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C.O. schools, nurses worry Gov. Brown’s vaccine mandate could cost them crucial staff

(Update: Adding video; governor's aide says mandate doesn't violate state law; Redmond, Crook County schools react)

St. Charles official details crisis; deadline is Oct. 18 or 6 weeks after vaccines' full FDA approval, whichever is later

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Gov. Kate Brown announced Thursday that all health care and school workers will have to be vaccinated by Oct. 18 or six weeks after full FDA approval of the vaccines, whichever is later, in an attempt to curb the sharp surge in cases of the COVID-19 delta variant that has led to record hospitalizations.

The governor said the goals are to address Oregon’s hospital crisis, and to help keep students safe in the upcoming school year and minimize disruptions to in-person instruction. But some health care and school representatives said requiring vaccinations could actually make things worse, prompting some nurses, teachers and staff to quit over the issue.

The key announcements:

• Oregon’s vaccination requirement for health care workers will no longer have a testing alternative. Health care workers will be required to be fully vaccinated by October 18 or six weeks after full FDA approval, whichever is later.

• All teachers, educators, support staff, and volunteers in K-12 schools will be required to be fully vaccinated by October 18 or six weeks after full FDA approval, whichever is later.

In both cases, health care workers and educators who are not yet vaccinated are urged to speak with their doctor or primary care provider to get their remaining questions about vaccination answered immediately, so they can begin the vaccination process in time to meet the new requirements.

"There are simply not enough resources to stand up weekly testing systems, while also responding to the current crisis," Brown said.

Media reports have indicated the Food and Drug Administration could issue full approval of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine by early September.

With nearly 850 Oregonians hospitalized with COVID-19 as of now and 226 in the ICUs, some hospital regions are starting the day with two – or no – ICU beds available, Brown said, adding that the “overwhelming number of those hospitalized or who are dying are unvaccinated.”

“This isn’t just about beds. It about having enough trained health care professionals to treat patients,” she said. “There may not be a bed for you, if you have an unexpected medical emergency. When ambulances have nowhere to go, people die preventable deaths.”

In the case of educators, the governor outlined the importance of masks and staff vaccinations to protect students: because children under 12 are still not yet eligible for vaccination, masks are a critical mitigation measure to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Ensuring all the adults around students are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 adds another layer of protection for students as well.

“As always in Oregon, we are following science in implementing health and safety protocols,” Brown said. “We are still learning about the delta variant, but we know from experience that when schools open with the proper safety protocols in place, the risk of transmission is low.”

“Masks are a critical tool to prevent our kids from getting sick in school,” said Brown, who previously mandated masks be worn indoors by all school students and staff, with some exceptions, such as certain activities. “Just as important is ensuring all adults around them are fully vaccinated.”

“There are those who would disagree with the actions I’m taking today,” Brown said. “But schools are opening across the state in coming weeks. COVID-19 poses a threat to our kids, and our kids need to be protected, and they need to be in school. And that's why I'm willing to take the heat on this decision."

Some observers have noted that a 1989 state law bars health care employers from requiring vaccines as a work condition. But Charles Boyle, an aide to the governor, pointed out that the statute in question (ORS 433.416) lists an exception -- "unless such immunization is otherwise required by federal or state law, rule or regulation."

"The Oregon Health Authority has the authority to adopt rules for the control of communicable diseases," Boyle told NewsChannel 21. "Because a state regulation -- in this case, an OHA rule -- will require vaccination, (the statute) does not apply."

The governor also outlined the steps Oregon is taking to support hospitals during the ongoing surge in cases and hospitalizations, including deploying the National Guard and nurse strike teams, establishing temporary decompression units to free up bed space, and removing barriers to discharging patients who no longer require hospital-level care.

Oregon has also made requests to FEMA and the Biden-Harris administration for additional federal resources and support. The governor announced she has formed a Hospital Crisis Prevention and Response group, consisting of health care stakeholders to problem-solve in real time and suggest new measures to aid health care workers and hospitals during the ongoing hospital crisis.

Oregon Health Authority director Patrick Allen said, “The situation in Oregon’s hospitals is growing increasingly dire,” with the system “in danger of collapse. In coming weeks, every hospital could be over-topped” by more patients than it can safely treat. He noted over 200 patients are being boarded in hospitals’ emergency departments, waiting for a bed, as “staffing is critically short.”

“We’re not at that grim point yet, but we don’t act to stem the crushing influx of unvaccinated patients with COVID-19, some might have to make heart-wrenching triage decisions about whom they can save, and whom they cannot,” Allen said.

He said FEMA has provided some good news, as it will send under contract 24 EMT paramedics to support six Oregon hospital emergency departments, including three each at St. Charles Bend and Redmond.

St. Charles' Absalon talks of 'unimaginable' crisis

Dr. Jeff Absalon, St. Charles’ chief physician officer, also spoke at length during the news conference about the situation his and other hospitals are facing.

“I can’t overstate this: What we’re going through right now is unimaginable,” Absalon said. “We are overwhelmed, and this is really a dire situation. We have 62 (COVID-19) patients this morning, the most ever (topping the record late last year by one), and are approaching 30% of acute care beds.”

“We are at capacity or over-capacity at hospitals throughout the state,” he said, due to the delta variant which is not only far more contagious but results in more serious illness.

“We’ve had to cancel or postpone close to 3,000 surgeries,” Absalon said. “These are not cosmetic. They are very necessary,” for people with cancer, heart disease or other serious conditions, needing procedures “necessary to preserve life and function.”

“We’re rationing care,” he said. “Only patients with the most severe needs are getting care.”

While Southern Oregon hospitals are in the most dire straits (and St. Charles has sent those hospitals some ventilators), Absalon said, “We’re not far behind them in Central Oregon, other parts of the state.”

