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Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is an anchor and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Lee here.



  1. Agreed. An entire bill that will forever change parental rights in Oregon and ONLY ONE woman is upset by it. Crazy. 🤣 This is what happens when residents have to fill in the news station with what’s going on in Oregon. I’m happy they ran the story but a little disappointed they couldn’t further research how it affects Central Oregonians parents. But in the meantime you can take a poll about whether your car has been vandalized during Covid. Real hard reporting there…

    1. The plan is to not only remove the right to say “my body my choice” but will give themselves the right to sneak behind your back and do the vaccines in school after shaming your child in front of his peers until he agrees. Same as they have done with the masks. Just shame people into wearing them even when out doors. Nazi tactics speak volumes about our democracy now gone. be careful who you vote for my granny always did say.

    1. A law is only unconstitutional if it is rules so by the high courts. That’s takes a long time and courts change with time. By no means do I agree with it, but it’s correct.

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