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Teen finds gun while snorkeling in Sunriver

A teenager was snorkeling below Harper Bridge in Sunriver when he found a gun underwater near a pillar.

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Blake Allen

Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



  1. Aw Jeez Blake . . . The first 3 handguns you show at the beginning of your report are semi-auto’s and larger calibers. When you finally do show a revolver, it appears to be a .44mag or larger. Then you go on to describe it as a .22. As an investigative reporter, these are big time failures! I highly suggest you go to your nearest firearms store or even better, stop by Double Tap Firearms and ask for a down and dirty introductory course on the different types of firearms, especially handguns. You don’t need to learn to identify every make and model, or even caliber. But you should be able to recognize a Glock semi-auto from a Colt M1911 variant, a Ruger Redhawk from a S&W Model 610, or an AR-15 variant from an AK47 variant, when it comes to semi-auto rifles. Having said that, you may want to learn to recognize between a bolt action rifle and a semi-auto rifle. Don’t forget to learn the difference between a rifle and a pistol . . . which you will find confusing, as there are pistols that use rifle ammo and they can be semi-auto or bolt action. And of course, rifles that fire pistol ammo. If you do go to Double Tap . . . Tell them Harder sent you.

    1. Thank you! I need a new powder scale and some new calipers too. Thanks to your recommendation I’ll be looking online in the future. Now I’m really regretting purchasing that Sig there.

      1. In that case, let me recommend a number of places. I do much of my reloading supplies on-line and can recommend the ones with the best prices, best service, and best customer service. I also like Nosler bullets and they have a shop in Bend. I order my bullets on-line and pick them up when I’m in Bend. Personally, Double Tap has proven very knowledgeable and treated me right, to include some good deals . . . So if you no longer want to shop there because I recommended them, it’s your loss, not theirs.

        1. Problem with double tap is too much “used car salesman ” attitude. One day it’s buy this its the best…a week later oh that one is junk you should buy this one. Not to mention they seem to like to tell me what I want rather than asking what I like.

          1. I never had the problem. I went in, told them what I want, told them it was too high (except the one time they screwed up and I got one hell of a deal), and told them what I was willing to pay (still giving them a profit). If they didn’t come down, I went elsewhere. That’s called capitalism. Same when I shop at Cabella’s . . . saw a REAL nice Argentine Mannlicher Mauser, felt it was a bit high, made a offer, and walked out with it.

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