The staffing issues are immense, he said: “In some cases, a single nurse is taking care of as many as 10 patients.” Eighteen months into the pandemic, “front-line workers are exhausted. They’re burned out.”

“What scares me the most about this – if someone gets in an accident, has a heart attack and needs acute care, they may not get the care as timely as normal,” he said.

Absalon said St. Charles has 800 open positions, close to 200 of them nursing roles, and has about 100 traveling nurses helping out now and “looking to get more.”

The 58-year-old doctor said he was in the ICU a few days ago after a patient 10 years younger than him passed away. “Our nurses had tears in their eyes, but they had to get right back to work, to care for the next patient. We’ve also had family members have to say good-bye through a glass door, or on an iPad.”

“Some don’t believe in (COVID-19), even after they’ve been diagnosed,” Absalon said. “Others didn’t -- until they were gasping for their last breath of air, and became believers,” then telling their loved ones they should get vaccinated.

As for masks, Absalon said, “This is not political. The mask can and will save lives. It’s incredibly important. I’d urge people to avoid crowds, even in outdoor environments,” as the delta variant is “much more transmissible, because viruses evolve.”

Brown said state workers could face disciplinary action, up to and including termination. if they refuse to be vaccinated.

As for school districts, Oregon Department of Education Director Colt Gill answered one reporter by saying while there could be civil penalties against school districts that don’t follow OHA’s statutory authorities, the state won’t threaten to withhold funding for such actions.

“We want our staff in front of our children, in safe and healthy ways,” Gill said. “We’re not going to take any action that would have any side-effects of closing school.”

Brown said substitute teachers are covered in the mandate, but asked about higher education and child care facilities, the governor said, “All the options are on the table, and we’re having those conversations.”

When another reporter asked about whether Oregonians who refuse vaccinations and contract COVID-19 could be prioritized lower for care, Brown asked Absalon to respond first. “That’s a tough one,” he said, “At this point in time, that’s not happening in this state.”

But Sidelinger said, “We won’t discriminate against people for the choices they made.” When criteria is set, if care must be prioritized in a crisis situation, he promised, “It won’t come down to whether someone was vaccinated or not. That’s an easy way out.”

Asked if students eligible for vaccines will be mandated to get them, after FDA approval, Brown repeated, “All options are on the table.”

Crook County School District spokesman Jason Carr says the state's move could worsen employee shortages for health care and education.

"There are certainly staff members who have very strong convictions about government telling them they have to have a vaccine in order to work somewhere," Carr said. "So we certainly anticipate that some employees will choose to go elsewhere."

Redmond School District statement:

"The Redmond School District was surprised by the governor’s announcement today. The Oregon Health Authority has not yet released the rule regarding mandatory vaccination for all staff, which we need to have in hand in order to answer our staff’s questions and concerns. We still have a lot of questions, but the top priority for all of us is providing a high-quality, in-person education for our students. We have urged our staff not to make any decisions about their employment until we’ve had a chance to look over the guidance, but we will work with our associations to deal with this, while keeping kids and their safety at the forefront of all our minds." 

Oregon Education Association Supports Governor Brown’s New Vaccine Mandate, Urges Communities to Follow Public Health Recommendations to Ensure Stability in the School Year

PORTLAND, OR – Following Governor Kate Brown’s announcement that all educators and volunteers in Oregon’s K-12 schools will be required to fully vaccinate by October 18 or six weeks after full FDA approval of the COVID-19 vaccine, Oregon Education Association (OEA) President Reed Scott-Schwalbach released the following statement:

“As we have said from the beginning of this pandemic, nobody wants to get students safely back into the classroom more than Oregon’s educators. While many Oregonians were hopeful that this summer marked the end of the pandemic, it has become increasingly clear that the worst of COVID-19 is not yet behind us. Fueled by the Delta variant, COVID cases in Oregon have skyrocketed to levels that we have not yet witnessed in our state, creating another wave in our ongoing public health crisis.

“OEA believes that today’s vaccine requirement will help provide stability for our students this fall and will help improve safety in our schools and in our communities. The science on this issue is clear. Vaccines, coupled with other proven public health mitigation strategies, are the best way to ensure our schools stay open and are a safe place for students to learn and for educators to teach.

“We urge districts throughout the state to work collaboratively with educators on how this mandate is implemented at the local level and to continue efforts to maintain additional public health mitigation strategies such as the use of personal protective equipment, frequent testing, social distancing, ensuring proper ventilation and frequent disinfecting in our public schools.”

Oregon Nurses Association Statement on New Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Rule For Health Care Workers

(Portland, Ore.) - Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s announcement today of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for nurses and other front-line health care workers will likely increase vaccination rates among those workers but will also put additional pressure on an already dangerous nurse staffing crisis in Oregon.

The Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) knows that vaccines are the most important tool for protecting our members, their patients and families, and our communities from the ongoing spread of COVID-19. We know Oregon’s registered nurses and nurse practitioners have already achieved a high rate of vaccination. We also know that some health care workers are deeply opposed to vaccine mandates; so deeply that some will leave the profession before accepting a mandate.

Governor Brown’s previous rule that required weekly testing with a waiver for health care workers who show proof of vaccination was a reasonable compromise that encouraged vaccination while protecting public health. Today’s decision to mandate vaccinations for health care workers may ultimately exacerbate an already dangerous staffing crisis in hospitals across the state.  

ONA calls upon all stakeholders to join us in taking urgent, innovative steps to address this crisis now. We call on hospitals and health systems to focus on nurse retention and recruitment, invest in health care workers serving on the frontlines and open up a space at the decision-making table so they can hear from frontline nurses and caregivers. We must work together to protect our communities during this crisis.

