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Portland protesters smash business windows, spray graffiti; 2 arrested

Violent protesters smashed windows of several Portland businesses Saturday night
Portland Police Bureau
Violent protesters smashed windows of several Portland businesses Saturday night

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Two people have been arrested after protesters sprayed graffiti and smashed windows at several businesses in Portland’s Pearl District.

KOIN reports that dozens participated in the protest late Saturday. Social media posts suggested the gathering was organized to protest federal immigration policy.

Protesters smashed windows at a Chipotle restaurant while customers were inside.

Area residents shouted at the protesters from their balconies to “Go Home” as protesters were chanting that police “Go Home.”

From Portland Police Bureau news release:

Windows Broken During Pearl District Protest, Arrests Made (Photo)
Portland Police Bureau - 02/28/21 12:42 AM

Arrests were made during a destructive protest in the Pearl District Neighborhood Saturday evening.

On Saturday, February 27, 2021 at about 9:00p.m., a group began marching from The Fields Park at 1099 Northwest Overton Street. During the march, which lasted over two hours, some individuals spray painted buildings and broke windows.

When destructive acts began, officers responded. The Portland Police Bureau began giving advisements to the group over loudspeaker, "To those marching in the Pearl District: Officers have observed and community members have reported members of this group have damaged buildings in the Pearl District. Immediately stop participating in criminal behavior including damaging property. Failure to adhere to this order may subject perpetrators to detention, citation, arrest, or use of crowd control agents, including, but not limited to, tear gas and/or impact weapons. Immediately stop participating in criminal activity."

While tear gas use is currently restricted, state law requires that warning be given.

Police response was constrained by multiple shooting incidents happening across the city, limiting the officers available to address the criminal behavior in the protest. Still, officers responded to the criminal behavior and made two arrests. Items that could be used as weapons were seized, including a large bat.

Windows were broken at a grocery store, restaurant, bank, shipping business, and multiple coffee shops.

Two people were arrested, including a 17-year-old juvenile. The investigation continues and future arrests are possible.

Crime And Courts / News / Oregon-Northwest

The Associated Press

KTVZ news sources



  1. This is just more democrat voters doing a peaceful protest. According to the new Federal AG., terrorism only happens when people are present and are or feel threatened. That is why the Jan 6 protest at the capitol is an official riot. But wait, there are people present and threatened while these buildings in Portland are being damaged. It will be interesting the spin the leftist media puts on this.

    1. Of course you are making stupid assumptions, but that’s how the right works! All violence and destruction should be stopped including your brothers who assaulted and murdered cops at the Capitol1

      1. HAHAHAHA. Yeah. All those right wing white supremacists in Portland smashing up the place carrying antifa flags and yelling “black lives matter.” Quite the “false flag.” nice try.

    2. If Biden has been telling the protestors to do this then I hope that the senate would convict if impeached. So far however, there is no evidence of the president inciting this one. Keep an eye on it though.

      1. Biden hasn’t told anyone “not” to do this ! Biden has promoted physical violence against the Government for years- my how easily you all forget his threats against the sitting President- to take him out back behind a school building and “beat the hell out of him” ! Or how about Nancy Pelosis violent destruction of the peoples “State of the Union” address when she tore apart the actual document on live TV- the words- the phrases- the messages to the American people as spoken by the President of the USA… and who can forget Maxine Waters- encouraging her followers to get in the faces- push back- acts of aggression defined by LEO’s as “menacing” ! Your hypocrisy here will no longer go unchallenged- Portland is being destroyed by the liberal left for a year now- and the Demokrat led Government of the City and the State can’t stop it ! Portland Oregon is ground zero for the start of Second US Civil War !

        1. FACTS: (he was talking about if they were both in high school and what often happens to bullies.)
          Tearing up a piece of paper is at most symbolic “violence.”
          Some of the worst hypocrites in the world are the ones who twist words into falsehoods and scream hypocrisy at every turn.
          Trolls who start promoting/inciting another Civil War face comment deletions for violating Terms of Service and possible banning… keep it up.

