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Mtn. View HS students walk out to protest vaccine mandate; 15 Bend-La Pine staff on unpaid leave

(Update: Adding video, comments from Mtn. View protesters; Bend-La Pine stats)

Redmond schools say all employees are vaccinated or get exception; Crook County schools lose 6 staff

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Passing drivers honked their horns as students chanted “no more mandate!” along 27th Street in front of Mountain View High School during a walkout and rally Monday morning.

Andrew Imhoff, a ninth-grader who plays football for Mountain View, said he disagrees with the statewide vaccine mandate for school employees that had a deadline that arrived Monday.

“We don’t believe in the vaccine mandates. It’s not right to force it upon other people. I mean, it should be a choice,” Andrew said. 

Students, staff and parents, including Andrew's father, Rob Imhoff, said it's not the vaccine itself they're against.

“Everybody should have the choice. I’m not anti vaccine, I am pro the ability to choose what you want to do for it,” Rob Imhoff said.

Mountain View’s freshman football coach, Mark Schulz, is unvaccinated and will no longer be working for the school after 25 years.

“My freshman football coach got fired because of this, so I feel like I should come out here and support what he chose and how he did what he did,” Andrew said. 

Rob shared a similar sentiment. 

“Schulz is just one of a lot of really good coaches, and a lot of really good teachers, and a lot of really good doctors and a lot of really good nurses -- the list goes on,” Rob said.

Yolanda Webb has been working with the Bend-La Pine Schools for 17 years and is currently at Lava Ridge Elementary.

She said she will not comply with the mandate.

“Wear the mask, test weekly … no, enough is enough! Kate Brown's got to go,” Webb said with emotion. “This mandate is unlawful -- it’s illegal -- so we’re done.”

Webb fears a similar mandate could be used in the future for children. 

“I’m standing with these kids -- they’re after them next,” Webb said. “They’re going to be mandating something for them that they don’t want to do.”

Late Monday, Bend-La Pine Schools reported that 91% of its 2,028 employees are now vaccinated, 8.4% got a religious exception, 0.6% received medical exception and 15 individuals, or fewer than 1%, are on unpaid leave. 

"Because an overwhelming number of staff members complied with the regulation, Bend-La Pine Schools anticipates little impact on day-to-day operations," the district said.

The Redmond School District reported out of its 940 employees, 83% are fully vaccinated and 17% were granted exceptions, with no staff members out of compliance.

The Crook County School District reported out of its 512 staff members, 70% are fully vaccinated, 25% approved for exemptions, 5% in the process of submitting documentation, and six employees no longer working for the district.

The Jefferson County School District said 77.26% of its 453 total employees, are fully vaccinated, 19.86% have submitted exception forms and one person will not be continuing with the district

Rob Imhoff believes someone shouldn’t be losing their job for something like this. 

“You’re connecting a mandate to a job. My ability to provide for my family,” Rob said. “There's a problem with that. I don’t care what side you’re on, you should stand up for this.”

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



      1. Barney, with all due respect it seems to me that it is a material fact relevant to the story that the only child interviewed does not even attend MVHS, whether or not he happens to play football for their freshman team. And then one of the two adults interviewed is his Dad?

        Also, perhaps the story could have mentioned that Oregon requires other vaccines for students and teachers? Without that context, this reporting amounts to little more than a platform for what is clearly politically motivated anti-vaccination propaganda. Ask yourself, why is this protest happening with respect to only the COVID vaccine, and not other required vaccines? I wonder what is different …

        1. Our coverage was very good, and very similar to others. No one story is going to take on all the endless arguments pro and con on this hot button issue. If vaccine supporters gather by dozens and let us know, I bet we’d seriously consider similar coverage. It should not always be the loudest voice that gets attention – and it isn’t! We provide every OHA daily statement in full, St. Charles info, etc. etc. But sometimes, you cover a protest because it’s about the top news of the day across the state.

