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Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is an anchor and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Lee here.



  1. Try contacting their non existent customer service. They never answer or return calls to callers that leave voice messages. Even the staff at the Redmond branch told me not to bother and to not waste my time trying to contact the Bottle Drop customer service.
    Jules Bailey you and your organization are pathetic.

    1. Uhhhh ive been doing it for years with zero problems, besides the green bag drop being overly full sometimes- im sorry youre having trouble, just keep in mind salem is only 2 hrs drive away if you are spending so much time on the phone with them?

      1. I rarely if ever have the same position as you, yet on this topic, I am in lockstep with you on this and your other comments regarding the Bottledrop program. The only challenge i have ever had is the one mentioned above & I know that much of this is related to the limitations of working under COVID.

        Keep up the good work Jules!

  2. The bottle drop in Bend is a total dump, but what do you expect from a government program. How about they get rid of this stupid can tax so we can just recycle with our normal curbside pickup?

    1. Well, Duh. It’s BottleDrop. Their immediate neighbors consider them a serious nuisance. People near yours, Medford, Beaverton, and Portland. Shopping center where BottleDrop leases their space wanted to evict them because of the massive nuisance they are back in April.

    2. “… what do you expect from a government program…”? – so, unless you have completely divorced yourself from anything set up by “the government” and are completely self sufficient, which you are not, do you have any idea how intellectually vacuous your statement is? Get real – present a cogent argument for your opinion and stay focused on the subject at hand – stop being so ridiculously lazy and maybe you could contribute something constructive to a conversation

      1. So, are you saying the bottle drop facility is well run? Or is your post like it always is, off topic and only arguing for the sake of arguing? You remind me of a spoiled, entitled, brat. What, are you 12 years old? Grow up!

  3. I usually drop my bags off at the drop off and have never had an issue with the counts; however, I often find the receptor bin so full that I cannot leave my bag of cans. Additionally, at the Redmond locale there is broken bottle glass all over the sidewalk, the parking lot and driveway. I have also found the customer service staff at the Redmond location to be rude and short tempered. The Bottle Drop concept is great; however it shouldn’t be so difficult or hazardous to recycle IMO.

  4. The Bend bottle drop is easily the dirtiest, most drug and alcohol ridden, disgusting place in Central Oregon. You could catch a number of diseases simply by walking in that nasty place. The staff who work there also think they are security guards or corrections officers and it’s a bad, negative look. That place is so gross and Bend deserves better. There are straight up people doing meth and heroin outside that place all day long

  5. I totally agree with glutenghost with the scum at the Bend Bottle Drop People walking around with their pants down around there knee’s they smell & the language with kids around & women also complaining about the exposure of men and the saggy pants and language They have security but nothing is enforced and you have the City of Bend doing nothing also One guy was walking around with his pants down around his knees

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