            1. Supporting hate speech- violent acts of aggression- threats to get in the face of those you disagree with- push back… this is why Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington have become the poster child for what ails the rest of Joe Biden’s Amerika. You can kiss up to the man as much as you want- these riots- smashed windows- fear and hate will not end just because you hopey changey it all away- Biden needs to send in the National Guard- Federal troops- clear the streets and put a halt to the attacks on law abiding citizens and their businesses… this is news that should be reported- not hidden.

          1. Biden threatened a sitting President- not once- but numerous times and you all loved it ! I guarantee you if President Trump made the same statements today- SS would be on his doorstep by sunset. You need to stop enabling and protecting this life-time career politician- with absolutely no measurable record of success- he’ll do absolutely nothing for the Lerten family except drive your energy prices through the roof- take more taxes from your bank account- create a buncha programs for disadvantaged who-evers (of which you are not- with your ongoing employment throughout the fake pandemic while Oregonians in the region went broke and suffered). Your little news station has supported and covered for these violent acts- you posted stories that call large scale riots in Seattle and Portland “summer block parties- peaceful protests- Just folks getting together to have a beer ! Instead of threatening the more intellectual of us with your cancel culture and return to McCarthyism- why don’t you explain the difference between your CNN’s use of the words “A Nation Divided” and “Civil War”- Then I will produce for you a long list of books, videos, historical accounts from works titled… “A Nation Divided: The American Civil War by Mark Thomas. OR From Virginia University- “A Nation Divided: Studies in the Civil War Era” So how does your CNN get past your outrage ? By using this same vocabulary- “CNN/ORC poll: A nation divided”… CNN-“A DIVIDED COUNTRY, A NEW PRESIDENT”- your link-…. The terms are clearly inter-changeable- yet you still ran those headlines without threatening the mother ship with violating the TOS- things that make you go hmmm.

              1. And I… see that you’ve dug your skechers into the carpet so deep, that actual facts and supporting arguments are meaningless… that you didn’t even bother to look at what I’ve spoon fed you. Maybe you can provide a link for me- one that supports the notion that today’s journalists (like yerself) don’t need to “investigate” anything anymore- Facebook does it for them. My words stand- A Nation Divided is a nation at War- and Portland Oregon has looked no different than Beirut- Damascus- The Troubles (N Ireland)… You don’t believe me- here’s how Portland headlines read- “It really feels like a war zone’: Neighbors express concern following nightly riots in Kenton neighborhood” //… I could chastise you for most of the night- but I won’t- because I just keep remembering the story you wrote after the upheaval in DC during Biden’s inauguration- you stated that “Nobody saw this coming”- to which I laughed and said “No”… Only you didn’t see it coming !

                1. FACT: I of course never wrote such a story. Prove it with a link and I’ll apologize (yeah right) or … well, keep up the lies, maybe your few “fans” will learn better than to believe anything you say or interact with you.

                2. I’ll prove it if you agree to walk away for a week ! Hand the reins over to Jordan- and you go silent- go sit in the dunce corner- I’ve done my homework- you were a contributing writer to one of them “KTVZ News Source” stories and I called you out immediately for the lead off line that “Nobody saw this coming” ! in the process of doing said homework- I ran across dozens of CNN lies that were re-printed here at KTVZ. “Trump supporters kill 5”- “Here’s what we know about the attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters”- “AOC- Damn near killed by vicious Trump supporters”… when will you all provide the “corrections” to every single one of them CNN headlines you allowed through your portal ? Just what the hell is going on down there at “62990 O. B. Riley Rd, Bend, OR 97703” ???

                3. No one else would ever want this task I’ve taken on, and you are a prime reason why. Besides, I have to babysit you or you’ll have nothing to do all day and night.
                  Some of the Jan. 6 participants in recent court documents refute the Antifa line and say… well, here’s another of those “lying” CNN stories I didn’t write: Take up your “corrections” request with the folks at CNN, and good luck.

    3. ok, if you are going to make accusations, bring something – otherwise it looks like you are trying to cover up who really did the damage – for all you know, it was either the proud boys, or the girl scouts…, unless you come with something – you can no longer pretend you have information you don’t have to just spread more disinformation, to do what? – push a political agenda? randomly cause divisiveness in our country? for kicks?, ‘cus all the cool kids are doing it?