            1. Hey if the government tells you something and it makes you feel fuzzy and safe, then I’m genuinely happy for you. But don’t think you can gaslight us other people who don’t blindly trust the government. Ill stand with my fellow medical professionals and first responders and trust my training and experience. All we ask is you keep you and your loved ones safe as you see fit and leave others to take care of themselves as they see fit. The division of society is working way too damn well with this one. Way better than race baiting or fearing guns. I wish you had an open mind and could see things from a non political viewpoint and instead from a science based viewpoint.

              By the way, since I read news from all political sides, I will say I noticed this is the last democratic news station with a comment section. Good on you KTVZ for still allowing your readers to have discussions about your stories. All the republican news sites i read still have comment sections still. Seems like one side doesn’t want to hear the truth reverberated back to them, they’d rather just spoon feed us what they want us to know and not allow public discussion. So, thanks Barney for holding on. I’m sorry you must deal with the internet bullies who cannot debate, they make this comment section toxic and I’m bummed you gotta deal with it daily. I can get away from it if I want, you can’t, its your job. Just want to say I appreciate you.

              1. Thanks for the second graf (Is Fox News ‘Republican’? I hear they just got rid of comments too, and no other Oregon TV station still has them, for obvious reasons and NOT ‘censorship.’)
                As for the first graf, well… to consider all who believe govt. officials ‘blind followers’ is part of the problem you criticize in the second graf. Blame Society, full of hate and judgment. Very frustrating.

              2. “Ill stand with my fellow medical professionals and first responders and trust my training and experience.”

                But not with the vast majority of such people who are telling everyone to get vaccinated? Interesting. It’s almost like the credentials have nothing to do with your decision and instead you’re just believing what you want.

              3. “All we ask is you keep you and your loved ones safe as you see fit and leave others to take care of themselves as they see fit”

                followed by

                “The division of society is working way too damn well with this one.”

                Isn’t the first sentence literally the *definition of “division of society?”

        2. Well the kid plays football for mt view and his coach got fired over this mandate. Seems pretty legit to me. Most of the team (if not the whole team) was there protesting on behalf of their coach. U got a problem with that eh?

  1. As a homeowner I applaud them for what they are doing. This is no longer and has been no longer about health care and protecting anyone. It’s all about money, power and control. If the Democrats will allow 1.5m plus illegal aliens to roam the country freely without being tested or vaccinated…. What more needs to be said?

        1. The local schools are no longer public… There federal now.. all the federal trannical overreach…control now… And public tax payers do not control it now. Liberalism at it’s finest!

    1. No they aced history and they realized that this should be a personal choice (like the OHA ads say) and no one should be forced into getting a medical treatment they don’t want.

        1. What do you think the trickle down effect to your “bye bye employment” will look like once hospitals lose more care givers- police more officers- schools more teachers ? Is that something to celebrate- take pride in- gloat over ?

      1. If they aced history, they ought to know that vaccine mandates are nothing new or even uncommon in this country. Why so many people are fussing about this particular set of vaccines, I’ll never understand.

    2. Sarge- I think you failed reading class. Go read the article again. They were not protesting vaccines. They were protesting the illegal mandates, mandates in which people are losing their job. If you feel differently why don’t you go have a protest?

      1. I don’t know if you know this, but illegal does not mean “I don’t like it”, which seems to be how people like you use the word. It means “against the law”, and vaccines mandates have consistently been ruled lawful by the courts.

    3. Or they took a law class and understood how to differentiate good laws from bad laws. I don’t think it is generally a good idea to mandate people do what is in their own best interest, otherwise I would recommend banning tobacco products, alcohol, marijuana, fast food and make people exercise 2 1/2 hours a week. But I don’t get to do that do I? The vaccine now only protects those who get it. The virus is here to stay for the foreseeable future and we all likely will be exposed no matter how many people are vaccinated. In other words, mandating the vaccination does nothing to protect others at this point.

