives Matter events where violent and caused massive damage, no rational person can deny this.
        It is a fact that it was encouraged by the Main stream media and politicians, celebrities etc.
        There are written records, video records, social media records. It happened in Portland for months, even a few weeks ago.
        It is the truth.

          1. It’s a funny thing ya know, all this denial of reality, cognitive dissonance I believe. The main stream narrative was that the violence was mostly peaceful, which is linguistic trickery because all violent events and even wars are mostly peaceful. Research the concept, it’s too complex for me to explain and any journalist should know this.
            Silence is violence, but violence is not.
            And BTW, are you suggesting that one needs to specifically say the words “go forth and destroy the city, kill in the name of your belief” for it to be encouragement of violence? Then I will assume that you do not support the Trump impeachment.
            If being consistent is your thing.

            1. All I was and am saying is that it is as wrong to say all (or most!) marchers this summer and fall were violent as it is to say all (or most!) of the people at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were violent. Over-generalization to blame the Evil Other Side for all that is wrong is a sad Blame Society tactic. I’ve said it many times here – that I believe it’s a fair debate to say more should have been done to stop the violence. But it feels like a large waste of time and energy to argue endlessly (and convincing no one) over which side is worse and who the violence perpetrators were for/against (anarchists just want to destroy).

              1. I do not entirely agree with you, but I mostly agree with you, which is something. In the end, all that matters in this whole debacle is that the elites are thrilled that the left and right are in a blood fued so that we have little bandwidth left to process what they have in mind for us. The entrenched powerful, largely held in place by vast wealth, will absolutely panic if we start looking at them with a critical eye. I am confident that most people left or right agree. i.e. Gamestop

                1. I started a blog years ago called Rejecting the Blame Society. The hallmark is this line of cognitive dissonance: I want to have my cake, eat it too, not get fat, have someone else pay the bill – and if I can’t, it’s the media/govt. (fill in the blank’s) fault.
                  It used to be a punchline, pointing to the futility of living in foxholes and lobbing verbal grenades until the end of time.
                  Now it seems for too many (hopefully more noisy than by numbers) to be a way life, for those who believe in the end only their side will win and only if the other evil side loses.
                  Sad, tragic and scary. (My bumper sticker slogan: Stop the Hate Before it’s Too Late.)
                  No kumbaya, Pollyanna naivete. Just weary, like so many, of the endless way too partisan (and usually way too personal) battles which by and large solve and prove nothing.
                  That’s all. Healthy debate on the issues, in civil fashion? Love it. A firmly moderated subreddit called Political Discussion even encourages it.
                  Staying away from the toxicity or at least dismissing it as a futile, frustrating exercise to me is the only sane, healthy path.

              2. “All I was and am saying is that it is as wrong to say all (or most!) marchers this summer and fall were violent as it is to say all (or most!) of the people at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were violent.” I have a problem with that statement. I didn’t see a single peaceful person storming and trashing the capitol.

                1. And not a single peaceful protest participant/marcher attacked the Portland federal courthouse, smashed store windows or set cars ablaze. The parallel stands. Judging any event by the small minority who intrude and interfere with the sole purpose of violence is unfair, no matter where on the political spectrum they stand.

              3. Kristallnacht, the participants where only the fringe elements.
                Bolsheviks, same.
                Each killed millions due in large part of the tacit approval of the larger population.
                I am the only one here to openly condemn political violence on both sides, curious.
                Barney himself being the exception I suppose. So kudos for that.

                1. Of course we condemn violence, by anyone, as do just about everyone I know or have seen reports of. “Political” or otherwise. I still argue against blaming others for their actions.

                2. I agree with you on that Gaslight; violence at any protest is wrong and should be dealt with harshly. Where we seem to part is I draw huge distinction between the origination of the two protests; One was about civil rights the other was an attempt change the outcome of a fair and legal election. Intent matters, but it doesn’t excuse violence.

        1. “Instances can range from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents occurred, to belittling the victim’s emotions and feelings, to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim” Wike…..

