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American Red Cross, NewsChannel 21 partner to raise funds for wildfire relief

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Help: That's what evacuees are in need of right now, and many have reached out to NewsChannel 21 to try and provide it.

NewsChannel 21 has teamed up with the American Red Cross to host an Oregon Wildfires Relief Campaign.

This is a fundraiser to directly help those affected by the devastating wildfires across the state.

Head to our Red Cross donation page here to make an impact.

There are seven Red Cross shelters and temporary evacuation sites currently up and running around the state.

Community partners are supporting an additional five locations to keep up with the needs of evacuees and others seeking help.

Red Cross spokesman Chad Carter said Tuesday the organization is doing as much as it can to provide a sense of comfort and security to those in need right now.

"Last night, we had 2,400 people booked in 1,200 hotel rooms throughout the state of Oregon," Carter said.

More relief supplies, including ready-to-eat meals, cots, blankets and personal protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizer are being moved to help those in need.

Carter says he understands that many want to donate tangible items, but financial assistance will allocate resources the best way possible.

"Financial donations truly are the best way to support people right now, because this disaster is continuing to evolve," Carter said. "By contributing a financial donation, you're allowing organizations to put that donation to work where it's needed most."

Every natural disaster is unique, and the Red Cross believes no one can manage it alone.

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  1. Posting insults on an obscure back-water websites accomplishes nothing and there are other, more appropriate places for political mud-wrestling. Please, let’s put all that aside, keep this thread on-track, and help our fellow Oregonians who are desperately in need. There but by the Grace of God go I…

    1. Hey Bob blah blah. Why do ya lower yourself to condescend to us backwater hix, BTW mudslinging and worse is indeed in order to expose the imbeciles responsible for the catastrophic non-management of Oregon forests which dovetails to this massive relief effort. Should make sense even to a lefty.

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