In addition, ONA-represented facilities must bargain immediately on the impacts of this change to the conditions of employment as required by law. ONA is already at the bargaining table in some of our represented facilities, and we will demand to bargain with all our represented facilities on the wide and varied impacts of this change.

ONA believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the deep fractures in our health care system.

Lynda Pond, RN, ONA President said, “For decades, hospitals have cut corners and failed to invest in nursing staff. People across the state are now bearing the full burden of these failed policies. This is about more than vaccine mandates: this is about a legacy of false promises and failures on the part of hospitals who put more value on their profitability than they do on protecting patients, providing safe staffing, or ensuring nurse retention.” 

The Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) is Oregon's largest and most influential nursing organization. We are a professional association and labor union which represents 15,000 nurses and allied health workers throughout the state. Our mission is to advocate for nursing, quality health care and healthy communities. For more information visit:

KTVZ news sources

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Leslie Cano is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Leslie here.



  1. She is lying. Its against the law to mandate the vaccine. The science, she is stupid. People who have already gotten covid and recovered, doctors have said that getting the vaccine is not a good choice, it cause many side effects because the person has already had the virus. Overreaching, and criminal. This is what happens when the physco left thinks that its my responsibility for their health, so typical, its not my responsibility for your health. Hypocrites, your ok with a wide open border and immigrants coming into the US with covid, nothing mandated for them. The left is a fraud, pathetic horrific losers, because they are stupid, they have nothing to back up their claims, fear mongers, communist.

        1. The text of that article seems to suggest that the law only prevents health care organizations from mandating vaccinations. It doesn’t prohibit the governor from doing so.

      1. There you go Barney. Showing your true biased colors again. You only refute posts that YOU disagree with. Shame on you. Try being a unbiased journalist for once. Do you think everyone excepts CNN as gospel? LMAO. Good job Mayberry

          1. Your real job has no credibility, meaning in reality, you have 0 contribution to anything of value or importance,your job has no meaning and no contribution, it would have no effect at all if you stopped working at whatever it is that you do, no impact whatsoever.

            1. ROTFLMAO, thankfully I have supportive family, friends, colleagues and supervisors who assure me every day that what you say is completely false.
              And get this: One big part of my vital, multi-faceted role is helping to guide and train many younger reporters over the years on how to search out and do great stories with impact.
              So there! Have a great night!

                1. For those who think everything they disagree with is a hoax, a conspiracy or the Evil Other Side’s fault… not sure that’s even possible.
                  But yes – factual, getting both/all sides to the extent practical, etc.
                  What people read between the lines, we cannot control.

                2. Barney- please re-post a mere two sample articles when you and KTVZ supported “anything” President Trump initiated ! Good Luck- cause you never did !!! 100 hate- and now yer being called out on it ! Shameful !!!

              1. Keep believing that barney, they just don’t want to hurt your feelings.
                And you teaching young reporters, to report accurate and truth, not happening, your a fraud and you know it. You don’t report accurate and fairly.then again your not a journalist your a content editor, which only means, censorship to your liking. Truth hurts loser, have a good night though.

                1. Yes, if it were true it would hurt. Your hate is true, but my skills are on display every day, imperfect as they are. Thankfully, many support me, many I’ve never met but when I do are kind enough to say so.
                  Maybe they are lying to be nice. I sorta doubt it.

                2. Actually No Barney- “many” do not support you. You allow multiple handles by the same person- so it only appears to be “many”. Truth be told- this recent surge of opposition voices should humble your arrogant attitude… you should learn from the masses- not kancel their voices !

                3. LOL I wasn’t referring to online comments – I mean, real, in-person face to face, and personal emails of support.
                  You could have 20 handles. I don’t care.

                4. Wonder how many times your mom “didn’t want to hurt your feelings” because “truth hurts, loser.”

              2. All them people- but no support from the “public”… You have obviously lost the war ! Still not a single Prime-time local Emmy nomination between any of you since 1977… M- bare-ass-ing !!!

              3. Well let me LMAO too! As someone else pointed out, your “supporters” are telling you white lies to be polite. “Barney, you’re doing a great job” is just like saying “Honey, you look great in that dress, it doesn’t make you look fat at all!”

          2. You seem to be able to step in and make a left wing comment when you have one of your handy little links to copy and paste……but when one asks for a rebuttal on the border crisis, uhhhh, Barney is “to busy doing his real job”. In short, that translates to, Barney doesn’t have a handy dandy link to refute the border crisis.

          3. Stop deleting my post. Again, you only do your “real job” when you have a quick copy and paste link. When asked for a rebuttal on the border crisis, you’re to “busy doing your real job”…..translation, Barney doesn’t have a handy dandy copy and paste link!!

      2. Mandate vaccine for K-12 employees? Interesting, if I’m an immigrant right coming onto the US with covid, not an issue.
        180,000 in one month, alot of them with covid.
        Where is the mandate for that barney? You going to argue the numbers, you can’t it’s factual, you going to argue if they have covid, you can’t it’s factual.
        Why is that ok barney? Probably the same reason it was ok to leave Afghanistan the way we did, and the same reason there was fraud in Geo and Arizona. Left pathetic baseless fear and lies.

              1. We are better off now, just look at the past 8 months! The real embarrassment are those that voted this circus in. Now there are real reasons for impeachment, not made up ones, but your to stupid to realize Trump wasn’t impeached, tried with lies that were revealed, but your hatred and ignorance will always keep you blind, and you are the worst of all of them your comments prove that.

      3. Hey purple-blue Barney… Your good at posting and cut and paste from the Communist News Network. CNN… Guess we live in 1944 Germany now. A dictatorship and Hitler tactics. It’s ilLegal what the state is doing is called the Nuremberg Code.. can not use an experimental drug on humans. Oh bet radical lefty Barney will not post that… Wake up Sheeple

        1. If your a Trumplican, as I suspect you are, you believed 1000s of lies over more than 4 years, so your judgement of truth leaves a lot to be desired.

