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Sandy mayor visits Redmond as he explores run for governor

Mayor Stan Pulliam of Sandy, who is considering a run for governor in 2022, got on stage at General Duffy's Waterhole in southwest Redmond on Saturday.

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Carly Keenan

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        1. Only president in the history of the nation to LOSE the popular vote twice!!!ROTFLMAO!! Only president in the history of the nation to LOSE the house, Senate AND the presidency in four years!!!! Soooooo much losing karen!!!!! Lost in a “landslide” to “sleepy joe” “he’s not even campaigning ” ” he’s just hiding in his basement in Delaware making videos ” LMAO!!!!! And poor big fat failed and fired donnie got DESTROYED Joe Biden!!!!! Soooooo much losing karen!!!!!!!

            1. LMAO at little Stanley’s poor obese children!!! Guy can’t even raise a healthy kid and he wants to be chief executive of Oregon!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Soooooooo much losing karen!!!!

    2. Republican party keeps putting up these good old boy clones spewing the same vacuous dog whistle pablum and wonders why they can’t win an election – there are only so many in a given population willing to fall for such foolishness

    3. might suggest it to the GQP – they have failed repeatedly so what do they have to lose? – actually, a cult leader is kind of their thing these days

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