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Ben Steen

Benjamin Steen is a photojournalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Ben here.



  1. Four videos accompany this one… “Bend Restaurant lays off 30”- “CCR Saloon owner fighting for life”- “Oregon reports 1099 new covid cases”- “Shepherds House needs Thanksgiving donations” ! Is there really no good news out there in Kate Brown’s Oregon ??? I know in President Trump’s world we’re on the verge of two vaccines and a new medical treatment to reduce the effects of the Wuhan China Virus- For Oregonians ? Biden and a Hash Pipe- 2020 !

  2. This feeling of dread is gonna be something have to get used to. We’re gonna be reminded daily of how we were lied to to make us things weren’t as bad and what a con artist he was. Lot of us would rather 🐜 icipate a mule kick to the junk instead.

  3. The Government telling you how many people you can have at your Home. Shutting down businesses for 2 weeks? What’s that going to do?
    Our Founding Fathers would have ended this stupidity already.
    What a weak pathetic herd of sheep many of you have become.
    As for me and my family we will do as we please.
    Be glad I wasn’t interviewed for this because the whole interview would have been one long BLEEEEEEEEP. I will never comply.

  4. With everything going on with the demonrat voting fraud and demonrat governors acting like kings and queens, I for one am hoping more people will wake up to the FACT that demonrats are destroying this country and will not stop until the USA becomes another venezuela, china, cuba, take your pick.

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