          1. Sorry to bruise your ego but you are wrong . I claim nor stand behind any political party. I dont even vote anymore because its all rigged. I figured that out a long time ago. Its a waste of my time.

            1. No ego bruising involved. However, since you expressed belief in election rigging and incompetence at CNN and those beliefs are primarily Trumplican in nature, logic dictates that you would lean in that direction.

    1. Dr’s are not saying that people who had Covid shouldn’t get the vaccine. That is misinformation plain and simple. People should talk to their doctor about their concerns and make their decisions based on factual information from a trusted health care provider.

      1. That is the best thing I have ever heard you say. This is the first time we have ever agreed on anything. Me and my doctor made the decision that the vaccine is not the best thing for me.

      2. Why talk to your doctor the state just said they are not competent enough to make that decision for themselves obviously they can’t help you with making that decision.

      1. I’m a happy soul. The ones making these mandates and running this county right now, have no soul.
        The advancements in the last 8 months are astonishing!

    2. Other than a series of untruths and bald faced lies, are you done making a fool out of yourself,yet? Let me guess, the expert Doctors and scientists that do this sort of work have nothing compared to your degree from Bazooka Joe University

    1. If the definition of tyranny is: cruel and oppressive government or rule, I don’t see that in this article. The definition of cruel is: willfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it. And the definition of oppressive is: unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint, especially on a minority or other subordinate group.
      None of these definitions apply. Just FYI.

        1. She is literally attempting to end the pain and suffering of COVID and is not unjustly doing anything as we are still in a pandemic as a result of people refusing to get a vaccine. Funny how when something doesn’t conform with your narrative you are against it but when it does you are for it. Super hypocritical.

          1. She is scarring children for life- increasing social disorders- suicides- delayed surgeries- people living in pain… WTH are you talking about ?

            1. She is helping ensure that students won’t have to endure another school shut down forcing them to try and do virtual education. If you can’t be part of the solution then step aside.

      1. For those opposing the mandates, let’s add the word “fanatic” as in being over zealous in devotion to a cause to the point of willingness to effect harm or death to oneself and others to prove you’re right.

  2. Wonder about the constitutionality is of a mandate like this? Interesting that this is being done when they really can’t afford to lose any of the health care workers who might feel strongly enough to change professions. I know that some have already. Where are the unions in this? Wouldn’t surprise me that they don’t care, unions have been for the union rather than the worker for years.

    1. This is to preserve life. Life of those who will get covid and die. Lives of those who will not be able to get care due to overwhelmed hospitals.

      You are severely lacking in critical thinking.

          1. Nope. They are overwhelmed because of asinine lockdowns from earlier in the pandemic . St Charles admitted this when they said they are overwhelmed due people that had put off healthcare due to lockdowns and also st Charles admitting they are short employees.

        1. Let me explain this to you: Sometimes when people grow up and become adults they have to make decisions where both options are not ideal and there’s no option where everyone is happy and where nothing bad happens.

          People are now going to die more than they would have if everyone would have got vaccinated and prevented further spread 6mos ago. Whether that’s from hospitals being overwhelmed, or from ill informed medical staff who choose to not get vaccinated quitting. As of June 2021, 96% of doctors were vaccinated (AMA source). Doctors are the ones who truly understand medicine and it speaks volumes about the vaccination rates amongst them.

      1. If this was to preserve life and the vaccine worked that well than why are vaxxed people masked and also testing positive for covid? Calm down Barney I asked a question, I didnt make a statement. Has no one ever heard of Pandoras Box? Its out in the world now, it cant be put back. New variants will continue to emerge as it adapts to different regions and conditions. Treating people like they dont have a choice is wrong. Look at how contagious the flu is, but they have never required a flu shot. Kate Brown is more than happy to create The Divided States of America.

  3. Brown is going to cause a massive healthcare collapse in Oregon. I know doctors who are are going to leave Oregon to practice or retire early. There are a lot more of them than many people know as most doctors will not voice their opinion publically for obvious reasons. Brown’s shortsighted move will push an already strained system to the breaking point. Brown with absolutely no medical training is now telling those with years of medical training and work experience what to do. This is insane.

    1. If they are working for St Charles they are limited in what they can say if they want to keep their job, you won’t hear their real opinion until they know you well enough to be convinced it won’t bite them in the back.

    2. It’s hilarious that you think Brown is making these decisions arbitrarily without the advice of medical professionals and public health experts.

        1. How hard is this to figure out?

          Unvaccinated students spreading amongst themselves. Children cannot get vaccinated until they are 12, so every kid under 12 (and those unvaxxed) can come to school and spread it to other like children, then take it home.

          Masks inhibit the medium which the virus travels on to spread (moisture/mucus droplets from lungs/throat) aerosolized into the air.

          1. Show me the study or science that has been subjected to peer review which proves that surgical masks do anything to stop an airborne or aerosolized virus.

            I will be here waiting!

              1. Barney, I am assuming that you read the actual studies for the link you provided and not the just the article? I have found within the actual studies that mask provides no significant reduction in stopping the virus that is under a certain particulate size. Here a a sample:

                “Our findings indicate that surgical masks can efficaciously reduce the emission of influenza virus particles into the environment in respiratory droplets, but not in aerosols12”

                Do you want to try again?

                1. dozens of comments to moderate an hour, and you think I have time to read studies? No, so feel free to find whatever underscores your belief that the governor, Sidelinger, Patrick Allen are all part of some “hoax.”
                  Hopefully most think for themselves.