    1. As you applaud them you are also applauding their forfeiture of their right of “My Body, My Choice” which the liberals always scream when it comes to abortion. No double standards, no one-way streets. “My body, My Choice” works for all medical decisions. Liberals will scream bloody murder (pun intended) so they can kill via abortion a living being. No personal attack here Barney but I expect you’ll censor this because you don’t like it.

      1. I will never get how anyone compares the abortion debate (when life begins) to the one over a vaccine that greatly reduces the impact of a contagious virus. Some people will say anything to convince no one of anything.

        1. It’s rather simple really. They are both medical procedures to your own body which you should have control over. Libs will argue that you have the right to kill your own child within your body yet you do not have the right to not take a forced vaccine. If you cannot see any tie than that is your own personal bias getting in the way.

              1. Redmond. this differs from the abortion debate in a fundamental way. Abortion is an optional procedure. No one is forced to get an abortion or lose their jobs. The vaccine mandates force people to get an injection that they do not want or lose their jobs. So a better comparison would be a leader who believes we need more population control or we are doomed. The experts agree with that leader Therefore that leader mandates that all state employees in education, law enforcement, healthcare, etc. get an abortion or lose their jobs.

          1. Let me frame it in a public health sense, which is what we ought to be talking about when when it comes to public health mandates. Getting an abortion: only affects the mother. Abortions don’t spread from one person to the next and kill off entire nursing homes full of people. Getting vaccinated: almost always harmless to the recipient, and greatly reduces that chances of a deadly virus spreading around the community and harming and/or killing other people.

            I will not debate about whether or not a fetus is “harmed” during an abortion, so don’t bother with that distraction technique.

        2. Barney,
          It must be truly mind blowing to sit here and read all the comments. I have tried and all I see is the same names over and over with the whole “my choice”. While I too get tired of it all I do find it funny that the “right” say’s my choice while all along not allowing a woman to have a choice. That is the only caparison I will make.
          I see the same names with the same comments on every post re: the vaccine. I dont have the time nor the desire to argue with the “right” side as it is futile. It appears it not about the good will of man. This is truly about them and only them.
          I have no doubt that most of the healthy people that get Covid will get over it. What they fail to realize is the the strain this virus puts on the health care system and the patients that actually need care that do not have COVID. I urge the anti vaxers to go to the hospital and see the abulances waiting for over an hour to transfer the patients to the ER staff. With the increase in calls (yes due to covid) that ambulance is unavailable for extended periods of time due to all the covid patients clogging the health care system. While I will agree that the vax is not a 100%, I can tell you that I have not taken 1 single patient via ambulance to the ER that has been vaccinated, on the other hand we have transported several hundred COVID patients that were unvaccinated and for the most part their main symptom is severe respiratory distress.

          I know this will change no ones view, but god forbid you actually need an ambulance/medical help while we sit at the hospital with yet another covid patient.

          I will not go into how people that suffer from any illness has a reduced ability to fight off covid and as you know you could actually have covid for several days and be contagious and have no clue you are capable of infecting others. This I feel is the reason Oregon Health Authority mandated that health care providers (emt’s and paramedics included) be vaccinated. NOT for fear that the caregiver would get it but for the chance that the caregiver would give it to their patient that may not fair well if they were to catch the virus. I do take vitamin D and C as it may help if I do have a “break thru” case of and catch covid. There is no rhyme or reason why some people do fairly well when faced with covid vs the one’s who do not. The fact is that percent of people who do get admitted to the hospital that are unvaccinated is about 10 to 1 vs. the vaccinated patient. From what I have seen, usually the vaccinated patient that needs medical intervention typically has a serious previous medical condition.

          Last thing, before I throw in the towel: We unfortunately have had several medics come down with covid and every single one was working and treating patients up until they showed signs of being sick. The kicker is that every medic that did catch covid was
          not vaccinated.

          1. Categorically untrue- “There is no rhyme or reason why some people do fairly well when faced with covid vs the one’s who do not.”… The data is clear- the elderly infirm, those with underlying conditions have been at the forefront of the serious cases from day one- why does this confuse you when only 2% or less of all deaths are solely from the virus- alone !

