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Bend police warn public about scam calls from someone using an officer’s name


BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Bend police issued a public alert Monday of a potential scam involving the use of one of its officers’ names. 

On Sunday afternoon, police were informed that a community member had received a call from someone purporting to be Bend Police Officer Andrew Davis, department Communications Manager Sharon Miller said.

The caller identified himself as a detective, provided an incorrect badge number and claimed he had a subpoena preventing the community member from leaving the country, according to Miller. The community member became suspicious, and a coworker contacted Bend police to verify the contents of the call. 

Since then, Bend police have received more calls from concerned community members regarding suspicious phone calls from a scammer pretending to be Officer Davis. The scammer left messages saying he needed to share “sensitive information” with these residents. 

"Bend Police would like to remind the public that we will never ask for money to clear up a legal matter, and community members should be suspicious of any situation in which an unfamiliar person asks for money or personal information over the telephone," Miller said in Monday's news release.

"Police also will never ask for a payment via gift cards," she added. "Do not provide personal information or financial details to companies or callers you don’t know."

If you receive a call from someone purporting to be a Bend Police officer and are unsure of the call’s veracity, police say you should hang up and call nonemergency dispatch at 541-693-6911 to verify the caller’s identity.

If you have received a similar call, please file an online report at

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  1. I wouldn’t blame my mom for saying if my son is stupid enough to land in hot water with the fuzz let him deal with the consequences.🕷️

  2. And lets be honest folks- residents out in Blue-Hoo-Hoo Dashoots Kounty have a tendency to get scammed rather easily- it would explain their ignorant foray into socialism and all things Demokant party… so no- this is no surprise- crooks know a patsy town when they see one !

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