            1. Whats the point? You, Wish and the rest of the MAGA clown show have nothing else better to do then to ask question that you won’t accept the answer to anyway? How sad that the local brain trust is so pathetic that they won’t just move along? Not a fan of Barney even engaging with tools here but it’s his job and the more you attack it shows how pathetic and sad you really are. To much ignorance and hate from to many.

      1. Hey Stoner, can you explain to me why the kids need masks if the teachers and staff are vaccinated? Is it because of the overwhelming number of first graders dying of covid?

        1. Because the kids don’t live in a vacuum. They get Covid and infect one another. Some kids have asthma and other comorbidities that can increase the severity. They may not die of it, but do you really want any kid to end up in a pediatric ICU having phlegm suctioned from their lungs or requiring chest percussion therapy to loosen congestion?

  4. This Governor has to be stopped. YOU CANNOT MANDATE people to get a vaccine. The Constitution guarantees us the freedom to make healthcare decisions for ourselves. I hope every employee WALKS OUT on schools and hospitals to enforce THEIR CHOICE. Time for us to make it known WE WILL NOT COMPLY.

        1. That’s silly. Especially since it’s conservatives scoring political points promoting anti mask, anti vaccine rhetoric. Governor Brown, medical experts….they want you to stay alive, even if you disagree with them forever.

      1. Yep. Had to have vaccinations to enter public school in Kindergarten. Also had to show proof of all vaccinations to start college. Maybe that’s the problem, none of these people have had an education.

          1. By your logic, they shouldn’t be able to tell you to wear a seatbelt or text while driving either. If you’d open your mind, you’d see it’s about public safety, yours and that of others in the community.

      2. So by your logic than Barney why in the world weren’t teachers required to have the measles vaccine? It is by far magnitudes more dangerous to the population of schools? Why is a vaccine for a disease that is infinitesimal as far as death rate and severe symptoms for school aged children being mandated. We have now entered the realm of making decisions on feelings versus any actual data or science to back it up.

          1. Oh and what percentage of Americans are currently hospitalized or how about the percentage that have died as of a total population number? People like you don’t want to talk in percentages on these numbers because they are minuscule.

              1. You do t make overarching policies based on minuscule numbers! Holy crap, in no way does that take away from the individual story. Why do you people not get that. You are going to mandate people inject a synthetic liquid on 330 million people based on a fraction of deaths? Yes Barney people die all the time. That is life and yes it’s sad but that is not what you make public policy on. Wow you people are truly dumb.

                1. 610K Americans dead? How many more would you in your wisdom consider significant instead of miniscule?

              1. When you make policy based on emotion you get crap. It has nothing to do with caring about the individual. This is why you care about voting for someone who says nice things but blunders policies left and right.

                1. “It has nothing to do with caring about the individual.” Yet you are advocating for the individual’s right over the majority for whom public policy is made.

        1. Whoa, most people in the US have had the MMR vaccine because it is required in children to begin school in the US. Guess you need to do some more research on the US.

      3. Nope. As far as im aware, most states have exemptions. At that point it is up to the the child’s parents to get vaccinations for their kids or file for exemption, making it still in the hands of the parents and not the state.

        1. The truly strong make the unpopular decisions to protect as many people as possible knowing full well the potential of threats and violence to themselves, more of a probability in today’s fanatical climate.

        2. They do when those others are risking their lives with their ignorance. The time for humoring stupidity and pretending all opinions are equally valid is over.

    1. I saw my rheumatologist today, and because of the meds I’m on she recommended a third shot, not a booster, but the same as the second shot. She went to medical school, I’ll trust her over random clown on the internet. I got my third today. Other than having 8G on my phone now, and Bill Gates calling me every hour to check up, I’m fine. Get the shots, and mask up, she said that is much better than dying, or dealing with long haul COVID.

    2. Yeah! It’s not like any other disease requires a booster. Oh wait! How about tetanus? Every 10 years. Imagine that? Then there’s polio and hepatitis and numerous others. Hmmm…seems booster requirements aren’t that much of a rarity.

  5. The federal government’s mad rush to force you into getting vaccinated was always a race to stay ahead of the side effects and the consequences.

    If everyone is vaccinated then it would eliminate a scientific control group. The unvaccinated are a control group that overtime could expose any potential mistakes/ long term side effects of the rushed vaccines.

    1. You and your buddies are hardly a scientific control group. Even with a true scientific control group (those that took part for emergency federal approval of the vaccine) you continue to refuse to believe the results. What would you do with a brain if you had one?

  6. Funny thing is, I just left my doctor this morning, and we had a conversation about masks and vaccines. She was polite about anti maskers and all that, but basically said they are full of crap. She said masks work, and mentioned how few people have had colds the last year and a half, and that they work. As for vaccines, she said they are very safe for 99.9% of people, and they are much better than getting COVID, or dying. I’ll trust her, she actually went to med school, not Trump University.

        1. I cant even imagine what sort of “doctor” would claim masks dont work or that vaccines are bad. Thats the kind of person that is gonna try and treat everything by shoving St. John’s Wort up your rear end and drilling a hole in your head so the demons can get out.

  7. Is it a coincidence that many middle aged men here frighted by a woman who also complain about their body and choices have no problem dictating what a woman can/can’t do with her body? The only treat to you is your ego and Brown seems to thrive in low IQ brains.

    1. Its especially funny when one of the antiabortion crowd tries to use the “My body / My choice” line as a mantra against vaccines, as if somehow one can compared protecting society from a deadly, highly contagious disease is the same an an abortion that effects no one but the woman having it.

      Conservatives love to ape what liberals say, rather or not it actually makes logical sense.

      1. You’re right! I am amazed at the use of pro-life at the drop of a hat. They’re all in when it comes to the unborn, but couldn’t care less about protecting themselves and the members of their community. Maybe they should define it better as selectively pro-life.