  2. As a graduate from MVHS I can honestly say that I am proud of the students there now. Standing up for what you think is right, even in the face of adversity, is difficult. Schulz was a staple while I was in school and it wouldn’t be the same without him.

        1. You cannot prove that covid exacerbated anything ! You don’t even know when Powell was exposed- coulda been months ago. Where’s that guy that’s always spouting “causation- correlation” nonsense now ?

          1. You (and anyone else) will NOT get to say here that vaccines are “dangerous and unnecessary” – go spout that stuff somewhere else, or lots more comments will be deleted, I don’t care what real data you twist to conclusions disputed by legitimate health officials around the planet.

            1. So what does the VAERS report say ? What does the Medicare/Medicaid CMS reports say ?? And where exactly in that post did I say “unnecessary and dangerous” ??? If I do recall- you were all in with Russia-Russia-Russia ! Fauci is an expert !! There was no US funding for Gain of Function in Wuhan… All wrong ! Now you claim to have enough data- research- clinical stats to say these vaccines have no long term negative effects ??? WOW !

              1. You said, and I quote, ” Vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary.”
                I’ve never written a story about Russia and I’ve never said the vaccines have no long-term negative effects.
                But word, fact and data twisting is your forte.

                1. Read my original response again… “where exactly in that post did I say “unnecessary and dangerous” ? Even if I do choose to write those words- they are my opinion based on international and national statistics from VAERS and Medicare. I consider “sky-diving” unnecessary and dangerous- that’s “MY” opinion- and you need to stop interfering with comments and opinions- take your brand of social activism somewhere else.

                2. Some “opinions,” from people who twist facts and data to support them, are more “unnecessary and dangerous” than others. Yours are a prime example.
                  Feel free to go somewhere your views can be shared unfettered. Not here.

      1. Really? He also had multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that impairs the body’s ability to fight infection. Studies have shown that those cancer patients don’t get as much protection from the COVID-19 vaccines as healthier people. To try and use this to further your Trumpish agenda is, well, deplorable.

  3. When was the language changed from “exemption” to “exception”? Constitutionally, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

    1. Take it some on here have driven by and laughed at the ones who lost there job. Lack of 🧭 ion for others seems to be on the rise across this once great land.

        1. Your right we did choose to lose our jobs. Everywhere is short staffed and this makes it that much worse you don’t get to complain about it now you support the shortage. Remember that.

                1. From The Left Leaning “The Hill”- “Biden’s vaccine mandate is making America’s most serious economic problem worse”…… From ABC news- 9 hours ago- Vaccine mandates create conflict with defiant workers…… Who exactly is “newsnationnow” ???

        2. If you’d ‘lost your job’ you would be eligible for unemployment, which you are not. You quit your job instead of doing the right thing, now live with your poor life choices.

      1. DB ~ you mean like the comments “they were old”. “They had underlying health conditions”.

        Those are lacking compassion as well. I don’t think dying on a ventilator is pleasant ~ regardless of age, health.


    2. It has nothing to do with getting vaccinated but has everything to do with Big Socialist Government telling you to do it or else. This is not the American way.

        1. for the safety of others….what seat belt laws, the 26k gun laws, the unvaxed crossing the border everyday, the basic speed limit, no smoking on planes, alcoholic beverages for pregnant women, smoking is harmful to your health…..government’s over reaching on this and as fauci has stated, don’t fail to capitalize on a good pandemic.

  4. close the border and require all illegals get vaccinated.
    unless that’s done – this is all just complete BS.
    so obvious what’s happening.
    biden inviting and welcoming these illegals – 10% infection rate, yet he gripes about americans.
    such a sad time for our country.

      1. I could hear Barney’s 👀rolling as he typed that. Was there former employees lined up in prineville by the hospital? You know they won’t require the 👽 s to get vaccinated they’ll need their votes in 55 weeks for the midterms

      2. So you honestly would argue that illegals can come across the border and not be mandated to take the vax yet an American citizen on the front lines of the pandemic for over a year now has to have it is correct?

