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Crook County schools superintendent pushes for local control of COVID-19 mask policies

After the recent announcement of a statewide public school mask mandate, Crook County School District Superintendent Dr. Sara Johnson is pushing for local control and decision-making regarding masks and COVID-19 protocol in schools.

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Ben Steen

Benjamin Steen is a photojournalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Ben here.



  1. Children are being scared and scarred for life ! Parents need to step up and stop the insanity. This CDC/WHO defined “mild virus” is no more dangerous than the common flu- which actually kills children- there has not been a single “healthy Child” die from this Wuhan Lab created virus “ever” in the state of Oregon. Kalamity Kate is preying on your vulnerabilities… Prineville needs to once again lead by example and tell Kate to stuff it ! Brown must resign !

    1. We all know it a flu or cold. #1 The COVID test can’t tell the difference between COVID or the common flu or cold because they are all a form of corona (dont think corona been around forever? look on the back of a Lysol can and see what germs it kills. And thats not recent either. I have a can of Lysol from 2016 because I bought a case at Costco. Its on the list on the back of those cans) #2 Funny how people just cant put two and two together and realize there has got to be a reason behind why you never heard of colds or Flus or common pneumonia after COVID hit.

    2. My approach is that FIRST one must understand the word PANDEMIC so look it up in a dictionary. When you looked up the definition of the word then apply it to covid-19 virus. NOW, if something is affecting the WORLD and not isolated intances then it behoves one to take precautions. Privately one can approach the corona virus pandemic anyway they want. PUBLICLY, one should be thinking about the safety of others. If one doesn’t want to be vaccinated fine but out in public be thoughtful of others and wear the mask.

  2. Just because this woman has a Doctorate in education or administration Does NOT mean she should be giving out medical advice about something she knows nothing about. BGHW? We expect such ignorant spewfests from your moronic child like brain. (with apologies to childrens brains everywhere)

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