        1. Baby? Debatable. You protest abortion of a conglomeration of cells incapable of surviving on its own, but at the same time you jump at every opportunity to deny access to necessities like food and shelter for the needy who have trouble surviving on their own.

  8. My brother works for Bend Lapine school district. He said the resignations are flooding in. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back when there are not enough QUALIFIED teachers left. Have any of you lib***** thought about the other side of the debate? you think this is just about protecting kids from Covid? Did you forget that the teen suicide rate SKYROCKETED when we locked down and stayed there during hybrid/distance learning? No you don’t because you think the other side is selfish and you are righteous. You liberal psychos only believe what you are fed. I am heart sick for these kids.

    Did you know that they are granting emergency licenses to non qualified teachers? Yes it’s 100% true. Our education system is crumbling and our kids are suffering and yet you applaud. Kids die by their own hand 100 times more than covid. Yes covid is real. Yes i believe in vaccinations AND masks to protect those that are most vulnerable, but that is not the case for teens and younger. and no Barney dont give me some CNN biased fear mongering article. The long term effects are way worse

    1. They dont need qualified teachers anymore, you dont have to prove you can read or write to graduate 😆. Why hire teachers that are capable of educating your kids in the state of Oregon when Kate Brown no longer believes in being educated 😝

      1. Exaggerate much? Kids still need to pass the classes in order to acquire the necessary credits to graduate. The standardization tests are more a means to judge the teacher’s ability to teach.

    2. So if your brother gets sick (vaxed/not)are you and your family going to take care of him and his family’s financial needs? Sure he’s got excellent insurance thru the school system so no biggie? Seems you have all the angles figured out by blaming liberal for anything?

  9. One has to pose the question: what about those of us who have Guillain Barre Syndrome? Vaccinations will never be an option for us. Yet, we’re starting to see that we’re not allowed to just wear masks to attend certain venues, only vaccinated people may attend, whilst wearing their masks. Discrimination? Yes, it is.
    Furthermore, as the daughter of a Merck Research Department employee for 30 years, my late father was adamant, with the scientific background to support that fact, that NO medication is to be taken in any form until it has been tested and proven for 10-15 years.
    The rush to push the vaccinations through is horrendous.
    My paternal grandparents left Danzig when it was a Free German State. They were Lutheran and were already beginning to see how people were encouraged to start turning on their neighbors. They left in August of 1926, despite my Oma being 8 months pregnant with my father.
    We, as a nation, are following that same path of hatred towards each other.
    The division needs to end.
    We need to learn to stop the petty quarreling regarding one’s choice of political party. Until we come to the realization that the ones pulling the strings on BOTH sides of the aisle are thoroughly enjoying creating rancor and division amongst us, this insanity will continue.

    1. Cool, so when I tell people I have evidence that new medication is not safe, my source can be “this person’s dad from the KTVZ comment section”.

      1. Actually, LOL, if you so choose to pass on my father’s words of advice, you might be interested in knowing that he was so highly admired in his field, not just at Merck, but overseas, as well. In fact, he was in charge of setting up Research Departments in both France and Tokyo. He also learned French and Japanese fluently, in order to show respect to his foreign colleagues.

    2. I’m sorry dear, but your late father was at Merck when they were still putting laundry detergent in rabbit eyes to see how corrosive it was (VERY!). There have been a lot of innovations in medical research in just the last decade.

      1. Right, especially Bill Gates’s wonderful HPV vaccine which has caused permanent paralysis in many young women, one of whom our family knows personally.
        It is a fact that the Covid vaccinations have been rushed through too fast.

        1. So your father did teach you that life is not 100% guaranteed, right? You do know that a lot of research was done BEFORE the vax was released, right? Decades of groundwork and research helped get this to us sooner and most people would rather risk what could happen than what will happen if you don’t do anything?

        2. You’re talking about side effects in numbers that fall well within acceptable statistical limits. Sad for those who suffer those side effects. But they are the exception, not the rule.

  10. St. Charles hands out Bonuses to workers as a ‘thank you’ for all the hard work and 2 days later we get this ? That’s some strange timing in my opinion.

    1. I do think that St. Chucks is concerned about loosing people and we’re attempting to figure out how to accommodate people who were not able to get the vaccine or not willing to have swab stuffed into the far reaches of the nasal cavity on a weekly basis. Other testing methods do exist. Although it bothers me that they are do not acknowledge Natural Immunity. St. Chucks does what ever the OHA tells it to do. The OHA does whatever Kate Brown tells them to do.

      The OHA has become a government agent and that is how the lawssuits will be approached in my opinion… But since I am not an attorney and know nothing about the law I can only speculate.

    1. But, but, but it did go through studies and they have solid data….All crap. They had no clue they would need a booster and now they already do? Obviously they do not have good data or evidence on the long term effects of pumping more of this crap into people. Wake up people!


      What she is saying is that due to the efficacity of vaccines – those who were vaccinated earliest, their effectiveness AGAINST the COVID and the latest variants are losing ability to protect against it. She is NOT saying that people who were vaccinated early got some experimental version and it’s causing them an increased risk of severe disease DUE TO THE VACCINE.

      This is the crux of the problem with America today. People do not know how to consume information. They look for what they want to hear and then make the words they hear fit their pre-assumed context.

      1. I hope you’re right because this would be an ugly situation if this is what she meant. Hope they didn’t miss something in the rush to get these to market.

        Antibody-based drugs and vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) are being expedited through preclinical and clinical development. Data from the study of SARS-CoV and other respiratory viruses suggest that anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies could exacerbate COVID-19 through antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Previous respiratory syncytial virus and dengue virus vaccine studies revealed human clinical safety risks related to ADE, resulting in failed vaccine trials.