        1. Useless. Talking to most of you is useless. Do go on, I’m bowing out. I’ll enforce the Terms of Service as best I can, until and unless it’s deemed a complete waste of time and then you can go make your rhetorical speeches to someone who cares.

          1. Now you’re talking! Delete this forum, it does nothing but spread Covid misinformation and maga lies/hate. No amount of effort will get any of these fascists to argue any point in good faith, they’re just here to spread propaganda. You can tell half the commenters only participate to counter the trolls in case a ‘normal’ person happens to stumble into the comments, so as not to make them think this kind of crap is normal thought. You’ve done good work, but, to quote a great man, it’s “useless”.

            1. I am not on trial here. Stop dragging the moderator into your arguments. Further attempts will be ignored unless civil and easily answerable. I awakened to nearly 90 comments to moderate, and I have real work to do.

              1. You should have never been involved in the conversation in the first place. That is not what a “moderator” is supposed to do. Your job was to only moderate, but you alone chose to get involved. I wish you the best Barney even if we do not agree on some things. Just please, for your own good as much as anyone’s, be the moderator and not a commentator.

                1. Back off Skier, even though I’m not on the same page with him much of the time, Barney’s thoughts are more intelligent than many of the commenters on here, and his efforts at keeping this comment section available is time he could easily spend elsewhere.

  5. Dumb *** kids need to stay behind the curb and out of the street. That said, I was young and dumb once myself. I turned out ok and they probably will too.

  6. (8.4% got a religious “exception”, 0.6% received medical “exception”) Wording is important. *.4% got a religious “EXEMPTION”< 0.6% got a medical "EXEMPTION". To say they got an exception is to say it's something that can be taken away. In HR the term exception means just that. An exception. Something given by them but it may not be permanent. As in, "we can make an exception this time". These people are exempt, they are not being given an exception.

    1. When I went to school, you provided proof of vaccination when you entered kindergarten or you did not enter school until you did. You could be home schooled, but your parent would have to pass inspection and your home would be routinely inspected and checked in on to make sure your parent was doing their job.

      1. You provided proof of “immunizations”… You were never required to show proof of a flu vaccine were you ? Still don’t understand the difference I guess.

  7. Yeap, let millions cross into and spread across our country illegally, no test, no vaccine but make sure you mandate vaccine to your own citizens. Bravo cheaters!

      1. Pertinent quote from the above link: According to the report, CBP “does not conduct COVID-19 testing for migrants who enter CBP custody and is not required to do so. Instead, CBP relies on local public health systems to test symptomatic individuals.” So yea, in a country where citizens are subject to the social control desires of an administration that mandates (as much is possible) a vaccination, those millions who come illegally are free to travel throughout the country without even a Covid test – let alone a vaccination. I’m no Trump fan, but in regards to immigration Biden sure has made him look sensible.

  8. I DO know a medical worker who lost her job because of the mandate. They would not accept her religious exemption/acception.
    I also know a person who had a scary situation with the birth of her child at St. Charles because of the lack of staff. It’s unacceptable.

    1. Dont blame St Charles for trying to keep people safe. Blame the staff that ignore science and put themselves above all others by refusing the vaccine.

      1. Just stated the facts. If a hospital chooses to fire a bunch of people , it needs to prepare ahead of time to serve its patients. They obviously did not do that. That’s on them.

  9. Man.. and here i thought this whole generation lost all ability to comprehend anything and all common sense. I guess there is still some hope for this country after all. Good for these students showing there is still hope for freedom. For the rest of ya… pathetic

  10. The more of this I see, the more I think it might be time to move to a more sane country. I am a loyal citizen, served in the military, and have acted responsibly (which includes getting vaccinated).

    I am not sure I want to live in a country where a large percentage has decided their freedom to be irresponsible is more important than being a decent human.

    I am sure many will say “fine, go away”, we don’t want you. Keep saying that when most of the smart and decent and productive taxpayers have left.

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