          1. I like this, but let me reword it a bit…
            America has been in an abusive relationship for 4 years, and now that our abuser is in handcuffs he wants us to just move on and forget the past. He hasn’t hit us tomorrow, so it’s not fair that we can hold him responsible for something that happened last month.

        2. Riddle: the answer you seek is found by looking into a reflective surface, now typically of glass coated with a metal amalgam, that reflects a clear image.

          The eyes you find there are the window to the soul, for which you are eternally bonded.

          If you have gotten this far in solving this riddle you will see the Truth in 1 Timothy 4:1-2

      2. I believe Romney is actually following his conscience. It’s not far fetched to believe even a politician could be disgusted by trump’s behavior. Time will if that’s what his constituents want him to do.

      3. AK,

        The Capital was a mess and I hope they all go to jail.

        To say most of the protest this summer were peaceful is just not true. Either a lie, or ignorance, but still not true.

        I spent over 100 nights this past year in Portland, only a small handful were “uneventful ” / peaceful.

        All on this site need to admit that there is crazy on the far left, and the far right.

        Quit arguing with each other if you are somewhere in between.

              1. And where is our local DA on getting to trial those who were arrested for the events last year at the foot of Pilot Butte? More than enough time to get his staff to get ready for trial, yet here we are in February 2021 and not one trial has begun even tho Hummel stated this was a priority for him.

              2. And the Oregonian provided in reporting today that the cost for repair/cleanup of federal buildings in Portland from these protests are $2.3 million (and destruction of private businesses may never fully be know, but based on some insurer estimates, the numbers are significantly higher). Now expand that across the nation and it appears that a level of destruction that took place on a nightly basis would point to at least a very large personal agreement of protest participants to permit this level of violent action to take place without calling the proverbial bs on those in their midst. If the protest leaders did not actively take part to stop the destructive actions, then they were providing tacit approval…

                1. And when that Democratic Punk shot those two innocent black folks during a violent Democratic protest in Wisconsin and was hailed as a hero by them and their hero Racist Trash fake President… Oh, wait…

          1. Barney, enough evenings of never-ending protests in Portland ended up with violent actions including destruction of both public building and private businesses which points to at least a significant failure on the part of the protest leadership to either prevent or point out those who in their midst committed violence actions. Unfortunately, the false narrative that the law enforcement officers were the “enemy” drove rational participants from assisting in the arrest and conviction of those who decided a protest is a time to rage violently. It also does not help that the new DA broadcast his policy not to hold destructive behavior accountable early and his lack of support to LEA who were making arrests emboldened more violent acts. Thus, a significant portion of the absolutely crazy extremists who attacked the US Capitol were embracing a bit of “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” mentality. Luckily, we are actually seeing the LEA and federal prosecutors do their job in DC and across the nation with assistance by conservative party members who are outing those who committed the violence on January 6th. Perhaps, if more of that “self-policing” had taken place by protest leaders in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, etc., the actions on the 6th of January may never had happened. Now will open the bottle of good stuff and wait for the “false equivalency” statements to begin to filter in…

          2. Barney if you were a downtown business owner and now see downtown with a tent outside your store, trash everywhere and a nice defecation on the sidewalk for all practical purposes downtown has been destroyed. It is a fair assessment to say downtown pdx has been destroyed

        1. The Capitol was “a mess”? A mess?!
          That’s not a mess. That’s sedition and insurrection, and it’s the first time since the civil war that the United States Capitol was violently overtaken.

          To compare that to even the most violent protest which happened in the name of wanting our militarized police force to stop killing Americans for walking/driving/BBQ’ing/shopping/sleeping while black is comparing apples and oranges. They are not in the same universe, much less the same ballpark.

    3. You’re sounding an awful lot like Bunker Baby’s whining (without any factual basis) about the thousands or millions of dead voters, fraudulent ballots, and rigged voting machines throughout the country that “stole” his “victory.” You talk like anyone to the political left of you is one giant mass of unbelievers, united in overthrowing the Constitution and rule of law while you ignore what really happened on January 6th, and by whom. In your words “It is a FACT that this occurred, please do not let the memory reset take hold.”
      I’d suggest you turn off whatever gas you’re sniffing and read a little history about the founding of America and the belief in and support of diversity of political philosophy.