      1. It is Antifa and BLM. In case you missed it, they have been there over 150 straight nights. If you want proof, let me know where you want to meet for a pint and I’ll tell you all about it. They don’t care if Trump is in office, or Biden. Unfortunately, only Trump understood that. The DA, The Mayor, The City Council, and The Governor, not to mention the current VP did not. Same as it has always been. There are idealist in this world, and then there are realist.

    1. The Hutus routinely referred to the Tutsis as cockroaches before/during the genocide in Ruanda. Just something to think about. You might hate these Americans, but at least they haven’t attacked the US Capitol building as an insurrectionist army of domestic terrorists in an attempt to overthrow a fairly elected government, to put things in context…

      1. And Hillary Clinton ran a whole campaign against Americans she called “deplorable”- The Demokrat Party has been calling supporters of President Trump racists- bigots- homophobes. Right here on this forum- you all use offensive terms to describe conservative commentators- you have the Mod supporting these comments as he lashes out against a group of people he personally doesn’t politically identify with- we call that censorship- McCarthyism- Cancel Culture… so how are you all any different from the war mongering Hutus ?

        1. Calling someone an insect dehumanizes them, making it much easier to have ideas of something like genocide. Correctly labeling MAGA domestic terrorist enablers/apologists as racist, bigots, homophobes, misogynists, anti-democracy, conspiracy mongers, fragile, self-important, and deplorable does not. It simply describes your actions and words as you move through the world spreading hate, lies, and fear. Any more questions?

          1. Name calling is childish- avoids the debate or discussion at hand- always used as a last resort when unable to formulate a logical or educated opinion… It’s exactly why you Kuya-Martha-Neverdumper-Tio- even the Moderator (troll) use them so extensively. I challenge you to go a day without resorting to such grade-school tactics- and up yer game to something more than “Maga’s- homophobes- Nazis- misogynists” … I say you can’t do it- you lack the gray matter to produce anything more- Go ahead- prove me wrong !

            1. Hypocrite troll strikes again, giving lessons he refuses to follow. Calls name-calling childish, then in the very same post calls someone “Neverdumper,” presumably because, in 5-year-old fashion, “he started it!” If you ever listened to yourself, maybe you’d see what everyone else sees. Not that you’d ever take your own advice. You’re incapable of civil dialogue and instead continually use the very same “grade school tactics” you kick others over. Go ahead, prove ME wrong. It’s hilarious that you call a moderator who’s the only one who has to read your stuff a “troll.”

              1. Here’s a history lesson for you as you continue to struggle with todays political world and how it evolved. When Dubya was President he was attacked viciously by the US press- nonstop- you name it- it was wrong- and the guy never once stood up for himself. President Trump comes along and says “nonsense” ! I’m gonna fight fire with more fire- and lets see how the American people like it- well- the American people loved it ! So much so- that Trump’s pre China V attack approval numbers were much higher than Obama’s- the chosen one ! So those of us who paid attention know that in today’s world of group bullying- harassers- and name callers… you best come prepared to fight back- and that’s exactly what I do- and if you don’t like it- then stuff it- I won’t take your violations of the TOS lightly either. You have no right to use your position of authority to call anyone a “Troll”- or any other name for that matter. You are free to look at the evidence- “you” seek me out 10x’s more than I go after you. You’ve made it clear- the peanut gallery here is free to abuse and bully anyone on site- “except” the Mod and his employer… I call BS ! I say there is no room at all for the personal attacks you allow- so if you don’t like the bed you’ve made- then fix it ! We havin’ fun yet ?

                1. Nice pivot. Start flinging poo in every direction in an attempt to distract from your impotence. Doesn’t matter though, nobody ever reads your rants, I squinted and glanced at it for just long enough to notice you mentioned W and then tuned out.

                  Someone should give KTVZ some kind of civic award for taking so much of your spare time away from actual live people in your neighborhood, so they can live in peace while you rage-type your MAGA conspiracies and hate instead of bothering them all day.

              1. This little lady here seems so angry. You just go around insulting people that don’t agree with you. Were you picked on as a little tike? Ohhhh your a democrat… ok nevermind that makes sense. I always appreciate how tolerant the left is. Its really a breathe of fresh air.