        One potential hurdle for antibody-based vaccines and therapeutics is the risk of exacerbating COVID-19 severity via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). ADE can increase the severity of multiple viral infections, including other respiratory viruses such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)9,10 and measles11,12.

        1. Watch the 5 mins leading up to that comment. Of course I’m right – the whole context of her talking about this is that efficiency of the vaccines wanes over time (ie; becomes less effective protection) – so she is saying that people who were vaccinated early (ie; longest time ago) – their protection is wearing off, hence the need for a booster to bring their protection back up. That one sentence, taken alone and completely out of content is apparently leading people like FanBeav to believe that the vaccine is killing early recipients, which is NOT at all the case, or what this Doctor was trying to convey.

  11. Those of you that think your doctors, and believe the vaccine is the answer, can you read, can you comprehend? Fix your brain.
    Covid is a respiratory virus with an animal reservoir, meaning , no vaccine can stop that kind of a virus, period.
    Its pointless to argue with those that think the media is gospel, and it showed, a pandemic, Really?!
    The answer was millions of people coming out of Costco with Toilet paper, not bottled water not food, but toilet paper, speaks volumes about why we are where we are at in this country. Toilet paper! Wow!

  12. I’m one of those “emergency license” substitute teachers who already has a full-time healthcare gig but wanted to volunteer on my day off, because the district was begging. Uh, that’s gonna be a problem now on both fronts, because I didn’t vote for that ******* crazy woman, and if she’s going to insist on “knowing” me (or at least my nose) in the biblical sense, the least she could do is take me out to dinner. But here’s what I AM going to do: I think I’ll just shutter the healthcare office, be selectively unemployed, suck on the system, eat the government cheese, get free healthcare and all the other goodies — that leaves all the vaccinated people to work and the rest of us to enjoy a nice, long vacation which is seriously overdue. Thanks, KittyKat. #MyGovernorIsAMoron

      1. This is why your socialist utopia requires slaves and lots of overseers to compel said slaves to keep working. How many jobs do you have so you can support other people who don’t want to work? I can give you my mailing address so you can show your dedication to the cause.

        1. I have a career that spans 40 years. I have also shared my home with several people down on their luck over the past 20 years or so. Their situations are proof that there is no “socialist utopia.” But there are many of us dedicated to helping where and when we can. If you have an address, you probably don’t need my help and probably couldn’t meet the house rules anyway. Perhaps a mental health professional would be more suitable?

      2. No, not dedicated, just self-employed with no one showing up to save me (except me) –you know, how Americans used to be before everyone became whining, sniveling babies.

        Curious about your screen name — seems a lot of caustic comments coming from someone who I think is trying to say he/she is THE Father’s child.

        Oh and BarneyCensor, the seven asterisks were a nice touch. The word starts with a b, ends with a t, and involves a flying animal and excrement. Don’t worry, KittyKat already knows what I think of her. I availed myself of the “Contact the Governor” button on her website this morning soon after she got done foaming at the mouth and biting her back.

        1. You haven’t seen caustic yet, and I doubt Barney would allow it anyway. And if anyone would know b*****t, as in crazy, it would definitely be you and your alter egos.

  13. It’s mind blowing how time and time again democrats think they are doing something right and just continually make it worse. So little foresight or logic capabilities to see the other problems and impacts their policies will have.

  14. So when the FDA approves the jab does that mean the no liability BS is lifted too???? I bet it isn’t. Reasonable minds want to know. So Barney can you check that for us? pretty please..

    1. Vaccine makers were exempted from civil liability by federal law in 1988. 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22. If it is “BS” now, it has been so for the last 33 years.

  15. Kate Brown is out of control. I don’t know many that back her- I do know many that thinks she comes up with these ideas that are supposed to settle the masses- usually about the same time she finds a wild hair. Health care workers are taking a beating with this edict that self-appointed Kate feels she is qualified to level against Oregonians on the front line. Health care professionals in every specialty and service that DO NOT agree with this “mandate” are now in jeopardy of losing their livelihoods. HOW? WHY? Because, if they have convictions that tell them the vaccination is not right for them- based on their professional experience- something Kate Brown has none of, they either have to compromise their convictions or quit their job- If they opt to quit, Kate has effectively thrown them out on the street, as they will not be hired by any other medical Hospital or clinic. These are people that have worked very hard to get their degrees and create lives that are not easy to walk away from or rebuild from scratch. Does Kate Brown give a damn… NO. But why should she? Her income is quite tidy, besides she is locked-in, politically. Yep, lest you Oregonians forget, Kate Brown, as published in Print and online media: Took $65,000 from George Soros, and was easily elected. Predictably, one of Brown’s stated goals as she enters office has a familiar ring to it. She vowed to “remove barriers to voter registration,” and her signing HB217. [George gives her money, she votes to keep Oregonian’s votes from counting by allowing Illegal aliens, and other not qualified to vote in Oregon, to cast a vote without any identification- every one of those votes nullifies your vote whether you are left, right, or center. We don’t want or need a Governor that does not represent the wishes of true Oregonians. We don’t.

  16. Where are the beds and inventory that were ramped up and not used from last year?
    Why is it legal to mandate free people but not Inmates (trick question that will be fun for the liberals to answer)
    She will not take heat for this. She is term limited,
    Who will replace the health care workers that quit or are fired in protest as has happened in Houston?
    Will the SEIU still support the democrat party of Oregon as they oppose vaccine mandates. (Dumb question I know.)
    Will the Oregon taxpayers be liable for any adverse reactions?
    And if there is never FDA approval or if it recalled in the future?
    Do our progressive better hate these unvaccinated workers as much as Trump supporters sans vaccinations?

  17. Vaccinated vs unvaccinated- that’s all we hear about. Where are the numbers on breakthrough cases on those who’ve had covid already and have antibodies on level with those who have been immunized? At the 8 month mark are we all in need of a booster of some sort?