    4. But a punk murdering innocent un armed Black people are hero’s to YOUR party? “Very fine people on both sides”? “Stand back and stand by”? Your hero Trump instigating insurrection on the Nations capitol? Sorry clown. Everything coming out of your pie hole is worthless dribble.

  2. Knute is kinda like Oregon’s Romney. Will go which ever direction he thinks will get him noticed at the time but really has no sense of direction other than his political career.

      1. Romney is a fish out of water. While I commend him for being the adult in the Republican room, Trump has turned every other Republican in Washington into a blithering treasonous idiot.

    1. No way… Romney is a good person that serves his State and country…Knute can’t win an election to save his life because his ego driven political desire is obvious.

      1. This. I disagreed with much of their politics, but if Romney or McCain had been elected I would have been able to sleep knowing a man of good moral character was going to work every day for the benefit of the country and the well being of Americans in general. I can not say that about 99% of republicans today, and it’s a shame.

      2. If you were commenting on my “Fish out of water” comment, what I was saying is that Mr. Romney is a good honest moral man. He’s a fish out of water as a member of what has become a party of racist, delusional trash, following their despicable treasonous Messiah Trump.

  3. Oh good god, Knute, I thought you were finally riding off into the sunset after getting soaked repeatedly. We are tired of your lies and political double speak. You flip flopped on your principals quicker than any Republican (like vaccinations) and said whatever you thought would get the most votes. When you were running for Governor, it was all about how central and close to a Democrat you were trying to get the Democrat vote, then when you lost, and tried to run for Congress you were far right trying to get the conservative vote. And the complete lie about not having aspirations for a political career??!!! Then why did you run for any and every office that came open. It was sad and pathetic. I hope you are true to your word at least one time and are out of politics when you say you are done. I could not stand watching you run and lose one more time.

    1. You said pretty much what I was going to say, but I was going to be gentler haha He lost all credibility with his last, dishonest campaign. If he had just stuck to his principles, run a better campaign, and won, he would have been able to be a positive image to the party that he is now trashing. He should just go away, please, from politics. I do not wish him ill personally, just wish he would disappear publicly.

  4. Wow! It seems some here actually might believe the Oregon GOP’s statement that the Capitol Riot was a “false flag!”
    Get ready to continue minority political party status until the end of time! That is unless you think some other “false flag” will put your folks into power!

  5. Well, he was pretty clear as to what he believes in and where he stands. Incidentally, it pretty much is in line with the elected state legislature republicans. Now, the republican party needs to do a little more soul searching and decide if they want to be a true conservative party as William Buckley helped define it or just a mob of fascists.

  6. Buehler can’t in good conscience continue in the trump party and the supposed conservatives who voted for him now bad mouth him. The fact that you are worshipping trump rather than supporting conservative values shows how far you have strayed… It’s sad what the republican party has become.

      1. So, in your world “Conservative” means being a traitor like the scum who stormed the capitol and their disgusting treasonous leader Dotard Boy who **** all over himself with glee afterward?

      2. Conservative = someone who believes in law of rule rather than rule of law and the Constitution and would rather see a Trump flag flying over the Capitol than the Stars and Stripes?

          1. No they don’t. Turn off whatever media source is feeding you that. Letting Portland go as long as they have was a mistake. You need to remember who it is that killed cops that were defending our capitol…

  7. Geez Knute, what took you so long? How about before and during his presidency with his filthy references about women, his partying with child molester Epstein, his failed and bankrupt businesses, his tax fraud issues, his lying about the inauguration numbers and subsequent demonization of the press when they questioned him, his economic policies which have led to crippling disparity, his association to Russian agents, his association to the loons like Giuliani and others, his lies about trying to pressure other countries for dirt on opponents, his caging of children, his conceit, his narcissism, and I guess we could go on….so I ask again Knute, what took you so long?