                1. I do not tolerate MAGA cult members, you are the party of sedition and insurrection.

  2. brown and wheeler will spin this that trump speaking at a cpac stirred up immense fear and hatred in portland and these poor souls had to have an outlet. everything that our fair governor fell short on for the vaccines she has said was on trump slow rollout of it last year. their logic make as much sense as that woman citing racism for why she put gorilla glue in her hair.

  3. This is an insult to every Oregonian. Our stupid politicians in Congress from Oregon and our government in Oregon all ought to be sh-t canned for allowing this crap to continue. Every Oregonian should vote every damn one out of office and vote against any tax increases for anything. And our two Senators Wyden and Merkley get the hell involved and pitch Ted Wheeler to the trash heap. We are the laughing stock of America.

  4. There is no effective city government in Portland.

    Only elected appeasers and enablers.

    The police are hobbled by the bad judgment, choices, and decisions of the MULT DA Office…and as a result simply “do” the bare minimum enforcement wise.

    Our “own” Peacekeepers in Central Oregon just posted on their FB page their ongoing presence in Portland. Lending their support and learning their trade.

    Portland is now just a Coliseum of Chaos for opposing gladiator teams.

    Like Tabacco Road it may be best to tear it down and start all over again.

  5. What is happening in Portland is happening because nobody there cares enough to do anything about it. And those Portlanders are selling out to the highest bidders and moving here to get away from their own mess. I am sure that will work out well for all concerned.

      1. If there are still rioting looters in downtown Portland it is because the local officials and residents are allowing it. Once the affected business district’s real estate prices bottom out it will be cleaned up and “rejuvinated”. And the beat goes on.

        People moving from San Francisco see Portland as paradise, people in Portland see Bend as paradise, Bendites see Prineville as paradise and this Prinevillain is starting to see paradise elsewhere. I am sure wherever that is the locals will see it as a sure sign of impending doom.

  6. Keeping with ktvz’s policy of not publishing the names of criminals. I’ll only mention that the second man arrested was 31 and this was at least his third time “arrested” issued a citation for vandalism and rioting. Wheeler won’t stand up to the thugs and brown won’t stand up to wheeler.

    1. Our policy still allows naming of some ALLEGED criminals if they are formally charged, but we don’t automatically name them all as in the past. As you know, it’s very easy to find that info, should you desire it.

      1. When did this policy start. I can still “google” my relative’s name and the KTVZ article with mugshot still comes up. KTVZ released it 4 hours after the incident.

  7. ““Everyone beware. They’re not gonna stop before election day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after election day … They’re not gonna let up, and they should not.” ” – Kamala Harris

    1. Cops routinely violate people’s rights, trump up charges, assault/kill people in situations that should have been de-escalated. You know it. Everyone knows it. But yeah, let’s talk about some spray paint and a couple broken windows, omg omg omg…

      1. Totally in agreement but it’s been ridiculous for a little while, and getting more so. It’s a little reminiscent of the “occupy Wall Street” movement. A lot of good points being made, but more anger than rational solutions. Absolutely understand the anger but at what point does it become counterproductive to scream into the wind? Unfortunately the loudmouths get most of the attention. We all know that defunding the police is unrealistic but very few people or organizations offer any concrete answers or productive dialogue as to how we move forward in a realistic and more equitable manner.

  8. Let me start by saying, WordPress is a joke for leaving comments. Many problems and not user friendly. As for this news story… can someone please explain to me how breaking the windows out of a chipoltle grill with customers inside, in any way shape or form protests the current federal immigration policies? It doesn’t. These stupid morons do this garbage, then they wonder why the rest of us like to keep our gun rights- ESPECIALLY on public grounds. What a joke.

  9. at least we dont have the fact checkers on that jump on everyone who brings up anything the left said during their summer of discontent. thanks barney for not having those annoying things pop up on here like they do on facebook. if you post what pelosi and others said during the summer there is like 3 or 4 buttons that say they didnt really say that. any word on whether or not wheeler has condemned these actions or he is gonna respond like Ronnie Milsap watching an infomercial?

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