  18. Get ready for the hospital crunch and school situation to get much worse with our stupid governors unconstitutional mandate. 25% of my hospital staff refuses vaccination and a large number of them will quit before consenting to vaccination.So say goodbye to your hospital care and kids teachers with the progressive attitude of “our way or the highway”

  19. Dont be bullied or blackmailed by the antivaxxers. No teacher or nurse at all is better than one that isnt vaxxed. At least no teacher or nurse at all is one less increasing the odds of spreading the disease. If they wanna quit, let them quit. And make sure they go right on a “Do not rehire.” list.

  20. Show of hands – how many have had their comments censored? Barney, what was in my last comment that caused you to suppress it? As an unbiased moderator how many comments have you censored from the few on your side of the isle? We have all observed nasty comments from the tolerant left on this site, however my comments are blocked when I have never stooped to their level.

    My comments must be over target.

    No stories from Afghanistan today? How about the 10,000 us citizens trapped in Afghanistan – where is the help from the Biden administration? Apparently Biden was warned this would happen in July – no CNN news feed for this story? Missionaries, men/women/children, are being slaughtered. CNN says the Taliban are quite friendly as they’re chanting “death to America”.

    No stories regarding comments made by the director of the CDC today? You know what I’m referring to. I’ll help your readers out – if you got your vaccine “early” it doesn’t work anymore and you’re now at serious risk.

    Yet, when those that come on here and question your motives you suppress them or quickly “fact check” them with your “reputable” left wing sources.
    KTVZ appears to be vying for a title currently held by CNN – least trusted “news” source.

    1. I have been silenced for quoting book titles. One time I quoted the title of Elizabeths “Pocahontas” Warrens’s cook book which is titled “ Pow Wow Chow”. Barney said it was offensive!

    2. Not all can be blamed on Barney. I have done a little research in to the “automated moderation” of this new system. Esepcially “automated” are anything related to Jaeger’s (Translate from German) laptops. One in Russian hands, another in FBI hands. Also references to Jaeger’s connections to Chinese companies that his father facilitated as VP. I have done experiments on other websites that use the same and it’s not just KTVZ. They have their jobs.

    1. Absolutely – and if she ever ventured east of her hole, the Central Oregon winds would blow that helmet hair around and expose the 666 burned into her scalp.

  21. She sure is shrewd. She has it all planned out for her continued fear mongering. The nurses quit and go to other places that are NOT requiring it. We get even MORE of a staff shortage than what we already have. Shortage of staff means shortage of beds. Then it hits the news that there are more COVID patients than there are beds. But the public, rather than realizing the bed shortage is due to a staff shortage, sees it as a COVID patient overload and freaks out. Oh yeah. She’s got it all planned out.

        1. 150 FIRED or quit out of 25,000 working at Houston Methodist after a federal judge upheld the hospital system’s vaxx requirement. 150 of 25,000 = 0.6%. That means about 18 would have to leave St Charles. Guess time will tell if your crystal ball is accurate.

  22. For all individuals (public and private sectors) who come into direct contact with the general public and chose not to get the vaccine, should be tested 3x a week. Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Most likely I wouldn’t have contracted it from DCSO had their employees been tested regularly. If any symptoms appear, stay home. Employers should also send their employees home if any symptoms should appear until they clear up or are confirmed as a negative test. Three weeks in the hospital (including rehab). I missed my father’s 100th birthday, who died two days later, and you don’t see me sniveling about it or blaming people for not getting vaccinated. It is what it is.., get over it. If you broke a hip, couldn’t travel and had to miss that family function or event who would you blame for that?

    1. Freedomofchoice… Hypocrite from your ID your name freedom of choice… Should name yourself… …cancel culture… comply or die… What a Fidiot. 😱😱 8)

  23. I thought the first rule of journalism was not to become the story, BarneyFife, and yet here you are, “moderating” and turning off the commenting to your post (the equivalent of putting your hands over your ears and saying, “lalalalala”).

    If the moderator moderates in the forest but no one cares or listens to him, is he still moderating?

      1. Actually, you have posted come-backs to several people in this article last night, and curiously, there’s no way to reply to several of your posts. Must be a “technical matter.” I know you’re too busy “journalisming” to actually read the links/studies you’re providing — just puking out anything/everything you can find that you think might possibly support your continued arguments against readers who don’t agree with you. That, man, is some mighty moderating.

        1. I don’t know whose “guest” you are, but you are definitely proving the saying there are some people you love to see come in through the door and others make you happy when they leave.

      1. Goodness, you’re prolific this morning (me? posting in the middle of a work day? I’m practicing my future job of sitting on the couch polishing my Oregon Trail card). But, no, I’m not Wishy, even though he’s pretty entertaining.

    1. That has been done to me on a few different conversations. Barney seems always get the last word with no option to reply..Someone has control of this.

  24. Fortunately the mandate will cost exactly the kind of staff who have no business working with the public during a pandemic. Personal choices have consequences particularly ones that put everyone at increased risk. Amazing there was any doubt that healthcare workers should get vaccinated or stay home. They should be at 100%.

  25. I remember sitting on bleachers and getting a Polio vaccine when I was a little kid…I think it was on a sugar cube ? I have absolutely no recollection of any “anti-vaxxers” refusing to get that vaccine. NOBODY wanted Polio. So weird to see how many people have been duped into thinking that the Covid 19 vaccine is somehow a trick. With all the available information about how the vaccine works and how well it protects, I don’t “get” where all the paranoia comes from. I guess it’s hard to tell reality from fiction these days. Sad.

    1. This is NOT a vaccine and it is under Emergency approval only! Big difference. You probably take all sorts of big pharma without asking any questions.

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