    1. Wow you really don’t like him. But all you know about him is what the media says..well you keep following those social media stories they seem to be serving you well.

      1. Uhh. Actually, the majority of the incidents he’s referring to have been well covered by real live journalists. Ya know? The people that the idiots you watch on your box pretend to be? You go and get the “real” news from Q though. So much winning.

      1. One of these numbers is bigger than the other. Now can you put the alligators’ mouth so it’s facing the right way in this math problem, Scooter? No wonder your reality is broken.

        1. Do you honestly think that I believe that two different numbers are the same number?
          And if it was entirely irrelevant then take it up with KTVZ for mentioning it.
          You do not hold the monopoly on reality, clearly.

  8. Good riddance Knute and do not let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. From the GG Grandson of Oregon’s First Republican, we will do fine without you and other other bunch who left. May be time for a Wambulance.

  9. With all due respect Knute, many people could care less. I used to be a registered R but changed to a D registration (In name only) during your time as Rep in district 54 while you didn’t do much of anything. BTW, I wrote in your name as a potential Dem nominee in 54’s last primary since many of believe you lean that way.

  10. Oh please. You were always a squishy headed liberal. You also know the easiest way for a republican to become the darling of the republican hating media is to turn against the republicans. Be aware pal. The democrats still hate you with a burning passion as they always have.

  11. Not only Biden had dementia, but his sheep too. Bought and paid for! Weak, weak, weak! They cheated, and everyone knows it even the dead people that voted from their graves know it. What about all the riots from BLM, liberals & Antifa????? You hypocrites! You have no soul. The liberals have destroyed this country! We have not forgotten. Cheaters don’t last, they will be caught. God is watching you.

  12. Perhaps it is finally time to do away with all political parties as they add exactly ZERO value to the voters of this country. Like Knute, I left the political party; however it was the Democratic one that abandoned its support to the blue color, working class to pursue a cozy relationship with the hipster, social media, dot com class. Thus, being an independent works well especially as all that junk mail from the party no longer fills my post office box.

  13. Everybody should leave BOTH major political parties, they BOTH maintain their power base by polarizing their constituents. The two major parties are the cause of the deep divisions we now have in our Country. We need open primaries.

  14. knute should just spend the 99 bucks and become a lord. changing parties for a better chance of getting elected into office just makes him look like an even bigger weasel.

  15. The best part of KTVZ allowing comments is that the rest of us normal Americans get to watch the same old angry little men argue with each other. Everyday I get on this page I know exactly which articles you will be arguing over before I even read it. Do none of you have anything better to do than insult a bunch of people that you don’t actually know over the internet? So many cowards on one site. The reason other countries are looking down on us right now is because immature people like the ones that constantly bicker on this site. Let me give all of you a nickels worth of free advice….. get a life!!!!!!

    1. Barney, can you ban this guy? This has to be in violation of one or more terms-of-service. I feel so sad, and he was super-mean. I think I need some chocolate now…

  16. He’s always been a Demo and it’s all about the office he could achieve. He has NO respect for his constituents the same as Slidin Wyden or Jerkley Merkley.

  17. I condemn Knute for pretending to be a Republican. But he and low life Mitt Romney can go drink a beer and commiserate about all the elections they’ve lost.

  18. I appreciate Phil Henderson’s analysis that the reason so many republicans left the party was that they lost. It couldn’t be that the Oregon Republican Party has gone rogue with their false flag assertions and the belief that the election was stolen from trump. Gee, Phil, you lost too. We are going after Adair next time. She is the Oregon equivalent of Marjorie Taylor Green. I use to vote the R ticket, but as a proud non affiliate, I am voting these kooks out until the GOP is purged and returns to its conservative roots.

  19. Gee, I wonder why so many people are leaving the two lamestream political parties. Just think how much better things would be if they both just faded away.

  20. The reason I left the GOP was after the big wigs in DC said on national TV that they were going to go after all Republicans. I’m an old fart but I have a lot to live for and don’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the time. I switch to nonpartisan.

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