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Call for Spanish-speaking Franklin Avenue underpass mural artist

There's a call out for Spanish-speaking artists to help co-design and install a new mural in the Franklin Avenue underpass in Bend. Applications are due by August 9 at (Spanish-language version):

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    1. Kaycee’s mural is safe and will be maintained. The new mural is part of the plan Kaycee started and will go in the tunnel on the opposite side of the street : )

  1. I’m really surprised that this group is looking to replace the mural that was completed by a local artist, less than one year ago. Since that time, the artist is now deceased.

    What is wrong with starting with a mural on the south tunnel side? The fact that they’re looking to replace the current mural seems a little off to me. She was the one who helped to get the city code changed to allow for the mural in that location in the first place.

    It seems like we should honor her efforts by keeping that mural there for more than a year.

    1. The new mural is going on the other side of the street. Kaycee’s mural will be kept and maintained. The Kaycee Anseth Legacy Foundation is in the loop so Kaycee’s legacy will be preserved : )

      1. Well @paxhag – I appreciate the reply but the story specifically said the mural was to be done in the north side tunnel, so I think it was a legitimate concern. 🙂

  2. Hello! Kaycee’s mural will not be removed. This new mural, which was always in Kaycee’s plan, is going in on the opposite side of the street. Her mural will be maintained and this new one is going in the other tunnel.

  3. Why? Seems like a waste. The tunnel is probably used by less than 50 people a day. Also if the drivers in the cars are looking at a mural in The tunnel isn’t that dangerous?

    1. what is “worth” it to you? – if it lifts one person’s spirits, even once, how can it be a “waste” – maybe try doing something that makes another human smile, and it might begin to make sense to you

    2. I was surprised to learn the Franklin tunnels are used by more than 5000 people each week. Bend City rules say the mural cannot be viewed by drivers to avoid any danger/distraction which is why it is only in the tunnel.

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